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LIST N- Z2 Mysteries, Private Eye, Hard Boiled, Crime, Noir
mystery add-ons to main list(N)
AUTHORTitleDescription, LocationSP$CONDITIONLocation
Abbott, JeffPromises of HomeBallantine, mmpb, 1996, pbo; librarian Jordan Poteet series3very fine; slight hinge crease544
Abbott, MeganBury Me DeepS & S, tpb, 2009, pbo; 1931, stranded fem enters the world of Jazz Age decadence and Depression-era desperation; lp$155mint-LL550
Abrahams, PeterEnd of StoryHarper, mmpb, 2007tbrmint-ok-sh3
Adams, CleveUp Jumped the DevilHandi-Bks #33, digest-size unabridged novel; 1944; Rex McBride, p.i. series, hb; jewelry theft & murder in SF 7 vg+; tiny p/o fc at bottom sps; wear at spine556
Archer, DavidHidden AgendaArcher Pub; tpb, 2017; pbo; Sam Prichard: pi5near mintLL550
Archer, DavidThe Grave ManArcher Pub; tpb, 2016; Sam Prichard: police detective5mint-LL550
Armstrong, KelleyMade to be BrokenBantam, mmpb, 2009, pbo;4very fine to near mint; 19 pages have minor corner crease553
Baldacci, DavidA Minute to MidnightGrand Central, tpb, 2020; FBI agent Atlee Pine(fem) series5nm-ok-sh13
Baldacci, DavidCamel ClubGrand Central, tpb, 2022; $18lp; Oliver Stone/Camel Club seriestbrvfok-sh13
Baldacci, DavidDeliver us from EvilGrand Central, mmpb, 2011; lp$10; Shaw seriestbrGd-; interior=vf; wr sps, edw; ;major cr fc; sl srok-sh13
Baldacci, DavidDivine JusticeGrand Central, mmpb, nd, $10lp; Oliver Stone & Camel Clubtbrvf+ except medium sr & wr spsok-sh13
Baldacci, DavidEnd GameGrand Central, hc, fe, 2017, dj; Robbie & Jessica Reel gvmt troubleshooters seek lost handler5mint- ex small cr bottom right corner of dj555
Baldacci, DavidFirst FamilyGrand Central, mmpb, 2010; pi: King/Maxwell team; kidnapped child in D.C; lp$10$2 near mint-; except major fc corner crease; several scuffs back(g-vg) cover/edge spine/ strip areaok-sj14
Baldacci, DavidKing and MaxwellGrand Central, hc, fe, dj, 2013; pi series (Sean King/Michelle Maxwell); soldier killed abroad..but family receives letter from him$3mint- except piece out fep( horizonal razor cut 2″ from top) into title pageLL560
Baldacci, DavidHell’s CornerGrand Central, mmpb, 2011; lp$10; Camel Club seriestbrvf-nm; sl scratches fcok-sh13
Baldacci, DavidOne Good DeedGrand Central, hc, fe, dj, 2019; Aloysius Archer #1; prison releasee in a small town$5mint-555
Baldacci, DavidSimple GeniusWarner, hc, fe, dj(vf), 2007; pi: Sean King & Michelle Maxwell$4near mint-LL550
Baldacci, DavidSplit SecondGrand Central, tpb, re 2021; Sean King/Michelle Maxwell series$4vg-f; sl corner cr fc; sm edge tear bc555
Baldacci, DavidSplit SecondWarner, hc, fe, dj(vg), 2003; 2 instances of wandering attention by Secret Service agents lead to disasters; King/Maxwell series$5mint- in nm-dj(scuffs/rubs bc)LL560
Baldacci, DavidThe FixGrand Central, hc, fe, 2017, dj; Amos Decker(forgets nothing) series$5nmLL550
Baldacci, DavidThe ForgottenGrand Central, tpb, 2013; Army Sp.Agt John Puller; Fl; murdered relative$4 very fine to near mint; minor ink marks front end pageLL550
Baldacci, DavidThe HitGrand Central, hc, fe, dj, 2013; Will Robie; assassin vs. assassin$5mint-LL560
Baldacci, DavidThe InnocentGrand Central, tpb, 2012; Will Robbie, assassin, (series) refuses a job, befriends a homeless 14 year old, & runs for his life$4nm- except “1154” im top of fc and mi im top of fepLL560
Baldacci, DavidThe Last MileGrand Central, hc, fe, 2016; Amos Decker series; death row inmate shown innocent; FBI unravels murder; copy 1$5mint-555
Baldacci, DavidThe Last MileGrand Central, hc, fe, 2016; Amos Decker series; copy 2$3nm..ex w/s in dj only.. on inner back flap..2 x 6″LL560
Baldacci, DavidThe Sixth ManGrand Central, hc, fe, 2011; pi: Sean King/Michelle Maxwell..working for a suspected serial killer$5mint-555
Baldacci, DavidThe Whole TruthGrand Central, tpb, 2019; international thriller; 456pp$4vf+; edwLL560
Baldacci, DavidTrue BlueGrand Central, hc, fe, dj, 2009; female ex-con tries to regain her job with Washington, DC high profile case; r.c.; copy 1$2appears vf..but last 25pp have top edge w/s as does bottom 2″ of inner dj spsLL560
Baldacci, DavidTrue BlueGrand Central, hc, fe, dj, 2009; female ex-con tries to regain her job with Washington, DC high profile case; r.c.; copy 2tbrmint-ok-sh13
