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List Z2; List B.xls

LIST B- Non Fictionadd-on items
Adler, BillLetters from VietnamDutton, hc, fe, dj,1967-8(3rd ptg); letters or excerpts from letters from US servicemen in Vietnam to home; excellent homoginized views of war3f-vf for ex-lib except inner board fc/bep which are fair561
Beal, EileenEverything You Need to Know about ADD/ADHDRosen, hc, fe, imdj, 1998; 64pp; color/b&w photos; good primer for basic knowledge about attention deficit condition; YA$1vf-nm for ex-lib557
Burks, JohnnyI Just Want You to Know My Name(self-published), hc, fe, 2020, nf, photos; autographed; memoir(foster home abuse, then adopted but aftermath effects)tbrnm-m
Butler, SuzanneImpressions of China TodayHamlyn(Australia), hc, fe, color/bw photos, 144pp; 1974; 1972 daily life of Chinesetbrno dust jacketshv
Cheney, LynneA Time for FreedomS & S; hc, fe, dj, 2005; what happened when in USA; 292pp; photos, indextbrmint-shv5
Davis, William CThe American FrontierSmithmark, hc, fe, dj, 1992; “pioneers, settlers, cowboys”; 1800-1899; giant-size book; many photos/illostbrnm-m with vf-nm djP/B top
Dirmann, TinaSuch Good BoysSt Martins, mmpb, 2005, pbo, true crime; mother+2 sons+murdertbrgd+; hic; sl srok-sh11
Dublanica, AnthonyWaiter RantHarper/Collins, hc, fe, dj, 2008; NYC events in a non-pro waiter’s life dealing with strange diners; well-written4nm-m519
Glatt, JohnPrince of ParadiseSt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 2013; true crimetbrnm-mshv5
Herndon, Sarah RDays on the Road2 Dot; tpb, 2003; “crossing the plains in 1865”; fem’s diary5mint-561
Holliday, GrahamEating Viet NamHarper/Collins, hc, fe, dj, 2015; epicure/eating journey thru Vietnam by British expattbrnm-; mi im bottom djshv5
Humes, JamesWhick President Killed a Man?MJF(pub), hc, fe, dj(f-vf), 2003; trivia & fun factstbrnm ok-sh11
Jones,D & Gobell,PA Season of DarknessBerkley, mmpb, 2010, true crime; pbotbrvf-nm; few scratches to coversok-sh11
McClellan, BarrBlood, Money, Power..How LBJ Killed J.F.K.; Hanover Hse, hc, fe, dj, 2003; indexed, photos, tbrnear mint; gift inscription fewok-sh11
O’Brien, Mary BHeart of the TrailGlobe Pequot; tpb, 2017; shs of covered wagon women; 100pp; lp$15; nf5mint-561
Olsen, GreggBlack WidowSt Martins, mmpb, 1998; greed, lust, & murderous wife; nftbrvery good to fineok-sh11
Rajah, Carol SelvaMalaysian Cooking……aka Heavenly Fragrance; Singapore, hc, fe, 2009, Tuttle Pub.; 9 x 12, 112pp; imdj(pub w/o paper dj)tbrnm-mliv rm.
Rule, AnnA Fever in the HeartPktBks, mmpb, 1996, pbo;..”and other true cases”; nf; photostbrg-vg; wr spsok-sh11
staff: Reader’s DigestTreasury of Joy & Inspirationhc, fe, dj, 2013; “most moving shs ever”; 38 shs; nf; 318pp$3mint- except oni(fep)557
Tanenbaum, Robert KThe Piano TeacherPktBks, mmpb, 2001, re, nf, true crime..a psychotic killertbrnear mint-; slight edge wearok-sh11
Teicholz, NinaBig Fat SurpriseS&S, hc, fe, dj, 2014; “why butter, meat & cheese belong in a healthy diet”$5near mint?
Woodworth, Steven EManifest DestinyKnopf, hc, fe, dj, 2010; nftbrvf-nm for ex-libP/B top
List Z2; List B.xls