Mysteries, Crime, Hard-Boiled, Adventure, Noir and Private Eye


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LIST I- Mysteries, General/Misc
list Z2-I add-ons
Adler-Olsen, JussiA Conspiracy of Faith…aka....Redeption; 2014, tpb; lp$16; Dept Q, polp, tr from Danish; superior; message in bottle years later leads to man preying on religious groups; good book$5 mint-LL550
Albert, Susan WittigA Dilly of a DeathBerkley, mmpb, 2005; China Bayles series$3 very good; slight wrinkles/edge wear to front cover and spine area556
Albert, Susan WittigWitches’ BaneBerkley, mmpb, 1994; fpn; China Baylestbrfair to good; hinge crease, sticker back cover, slight spine rollok-sh13
Aldyne, Nathan(male/female team)VermilionAllisonBks, tpb, 1997; Valentine & Lovelace series; 234pp; homosexual bartender & fem realtor detectivestbrnm-mok-sh13
Allingham, MargeryAllingham Case-BookMcFadden 95-178; mmpb, 1972; 18 shs(Mr. Champion)$4 good+; several small edge tears repaired Magic tape inside. Otherwise very good566
Allingham, MargeryTiger in the SmokeFolio Society(UK), hc, 2013; pub w/o dj; wmb; pi: Albert Champion series; 7 illos$27 mint -..except bump lower right side front boards; without slipcaseMBR3
Archer, JeffreyTurn a Blind EyeSt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 2021; Detective Insp. Warwick #3; polptbrmint-pl-sh13
Armstrong, CharlotteAlibi for Murder..aka Dream WalkerPktBks 1095, 1955, fpn$5 very fine; 3 inches spine/strip area enamel chips at spine 544
Armstrong, CharlotteThe Chocolate CobwebPktBks 575, 1949; a poisoning stepmother..will she poison another?$3 interior pages are very good to fine, over all fair-good(misalignment of pages at right edge, enamel chips at spinejoy-s
Baldacci, DavidCamel ClubWarner, hc, fe, dj, 2005; 5 unexpected heroes battle a world-changing conspiracy$5 mint-555
Baldacci, DavidDaylight Grand Central, hc, fe, dj, 2020; Atlee Pine series$5 mint-LL550
Baldacci, DavidMemory ManGrand Central, tpb, 2015; Memory Man series(Amos Decker)5very good; couple small wrinkles front cover, edge wear LL550
Baldacci, DavidThe FallenGrand Central, hc, 2018, fe, dj; Amos Decker, Memory Man series5mint-LL550
Baldacci, DavidThe TargetGrand Central, mmpb, 2015; lp$10; 544pp; Will Robie/Jessica Reel(assassins)4very fine to near mint; slight wrinkles spine/strip area566
Baldacci, David(see also lists; z2-n, n, i)(reference entry)n/an/an/a
Belle, KimberlyThe Last BreathPark Row, mmpb, 2021; humanitarian aid worker’s father/murderer comes home for final days$4 very fine to near mint; close near mint-, bump bottom spine areaLL558
Black, LisaClose to the BoneWorldwide, mmpb, 2016; med examiner Theresa MacLean; murder in the workplace$4 near mint to mint568
Black, LisaThe Price of InnocenceWorldwide, mmpb, 2015; med examiner Theresa MacLean$4 mint-568
Blake, NicholasThe Sad VarietyPerennial, mmpb, 1979; Nigel Strangeways; Russians & kidnapped daughter case5very fine+; tiny ink marks top front cover, slight edge wear 553
Brennan, AllisonDead HeatSt Martins, mmpb, 2014; Lucy Kincaid; polp3good to very good; medium spine roll568
Brennan, AllisonIf I Should DieBallantine, mmpb, 2011; 393pp lead novel + 50pp Love is Murder nvlt(both Lucy Kincaid, polp)5mint-568
Brightwell, EmilyMrs. Jeffries and the One Who Got AwayBerkley, mmpb, 2015, pbo; Victorian mystery3very fine to near mint; slight bump spine/strip area otherwise near mint 544/542
Carr, John D(Dickson, Carter)Door to DoomH & R, hc, fe, dj, 1980; collects best of uncollected work(5 crime, 3 supernatural, 2 S Holmes stories; 6 plays, 2 essays); also complete biblio + 22page intro by D.G. Greene; 352pp$7 nm..except glue residue under dj inner flap from where fraps were glued down; not ex-libok-sh9
