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List Y…magazinesZ2-Y add-onsReaders Digest superceding listAs of 1-25-2022
Argosy1945July; GT Fleming-Roberts nvlt(Married to murder), M Manners shs; Stalin arltbr485
Field & Stream1944August; nice fishing fc; 96pp2fair-; medium chipping right edge of beginning & ending pages; no back cover; ads intact; reading copy511
Readers Digest1952January$1.50reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1952February3vg; tas; sl stain fcok-sh12
Readers Digest1952March; 169pp; SP.25; r.c.; copy 1tbrfair-poor; no sps; ws 1 corner most ppok-sh12v
Readers Digest1952April3vg; hic, small po sps/tasok-sh12v
Readers Digest1952Maytbrvg-f..except much sps goneok-sh12v
Readers Digest1952June3.5vf-nm..close nm-; tiny po bottom spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1952July; r.c.tbrpoor; rodent nibbled right edge; /1-16 few words lostok-sh12v
Readers Digest1952August2.5vf..except 40% sps missingok-sh12v
Readers Digest1952September$2fair-gd; ws last few pp/bc; 1/5″ tear spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1952October2.5vg; hic, edwok-sh12
Readers Digest1952November; 168pptbrfine+..except 2/3 of sps missingok-sh12v
Readers Digest1952December; 168pp2vg except 1.5″ sps goneok-sh12
Readers Digest1957September; lp$.35; 224pp2vf..until page 179 when lower corner chipping beginsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1957November; 252pptbrvg; edge dust shadow fc; mi browningok-sh12v
Readers Digest1957December; 240pptbrfine..but last 9pp minor 1 edge chippingok-sh12v
Readers Digest1958August; 216pp1.5reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1958September; 240pp; copy 11.5reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1958September; 240pp; copy 23vg+ok-sh12
Readers Digest1958October2.5g-vgok-sh12
Readers Digest1958November; 268pptbrvg-fineok-sh12v
Readers Digest1958Decembertbrvfok-sh12v
Readers Digest1959January; 216pptbrpp1-22 corner ws o/w Fine+ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1959ApriltbrGood; spot bc; some meok-sh12v
Readers Digest1959Septembertbrlast 7pp sl chipping o/w g-vg; bc=gdok-sh12v
Readers Digest1959October; 264pp1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1960August; 240pp; r.c.1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1960October3vgok-sh12
Readers Digest1960November; r.c.1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1962January; r.c.2reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1962April; copy 1tbrGood-; ma sr; edw; interior=vg-fok-sh12v
Readers Digest1962April; copy 23medium sr; damage 2″ sps; interior= nmok-sh12
Readers Digest1962June; 252pp; copy 2; r.c.1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1962June; copy 32medium srok-sh12
Readers Digest1962June; 252pp; copy 1; r.c.1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1962August; r.c.1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1962September1.5reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1962Octobertbrdust shadow 1″, 1 edge bc; mi edge foxingok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963January; r.c.1.5reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1963February; r.c.2reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1963February; 310; lp$.35tbrvg; small Magic tape 1 corner fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963Marchtbrinterior=vg; sps= poor; ma sr; poor-fairok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963May; 300pptbrvf-nm except 3″ sps tear/missingok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963June; copy 1tbrgood-; med sr; rubs fc, ring mark bc; interior Fineok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963June; copy 23major Magic tape on sps; 1/4″ off top edge bc; int=nm-
Readers Digest1963July; 276pptbrinterior=nm-; sps=poor; cr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963Augusttbr6pp margin ws; tiny repair fc; VGok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963Septembertbrvf-nm except sps is Fairok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963Octobertbrvf-; rubs edges/top spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963November; 324pptbrinterior=NM; 1″ rep tfc; 2 ad-only pp gone; sm pc out bottom bcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1963December; r.c.tbrsps surface gone; 1 corner fc rubbed; int-vf+ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1967Januarytbrvf-nm with fc only vgok-sh12v
Readers Digest1967February; r.c.1reading cooyok-sh12
Readers Digest1967March2.5medium srok-sh12
Readers Digest1967Apriltbrinterior nm-; small Magic tape top of sps with fc g-vgv
Readers Digest1967June; 242pp; r.c.2reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1967July 2.5vg+; rubs sps; sl soiling fcok-sh12
Readers Digest1967August2ink marks bottom fcok-sh12
Readers Digest1968April; r.c.1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1968June; r.c.1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1968July; r.c.1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1968December; rc.; 278pp1reading copyok-sh12
Readers Digest1973April; 289pp3.5sl edge wearok-sh12
