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Stephen King, Koontz D, Wagner, Karl, Weinberg R, Quinn S.

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AuthorTitleDescription…..List Z2-PPrice$ConditionLocation
Ashley, Mike(ed.)Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy IIC & Graf, hc, fe, dj, 1999; 34 shs(deCamp, Goulart, Davidson, Wolfe, Harrison, CS Gardner, Ellison); 494pptbrmint-ok-sh4
Aspirin, Robert/Heck, Peter JPhule Me TwiceAce, mmpb, 2000; pbo; autographed; sf; humor4very fine to near mint; slight edge wear546
Barker, CliveCabal….(+.Lord of Illusions)PktBks, tpb, aka Books of Blood # 6 (4 nvlts(1 by p.i. Harry D’Amour) + 218pp novel(Cabal) exc horrortbrinterior=nm; bc=1 tear + cr; cr fc; oa=gdok-sh4
Barker, CliveDamnation GameBerkley, mmpb, 1990; horror; exc author; 443pp; see description contents list P6mint –564
Barker, CliveGalileeA Romance; Harper, 1998; a non-horror novel by noted horror author$5 near mintLL551
Barker, CliveThe Inhuman ConditionPktBks, tpb; aka Book of Bloods volume 4; 2001; spine-tingling horror; best at nvlt form(5 here); exc bktbrmint-ok-sh5
Bates, JeremyDark HeartsGhillinnein, tpb, fe, 2015; pbo; horror/terror; 4 short fpn novels, 278pp; Aust/Canadian author; simple style; effective everyday horror of persons who seem normal UNTIL….; exc fc art$6 mint564
Blassingame, WyattLady of the Yellow Death & Other StoriesRamble House, tpb, Vol. 2; 2011; 9 nlvts; 289pp; “weird menace” shs from pulps Dime Mystery, Horror Stories, Terror Tales 1934-9; Keeper ?tbrmint-ok-sh5
Bradbury, RayFahrenheit 451Ballantine, mmpb, 1991; deservedly a classic; when books were criminal & all to be destroyed$5 vf-nm564
Brooks, TerryRunning with the DemonBallantine, 2007, re; sf/fantasy; a dream-haunted man & a gifted young girl meet?very fine to near mint
Brown, FredricMartians & Madness; omplete SF novels of F.B.NESFA Press, hc, fe, dj, 2002; 5 novel + 2 nvlt omnibus; see individual titles this list for id of 5 novels; 2 nvlts are ones Brown combined into Rogue in Space; 8pp intro by W Tenn; 633pptbrnm-ok-sh2
Campbell, John WThe Ultimate WeaponAce #84331; mmpb, pbo, nd; aka “Uncertainty” in Amazing Stories; 123pp; sf; interplanetary war$3 nm564
Carroll, JonathanThe Panic HandSt Martins, hc, fe, dj(fine+), 1996; 20 shs(1 new); 295pp; wide varienty fantasy; 12 from sf/horror magazines(3 from Weird Tales)(1987-94)$10 mint-564
Cave, Hugh BThe DawningLeisure, mmpb, 2000, pbo; a small group of survivors escape USA into woodland Canada to meet a new, horrorific danger; copy 1$4 very fine to near mint; slight edge wear otherwise near mint546
Cave, Hugh BThe DawningLeisure, mmpb, 2000, pbo; a small group of survivors escape USA into woodland Canada to meet a new, horrorific danger; copy 2$5 nm-m564
Chandler, A. BertramJohn Grimes: Tramp CaptainSFBC, hc, fe, dj, 2003, bce; sf; 699pp; nice dj(nm) art; 2003; interplanetary adventure; re 4 una novels(1978-81: To Keep the Ship/Matilda’s Stepchildren/Star Loot/Anarchy Lords); wmb$8 mint-ok-sh7
Clarke, Arthur CSongs of Distant EarthBallantine, mmpb, 1987; sf; colonization of a no-longer paradise planet ?nm-; bump back corner sps?