Carr, John D(Dickson, Carter)House at Satan’s ElbowHarper, hc, fe, dj, 1965; pi: Dr. Gideon Fell series8very fine; dust jacket is very good to fine, book is very fine to near mint LL560
Caspery, VeraBedelia(reference: see listing under “Laura,…..”n/an/an/a
Caspery, VeraEvvie(reference: see listing under “Laura,…..”n/an/an/a
Caspery, VeraLaura/Bedelia/EvvieBkMonthClub, hc, 1992, fe, dj(vf); Laura should be on list N(classic); others list I; 3 novels; bce/fe; 765pp$7 near mint to mintLL550
Childs, LauraEggs in PurgatoryBerkley, mmpb, 2008, pbo; Cackleberry Club3very good; wrinkles at spine/strip area, slight edge wear LS549
Christie, AgathaHarlequin Tea Set & other StoriesPutnam, hc, fe, dj, 1997; 7 uncollected shs(1 Poirot 64pp; 1 H Quinn(45pp); 1 exc non-series); 1923-71 re6near mint in good to very good rubbed dust jacketMBR3
Christie, AgathaPartners in CrimeBerkley, mmpb, 1984(2nd); pi: Tommy & Tuppence take over a bankrupt detective agency; 23 clever/witty shs; 230pp4very fine to near mint except several minor scratches to front cover566
Clark, Mary HigginsDeath wears a Beauty Mask & ……Others; PktBks, 2016; shs from 1958-2009; 99pp nvlt +9 shstbrvf-nm..close nm-ok-sh3
Clark, Mary HigginsI’ll Be Seeing YouPktBks, mmpb, 1994; tv reporter Meghan Collinstbrgood to very good; scratches back cover, edge wear ok-sh13
Clark, Mary HigginsPretend You Don’t See HerS & S, hc, fe, dj, 1997; nice dj art; a fem realtor witnesses a murder & flees via witness protection program; very nice art dj5near mint to mintexcept minor ink marks front end page LL560
Clark, Mary HigginsThe Lottery WinnerPktBks, 1995; 6 Alvirah & Willy shs(cleaning lady & plumber husband detectives)5very good; slight edge tear back cover, edge wear 566
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Alibi Award #aq1342, mmpb, 1974; Inspector West series; polp4very good to fine; slight wrinkles side front cover 553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)A Part for a PolicemanBerkley s2053, 1971, Inspector West(Scotland Yard)5very good to fine553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)A Mask for the ToffPopular Lib,, nd, 1972, mmpb; Patrick Dawlish series(Scotland Yard); kidnapping Pyrenees5very good to fine; 2 edge bumps542
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)A Taste of TreasurePop. Lib, nd; Patrick Dawlish series(Scotland Yard), polp5very good to fine; slight spine/strip area lean553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Baron and the Old MastersLancer, mmpb, nd, 1968@; John Mannering(the Baron) series5fine to very fine 553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Baron and the Mogul SwordsAvon, mmpb, 1968; Mannering(the Baron..reformed jewel thief)5fine to very fine; slight rubs front cover553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Baron and the Stolen Legacy…aka…Bad for the Baron; Avon, mmpb, 1968; the Baron series; 4very good-; medium spine roll553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Baron On BoardLancer, mmpb, nd, 1964@; as by Anthony Morton5very fine to near mint553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Blood RedAvon v2384, mmpb, 1971; Mannering series(the Baron)7fine to very fine; piece out bottom spine/strip rea, edge wear 542
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)c.o.t. Innocent VictimsBerkley x1446, nd(@1959); Insp R West; polp5fine to very fine; slight edge wear553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Double for the ToffPopular Lib, nd(@1959); nice fc art; Patrick Dawlish series5very fine553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Double FrameAvon v2369, 1970; Mannering(the Baron) series, mmpb5very fine to near mint542