Barclay, LinwoodParting ShotD/Day(Canada), hc, fe, dj, 2017; pi: Cal Weaver+ Duckworth; Promise Falls series$3near mint-minor crease to first page LL550
Barclay, LinwoodToo Close to Home Bantam, mmpb, 2009; suspense/thriller5near mint-; minor ink marks spine/strip area 544
Berenson, AlexThe WolvesPutnam mmpb, 2017; lp$10; John Wells series; espionage/action..a mission from the President$4near mint-544
Block, LawrenceHit and RunMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2008; hitman Keller series; copy 3$5mint-LL560
Boland, John C (Ross, James L)Last Island SouthPerfect Crime(Pub.), tpb, 2009; pbo; sometimes p.i. Meggie Trevor; Key West(Florida)$9mintLL560
Boland, John C (Ross, James L)MarginPerfect Crime(Pub), tpb, 2017; R Wells, investment adviser in a notable financial mix of deceit, sabotage, murder$9mint-LL560
Bradbury, RayKiller, Come Back to MeHardCase(pub),tpb, 20 crime shs(6 were also in pbo(A Memory of Murder); 330pp; 10 from pulps; nice 3 image fc; KEEPER ?tbrnm- except tasok-sh3
Brennan, AllisonBreaking PointSt Martins, mmpb, 2018; FBI(Lucy Kincaid)tbrgood+; medium sr/wr spsok-sh13
Brennan, AllisonStalkedSt Martins, mmpb, nd/2012; FBI trainee(lucy Kinkaid)+p.i. on trail of inner ranks murderer$4nm-; sl edw556
Brennan, AllisonThird to DieMira, mmpb, 2021; fem detective+male FBI agent vs psychopathic murderer; 550p; lp$10tbrvf-nm; very sl sps lean; mi im fep; close nmok-sh13
Brown, FredricDeath in the DarkHafner Pr., hc, fe, dj; vol.2 mystery library; KEEPER ?tbrmintok-sh5
Brown, FredricMurder Draws A CrowdHafner Pr, hc, fe, dj, 2017; volume 1; 1200 copies printed; 723pp; 40shs(2 westerns)+146pp humourous obscure illustrated shs; intro; a labor of love book; beautiful Saunders pulp cover used as fc this book; KEEPER ?$50mint-ok-sh5
Brown, FredricThe Far CryVintage/B Lizard, tpb, 1991; copy 2; exc suspense$5very fine to near mint; slight crease top right corner front cover544
Burke, James LeeCadillac JukeboxPktBks, mmpb, 2016; lp$10; Dave Robicheaux series$4mint-556
Burnett, W.R.(male)Nobody Lives ForeverZebra, mmpb, 1988; classic noir; mti; amoral conman, jealous associate, a lonely na?ve woman$4very fine to near mint553
Burton, MaryCover Your EyesZebra, mmpb, 2014; romantic suspense; public defender on trail of 30 year old murder; lp$8$2good-; interior=vf; medium sr, wr sps556
Cain, James MCocktail Waitress hc, fe, dj, 2012; noir; his last novel$5mint-LL550
Carr, John DicksonMan who could not ShudderZebra, mmpb, 1986; Dr. Gideon Fell p.i. series; re 1940$4mint-?
Carr, PaulBlack PalmettoWorldwide, mmpb, 2021; ex–Seal & FBI duo pursue secrets thief into Florida swamps & murder$4mint-; mi im fep556
Carr, PaulThe Cayman SwitchWorldwide, mmpb, 2020; Fl./Cayman Is.; ex-Seal MacKenzie helps a Fl conman who cheated the wrong people$4mint-; mi im fep556
Case, JohnThe SyndromeBallantine, hc, fe, dj(vf-nm), 2001; thriller; 455pp; an psychologist with strange urges meets sister of his suicided fem patient and realizes he is a dead man…then “on the run” shs$5mint-LL560
Chaber, Milo(Crossen, KF)Tortured PathPbkLib., mmpb, fpn, 1971; fc shows “Milo March #25” but character reworked to be CIA Kim Locke; China; communist torture & escape$6g-vg; sl sr; edw; scrape top edge bc; interior=nm556
Chase, James HadleyMiss Shumway waves a Wand(reference: see 2 book omnibus under No Business of Mine)n/an/a
Chase, James HadleyNo Business of Mine/Miss Shumway waves a WandStark Hse, tpbtbrok-sh3
Chase, James HadleyWell Now, My PrettyPanther(UK), 1969; Paradise City; casino heist$14very fine to near mint; moderate edgewear544
Chase, James HadleyWhy Pick on Me?Corgi(UK), mmpb, ex-OSS Corridon, now troubleshooter infiltrates gang in exciting takedown of the gang$12vf-nm..ex bc 1 faint cr and lower 1/3 bc has many scratches from sticker placement(not a pull)556
Chase, James HadleyWorld in My PocketPanther(UK), 1969; Paradise City; armored truck heist$10very good+; edge wear, bump edges, small sticker front end page 544
Caspary, VeraLaura, Bedelia, EvvieBk-of-Month Club Pub, hc, fe, dj(vf), 1992; re 1942-60 3 novels including famous Laura; 764pptbrmint-shv5
Child, LeeBlue Moon Delacorte, hc, fe, dj, 2019; Jack Reacher series; copy 25near mint to mintLL550
Child, LeeBlue MoonDelacorte, hc, fe, dj, 2019; Jack Reacher series; copy 15near mint to mintLL550
Child, LeeBlue Moon Delacorte, hc, fe, dj, 2019; Jack Reacher series; copy 3tbrnear mint?