Clegg, DouglasYou Come When I Call YouLeisure, mmpb, 2000; pbo; horror; evil awaits those in a dying desert town in California$4 very fine; back cover barcode overstickered546
Conklin, Groff(ed.)Omnibus of Science FictionBonanza, hc, dj, re 1952 Crown ed.; mostly late 1930’s to 1952 shs(42); exc book; 561pptbrvery fine to near mintok-sh1
Cox, Michael/Gilbert, R.A.(ed.)Oxford Book of English Ghost StoriesOxford U Pr, hc, fe, dj, 1986; horror; 504pp; 42 shs; timeframe 1829-1968; classic collection of 42 different authors; 9pp intro; wmbtbrmint-ok-sh3
Crichton, MichaelAndromeda StrainBallantine #37848;1993; a virus..microscopic seeds of Earth’s extinction; experts & military fight back$4 mint-569
Crichton, MichaelTimelineBallantine, mmpb, 2000; 496pp; action/sf; time(multiverse) travel; 600 yrs back into brutal medieval European warring times; compelling & effective$4 nm-569
Datlow, Ellen(ed.)Off Limits: Tales of Alien SexAce, 1997, 20 shs; sf/horror; Farmer, Oates, Delaney, Matheson, etc; loc.: ??mint-?
del Rey, LesterBest of Lester Del ReyBallantine, mmpb, 1978, pbo; 16 sf shs(1938-64); 366pp; (2 from Unknown, 1 Argosy, balance sf mags)tbrsps=Gd; balance vgok-sh4
Derleth, August(ed.)Tales of the Cthulhu MythosGrafton(UK), mmpb, 1988, 508pp; complete/unabridged Arkham Hse re(not a 2 volume set like others); offshoot shs inspired by H.P. Lovecraft; 21 shs by Lovecraft, Bloch, CA Smith, RE Howard, Long, Derleth, Kuttner, etc16very good to fine546
Devereaux, RobertCaliban & Other TalesLeisure, mmpb, 5 shorts reprinted + Caliban(225pp new novel); horror; 359pp$4 vf-nm; close nm-564
Dick, Philip KDo Androids Dream of Electric SheepBallantine, tpb, 1968 re set in 2021; base for Blade Runner; are they identified?; sf$6 mint-564
Dick, Philip KSelected Stories of Philip K DickPantheon, hc, fe, 2002, dj; 21 shs, wmb, sf, 476pp; 7 I consider excellent & 5 good; outstanding selection of an author for decades I had no wish to read12mint-564
Disch, Thomas MFundamental DischBantam, mmpb, 1980, pbo, 15 shs, sf, 398pptbrfine to very fineok-sh4
Donaldson, Stephen RDaughters of Regals & Other TalesBallantine, hc, fe, dj, 1984; 2 nvlts(new) + 6 shs; fantasy(7), horror(1); 337pp; exc art dj5mint- except few tiny dings dust jacket564
Elder, Joseph(ed.)The Farthest ReachesPktBks, mmpb, 1969; 12 shs all by major sf authors; Vance, Laumer/Silverbert, etc. + J Jakes, J McKimmeytbrmedium spine roll, water stain, fair, reading copy ok-sh1
Elliott, JohnDragon FeastBelmont, mmpb 1970; pbo; exc art fc; California fell to the Chinussian occupation7very good to fine546
Everson, JohnVigilantes of LoveTwilight Tales, tpb, 2003; 15 shs(8 new); horror, fantasy; 132pptbrnm-ok-sh4
Farris, JohnPhantom NightsTor, mmpb, 2005; horror; a Tennessee race relations, a deathbed secret, an adventuresome teen, and a nurse that didn’t die; exceptional5very fine to near mint546
Farris, JohnSoon She will be GoneForge, hc, fe, dj, 1997; bereaved brother blackmails disabled woman to help catch/kill suspected murderer of his sister$4 mint-; ex-libraryok-sh9
Farris, JohnThe FuryTor, mmpb, 1985; horror; made to dePalma movie; 2 deadly children4good+; edge wear, corner crease back cover, interiro very fine 569
Farris, JohnThe FuryTor, hc, dj(vf-nm), 2000; horror; 2 children from notable backgrounds possessing deadly psychic power$6 mint-569
Farris, JohnWildwoodTor, hc, fe, dj, 1986; horror; a N.Carolina millionaire’s mansion..up for development; the location’s evaluator & fun step into a hellish merry-go-round$3 vg..for ex-library; all stickers/marks present569
Fast, HowardEdge of TomorrowBantam #f3309, mmpb, 7 sf shs, 1966(3rd) re of pbotbrvery fine+ ?
Finney, JackAbout TimeFireside, tpb, 1986; time travel fantasy; 5 shs r/f 3rd Level and 7 from I Love Galesburg in the Springtime; exc writings5good to very good; crease right top corner front cover 564
Gaiman, NeilAnansi BoysHarper, mmpb, 2006; fantasy; his father, God, died very fine to near mint; hinge crease?