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Follow the ToffLancer, mmpb, nd(@1961); Richard Rollison(the Toff) series5very fine to near mint553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Give a Man a GunLancer, mmpb, nd(@1953); Insp. West series, polp3good to very good; damage 1 edge of spine/strip area553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)In Anything Happens to HesterAvon v2388, 1971(3rd), mmpb, Baron series4very fine; medium spine roll553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Man Who Laughed at MurderPopLib, nd(@1960), P Dawlish(S Yard), polp; nice fem bondage fc9very fine553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Murder, London-MiamiBerkley, mmpb, 1971; Insp. West series, polp5very fine553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Murder Makes Haste …aka The..Gelegnite Gang/Insp. West Makes Haste; Lancer, nd(@1955); Insp. West$4 fine to very fine; small spot bottom front cover553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Murder with MushroomsCorgi(UK), mmpb, 1971(revised ed. Of 1950 hc); P. Dawlish series$10 vf-nm..close nm-553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Pack of LiesPopLib, nd(@1958), mmpb, P Dawlish series; nice dead fem in trunk fc art; copy 24good; water stain top edge 1/2 of pages 553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Rogue’s RansomPyramid r-1540, mmpb, 1967; Toff series4very good to fine; 2 edge bumps542
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Salute the ToffCharter, mmpb, 1980; the Toff series4good to very good; 1/4 inch tear at spine553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)So Young to BurnBerkley, mmpb, 1969; Insp. Roger West series3good-; medium spine roll553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Toff and the Deadly Parson..aka..Toff and the Curate; Magnum#74674, nd(@1948); Toff series; copy 13good+; minor ink marks top front cover, crease bottom front cover 553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Toff and the Deadly Parson..aka..Toff and the Curate; Magnum#74674, nd(@1948); Toff series; copy 24very good; dried label residue center of front cover553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Toff and the Great IllusionLancer, mmpb, nd; Toff series5fine to very fine553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Toff Goes to MarketMagnum 74737; nd, @1942/1967; Toff series3fair-good; horizonal crease front cover, small front cover edge tear 553
Creasey, John(Ashe, Gordon)Toff on the FarmPopLib, mmpb, nd, @1958; Richard Rollison, gentleman detective; nice 3 image fc art5fine; hinge crease553
Crispin, EdmundMoving ToyshopCollins(UK), tpb; 1946@ re2015; amateur detective Gervase Fen5nmLL560
Curtiss, UrsulaDeadly ClimatePktBks 1077, mmpb, 1955; uninvited witness to murder; effective suspenser4good-; ceaser top right corner front cover, medium spine roll, balance very good 566
Delaney, KathleenDying for a ChangeWorldwide, mmpb, 2002; autographed; fpn; fem real estate broker at her first showing and murder kills the sale4mint-544
Eberhart, Mignon GDark GardenMacFadden, mmpb; 50-150; 1962 re 1933 hc; suspense; wealthy recluse & fear3fair to good; reading copy544
Eberhart, Mignon GThree Days for EmeraldsWarner, mmpb, 19894mint556
Egan, Lesley(fem)Chain of ViolenceD/Day, hc, dj, bce, 1985; Glendale, Ca. police vs. a multitude of varying fine dj(2 edge tears)ok-sh13
Francis, DickEnquiryPan(UK), mmpb, 1971; fpn; horse racing jockey series4good+; small spot top front cover566
Gardner, Erle Stanleyc.o.t. Turning TidePktBk 50395, mmpb, 1967, 16th ptb?good-; vertical cr near sps; edw; cr and corner wear bc; enamel chipping at spine?