Child, LeeMidnight LineDelacorte, hc, fe, dj, 2017; Jack Reacher series; perhaps his best; copy 25mint-LL550
Child, Lee and AndrewSentinelBantam, tpb, 2021; Jack Reacher series; lp$17; ransomwared town, IT expert eluding kidnapping, lost servers, & Reacher on mercy stopover of violence5mint-LL550
Child, LincolnDeath MatchAnchor/Random, mmpb, 2004; ex-FBI psychologist/profiler takes on case of introduction services perfect couples murders2good-; repaired edge front cover, minor ink marks front end page, solid binding, few printer pages wrinkles inside553
Child, LincolnUtopia aka Lethal VelocityBallantine/Fawcett, mmpb, 2003; hi-tech/nostalia amusement park takeover thriller; well-done; 434pp4very fine to near mint553
Coben, HarlanBoy from the WoodsGrand Central, hc, fe, dj, 2020; non-series5mint-LL550
Coben, HarlanCaughtDutton, tpb, 2017; missing girl, reporter, predator, the community; thriller; lp$104mint-553
Coben, HarlanJust One LookSignet, mmpb, 2005; family photo 20 years old starts deadly whirlpool of revenge & deceit4nm556
Coben, HarlanNo Second ChanceDutton, tpb, 2018; shot man, killed wife, disappeared 6 month old; good one; copy 3$5near mint to mintLL550
Coben, HarlanSix YearsDutton, mmpb, 2016; lp$10; not leaving the past alone can kill you with old loves; copy 2$4vf-nm556
Coben, HarlanTell No OneDell, mmpb, 2020; Dr. Beck, wife drowned 8 years ago, but was she? ; lp$10$4nm-553
Coben, HarlanThe WoodsDutton, hc, fe, dj, 2007; fpn; prosecutor on timeless search for missing younger sister; good book$4mint- except sticker pull fepLL560
Collins, Max A/Spillane, MickeyLady, Go DieTitan(UK), hc, fe, dj, 2012; pi: Mike Hammer, fpn; sequel to I, the Jury$5mint-LL550
Connelly, MichaelBlack EchoGrand Central, mmpb, 2017; the 1st Harry Bosch; polp; lp$10$4fine to very fine; slight spine area reverse lean otherwsie near mint to mint 553
Connelly, MichaelVoid MoonLittle, Brown, hc, fe, dj, 2000; non-series; fem ex-con robber, now car salesperson vs. nemesis p.i./casino$5nm-mLL560
Cornwall, PatriciaBook of the DeadPutnam, hc, fe, dj, 2007; Kay Scarpetta series; forensic pathologist; S Carolina; crime scene investigationtbrnmok-sh13
Cornwall, PatriciaTracePutnam, hc, fe, dj, 2004: Kay Scarpetta series; forensi pathologist; Richmond, Va.tbrnmok-sh13
Corris, PeterBrowning P.I.Angus & Robertson(Australia), mmpb, 1992, pbo; p.i.: Browning..in Hollywood, fpn; wmb$10appears near mint- but minot abrasion inner front cover only + store stamp front end page 544
Crais, RobertThe PromisePutnam, hc, fe, dj, 2015; p.i.: E Cole/J Pike; fpn$5mint-LL550
Crider, BillOf All Sad WordsWorldwide, mmpb, 2009; Sheriff Dan Rhodestbrfine+ok-sh13
Crumley, JamesLast Good KissVintage, tpb, 1988; ; exc series: C.W. Sughru: pi in topless bar; fpn$5very fineLL550
Daniels, Harold RThe SnatchBlack Curtain, tpb, 2013; lp$18; re of pbo; 2 financially trapped men + a mentally handicapped man kidnap a child; noir$9mintLL560
Dawson, JanetA Credible ThreatFawcett, mmpb, 1997; pi: Jeri Howard$4very good to fine; edge wear553
Dawson, JanetNobody’s ChildFawcett, mmpb, 1996; pi: Jeri Howard$4nm553
Deaver, JefferyA Maiden’s GraveSignet, mmpb, 1996; superb bk; career FBI negotiator vs trapped(?) killers with deaf school girls;shock ending; double shock ending$5very fine to near mint; slight edge wear; close nm-544
Deaver, JefferyCarte Blanche..007S & S, hc, fe, dj, 2011; continuation of Ian Fleming’s James Bond series; action/espionage; lp$27$5mint-541
Deaver, JefferyPraying for SleepHodder(UK), mmpb, 1995, wmb; 437pp; escaped lunatic, his repeat fem prey, the hunters, the victims, and a turnabout ending; good book$6near mint-544
Deaver, JefferyShallow GravesPktBks, 2000; John Pellham, location scout for movies finds a deadly welcome in a small town$4fine to very fine; edge wear, slight crease front cover corner544
Deaver, JefferySleeping Doll Grand Central, mmpb, 2008; $10 lp, 578pp; Kathryn Dance series; faint cr fc, tiny pinhole top right corner fc$4very fine544
Deaver, JefferySpeaking in TonguesS & S, hc, fe, dj(nm-), 2000; non-series$5mint-555
Deaver, JefferyThe Bodies Left BehindS & S, hc, fe, dj, 2008; loc.: a 911–responding female deputy on a rural call finds murder and killers in pursuit of her & an almost-victim thru forest; shocker ending; good bk$5near mint-; minor ink marks front end pageLL550