Gelb, Jeff/Garrett, Michael(ed.)Hot Blood: Stranger by NightPktStarBks, hc, fe, dj, 1995; 18 shs; Lumley, Hodge, R Campbell, B Jones, Masterson, etc; horror/crimetbrvf-nm; some foxing edges of pages when book stood uprightok-sh4
Gonzalez, J.F. (male)SurvivorLeisure/Dorchester, mmpb, 2006; horror; a romantic weekend sees husband arrested, wife kidnapped–to be an actress in a snuff film4vf-nm; barcode bc overstickered569
Gordon, StuartThree-EyesDAW 171, uw1206, 1075; sf; pbo; a descent of disasters to a warped world; exc Whelan fc3very good+; hinge crease?
Grant, Charles L(editor)Greystone BayTor, mmpb, pbo, 1985; 14 new shs; Bloch, NK Hoffman, McCammon, Yarbro, JP Brennan; horror; 1st in series8 very good to fine; edge wear, slight scuffs backc cover and front cover546
Grant, Charles L(editor)In the FogTor, hc, fe, dj(vg-), 1993; final shs of Greystone Bay series(#4); horror; 298pp; 7 shs(Grant, CS Gardner, Yarbro; Nancy Holden(the best), etc.$7 near mint- except ex-library 564
Grant, Charles L(editor)In the FogTor, mmpb, 1994; final shs of Greystone Bay series(#4); horror; 298pp; 7 shs(Gran, CS Gardner, Yarbro, N Holden(the best), etc.$11 very fine+; edge wear569
Grant, Charles LTales from the NightsideFutura(UK), 1988, mmpb; reprints Arkam Hse ed 15 shs from 3 series; horror; 228pp$11 fine to very fine; slight scuffs and edge wear569
Gunn, James EThe BurningDell 0861, mmpb, 1972, pbo; re 3 part novel originally published in 3 different sf digests; physical assault on scientific persons3 good to very good; hinge crease, slight spine/strip area roll547
Gunn, James E.(ed.)Best of Astounding(magazine)C & Graf, hc, fe, dj, 1992; 6 classic short novels(Lovecraft, deCamp, Leinster, Blish, Anderson, Asimov) from Golden Age of SF(1932-58); 438pp5nm-LL551
Harding, Allison(fem)Masters of Horror. Vol.1; Allison HardingArm-Chair Fiction(pub), tpb, #MH1; horror; 16 pulp shs from Weird Tales(1943-51); 356pp; 2020tbrmintok-sh5
Heinlein, RobertCitizen of the GalaxyBallantine, mmpb, 1978; slave in a future world3good+546
Heinlein, RobertPodkayne of MarsBaen, mmpb, 1995; wonderful book; 205pp novel with 73 bonus fan/reviewer/etc. pp including “Postlude” 7pp by Heinlein in 1989; enjoyable by many older but some classify it for teen audience; fpn5nm-569
Heinlein, RobertStarship TrooperAce, tpb, 2006; fpn; sf; military eyeball view of space warfare; a recruit of the future joins with terran forces against an alarming enemy5near mint-; edge wear spine area LL551
Howard, Robert EBloody Crown of ConanBallantine, hc, dj(vf), 2003; 1 short novel & 2 long nvlts..People of Black Circle/A Witch is Born/Hour of the Dragon( re from 1934-5 pulp magazines); famous s & s character; MANY good Gianni interior b & w art(especially 4 exc full pp ones); 304 pp + 60 pp of extras40mint-LL551
Hubbard, L RonIf I Were YouGalaxy Pr., tpb, pbo, 2008; nvlt + short story “The Last Drop”; both fantasy; pulp fc, illos; extras; lp$10; wmb5mint-546
Hubbard, L RonThe Great SecretGalaxy Pr, tpb, 2008; re 4 pulp sf shs(Unknown and Astounding); fantasy/sf; Hubbard index, etc; copy 25mint ex owners name inside(hidden under cover flap)564
Joyce, GrahamIndigoPktBks, hc, fe, dj, 2000; a process server acting as estate admin finds decedent, perhaps insane, who has discovered a color in the spectrum previously invisible to human eyes5mint-?
