Fiction Thai Language Books


List Z1; Thai Language books

Part NumberList Z1; Description….refer to Photo Gallery Z1 to identify by item’s scan; Box 545; 12/4/20conditionsell price
thailang 01trade paperback(tpb); mi writing on front end pageNM$5
thailang 02trade paperback; Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon; crime/horror; 245 baht; 501ppNM$6
thailang 03tpb; Divine Secrets of Ya-Ya Sisterhood; Rebecca Wells; 467pp; 285 bahtNM$6
thailang 04tpb; Japan book; 256pp; Image Pub.; 170 baht; 2002NM$5
thailang 05tpb; Taiwan; Kung Fu novel; 1996(2546); 392/225 baht; 356pp; bump top spsvf-nm$5
thailang 06tpb; Taiwan; Kung Fu novel; 1996(2546); 280/155 baht; 277ppNM-$5
thailang 07tpb; Taiwan; Kung Fu novel; 2546; 250/155 baht; 249ppNM-$5
thailang 08tpb; Taiwan; Kung Fu novel; 488/225 baht; 2546 year; 474 pagesNM-$5
thailang 09tpb; Taiwan; Kung Fu novel; 264/150 baht; 2546; 249ppvf-nm$5
thailang 10tpb; Taiwan; Kung Fu novel; 592/225 baht; 581pp; 2546vf-nm$5
thailang 11tpb; Taiwan; Kung Fu novel; 496/225 baht; 485pp; 2546NM-$5
thailang 12tpb; Magical Worlds of Harry Potter; David Colbert; 2544; 149 baht; 238ppNM-$5
thailang 13hc; Harry Potter & Philosopher’s Stone; J.K. Rowling; 2543; 295 bahtNM-$6
thailang 14hc; Harry Potter & Half-Blood Prince; J.K. Rowling; 2548; 495pp; 678ppvf+$6
thailang 15hc; Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire; J.K. Rowling; 2544; 829pp; 495 bahtvf+$6
thailang 16hc; Harry Potter & Prisoner of Azkaban; J.K.Rowling; 2544; 365 baht; 517ppNM-$6
thailang 17hc; Harry Potter & Chamber of Secrets; J.K. Rowling; 2543; 315 baht; 408ppNM-$6
thailang 18tpb; 2546; Autumn in My Heart; Nanmee Bks; 436pp; 235 baht; romanceNM$6
thailang 19tpb; 2569; 320pp; 135 bahtNM$5
thailang 20tpb; 588pp; romance; 199 baht; lovely holiday fc artNM$5
thailang 21tpb; 608pp; 219 bahb; romanceNM$5
thailang 22tpb; 252pp; J Books(pub); 165 baht; noted as “bestseller”NM-$5
thailang 23tpb; 240pp; 110 baht; 3 tiny bumps front cover otherwise NM-$4
thailang 24tpb; 90 baht; romanace; slight bump bottom of spinevf-nm$4
thailang 25tpb; 149 baht; romance; Muslim-Middle East locale front cover artNM-$5
thailang 26tpb; 119 baht; Sound of Waves; Yukio Mishimo; Jamsai Bks; 2537; trans from JapaneseNM-$5
thailang 27tpb; 219 baht; romance; 556 pagesNM-$6
thailang 28tpb; 198 baht; romance; 556ppNM-$6
thailang 29tpb; 230 pages; romance; 110 bahtNM-$5
thailang 30tpb; 619pp; romance; 199 baht; slight bump top/bottom of spineNM-$6
thailang 31tpb; 412pp; 170 baht; romance; tiny piece out of top of spine otherwise nm-$5
thailang 32tpb; 240pp; 110 baht; Middle East-Muslim locale front cover artvf-nm$5
thailang 33tpb; 199 baht, romance; 556pp; slight edgewear and scuffs to back covervf+$6
thailang 34tpb; 180 baht; romance; 493pp; minor rubs at spine strip otherwise NM-$6
thailang 35tpb; 160 baht; romance; 396pp; sl bump bottom of spine otherwise NM-$6
thailang 36 tpb; 159 baht; 396ppNM-$6
thailang 37tpb; 220 baht; not paginated in English; about 500-600 pagesNM-$6
thailang 38tpb; 370(?) baht; t/f Borrowers Avenged, Mary Norton; 2000; 348pp; (*ex bumps right f. cover*vf-$5