Gardner, Erle StanleyD.A. Calls a TurnPktBk c-291, mmpb, 1960, 4th; D.A. Doug Selby series3good; minor water stain edge 8 pages, enamel chips at spine, corner crease front cover 566
Gorman, EdMoonchaser and Other StoriesForge, hc, fe, dj, 1996; 91pp nvlt +16 shs; varied genres5near mint-LL550
Gorman, EdSeveral Deaths LaterSt Martins, hc, fe, dj 1988, movie critic Tobin series; murder on an ocean liner3fine+ for ex-libraryLL550
Gudenkauf, HeatherThis is How I LiedPark Row, tpb, 2021; thrillertbrnmok-sh9
Highsmith, PatriciaA Suspension of Mercy aka The Story-TellerNorton, tpb, 2001; suspense; a writer perfecting a way to kill his wife5mint-544
Highsmith, PatriciaBoy who Followed RipleyVintage/B Lizard, tpb, 1993; Tom Ripley series; suspense/menace5near mint; edge wear 1 edge front cover + spine/strip area top 544
Highsmith, PatriciaStrangers on a TrainNorton, tpb, 2001; suspense; 2 strangers make a swap: my murder for yours; noted bk5mint-544
Hyzy, JulieDeadly InterestWorldwide, mmpb, 2014; fpn; fem reporter(Alex St. James) investigates the murder of an elderly neighbor4mint556
Jance, J.J.(fem)Partner in CrimeAvon, mmpb, 2003; J.P. Beaumont series; polp4mint-568
Joss, MoragFearful SymmetryDell, 2005; psychological thriller; Sara Selkirk, Brit re; world of music4very fine to near mint544
Kelly, SofieCuriosity Thrilled the CatObsidian/NAL, mmpb, 2011; Magical Cats mysterytbrnear mint to mintok-sh14
Kennedy, MaryNightmares can be MurderBerkley, mmpb, 2014; pbotbrgood; crease at spine/strip area; medium edgewear back coverok-sh13
Knight, AlannaCoffin Lane MurdersBlack & White(pub, UK), tpb, 2001; Inspector Faro, polptbrmint-ok-sh13
Kutak, RosemaryDarkness of SlumberPktBks 402, 1946; a young dr. with the too sudden madness of a beautiful woman; murder & mysterytbrvgjoy-s
Lakin, RitaGetting Old is MurderDell, mmpb, 2005; pi: Gladdy Gold(Florida’s oldest pi); wmb4mint-568
Lowell, ElizabethInnocent as SinMorrow, hc, fe, 2007, dj; Intersection of a duo searching for a murderer and another for a frame uptbrnear mint-ok-sh13
Mann, GeorgeWychwoodTitan, mmpb, 2018; unemployed fem journalist & DS Shaw investigate murder in a quiet village$4 nm568
Maron, MargaretChristmas MourningGrand Central, hc, fe, dj, 2010; Sheriff’s deputy & wife Judge Deborah Knott series; N. Caroline$5 mint- except minor ink marks front end page 555
Maron, MargaretShooting at LoonsMyst Pr; mmpb, 1995; Judge Deborah Knott series; N Carolina$4 nm-553
Maron, MargaretWinter’s ChildGrand Central, mmpb, 2007; Judge Deborah Knott series$4 vf-nm566
Marsh, NgaioA Man Lay DeadSt Martins, mmpb, 1997; re 1934; Insp. Roderick Alleyn, polp$5 nm553
Marsh, NgaioColor SchemeSt Martins, mmpb, 1998; re 1943; Insp R Alleyn, Scotland Yard, polp$4 very fine+; few scratches, ding back cover553
Marsh, NgaioDeath in a White TieSt Martins, mmpb, 1997; re 1938; Insp R Alleyn, Scotland Yard, polp$5 nm-553
Marsh, NgaioDeath of a PeerSt Martins, mmpb, 1998; re 1940; Insp R Alleyn, Scotland Yard, polp$5 nm553
Marsh, NgaioFinal CurtainSt Martins, mmpb, 1993; re 1947; Insp R Alleyn, Scotland Yard, polp$5 nm-553
Marsh, NgaioGrave MistakeJove, mmpb, 1980; Brit..Scotland Yard..and the rich; loc: bx 544$2 very good+; repaired 1 inch tear at spine/strip area 544