DePalma, B/Lehman, SusanAre Snakes Necessary HardCase, hc, fe, dj, 2020; a fixer & an aspiring starlet & murder$5near mint to mintLL550
Deutermann, P.T. (male)Spider MountainSt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 2007; ex-cop/pi investigates assault of National Park Service fem & runs into backwoods meth persons with bloody results$5mint-LL560
Dewey, ThomasDon’t Cry for LongPktBks, 50223, 1966; pi: Mac(series), fpntbrvery fine to near mint; close to near mint-ok-sh3
Disher, GarrySnapshotSoho Pr, tpb, 2006; polp; Hal Challis series; Australia$5very fine to near mint542
Disney, Doris MA Compound for Death Bestseller Mystery B65, nd; digest-size novel; not abridged; Sheriff Jim O’Neill series; scarce$7good; 1 1/2″; Magic tape repaired edge tear front cover to page 12, minor ink mark front cover553
Donaldson, D.J…(Don)Cajun NightsSt Martins, mmpb, 1989; “Mean Streets” series; medical examinator(Broussard & suicide prevention specialist(Franklin) in New Orleans investigate; series #1$4nm556
Dorsey, TimCadillac BeachHarper, mmpb; 2005; busting out of Tn. State hospital without meds to Fl to investigate a death; humor/crime+$4very good to fine553
Dorsey, TimElectric Barracuda Morrow, hc, fe, dj, 2011; comic crime..Florida$5near mintLL550
Dorsey, TimGator a-go-goMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2009/10; wild & zany Florida crime epic$5nmLL560
Duhart, William HDeadly PayoffG Medal 805, 1958, pbo; Tabor vs the mob$4good+; slight spine roll, 1″ tear at spine area544
Ellis, DavidThe Last AlibiPutnam, hc, fe, dj(vf-), 2013; Jason Kolarich/Shauna, lawyers; fpn; elaborate frameup/out of the past crime/court shs; good book/author; 465pp$5mint-541
Ellroy, JamesBrown’s RequimPenzer Bks; Armchair Det. Lib., hc, dj, 1994, re of pbo; pi; noir; exc book$10near mint in fine to very fine dust jacket , wrinkles and crease bottom front cover of dust jacket 541
Ellroy, JamesHollywood NocturnesPenzler Bks, hc, fe, dj, 1994; 1986-94 nvlts(6); hbtbrmint-ok-sh3
Elsberg, MarcBlackout SourceBks, hc, 2017, 1st USA edition, dj; tr from German; Europe; techno-terrorist thriller 5near mintLL550
Estleman, Loren DDetroit is Our BeatTyrus, hc, fe, dj, 2015; tales of the 4 Horsemen; 1940’s WW 2 Racket Squad of police not drafted into WW2; 10 shs(1 new)–9 from pp of Al Hitchcock MM; nice noir-ish type fc art4mint- for ex-libraryLL560
Estleman, Loren DLioness is the HunterForge, hc, fe, dj(vf-nm), 2017; pi: Amos Walker3mint- for ex-libraryLL560
Estleman, Loren DNearly NeroTyrus/S & S, hc, fe, dj, 2017; pi: Claudius Lyon(in the vein of Rex Stout’s books) and clone of Archie Goodwin; 10 shs(1 new, 6 r/f EQMM–2 from private ptgs)5nm for ex-libraryLL560
Estleman, Loren DShootForge, hc, fe, dj, 2016; Valentino..film archivist/detective series3nm for ex-libraryLL560
Estleman, Loren DSundown SpeechForge, hc, fe, dj, 2015; pi: Amos Walker; location: shv55near mint to mintLL550
Estleman, Loren DYou Know who Killed MeForge, hc, fe, dj, 2014; pi: an aging Amos Walker; fpn3vf-nm..for ex-libraryLL560
Ewan, ChrisDead LineMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2013; fpn; hostage negotiator enmeshed in 2 separate kidnappings; France; exc noir4vf-nm for ex-libLL560
Faherty, TerenceConfessions of Owen FeaneCrippen & Landrau, tpb, fe, 2005; 7 shs(4 r/f EQMM, 2 new); pi: Owen Keane8vf+; sl edw; scratches to bcLL560
Fairsten, LindaKiller HeatD/Day, hc, fe, dj(vf+), 2008; fem NYC prosecuter vs. gang+serial killertbrnear mint-ok-sh13
Ferrigno, RobertCheshire Moon Morrow, hc, fe, dj, 1993; bump bc/back bd o/w nm-; loc: shv5; lovely scanned fc$4near mint-LL550
Fischer, BrunoThe Flesh was Cold..aka..…The Angels Fell ; Signet 1474tbrgood-; major vertical crease small wrinkles front cover, bottom 2″ spine area is fari; solid bookok-sh3
Francis, DickBonecrackF Crest, mmpb, 1993; fpn; world of horses & crime; kidnapped, injured horse, imposed jocket, and crime$4very fine to near mint; slight edge wear, scuffs to back end page553
Francis, DickIn the FrameF Crest, mmpb, 1993, fpn; world of horses & crime; an artist finds his cousin’s wife dead, and he, a suspect investigates$4near mint553