thailang 39tpb; 130 baht; t/f Phoenix & the Carpet; E. Nesbit; 2545; illustrated; no English paginationNM-$5
thailang 40tpb; 159 baht; 376pp; romance; Middle East-Muslim front cover art; tiny chip out of spineNM-$5
thailang 41tpb; 199 baht, romance, 508ppNM-$6
thailang 42tpb; 198 baht, romance, 540 pagesNM-$6
thailang 43tpb; romance; 199 baht; 540ppNM-$6
thailang 44tpb; 139 baht; 349 pp; NM-$5
thailang 45tpb; 219 baht, romance, 668 pagesNM-$6
thailang 46tpb; 199 baht, romance, 572 pages; NM- except medium crease right top corner of fcVF$6
thailang 47tpb, 165 baht; romance; 2003; tr/fr Angels in the Snow; F.H.Revell; 206ppNM-$5
thailang 48tpb; 170 baht; Futari; tr/fr Japanese; Jiro Akagawa; 2003NM-$5
thailang 49tpb; 221pp; Only Love is Real; tr/fr English; Brian L Weiss; 1998; romanceNM-$5
thailang 50tpb; 198 baht; 540 pages; slight crease bottom front covervf-nm$5
thailang 51tpb; 150 baht; 396 pages; romanceNM-$5
thailang 52tpb; 98 baht; 220pp; close NM-vf-nm$4
thailang 53tpb; 99 baht; 204pp; romanceNM-$4
thailang 54tpb; 155 baht; 396pp; romanceNM-$5
thailang 55tpb; 180 baht, romance; 525ppNM-$5
thailang 56tpb; 98 baht, 272pp; romanceNM-$4
thailang 57tpb; 159 baht; 379pp; romanceNM-$5
thailang 58tpb; 219 baht; romance; 696pp; medium crease back cover left lower corner otherwise NM-$6
thailang 59tpb;129 baht; romance; 232ppNM-$5
thailang 60tpb; 139 baht; 383pp; romanceNM-$5
thailang 61tpb; 149 baht; romanceNM-$5
thailang 62tpb; 180 baht; 326pp, tr/fr Japanese; Rasen; Koji Suzuki; 2002; nice art cover; best sellerNM-$5
thailang 63tpb; 165 baht; tr/fr Japanese; Reisei To Jounetsu No Aida-Blu; 241pp; Hitonari Tsuji; 2002NM-$5
thailang 64tpb; 150 baht; 412pp; romanceNM-$5
thailang 65tpb; 110 baht; 236pp; romance; seductive front cover artworkNM-$5
thailang 66tpb; 180 baht; 480pp; romance; tiny edge tear front cover; minor rub bottom front covervf+$5
thailang 67tpb; 139 baht; 352pp; romanceNM-$5
thailang 68tpb; 99 baht; romance; 210ppNM-$4
thailang 69tpb; 2536; Chomromdek Pub.; appears to be 50 short tales of wisdom; illustratedvf-nm$4
thailang 70tpb; Shanghai Baby;180 baht;2546; no English pagination;translated international bestsellerNM-$5
thailang 71tpb; 150 baht; martial arts; 2536/2544; 238ppNM-$5
thailang 72tpb; 220 baht; tr/fr Japanese; Parasite Eve by Hideaki Sena; 2003; 364pp; int’ bestsellerNM-$6
thailang 73tpb; 175 baht; 2003; Birchbark House; Louise Erdrich; Young Adults; many awards wonNM-$5
thailang 74tpb; 88 baht; appears to be supernatural/crime/etc storiesNM-$2
thailang 75tpb; Winter Love Song; tr/fr Korean; Kim Eun-Hee & Yun Kyung; 295 baht; 488pp; romanceNM-$7
thailang 76tpb; 170 baht; 478 pages; romanceNM-$5
thailang 77tpb; 120 baht; 241ppNM-$4
thailang 78tpb; 110 baht; romance; 229pp; Middle East/Muslim front cover artNM-$4
thailang 79tpb; 99 baht; 224 pages; slight scuffs/scratches to back cover otherwise NM-$4
thailang 80tpb; 219 baht; romance; Egypt; 497 pagesNM-$5
thailang 81tpb; 199 baht; romance; 601 pagesNM-$6
thailang 82tpb; 169 baht; 444 pagesNM-$6
thailang 83tpb; 140 baht; romance; 347 pagesNM-$5
thailang 84tpb; 150 baht; romance; 397 pagesNM-$5