Readers Digest1973November; 342pp3.5vf-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1973Novembertbrsmall tear bottom sps; loss of fc glossok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974January2fine except fc is poor-fair; rcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974February2.5fine exc right side fc sl nibbled & 1/2″ sps goneok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974April$3fine+..ex quarter-size stain 3 pp; edw 1 edge fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974Maytbrvfok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974Junetbrvf-nm interior; covers are Gd-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974Julytbrvf-nm except fc is Gd-(2 x 1″ stain)ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974Augusttbrf-vfok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974Septembertbrvf except fc(creases)ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974Octobertbrvg+; mi ws 1 corner several pp; mi sps tearok-sh12v
Readers Digest1974Novembertbrvg-f; sm spot top fc; sm po spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Januarytbrf-vf interior; fc-vg-(sm po edge & sps)ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Februarytbrvf except ex top/bottom sps bumpsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Marchtbrvg-f; faint ws fc; sps wearok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Apriltbrf-vf; sps rubsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Maytbrvf-nm ex small po bottom spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Junetbrvf-nm; usual sps rubsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Julytbrvf-nm ex small po bottom spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Augusttbrvf-nm ex top/bottom sps bumpsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Septembertbrvf-nm ex top/bottom sps bump/pook-sh12v
Readers Digest1975October tbrvf-nm; sl bump bottom spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Novembertbrvf-nm ex heavy wear spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1975Decembertbrvf ex bottom sps po gone; sl corner cr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1976May3.5f-vf; sl edw; sl fc soilingok-sh12
Readers Digest1976September; 246pp2.5f-vf except .5 x 1.5″ fc pull in top leftok-sh12
Readers Digest1977Februarytbrvf-nm..close nm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1977March; 256pp3fine+; sl marking top edge fcok-sh12
Readers Digest1977Apriltbrnm- with 1/3″ foxing botton edge fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1977June; r.c.tbrvf+; small po bottom sps with 1/4″ foxing this edgeok-sh12v
Readers Digest1978April; 276pp; lp$.95tbrnm- but fc=vfok-sh12v
Readers Digest1979Januarytbrnm- except fc=vgok-sh12v
Readers Digest1979August; 224pp2.5small tas; foxing lower fc edge(1/2″)ok-sh12
Readers Digest1980Februarytbrcovers=VG; balance nm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983January; 208pp2.5f-vfok-sh12
Readers Digest1983February2.5f-vf; mi marks fc bottomok-sh12
Readers Digest1983March tbrfine+; bump bottom edge bcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983Apriltbrnm-mok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983Maytbrnm except big glue residue from label removal(?)ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983June tbrvf-nm..close nm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983July tbrvf-nm; sl wr 1 corner fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983August tbrvf-nm; sl bump bc cornerok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983September tbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983Octobertbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983Novembertbrsps=Gd; balance mint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1983Decembertbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984January; 208pp; lp$1.50tbrnm- except 1/3 x 2″ pull mark fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984Februarytbrvf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984March3.5vf ok-sh12
Readers Digest1984April; 229pp3bump bottom sps o/w vfok-sh12
Readers Digest1984Maytbrvf-nm..close nm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984June tbrnm- except tas bottom + sl srok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984July; r.c.tbrvf-nm..close nm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984August tbrnm-; sl bump top/bottom spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984September; L’Amour shs (basis for “Hondo”tbrsmall corner cr fc o/w nm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984Octobertbrvf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984Novembertbrvf-nm; cr 2 lower corners bcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1984Decembertbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1985January3f-vf; tiny tear bottom spsok-sh12
Readers Digest1985February; 212pp3.5vf-nm except address label bcok-sh12
Readers Digest1985March3.5vf-nm; small tear bottom spsok-sh12
Readers Digest1985Apriltbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1985Maytbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1985Junetbrinterior=vf; bc=mi wr; fc poor with 2″ triangle corner missing+bump at spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1985July3vf; cr bc; tiny ink mark fcok-sh12
Readers Digest1985August; 216pptbrvfok-sh12v