Kline, Otis AdelbertSwordsman of MarsPlanet St. Pr. #12; hc, dj(vf), 2007; re 1933 interplanetary/s&s a la Burroughs; a body shift to a Martian; 229pp; 8pp Moorcock intro5nm-564
Koontz, Dean/Anderson, Kevin J.Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein“Prodigal Son…book 1”; Bantam, pbo, 2005; horror; 469pp; an alternate vision of the classic Stoker novel4vf-nm..close nm569
Koontz, DeanInnocenceBantam, hc, fe, dj, 2014; horror; he, disfigured at birth..a sub-terranean male wandering the earth & finds a solitary hunted female5mint- except repaired tears pages 297-300569
Koontz, DeanMidnightBerkley, mmpb, 1989; 5pp afterword by DK; Moonlight Cove where 4 survivors face the worst; 470pp; copy 34nm564
Koontz, DeanMidnightBerkley, mmpb, 1989; 5pp afterword by DK; Moonlight Cove where 4 survivors face the worst; 470pp; copy 24mint-564
Koontz, DeanSole SurvivorKnopf, hc, dj(f-vf), 1997, fe; supernatural; widower with his 3 dead(?) in plane crash finds conspiracy, murder, and the unknown5mint- except dust jacket(tiny hole back edge of dust jacket flapLL551
Koontz, DeanThe TakingBantam, hc, fe, dj, 2004; weather & unknowable threatens town; suspense/horror4very fine to near mint; owners name interior on front end end pageLL551
Koontz, DeanThe TakingBantam, mmpb, 2005; weather & unknowable threaten town; suspense/horror4nm-564
Koontz, DeanTickTockBallantine, mmpb, 1997; Chinese-American author of detective stories vs. a Devil-Doll; horror4nm569
Koontz, DeanWhat the Night KnowsBantam, hc, fe, dj, 2010; shv5; supernatural(ghost of rapist/murderer threats detective and his family)4very fine to near mintLL551
Koontz, DeanYour Heart Belongs to MeBantam, hc, fe, dj, 2008; if you had surgery to replace your heart, would the donor stalk you?5near mint-LL551
Kuttner, Henry/Catherine MooreClash by Night & Other StoriesHamlyn(UK), 1980; 5 sf shs(4 from mid-1940’s pulps); 215pp6fine-; 4 letters marked top edges of pages visible when book stood on end569
Kuttner, HenryTerror in the HouseHafner Pr.; hc, fe, dj, 2010; 40 pulp shs(1936-9); 661pp; weird/sf/horror; volume 1(the early Kuttner); KEEPER ?tbrmintok-sh5
Koontz, DeanWatchersBerkley, mmpb, 1998; horror; 2 genetically-altered life forms loose on public$4 nm564
Laymon, RichardFriday Night in Beast HouseLeisure, mmpb, 2010; horror; 142pp title novel+ shs(“The Wilds”, about 90pp)tbrnm-mok-sh4
Laymon, RichardIn the DarkLeisure, mmpb, 2001; horror; 503pp; D Koontz intro; young fem librarian lured into a nightmare of terror4vf-nm; almost nm546
Laymon, RichardNight in the Lonesome OctoberLeisure, mmpb, 2002; pbo; horror; copy 14mint-546
Laymon, RichardNight in the Lonesome OctoberLeisure, mmpb, 2002; pbo; horror; copy 24nm-564
LeGuin, Ursula KOrsinian TalesBantam, mmpb, fantasy; 11 shs, 1977; medieval; at least 4 from obscure sources; 209pp4very fine to near mint; bump bottom spine569
Leinster, MurrayBest of Murray LeinsterBallantine, mmpb, pbo, 1978; 13 shs(10 from Astounding(1934-46)+Colliers(1)+Thrilling Wonder St(2); sf; copy 1tbrvgok-sh3
Leinster, MurrayBest of Murray LeinsterBallantine, mmpb, pbo, 1978; 13 shs(10 from Astounding(1934-46)+Colliers(1)+Thrilling Wonder St(2); sf; copy 24vg- ..except punch hole top right corner front cover564
Lieberman, HerbertCrawl-SpacePktBks, mmpb, 1972; retired couple in new house finds horror under the floor; horror3good+; minor warpage, some browning spots inner front cover and inenr back cover 569
Little, BentleyThe ReturnSignet, hc, fe, dj, 2002; horror5mint-; owner’s bookplate/minor ink marks inside front bedLL551
Little, BentleyThe RevelationSignet, mmpb, 1999; small town with a curse of dying infants & religious-type vandalismSOLDmint-