Francis, DickFlying FinishJove, mmpb, 1999; fpn; world of horses & crime; son of notable family takes job internationally transporting horses and finds an extra cargo$4near mint-553
Francis, DickKnockdownF Crest, mmpb, 1993; fpn; world of horses & crime; buying agent at auction for American woman leads to violence$4near mint-553
Frase, H MichaelFatal GiftCarroll/Graf; hc, fe, dj, 1996; suspense; young woman witnesses murder, runs away from paid psychopath, feigns being a “seer” attracting death as she flees; good bk$5nm; tiny previous owner’s sticker fepLL560
Fredrickson, JackHunting Sweetie RoseWorldwide, mmpb, 2914; sometimes pi:Dek Elstrom series; good book..good writer$4nm556
Freedman, J.F.(male)House of SmokeViking, hc, fe, dj, 1996; wmb; pi: Kate Blanchard..divorced battered ex-police officer with problems & a sex life in a dope smugling/murder in jail/complex case; exc book; a 1-shot pi book$5mint-LL560
Freeman, BrianAlter EgoQuercus, hc, fe, dj, 2018; Jonathan Stride series; polp; a hitman’s accident & a movie about Stride’s past lead into death$4nm for ex-libraryLL560
French, Christy TilleryThe Bodyguardi-universe; tpb, 2004; inexperienced fem(office mgr.) pi/bodyguard: Natasha Chamberlain$4vf-nm..except medium srLL560
Galbraith, Robert(Rowling, J.K.)Troubled BloodLittle,Brown, hc, fe, dj, 2020; pi: Cormoran Strike; 927pp; extra postage$5nm-LL560
Gardner, Erle StanleyAdventures of Paul Pry..vol. 1Hall, tpb, lpe, 1991, 5 shs; 1930’s pulp shs; label on sps4very good for ex-libraryLL550
Gardner, Erle StanleyAdventures of Paul Pry..vol. 2; Hall, tpb, lpe, 1991, 4 shs; 1930’s pulp shs; label on sps4very fine for ex-library except no back end pageLL550
Gardner, Erle Stanleytco the Backward MulePktBks 6083, 1961(5th); Terry Clane/Insp Malloy series4g-vg; eccs; 1/4 x 1/4″ rub mark top right hand corner of fc556
Gardner, Erle Stanleytco the Moth-Eaten MinkPktBks 75539; 1970(8th ptg); lawyer Perry Mason3very good to fine; bumps spine/strip area, crease back cover, enamel chips at spine ?
Gardner, Erle StanleyClue of the Forgotten MurderCardinal c-307, 1958; non-series; criminologist Sidney Griff; complex impersonation/pickpocketing/murder4vf except heavy wear at sps(eccs/rubs)5562
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Blonde in Lower SixC & Graf; hc, fe, dj, 1990; 135pp novel(1961) +3 nvlts from Black Mask(all Ed Jenkins, Phantom Crook, Chinatown series)5good+ for ex-libraryLL550
Gardner, Erle StanleyThis is MurderPktBks 512, 1948, non-series; ad executive steps in to solve murder/corruption based in D.A.’s office4fine-; sps edge wear, few mi wrinkles556
Garrison, PaulRed Sky at MorningAvon, hc, fe, dj, 2000; attack of Chinese submarine fleet on NY City; action5mint-LL550
Gilstrap, JohnAt All CostsWarner, hc, fe, dj, 1998; criminal duo on the run to prove innocence; copy 2 5near mint to mint; minor ink mark front end page555
Gores, Joe32 CadillacsMyst Press, mmpb, 1993, hb, classic skip-tracer/pi agency; DKA File novel; in pursuit of 32 cars stolen by gypsy ring4vg-f for an ex-lib (only sign is 1 page edge stamp); mi im top fc553
Gorman, EdNoir 13Perfect Crimes(pub.); pbo, tpb, 2010; 13 shs; laminated cover; scarce(0 on abe/ebay/amazon)13very fine+ for ex-library; label spine/strip area & top front cover( laminated cover); minor stamps fep541
Gorman, EdScream Queen & Other Tales Perfect Crimes, tpb, 2014; menace; 14 shstbrmint-ok-sh3
Gorman, EdShadow Games & Other St. SST pub(UK), tpb; 238pp novel+4 shs(3 mystery, 1 western)tbrvery fine+; major crease 1 corner front cover and back coverok-sh3
Grafton, Sue“B” is for BurglarBantam, 1986; fem p.i. Kinsey Millhone4mint-544
Grafton, Sue“C” is for CorpseBantam, 1987; fem p.i. Kinsey Millhone4very fine to near mint544
Grant, AndrewRunBallantine, mmpb, 2015; fpn; lp$10; computer consultant fired and pursued for computer memory devices by several parties..betrayed by wife(?); good book4nm-556
Grogan, David ESiegel DispositionsWorldwide, mmpb, 2017; estates lawyer Steve Stillwell #1 becomes detective (Va.& Germany) on missing heirs case; good book4mint-; sl edw556
Gulli, AndrewNo Rest for the DeadS & S(UK), tpb, 2012; 26 author round-robin novel; Kellerman, Cook, Stine, Jance, TJ Parker, Deaver, Margolin, Abbotttbrmint-ok-sh3