Readers Digest1985Septembertbrnm-; bump bottom spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest1985Octobertbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1985Novembertbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1985Decembertbrnm-; 1″ corner cr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1987July; 218pp3.5vf-nmok-sh12
Readers Digest1987August2vf; 2 minor Magic tape cover edge repairsok-sh12
Readers Digest1988Septembertbrf-vf; sl edw fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1988Octobertbrvf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1988Novembertbrvg-f; 4 tiny spots fc; sl srok-sh12v
Readers Digest1988Decembertbrvf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1989Apriltbrvf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1989Augusttbrvf-nm; sl wr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1989September; copy 13vf+; sl rubs fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1989September; 233pp; lp$1.89; copy 2tbrvg; sr; interior+vf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1989Novembertbrvf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1989December3.5vf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1990April3f-vfok-sh12
Readers Digest1990May; lp$1.89; 247pp3f-vf; sl spine leanok-sh12
Readers Digest1990July; lp$1.973.5nm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1990May3.5nm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1991January3vf-nmok-sh12
Readers Digest1991February3vf-nm; close nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991Marchtbrvf-nm..close nm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991March3.5nm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1991Apriltbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991Maytbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991Maytbrnm- except 2 faint, very minor ws marks fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991Julytbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991August; 204pp; lp$1.97tbrnm-; penny size pull fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991September tbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991Octobertbrvf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991Novembertbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest1991Decembertbrvf-nm; sl cr lower corner fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest1992Apriltbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest1993January; lp$2.15; 200pp3.5nm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1993February3.5nm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1993March; 232pp3.5vf+; sl rub top left corner fcok-sh12
Readers Digest1993April4nm-mok-sh12
Readers Digest1993May3.5nm; sl edge bump top fcok-sh12
Readers Digest1993August; copy 23.5nm+..ex small fc edge tearok-sh12v
Readers Digest1993August; lp$2.25; 208pp; copy 13vf+; sl bump bottom bcok-sh12
Readers Digest1993September3.5nm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1993October3.5nm+; sl edge wear spsok-sh12
Readers Digest1993November3f-vf; few surface rings bcok-sh12
Readers Digest1993December3.5vf-nm; sl bump bottom spsok-sh12
Readers Digest1994January3.5nm-; rubs at spsok-sh12
Readers Digest1994February3.5nm+..except small tear bottom spsok-sh12
Readers Digest1994May3.5nmok-sh12
Readers Digest1994June; 217pp3.5nm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1994July3vf-nm sl rubs fcok-sh12
Readers Digest1994August3.5mint-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1994September; copy 13vf-nm; bump sps; sl cr bcok-sh12
Readers Digest1994September; copy 23.5nmok-sh12
Readers Digest1994October2.5nm except telephone # bottom fcok-sh12
Readers Digest1994November; 245pp3.5nm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest1994December; $3.50 nm-mok-sh12
Readers Digest2000April; lp$2.49; 208pptbrvg-; tas; general overall wearok-sh12
Readers Digest2000Maytbrvf-nm; rubs bcok-sh12
Readers Digest2000Junetbrvf-nm; tiny cr corner fcok-sh12
Readers Digest2000Julytbrfair-; warpage from m.e.ok-sh12
Readers Digest2000Augusttbrvf-nm; sl rubsok-sh12
Readers Digest2000Septembertbrvf-nm ex fc cr 1 cornerok-sh12
Readers Digest2000Octobertbrvf-nmok-sh12
Readers Digest2000Novembertbrvf+ok-sh12
Readers Digest2000Decembertbrvf-nm; minor rubs coversok-sh12
Readers Digest2001Januarytbrvg-f; printer’s stress pulls at spsok-sh12
Readers Digest2001Februarytbrfine+; 1 cr, 1 wr fc; wr some ppok-sh12
Readers Digest2001Marchtbrvf-nm; 1 pp has creaseok-sh12
Readers Digest2001Apriltbrnm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest2001Maytbrnm-..except bump bottom spsok-sh12
Readers Digest2001June; Jackie Kennedytbrvf-nm; 1 pp has creaseok-sh12
Readers Digest2001July; Reba McEntiretbrnm-..ex small bump spsok-sh12
Readers Digest2001August; Princess Dianatbrnm-; rub at fc barcodeok-sh12
Readers Digest2001September; Tom Hankstbrnm- ..except mi tasok-sh12
Readers Digest2001Octobertbrnm-; sl rubs fcok-sh12
Readers Digest2001November tbrnm-ok-sh12
Readers Digest2001December; M Ali(boxer)tbrnm-mok-sh12