Marsh, NgaioPhoto FinishJove, mmpb, 1987(7th); Insp R Alleyn, Scotland Yard, polp$3 fine+ for ex-library553
Marsh, NgaioTied up in TinselJove, mmpb, 1978; Insp R Alleyn, Scotland Yard$3 very fine; 1/2 inch crease edge front cover553
Masters, PriscillaCrooked StreetWorldwide, mmpb, 2021 re (pub with revised text from hc fe 2016; 362pp; a missing husband & secrets discovered by the police $4 mint-556
Mathes, CharlesGirl in the Face of the ClockT Dunne, hc, fe, dj, 2001; murder in theater; 4th in seriestbrvery fine to near mint for ex-libraryok-sh13
Nielsen, HelenSeven Days before Dying..aka Borrow the..Night; a judge..7 days to die$6 very good+544
O’Connor, CarleneMurder in ConnemaraKensington, mmpb, pbo, 2020; Home to Ireland series$3 very good; wrinkles spine area, slight spine roll ok-sh9
Oldham, NickLow ProfileSevern Hse; hc, fe, dj(fem bondage), 2014; Henry Christie, UK, polp$3 near mint for ex=library560
Queen, ElleryDouble, DoublePktBks 874, 1952; detective: E Queen$3 good; heavy enamel chips at spine, slight misalignment front cover right edge, wrinkles back cover joy-s
Queen, ElleryThe King is DeadPktBks 6047; detective: Ellery Queen$4 very good- ; minor ink marks front end page, previous owner’s name front end pagejoy-s
Queen, ElleryVirgin Heiresses aka Dragon’s …..Teeth PktBks 459; 1954; Ellery Queen detective$2 fair to good; overall wear, rubs back cover, heavy wear at spine, etc; reading copy 566
Rankin, IanLet it BleedOrion(UK), mmpb, 1996; Inspector Rebus series; polp$5 very fine; couple of scuffs to front cover, minor edge wear 566
Reilly, HelenLament for the BrideDell 621, nd(1951@); Insp. McKee series, polp; mapback; skeleton fc$7 good to very good; owners name interior front end page365
Rinehart, Mary RobertsFrightened WifeDell #2735(2nd ed.), 1968; 2 short novels+3 nvlts; 256pp$5 very good; interior near mint-, tiny tear back cover, 1 bumped corner front cover 566
Rinehart, Mary RobertsLost EcstasyKensington, mmpb, 1998(2nd); 1927 re; Kay to ranch, murder arrives, her boyfriend arrested, she investigates$4 near mint-553
Rinehart, Mary RobertsThe AlbumKensington, mmpb, 1933/1990 re; axe murder and young woman of 5 family group investigates all$4 near mint to mint556
Rinehart, Mary RobertsWindow at the White CatZebra, mmpb, 1992; re 1910; suspense; fpn; Jack Knox, attorney on missing person/murder case$4 mint-556
Ryan, P.B.(fem)Death on Beacon HilllBerkley, mmpb, 2005; “gilden age” series..Boston governess Nell Sweeneytbrgood+; slight spine roll, edge wear ok-sh13
Rydell, Forbes(fem.)If She Should DiePopLib, mmbp, sp282; 1964; fem trapped in murderous towntbrvery good- except minor spine rollok-sh3
Sayers, Dorothy/Walsh, Jill PThrones, DominationsSt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 1998; Lord Peter Wimsey & Harriet Vane series; a 1936 manuscript finished by her friend Jill Walsh$5 mint- except minor ink marks front end page MBR3
Schmidt, Gerry(fem) (Childs, Laura)Shadow GirlBerkley, mmpb, 2017; Afton Tangler series; family liason with police detective; shot-down aircraft; bc barcode overstickered5near mint-LL548
Scott, MichelleMurder by the GlassBerkley, mmpb, 2006, pbo; wine lover’s mystery3good to very good544