Hall, AdamQueen in Danger Harper, mmpb, 1990; Hugo Bishop series4very fine+; minor sticker pull bottom front cover542
Hamilton, DonaldRevengersF. G Medal, mmpb, 1982, pbo; Matt Helm series4very good; spine/strip area wear553
Hamilton, Glen ErikEvery Day Above GroundHarper, hc, fe, dj, 2017; van Shaw #3 series; an easy robbery to a murderous revenge whirlpool; good book5near mint to mintLL550
Hamilton, Glen ErikHard Cold WinterMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2017; van Shaw series; burglary-trained by relative seeks ex-girl friend & finds terrorist/robbery plot3near mint…. for ex-libraryLL560
Hamilton, Glen ErikPast CrimesMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2015; van Shaw series; on leave from military he walks into his father’s murder & waiting police5near mint-541
Hamilton, SteveExit Strategy Putnam, mmpb, 2019; lp$10; Nick Mason, coerced killer series4near mint-544
Hamilton, SteveNorth of NowhereT Dunne; hc, fe, dj, 2002; Alex McKnight series; armed robbery at a private cardgame morphs into murder, greed & revenge: Michigan lakes setting this series5nmLL560
Hannon, IreneBuried SecretsRevell, tpb, pbo, 2015; “inspirational romantic suspense”; fem police chief & unmarked grave5mint-555
Hardin, PeterHidden GraveDell 922, nd, @1955, mmpb; femme fatale vs a vengeful man returning to a small town after 20 years; fem gravedigger fc4g-vg; slight wear bottom sps & fc right lower edge556
Harstad, DonaldKnown DeadBantam, mmpb, 2000; polp; sheriff Carl Houseman series; copy 24vf-nm; sl edw556
Hayden, L.C.(fem)Why Casey had to DieWorldwide, mmpb, 2009; retired police officer Harry Bronson series(#1) cold case, a mystery convention, a kidnapped wife4vf556
Hayes, Dana(male)Breaking PointSt Martins, mmpb, 2012; lp$10; domestic, mil-industrial-engineered plane crash in USA; conspiracy to gain new weapon4very fine+; slight spine/strip area lean544
Healy, JeremiahThe Only Good LawyerPktBks, mmpb, 1999; fpn; John F Cuddy exc pi series; KEEPER ?tbrmint-ok-sh3
Hely, ElizabethI’ll be Judge, I’ll be JuryDell r108; 1962; recent widower of raped, murdered wife with 2 friends on a trail of vengeance, in France; loc.Box 5444good to very good; bump top spine/strip area544
Herron, MickSlow HorsesSoho, tpb, 2010; 1st USA edition; in-disgrace intelligence agent vs. kidnappers4near mint to mintLL550
Hiaasen, CarlDouble WhammyWarner, mmpb, 2003; 2nd ptg; RJ Decker=pi; crazed Fl setting humor/crime4very good+553
Hiaasen, CarlLucky YouWarner, mmpb, 1998; fem wins lottery ticket vs. combative co-winner3very fine; 1/4″ piece out back cover left corner 553
Hiaasen, CarlLucky YouKnopf, hc, fe, dj, 1997; fem wins lottery ticket vs. combative co-winner$5mint-LL560
Hiaasen, CarlSick PuppyKnopf, hc, fe, dj, 2000; environmentall-conserned activist after the opposite; Florida; zany humor/crime shs $5mintLL560
Hiaasen, CarlStormy WeatherGrand Central, tpb, 2005; black humor Florida thriller5very fine to near mint; close to near mintshv5
Hitchens, Bert and DoloresOne-Way TicketPermaBks M-3100, 1957; railroad detective: Vic Moinetbrgood to very good; front cover and back cover are very good, spine area is fair, tiny, faint Snoopy stamp front cover, edge wearok-sh3
Holden, CraigFour Corners of NightDelacorte, hc, fe, dj(vf+), 1999; 2 missing girl cases separated by 7 years & 2 police detectives lifetime friendship and its end; well-written; polp5near mint-555
Hollon, Frank TurnerPoint of FractureMcAdam/Cage, hc, fe, dj, 2005; well-done; marital discord situation leads clever wife to frame her husband to the brink of the electric chair5mint-LL560
Hood, Margaret PageThe Silent WomenDell #880, mmpb, nd, 1954@; NE USA; new deputy investigates a suspected fem’s murder in a closed sociaty, small island community4good+; sl page offset 1 signature(reglued)556
Hooper, KayBlood SinsBantam, mmpb, 2010; Noa Bishop/Special Crimes Unit(FBI); infiltrating a religious cult4near mint-553
Hooper, KayFinal ShadowsBerkley, mmpb, 2018; Bishop Files; a Guardian to protect psychics;thriller/sf; lp$104mint-546
Hughes, DeclanColor of BloodHarper, mmpb, 2008; pi: Loy; Ireland; rich family’s missing daughter; fpn4 very fine to near mint; bump top spine area?