Readers Digest2003January; 188pp; Sandra Bullocktbrnm-; sl tear spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest2003Marchtbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2003April; John F Kennedytbrnm-; sl tear spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest2003May; Bill Cosbytbrnm-; sl tear spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest2003June; Harrison Fordtbrnm-; sl bump bottom spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest2003July; Elvis Presleytbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2003August; Jennifer Lopeztbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2003September; Lucille Balltbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2003October; Barbara Streisand; 224pptbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2003November; Faith Hilltbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2004January; Rene Zellwegertbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2004Februarytbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2004March; Mel Gibson; 204pptbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2004Apriltbrnm+; sl corner cr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2004May; Katie Courictbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2004October; bc scanned; Chris Reevetbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2005March; John F Kennedytbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2005Augusttbrvg-f; tiny pieces out edge 14ppok-sh12v
Readers Digest2005October; 228pptbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2005December; lp$3tbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2006September; humor special; 236pp; lp$3tbrnm- ex large check mark center of fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2007March; lovely yard sale bc arttbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2007July; John Travoltatbrnm-; sl cover wrok-sh12v
Readers Digest2007Octobertbrvg-; nm ex writing in logo fc +sl tear top spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest2007November; Renee Zellwegertbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2007December; Denzel Washington; 186pptbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2008Marchtbrvf..except writing fc right top cornerok-sh12v
Readers Digest2008July; 41 things Dr’s never tell youtbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2008Augusttbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2008November; presidential election issuetbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2008December; lp$4tbrnm- ex large check mark top left of fc and 2 corner creases fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2009February; 192pptbrvf-nm; few wr bcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2009Marchtbrf-vf ex ink mark fc logo; mi im 1 page;ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2009Apriltbrnm ex very faint ring mark fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2009Maytbrnm- ex im fc logo/sl wr/cr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2009Julytbrnm ex im(check mark) left side fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2009Augusttbrnm ex cr top right corner fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2009Septembertbrnm ex check mark center fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2009December 2009-January 2010; lp$4tbrnm ex check mark top fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2010Augusttbrnm- ex check mark top fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2010September; annual humor issuetbrvf-nm ex check mark top fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2010Octobertbrnm- ex check mark top fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest 2011Novembertbrfine+; light soiling fc o/w nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2013Maytbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2014September; the genius issuetbrnm-; lovely art fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2015July/Augusttbrfine-; top right corner sl warp from bumpok-sh12v
Readers Digest2015December 2015-January 2016tbrgd-vg; sl warpageok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016Februarytbrnm-..ex one 1″ thin scrape fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016Marchtbrnm..except 2 bumps bottom edge fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016Apriltbrnm- ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016May; copy 2tbrvf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016May; 132pp copy 1$3nm- ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016June; lp$4tbrmedium warping; good-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016September; copy 1; genius issuetbrnm- ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016September; copy 2; genius issue$3nm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016Octobertbrvf-nm; sl wr fc tear-away indexok-sh12v
Readers Digest2016December 2016-January 2017tbrvf-nm; sl wr fc tear-away indexok-sh12v
Readers Digest2017Apriltbrvg-f; tear spine, sl bumps bottom edgesok-sh12v
Readers Digest2017June; 136pptbrvf-nm; sl rubs sps/bcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2017July-August; r.c.tbrfair-gd; wr last few pp; sps poorok-sh12v
Readers Digest2017Septembertbrvf-nm..ex 3 x 1.5″ po toc pageok-sh12v