Sherer, Michael WA Forever DeathWorldwide, mmpb, 2003; fpn; freelance writer Emerson Ward$4 nm568
Siciliano, SamThe Devil and the Four…further..adventures of Sherlock Holmes; Titan(UK), 2018, tpb; 345pp; lp$15; France5near mint-LL550
Skalka, PatriciaDeath by the BayWorldwide, mmpb, 2021; Sheriff Dave Cubiak; polp; Michigan$4 mint-568
Skilton, SarahClub DeceptionGrand Central, tpb, 2017; magic & magician’s wives & murder; lovely fc5nmLL560
Spencer-Fleming, JuliaI Shall Not WantT Dunne, tpb, ARC, 2008; romantic suspensetbrvery good to fineok-sh13
Stout, RexSeven Complete Nero Wolfe NovelsAvanel, hc, fe, 1983, dj, 745pp; 6 novels+3 nvlts; fpn; pi: armchair detective+ legman Archie Goodwin; see individual titles this list for contents; lovely dagger pierced cover; see scan15near mint to mintLL550
Stout, Rex3 at Wolfe’s Door(3 novelets)(reference entry); included in Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novelsrefn/a
Stout, RexA Family Affair(reference entry); included in Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novelsrefn/a
Stout, RexGambit(reference entry); included in Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novelsrefn/a
Stout, RexIf Death ever Slept(reference entry); included in Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novelsrefn/a
Stout, RexMight as Well be Dead(reference entry); included in Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novelsrefn/a
Stout, RexPlease Pass the Guilt(reference entry); included in Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novelsrefn/a
Stout, RexThe Silent Speaker(reference entry); included in Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novelsrefn/a
Sullivan, EleanorAssumed DeadWorldwide, mmpb, 2010; fpn; fem nurse in small hospital; a car accident victim & a fem mugger(?) assault victim prove dangerous to all4mint-568
Tey, JosephineThe Singing SandsScribner, tpb, 1996; Insp. Alan Grant, polp$5 near mint-LL550
Tey, JosephineThe Singing SandsCollier, mmpb, 1998; Insp. Alan Grant, polp$4 nm-553
Tanner, JanetA Question of GuiltWorldwide, mmpb, 2018; fpn; an injured reporter investigates an arson case$4 nm556
van Dine, S.S.(male)Benson Murder CaseF Gold Medal, mmpb,1926/1954 @; nd; Philo Vance. Classic formal/traditional detective$3 very good +553
Vance, J.A.(fem)Partner in CrimeAvon, mmpb, 2003; J.P. Beaumont seriestbrnmok-sh3
Weihl, Lis/ Sebastian StuartThe CandidateNelson, hc, fe, dj, 2016; political thriller as reporter as Erika Sparks finds thrills & danger to herself & daughter..on campaign trail$3 mint- for ex-libraryLL560
Weir, charleneFamily PracticeWorldwide, mmpb, 1997; Susan Wrentbrmint-ok-sh13
Wellman, Manly W & WadeSherlock Holmes’ War of the Worldsaka War of the Worlds..further adventures of Sherlock Holmes; Titan(UK), tpb, 2009; 256pp, lp$10$5 mint-LL550
Wentworth, PatriciaThe Case is ClosedWarner, mmpb, 1986; Miss Silver series$4 very good+; tiny piece out right top corner front cover566
Wilson, GahanEverybody’s Favorite DuckMyst Pr, hc, fe, dj, 1988; crime/adventure; fantasy/sf/humor by Playboy Magazine noted cartoonist; fc art by Wilson$5 mint- in near mint dust jacketMBR3
LIST Z2; List I.xls