Lockhart, Ross E(ed.)Book of Cthulhu IINightshade, tpb, 2012; horror; in vein of HP Lovecraft; 24 shs(4 new); Leiber, KE Wagner, Chabon, Gaiman; 426pp7very fine to near mint; shiny spot top right corner front cover, edge wear ok-sh3
Lovecraft, H.P.At the Mountains of MadnessBallantine 23225, 1974(4th); Arkham Hse re; includes Statement of Randolph Carter, Dreams in the Witch House, title shs + 2 more; classic horror4good+; slight wrinkles front cover, couple slight crease front cover, stamp front end page and back end page 564
MacDonald, John DWine of the DreamersF.G.Medal #p3263, mmpb, nd, @1951; sf noveltbrvf-nm; slight scuffs fcok-sh4
Martin,G.R.R/Dozois, G.(ed.)Down these Strange StreetsAce, hc, fe, dj, 2011; 16 new shs; urban fantasy(horror, p.i., weird) Lansdale(hb, black p.i.), Lisa Tuttle(S Holmesian), S Green(p.i.), S Saylor & J.M. Roberts(historicals), L King, G Cook, C Harris; 479pp5mint-; back cover barcode overstickeredok-sh2
Masterson, GrahamDoorKeepersLeisure, mmpb, 2003, pbo; brother investigates sister’s murder with help of psychic4near mint546
Masterson, GrahamMaster of LiesTor, hc, fe, dj(vf-nm), 1992; horror5near mintLL551
Matheson, RicahardNightmare at 20,00 FeetTor, tpb, 2002, nice fc art; 20 shs1951-69); horror5mint-546
Matheson, RicahardIncredible Shrinking ManTor, mmpb, 2008; sf; 208pp classic, excellent novel + 9 of best shs; 373pp9very fine to near mint564
McCormack, Win(ed.)Tin House…fantastic women issueMcCormack Comm(pub); tpb, vol 9 #1, Fall 2007; 303pp; lp$17; fantasy/imaginative fiction; 19 shs, poetry, essay(Angela Carter workshop); quality paper stock; #33; quarterly9mint-569
Moore, C.L. (Catherine)Northwest SmithAce, mmpb, aka Scarlet Dream, 1982, 10 wonderful pulp interplanetary space opera shs(1933-6 Weird Tales +obscure 1957 final one)4good to very good; edge wear, slight spine roll 564
Morrell, DavidThe TotemWarner, mmpb, 1995; horror; author’s restoration of material publisher cut out for 1979 edition; past rejection of commune/hippie community returns as a town’s murderous burden4good to very good; edge wear, bumps back cover 564
Morris, Janet/Cherryh,C/Drake,DHeroes in HellBaen, mmpb, 1986, pbo; 6 nvlts(+Benford, Asire, C Morris, shared universe/historical figures re-do history, exc fc art, 274pp; copy 2 4very good to fine; slight crease front cover top right corner 564
Offutt, Andrew, JShadowspawnAce, mmpb, 1987; s&s; Thieves World series #4; s & s; master thief fleeing, then robbed; 11 coins that vanish as 1-by-1 a stranger dies each time5near mint569
Olson, NeilBefore the Devil FellHanover Square, small tpb, 2021; lp$10; returning home, he finds his mother’s modern day coven & ancient witchcraft5mint-569
Pelan, John/Adams, Benjamin(ed.)Children of CthulhuBallantine, hc, fe, dj(inner flap cr), 2002; 469pp; 21 shs in HP Lovecraft vein(Laymon, Hodge, Dorr, Reaves, Brite, Tem); horror 6vf-nm except stamp back end pageok-sh3
Percy, BenjaminRed MoonGrand Central, tpb, 530p, 2014; literary werewolf; acclaimed fantasy/thriller$4 very fine+; slight bump edge first few pagesLL548
Pratchett, TerrySorcerySignet, hc, fe, dj, 1989; fantasy; Discworld$5 mint-LL551
Preiss, Byron/Betancourt(ed.)Ultimate ZombieDell, tpb, pbo, 1993; 23 shs(19 new): Anne Rice, Somtow, Yarbro, R Silverberg, Brunner, Ellison, Weinberg, N Hoffman, G Wolfe; copy 2$7 very fine to near mint; slight edge wear546