Hunter, Evan(McBain, Ed)Priviledged ConversationWarner, mmpb, 1997; psychiatrist & Broadway dancer; erotic thriller/suspense with twist ending; well done4vf+; sl ding bc o/w nm556
Hunter, Evan(McBain, Ed)Walk ProudBantam, mmpb, 1979, pbo; gang & a girl friend; mti12nm-m478
Hunter, StephenGame of SnipersPutnam, mmpb, 2020; Bob Lee Swagger series; 498pp; lp$104vf-nm; sl edw
Ide, JoeIQMulholland, hc, fe, dj, 2016; pi: Isaiah Quintabe,black, high school genius in L.A. crime area5near mint- LL551
Jacobson, AlanFalse AccusationsPktBks, mmpb, 2000; psychological thriller of a dr. fighting back against the emotional, legal and professional attacks on him by a fem fatale type ex-employee; outstanding; non-series4vf-nm; close nm556
Janifer, LaurenceThe Final FearBelmont B50-754; 1967; pbo; husband pursues wife’s lover in NYC; thriller; fpn3fair to good; general wear, store stamp front end page, medium spine roll542
Johnston, TimThe CurrentAlgonquinBks, hc, fe, dj, 2019; autographed; thriller; 2 women pulled from icy river..relation to 10 year old similar 1 woman drowned?; mint-$5near mint to mintLL550
Jordan, NeilDrowned DetectiveBloomsbury, hc, fe, dj(vf), 2016; pi: troubled Jonathan with inner thoughts aplenty, in decaying East European city; after a suicide fem jumper and/or a missing young girl; strange$3nm..except bump bc board corner with 1/2 x 1″ ws thereLL560
Jurado, J.G.(male)Point of BalanceAtria, hc, 1st USA ed, dj, 2015, fpn; Spanish author; child kidnapping & extortion of surgeon to kill patient; good book$3nm…for ex-lib; over-stickered(metalic) on bc barcodeLL560
R.J. Kaiser(male)Squeeze PlayMira, hc, fe, dj, 2002tbrmint-ok-sh3
Kaminsky, Stuart MHe Done Her WrongMysterious Pr; mmpb, 1995; pi: Toby Peters; Mae West episode; fpn; copy 2tbrmint-ok-sh3
Kaminsky, Stuart MMidnight PassForge, mmpb, 2004; Lew Fonesca seriestbrvf-nm… close nm-ok-sh3
Kane, AndreaTwistedMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2008; fem consultant Slone Burbank & FBI Derek Parker vs. serial killertbrok-sh9
Katzenbach, JohnIn the Heat of the SummerBallantine, mmpb, 1983; dedicated reporter Malcolm Anderson in an exc cat & mouse serial killer shs; semi-noir; suspense; good bk$4vf+; sl sps edw556
Kava, Alex(fem)Black FridayMira, mmpb, 2009, pbo; Maggie O’Dell(FBI profiler series)$4near mint-553
Kellerman, FayeWalking ShadowsMorrow, mmpb, 2019; lp$10; Decker/Lazarus; loc.$4very fine to near mint; light scratches back cover544
Kellerman, JessePotboilerPutnam, hc, fe, dj(fine+), 2012; college professor reconnects with friend’s widow and then…$3vf-nm for ex-lib555
Kellerman, JonathanBilly StraightBallantine, mmpb, 1999; a 12 year old witness flees the killer; Petra Connor, polp$4near mint-544
Kellerman, JonathanEvidenceBallantine, mmpb, 2010; Alex Delaware series(psychologist); lp$104near mint to mint; slight bump top of spine/strip area544
Kellerman, JonathanThe Murderer’s DaughterBallantine, mmpb, 2020; Grace Blades, non-series; lp$104near mint553
Kelman, JudithWhere Shadows FallBerkley, mmpb, 1987, pbo; her son 1 of many suicides at the isolated cottege or…tbrvgok-sh13
Kendrick, BaynardHot Red MoneyAvon g-1175; @1959; former pulp magazine author; death, deceit, and the communists2good; minor page edge tear few pages, minor ink marks side front cover544
Kepler, Lars(male+fem) teamThe HypnotistFarrar…Pub; hc, fe, dj(vg+), nd, tr/fr Swedish(2011); exc polp/thriller; a ruined hypnotist/therapist, a stubborn detective, and the demented lead to kidnapping & murder; 503pp5near mint-541
King, StephenColorado KidColorado Kid; Hard Case; mmpb, 2005; pbo3very fine except sticker pull back cover544
King, StephenFinders KeepersPktBks, 2017; 525pp; a fan of an author kills & returns from prison to again terrorize; lp$104near mint to mint546
King, StephenJoylandHardCase(pub), mmpb, 2013, pbo; exc Glenn Orbik fc; good King; coming-of-age shs via amusement park4near mint; 2 dings to left edge back cover553
Kitson, BillDead and GoneWorldwide, mmpb, 2016, 1st USA ed of UK 1st; Det. Insp. Nash; UK setting but Americanized style; competant polp; copy 24very fine+; slight sticker residue back cover?
Klavan, AndrewDamnation StreetHarcourt, hc, dj, fe, 2006; Scott Weiss + Jim Bishop(p.i.) & killer pursue a prostitute with “face of an angel”4mint -..except dj has 4″ razor slit(cut) center of djLL560
Klavan, AndrewEmpire of LiesMariner/HM, tpb, 2008, 383pp, fpn; exc author5mint-LL560
Klavan, AndrewShotgun AlleyForge, hc, dj, fe, 2004; pi: Scott Weiss+Jim Bishop5mint-LL560
Konrath, J.A. (Joe)Bloody MaryHyperion, hc, fe, laminated dj, 2004; Lt J Daniels series; exc polp series5near mint-541
Konrath, J.A. (Joe)Cherry BombHyperion, hc, fe, dj(nm-), 2009; Lt Jacqueline Daniels polptbrmint-ok-sh3
Konrath, J.A. (Joe)Dirty MartiniHyperion, hc, fe, dj, 2007; Lt Jacqueline Daniels series #4; polp5mint-541
Konrath, J.A. (Joe)Whiskey SourHyperion, hc, fe, dj, 2004, autographed, Brodart cover; Lt Jacqueline exc polp series5very fine to near mint541
Koontz, DeanForbidden DoorHarper/Collins, tpb, 2019; rogue ex-FBI agent Jane Hawk series; on the run from group with sf-ional method of people domination5appears nea mint- but 1″ wrinkle top edge front cover + bump top sos/ edge back cover, so the book is very fine541
Koontz, DeanNight WindowBantam, hc, fe, dj, 2019; rogue ex-FBI agent Jane Hawk5nmLL560
Koryta, MichaelIf She WakesBack Bay, tpb, 2020(2nd ptg); fem in accident coma from murder of her companion, fem ici enters picture, etc; outstanding book5vf-nm..close nm; 1 fc edge has very minor wrinkleLL560
Koryta, MichaelTonight I said GoodbyeT Dunne; hc, fe, dj(vf-nm), 2004; debut novel ; pi: Perry & Prichard; loc: shv55near mint-LL550
Kronenwetter, MichaelF1rst Kill Dunne, hc, fe, dj, 2005; pi: Hank Berlin; won PWA 1st prize for pi novel; 2004; fpn; loc; shv55near mint to mintLL550
Kruger, PaulMessage from Marise G Medal k1323, 1963, pbo; good book, under-rated author4good to very good?