Readers Digest2017Octobertbrvf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2017Novembertbrvf-nm; sl 1/4″ scrape fc at spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest2017December 2017-January 2018tbrvf-nm; sl wr fc tear-away indexok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018Februarytbrnm- ex 3″ ink mark fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018March; 132pptbrvf-nm; sl wr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018April; copy 1$2vf-nm..close nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018April; copy 2tbrinterior=Fine; fc/sps=Good-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018May; copy 1$3nm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018May; copy 2tbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018Junetbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018July-August; lp$4; copy 1tbrnm-..except cr bcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018July-August; copy 2$2vf- except no sps+mi ring mark fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018September; Genius issuetbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018October; copy 1$1vf-nm ex fc+toc(poor, ws)ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018October; copy 2$2nm- ex 3 creases fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018October; copy 3tbrnm-; sl wrinkles fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018Novembertbrnm except 1 cr+ minor wr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2018December 2018-January 2019tbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019February; 128pptbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019Marchtbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019Apriltbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019Maytbrnm except minor cr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019Junetbrvf-nm; faint rub sps; sl wr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019July-Augusttbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019Septembertbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019Octobertbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019Novembertbrvf-nm; slight wr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2019December 2019-January 2020tbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020Februarytbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020Marchtbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020Apriltbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020Maytbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020Junetbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020July-Augusttbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020September; Genius issuetbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020October; copy 1tbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020October; copy 2$3nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020November; copy 1$3nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020November; copy 2tbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020December 2020-January 2021; copy 1tbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2020December 2020-January 2021; copy 2$3mint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021February; 124pp; copy 1tbrmint-..except 1″ long i.m. fc at spsok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021February; 124pp; copy 2$2vf-nmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021March; copy 1$3mint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021March; copy 2tbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021March; copy 3$3nm-; sl bumps top edge fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021April; copy 1$1nm- ex major writing margins 7 pp; r.c.ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021April; copy 1tbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021Maytbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021June; 124pptbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021July-Autusttbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021September; copy 1tbrmint-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021September; copy 2$3
Readers Digest2021Octobertbrnm-; sl wr fcok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021Novembertbrnm-ok-sh12v
Readers Digest2021December 2021-January 2022tbrnm- ex fc Good for wrinklesok-sh12v
Readers Digest2022February; copy 1tbrnmok-sh12v
Readers Digest2022February; copy 22.5nmok-sh12v
Saturday Evening Post1993April; Tipper Gore fc/arl; W Faulkner serial fiction; 6 lovely vintage covers from S.E.P.$2.50near mint-511
Saturday Evening Post2003Sept-Oct; Paul Harvey phc$2.50very fine+; with label bottom front cover511
Saturday Evening Post2005May-June; puppy-dog-on-scale fc$2.50very fine to near mint511
Saturday Evening Post2005`Jan-Feb; lovely Leyendecker fc$3.50very fine to near mint511
Saturday Evening Post2006Jan-Feb; lovely Leyendecker fc$3.50very fine to near mint511
Saturday Evening Post2012Nov-December; 5 lovely vintage Christmas covers from S.E.P.; Christmas issue$2.50fine; bump top edge front cover511
Saturday Evening Post2013Jan-February; Shirley MacLaine fc/arl; worst VP’s; Arizona; prisons; 4 reduced size vintage SEP fc’s$2.50very fine to near mint511
True Mystery1958May; true crime; usual seductive fem fc photo; 66pp; Skye Pub.$9very good to fine; “Lyons” written on front cover in side of image area511
LIST Z2; List Y.xls