Price, E HoffmannFar Lands Other DaysCarcosa, hc, fe, dj, 1975; 31 shs..1926-43(30) + 1950(1); pulp st r/f Weird Tales, Spicy Mystery(& Adventure), Strange Stories(& Detective), Argosy, Speed Mystery, Short St, Terror Tales, Golden Fleece); 599pp; many illos by comic artist George Evans; chiefly adventure in vein of Robert E Howard’s El Borak & Seabury Quinn’s El Tigre shs$47 mint-; except quarter-size rub on spine area panel & several tiny rubs on back cover & tiny foxing marks top edges of pages visible only when pages closed & book stood upright)ok-sh2
Price, E HoffmannOperation MisfitBallantine, mmpb, 1980, pbo; sf; rebels against a plastic life exiled to deep space; exc pulp writer of old$4 very good+’; edge wear564
Rollo, GordCrimsonLeisure, mmpb, 2009, pbo; horror; 4 boys as they grow up with a frightening monster haunting their dreams & lives; very effective traditional horror; his 2nd novel, both very good$4 good to very good569
Russell, Craig(Galt, Christopher)The Third Testamentaka: Biblical; Quercus(UK), tpb, 2015; psychiatrist John Macbeth seeks causes for mass visionary hysteria, mass suicides; thriller/horror$7 mint-569
Rollo, GordAll Fall DownBantam, mmpb, aka The Good Project; 1991; horror; healthy infants/children mysterious dying in small town$4 mint-546
Saul, JohnBlack Creek CrossingBallantine, hc, fe, dj, 2004; 2 teens discover the evil of their new town and house; supernatural suspense$5 nm- except ink marks front end page LL551
Saul, JohnBlackstone ChroniclesFawcett/Crest,1st hc.. 1997, published concurrently formatted as 6 mmpb as 75pp interlocking serial novel, dj, bce; 416pp; horror/suspense; Blackstone town & Connally family; excellent; the closed-down mental asylum was not untennanted$10 near mint569
Saul, JohnIn the Dark of the NightBallantine, hc, fe, dj, 2006; supernatural suspense;…another house with a past & a life of its own(4 some)$5 mint- except small sticker front end pageLL551
Saul, JohnRight Hand of EvilBallantine, hc, fe, dj(vf), 1999; supernatural suspense;..a house with a life of its own(2 residents)$5 nm except ink marks front end page LL551
Saul, JohnRight Hand of EvilBallantine, hc, fe, dj, 1999; supernatural suspense;..a house with a life of its own(2 residents); copy 2$5 mint-564
Saul, JohnThe HomingFawcett/Ballantine, hc, fe, dj(vf), 1994; horror; effective shs of ill-fated experiment with bees; for strong stomachs$5 very fine dust jacket564
Saul, JohnThe PresenceBallantine/Fawcett, hc, fe, dj, 1997; horror/terror/suspense for fem anthropologist exploring human remains on Hawaii$5 near mint to mintLL551
Saul, JohnThe UnlovedBantam, mmpb, 1990(4th ptg); horror; returning to the S.C. mansion and death$3 very good; edge wear, corner crease back cover 564
Saul, JohnThe UnlovedBantam, pbo, mmpb, 1988; returning to the S.C. mansion and death; horror$4 near mint546
Saul, JohnWhen the Wind BlowsDell, mmpb, 1986(3rd ptg); horror; the dead children wait in a flooded mine in a dying town; D/D book club+Literary Guild selections; a 9 year old girl enters a house of terror$4 very fine to near mint ?
Segal, S.H./Wallace, Sean(ed.)Weird Tales; 21st Century, vol. 1Prime Bks, fe, tpb, 2007; 12 shs(10 r/f WT #342-46; all 12 by newer authors), 206pp; WT magazine in another format; lp$7$7 mint- except little noticable 2 inches scratch in front cover logo564
Shepard, LuciusKalimantan ( short stories)Tor, 1993; pbo; 1st USA ed; sf; 161pp novel +; illustrated4good+; edgewear, tiny piece out front cover edge 546
Steele, Addison EBuck Rogers in the 25th CenturyDell 10843; mmpb, sf, mti, 1979(2nd); based on GA Larson/L Stevens teleplay$5 nm-564
Sturgeon, TheodoreKilldozer: vol. 3: complete short…..stories of T.S.; N.Atlantic Bks, tpb, 1994, 367pp; 15 pulp shs(Unknown, WT, Astounding, Playboy, Amazing, + 3 unpublished))tbrvf+; edge wearok-sh4
