Terms and Conditions/Ordering

++1: PRICING: prices are fixed, in USA dollars.  Items are priced individually; no offers for entire collection sale or dealer discount will be entertained at this time.

 I regret that I must require a MINIMUM order of $10 (exclusive of shipment cost).

Payment for items ordered should arrive within 5 calendar days (if to my Paypal or Xoom account) or 10 days (if US mail used) after our mutual agreement on details of order and reservation of ordered items. 

PAYMENT types:  (a. PREFERRED:  USA money orders/drafts/certified or cashier’s check 

(b. ACCEPTABLE:  (1. PayPal or Xoom online payment (2.Checks: personal or business accounts; unless a known customer these must clear my bank before shipment; this may add 7 or more days to shipment.  

(c: UNACCEPTABLE: cash and  bank wire transfers that require me to pay my bank for that service.  At the present time I am unable to consider “time payment/layaway” purchases.

Note:   both PayPal and Xoom require a bank account and/ or credit card on file to draw against for such payments; Xoom carries a $3 per transmittal charge from sender.  Money orders from Walmart/7-11/other sources such as convenience stores have a charge typically $1 or less and are best for both parties.  If PayPal is used, then make payments to my email used as identification on PayPal.

++2:  SHIPMENT: (A.) GENERAL:  I pack securely all items in cardboard boxes.  I use Media Mail by USPS for all domestic shipments.  FOREIGN  orders: I do accept & ship abroad to Canada and Western Europe and a few other places(Enquire first).  Remittances must be in USA dollars.  I have a PayPal account and also a Xoom account and credit card payments and foreign currency remittances, as I understand it, will be converted there to US dollars for my payment.


Ours is a PERSONAL WEBSITE as we do not have facilities to directly accept credit cards or create a “shopping cart” with the required barcodes for 14,900+ items.  I do not intend to make a profit on ship cost.  On large and international orders I charge USPS cost plus $1(for box, tape, etc.).   I ship once a week, driving to Post Office…more often if volume requires it.

++3:  SHIPMENT:  (B.)  CHARGES: 

   ++DOMESTIC (48 states+ APO/FPO service persons’ addresses): Postage charges are $4. for the first book, magazine, poster, lp record or $2.50 for a cd/dvd.  Each additional mass market paperback adds 25 cents; hardcover, trade paperback, oversized magazine, or vhs cassette/lp record add 50 cents; color comic 25 cents (normal) or b&w comic magazine 25 cents.  NOTE: USPS Media rate(4th class) rates were increased August 30, 2021; rates increased over the 1-3 lb range on the average of 17.7%; we expect to absorb that additional cost until January 1, 2022…then will need to raise  p & s rates similarly. Huge cookbooks/ reference books, large quantity book order will be actual postage +$1.  Alaska and Hawaii orders may require more.  Any USPS insurance requested would be at actual USPS cost (which starts at $2+).  I am not responsible for shipments lost by USPS (rare, in my experience).


++FOREIGN(typically Canada, Western Europe): Although I indicate I will ship internationally, be aware that such postage costs are very high and you may be subjected to customs charges from your local government as well as increased risks of in-transit loss/damage/theft.  Unfortunately USPS no longer offers surface mail to overseas locations for these types of items.  Priority Mail International ((small flat rate box to 4 lbs (1812 gms)) is available but, for example, to England/UK the present July 2020 cost is $38.60.  For 1st Class Package Int’l Service for 1 or 2 lbs it is $24.50.  For Canada the corresponding costs for same service now are $27.90 and $20.75 respectively.   To determine charges you would incur for other countries– to get an estimate.. please research on (www.usps.gov) before proceeding.  Any customs declarations I fill out for foreign shipments must be accurate in terms of content and valuation.  I will notify by e-mail for foreign orders requiring my computation of postage charges based on mode and weight/dimensions of package.

++++4:  WARRANTY:  Any paper or otherwise listed collectible I sell (except items specifically noted as “reading copy”(rc) is guaranteed to be in the condition described.  If purchaser is dissatisfied with condition or item is clearly not as described a full refund (exclusive of round trip transport cost) will be given if seller is notified in advance of return and the item is return-mailed within 7 days of purchaser receipt— and received in same condition as shipped to buyer.  If I make a material error in listing/shipment I will cover cost of return via Media Mail as well as purchase price refund.

+++++5:  SCANS, & Info Requests:  Generally I am unable to do this for any item listed with a specific box # location.  I am in my late 70’s, boxes are heavy (close to 200 of them), and are not stored conveniently nearby.  For those seriously considering purchase many, many cover scans are located on 2 great websites, namely….BookScans and Philsp…both dot com sites…the latter mostly for magazines.   I have added several photo galleries with selected (non-stock image) scans.  Images I have scanned are selected mostly for their visual appeal.  Scanned items are in stock as of release date of this web site.  Scanned items once sold will not be removed from Gallery as its purpose is mostly viewing pleasure.  I will, however, do my best to meet requests for a scan on unusually expensive item.

++++++6:  ORDERING: (by e-mail):

  1. Send me an email requesting availability of items you are interested to buy.
  2. I will respond with reply on availability and confirming condition/cost.
  3. In response prospective buyer will select any items wanted and confirm purchase.
  4. If any requested items are T.B.R.(to be read) I will promptly read and quote an approximate ship date for the order combining immediately priced as well as newly read items.
  5. We will assign order # when order is  placed.
  6. Buyer will send payment to PayPal/Xoom with e-mail to me or send thru USPS mail.
  7. Upon receipt, if PayPal/Xoom/certified/ cashier’s check/bank check/money order I will pack and ship in schedule shown elsewhere under “Shipment’.  If other payment, then check must clear bank before shipment.  I will acknowledge receipt of payment by email if purchaser indicates e-mail address.
  8. Shipment is made; I will send email notifying buyer of this.

ORDERING:  (by phone):  also see above 7 statements

++++I prefer not to accept orders by phone because of the increased possibility of error, but in extreme cases and involving only a few items Ken will do so on scarce items.  Calls should be between 11 a.m. and 12 midnight Central Standard Time.  No collect calls please. 

ORDERING:  (by mail):  also see above 7 statements

++++I will accept domestic orders sent to me via USPS although the delay in delivery of first class mail makes it less certain that items will still be available.  I will acknowledge and process above, hopefully, the purchaser having an email address.  If no email address, I will simply ship when payment clears.  If refund for unavailable items is called for I will remit refund check—not a credit memo.

PRIVACY Policy: this website itself does not collect personal visitor data so does not store visitor/buyer data, therefore not requiring a formal privacy policy.  However, no sharing of any data received in any manner (phone, e-mail, letter) will be sold/disseminated to other parties unless legally required to be shared.

Contact point:

Kenneth(Ken) McDaniel or L.Y. McDaniel

899 Mizell Circle

Boaz, Alabama 35956

e-mail(for correspondence only):   Topnochhfiction97@gmail.com

e-mail (for Paypal payment only): ….(disclosed upon customer order placement)

telephone:  (256) 593-2197(noon to midnight, CST); ask for Ken

e-bay id: lagri84(since 2002; 664*, 1168 feedback)

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