Telep, Trisha(ed.)Mammoth Bk Futuristic RomanceRunning Press, tpb, 2013, 19 shs;…see listing in list Z2-An/an/an/a
Tessier, ThomasFinishing TouchesLeisure, mmpb, 2005; horror; 247pp novel + 76pp nvlt(Father Panic’s Opera Macabre); 2 USA men abroad(England, Italy) who enter 2 very different doors to hell(one of his own making); erotic horror/noir; both outstanding, but for strong stomachs5vf-nm except medium eddge wear lower edge front cover564
Tessier, ThomasFogheartSt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 1998; horror; 2 sisters a “medium” team and 2 couples for a reading meet disaster3near mint; ex-library564
Toyne, SimonThe SearcherMorrow, mmpb, 2016, lp$10; a plane crash, a mysterious man..possible survivor of air unknown personal memory..death seeks him in the nearest town with a same-day widow..action/ghost; good book5fine+; slight edge wear, slight spine lean 569
Tuttle, LisaMemories of the BodyGrafton(UK), tpb, pbo, 1992; 15 shs; strange/horror shs7very fine-; minor wrinkles bottom corner front cover, slight edge wear LL551
Unknown(ed)Amazing StoriesJanuary 1988; 162pp digest-size; sf; R Silverberg, KK Rusch, etc; exc George Barr full page interior art3nm564
Unknown(ed)AnalogMay 1986; sf/fact; digest-size; 192pp; Spider Robinson, H Turtledove3 very good-; edge wear, crease back cover 564
Unknown(ed)From Mind to Mind (Analog’s)Davis Pub; digest; anthology #9; Winter 1984; “tales of communication”; 288pp; hi word count; 1942-82; 16 shs; Schmidt(ed.); Padgett, Piper, EF Russell, Vance, Boucher4interior is near mint, crease back cover, quarter-size minor stain top front cover 564
Unknown(ed.)Isaac Asimov’s Science Fictionmid-December 1986; 192pp; sf; digest-size; I Asimov’s new robot shs; Harlan Ellison, Lucius Shepard8mint-564
Unknown(ed.)Isaac Asimov’s Science FictionSeptember 1998; McAuley, Jablokov, Tiedemann, Nansel, Frost, Swanwick; 144p; lp$33very fine+546
Unknown(ed.)Fantasy & Science Fiction(magazineOct-Nov 1998; #567; Tanith Lee, Sheckley, R Pollack(fairy tale); 240pp; 49th anniversary issue3very fine to near mint; edge wear bottom edge back cover546
Unknown(ed.)Fantasy & Science Fiction(magazineMarch 2002; #604; Carol Emshwiller, Al Cowdrey, R Reed, M McHugh, James Kelly; 162pp; lp$3.502.5nm546
Unknown(ed.)Other Worlds Science StoriesMay 1950, #4; digest; Eric F Russell(“Dear Devil”), J Bixby, AE vanVogt; 162pp; nice alien mothering human child fc art4good564
Unknown(ed.)Venture Science StoriesMay 1957; James E Gunn, Sturgeon, P Anderson, MZ Bradley, Walter M Miller jr.; digest; 130pp; few pages 1 corner slight chipping4good564
Unknown(ed.)Weird Tales(side-stapled) #313; Summer 1998; lp$5; 66pp; 9 shs; T Lee, I Watson, M Tem, D Schweitzer; ex full page S Fabian int. artSOLDvf..ex sl pulls at sps & semi-crease fc cornerok-sh4
Unknown(ed.)Weird Tales(side-stapled)#314; Fall 1998; 66pp; horror, etc; 8 shs; Tanith Lee, Schow, Stablefor, Somtow, Van Pelt; S Fabian nice fc + 1 whole entire page; lp$5SOLDnm-; sl sps rubs, tiny cr fc 2 corners564
Unknown(ed.)Weird Tales(side-stapled)#316; Summer 1999; 66pp; horror, etc; 8 shs; Ligotti, Ian Watson, T Lee, Lord Dunsany, Keith TaylorSOLDnm-m564
Unknown(ed.)Weird Tales(side-stapled)317; Fall 1999; 66pp; Hugh Cave, D Schweitzer (Tom O’Bedlam), Stableford, van Pelt; horror, etc; lp $5; exc full page S Fabian art; quality paperSOLDmint; white pp564
Unknown(ed.)Weird Tales(side-stapled)#318; Winter 1999-2000; 66pp; horror, etc.; 9 shs; R Campbell, T Lee, K Taylor, Val Pelt, G. Barr; S Fabian/G Barr interior art; copy 1$8 nm-; slight crease top right corner front cover 564
Unknown(ed.)Weird Tales(side-stapled)#318; Winter 1999-2000; 66pp; horror, etc.; 9 shs; R Campbell, T Lee, K Taylor, Val Pelt, G. Barr; S Fabian/G Barr interior art; copy 2SOLDmint-; white pp564
Unknown(ed.)Weird Tales(side-stapled)#334; Jan-Feb 2004; 58pp; Schweitzer, Betancourt, CL Harness; horror, etc; lp$6SOLDmint –564
Unknown(ed.)Weird Tales(side-stapled)#335; March-April 2004; 58pp; horror, etc.; 5 shs; T Lee, I Watson, Michael Bishop; i/v: Terry Pratchett; poem: Jane Ricel lovely fc art RowenaSOLDnm564
Unknown(ed)Worlds of Fantasy & Horror(aka Weird Tales)#3; Summer 1996; 7 shs; horror, etc; T Lee, Rob Sampson, Lord Dunsany, C Williamson; short run of essentially Weird Tales Magazine(3 issues); 66pp; exc S Fabian full page art; successful horrific fcSOLDvf-; 3″ cr bc; bundling right edge cvrs564
VanderMeer, Ann & Jeff(ed.)The WeirdTor, massive 110 shs, 1126pp anthology, tpb, 2011; strange/weird/non-conventional, dark; nice fc; many unfamiliar authors(21 translated shs)24mint-; slight edge bump edge front cover569
vanVogt, A.E./Anderson, Kevin JSlan & Slan HunterSFBC; 2007; hc, dj, bce; classic vanVogt in Slan & his draft of S.H. completed by long-time fan Anderson; sf6mint-569
Waugh,Charles/Greenberg, MHSci-Fi Private EyeROC, mmpb, 1997, 9 shs(Asimov, Niven, Anderson, Silverberg, Farmer, Westlake, Niven, Dick; cosmic crime; pbotbrnear mint-; edge wear ok-sh4
Weinberg, RobertCity of HeroesCDS Bks, mmpb, 2005; fantasy; based on online game of same name; city of Paragon hero Statesman faces reclusive criminal mastermind; 1930 setting5nm-; minor wrinkles spine area569
Williamson, J.N.(male)The HounganLeisure 744, mmpb, 1980, pbo, fpn; effective horror; unemployed guy joins company for voodoo duties5vf-nm
Wilson, F PaulAftershock & OthersForge, hc, fe, dj(f), 2009; “19 oddities”; 16 shs+ many memories; various genres; 3 I enjoyed(the only Repairman Jack); + 2 great oriental pulp shs(Sex Slaves of the Dragon Tong & Part of the Game); 352pp7vf-nm for ex-library(only 2 minor markings)LL551
Wilson, F PaulSoft and OthersTor, mmpb, 1989, pbo; 16 shs of wonder & dreadtbrfair-gd; hic, wr spsok-sh4
Wilson, F PaulThe Barrens and OthersForge, hc, dj(nm-), fe, 1998; sf/horror/crime; 13 shs + adaptation + teleplay; shs introductions; 379pp8mint- in very fine to near mint dust jacket564
Winter, Douglas EPrime EvilSignet, mmpb, 1989; 13 new shs by all-stars: King, Barker, Ligotti, Morrell, Campbell, Etchison, Straub, Strieber, etc6very fine; slight edge wear546
Winter, Douglas EStephen King: the Art of DarknessPlume, tpb, 1986; nf; “life & fiction of” expanded/updated ed.(from 1984); if King is your guy, this would be essentialtbrvf+ ex im fep(1 x 3″)ok-sh4
Wolfe, GeneShadow of the TorturerPktBks, mmpb, 1981; sf; member of a guild of torturers fallen victim to love wondering thru a world of science and fantasy3good+; crease corner front cover, scratches, edge wear569
Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn(fem)Cautionary TalesPanther(UK), 1983, mmpb; 13 shs; very strange sf-horror?very good to fine; bump bottom spine/strip area?
Zagat, Arthur LeoCorpse Factory & Other StoriesRamble Hse, tpb, vol. 2, 2013, 8 pulp nvlts “weird menace” r/f 1934-7 Dime Mystery & Horror Stories; 296pptbrmint-ok-sh5
Zelazny, RogerChronicles of Amber: volume 1 & 2D/Day, hc, bce, dj, nd; Boris fc; includes Nine Princes in Amber & Guns of Avalon; sf/adventure of 5 part series5mint- in fine dust jacket569
Zipes, Jack(tr/intro/ed.)Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers GrimmBantam, tpb, 1992, 750p, illustrated; fantasy; may be “keeper”tbrslight edge wear; near mint-ok-sh4
LIST Z2; List P.xls