Landsdale, Joe RMucho MojoVintage Crime, tpb, 2009; Hap & Leonard series; fpntbrnmok-sh3
Leonard, ElmoreBanditsArbor, @1987, hc, dj(good), bce; New Orleans; scams & S Americanstbrvery fine to near mint ((Joy))ok-sh13
Lethem, JonathanThe Ferral DetectiveHarper, tpb, 2019; pi: Charles Heist; lp$17; loc.: shv54near mint to mintLL550
Levien, DavidSignature KillD/Day, hc, fe, dj, 2015; pi: Frank Behrtbrmint-ok-sh3
Levien, DavidThe Dead Lay Anchor, mmpb, 2010; pi: Frank Behr;tbr very fine to near mint; tiny bump/tear edge front cover(repaired) ok-sh3
Levine, Paul JBum RapT & Mercer, tpb, 2015; Lassiter represents Solomon/Lord in murder case5mint-; minor ink mark front end pageLL560
Levine, Paul JHabeas PorpoiseLevine/Nittany Valley, tpb, pbo, 2007; Steve Soloman & Victoria Lord seriestbrnm-m
Levinson, Robert SHot PaintForge, mmpb, 2003; newspaper columnist & ex-wife chase stolen art masterpieces4nm-m except bar code bc overstickered556
Lewin, Michael ZAsk the Right QuestionPerennial, mmpb, 1984; pi: Albert Samson; fpn4vf+; sl edw556
Lewin, Michael ZEye Opener5 Star, hc, fe, dj, 2004; pi: Albert Samson; fpntbrvery fine to near mint for ex-libraryok-sh3
Lewin, Michael ZHard LineMorrow, hc, dj, nd, @1982, bce; exc Lt Leroy Powder polp seriestbrmint-ok-sh3
Lewin, Michael ZLate PaymentsMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 1986; irrascible, interesting Lt. Leroy Powder polp4very good+ for ex-library; sticker pull at bottom of dust jacket spine area 555
Lewin, Michael ZMissing WomanPerennial, mmpb, 1984; pi: Albert Samson; fpn; exceptional one in this series; fake client, double disappearance, unusual motive; cameo by Lt. Powder; small type print on 213 pp5vg+; 2″ cr bc; few small wr fc; edw; interior/sps= nm556
Lewin, Michael ZNight CoverPerennial, mmpb, 1984; Lt. Powder series; polptbrvg-; fc right corner several short cr; hicok-sh3
Lewin, Michael ZSilent SalesmanPerennial, mmpb, 1985: pi: Albert Samson; fpn4fine; sl scuffs, edw556
Lewin, Michael ZThe Enemies WithinMystPr, mmpb, 1991; pi: Albert Samsontbrnear mint; slight edge wearok-sh3
Lewin, Michael ZThe Way We Die NowPutnam, hc, fe, dj(vg, sm po sps), 1973; pi: Albert Samsontbrvf-nm..except slight spine leanok-sh3
Lindsey, DavidColor of NightWarner, hc, fe, dj, 1999; autographedtbrmint-ok-sh3
Ludlum, RobertBourne UltimatumBantam, mmpb, 2007, 662p; Jason Bourne series; copy 35nm556
Ludnum, RobertTrevayneBantam, mmpb, 1989; troubleshooter vs vested interests in Washington4near mint-; edge wear bottom edge front cover553
Lustbader, EricDark HomecomingPktBks, mmpb, 1998; ex-cop Croaker in Florida with troubles4very fine to near mint; minor edge wear553
Lutz, JohnBetter MousetrapsSt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 1988; “Best Mystery Stories of J.L.”; 35 shs; 347pp; biblio of his shstbrnmok-sh5
Lutz, JohnNight KillsPinnacle/Kensington, hc, fe, dj(vf), lpe, 2008; 770pp; Frank Quinn5nm555
Lutz, JohnThicker than BloodSt Martins, hc, fe, dj(fine), 1993; pi: Nudger series; copy 36nm except grease pencil old price markings on fep541
Lyle, D.P.(male)Run to GroundOceanview, hc, fe, dj, 2012; autographed; Dub Walker..police consultant; an assassination that is not murder5mint-LL560
Lynch, PatrickThe PolicySignet, mmpb, 1999; stubbern female actuary in insurance company finds a conspiracy that leads to bloodbath4very fine+; wrinkles at spine/strip area 553
MacDonald, John DNightmare in PinkF G Medal, 1992; 43rd ptg of 1964 pbo; pi: Travis McGee2very good to fine; med spine roll544
MacDonald, PatriciaLost InnocentsWarner, hc, fe, dj, 1998; murdered babysitter, sex-offender husband, attractive priest…does she have trouble? tbrnear mint-ok-sh13
MacGregor, T.J.(fem)Mistress of the BonesHyperion, hc, fe, dj, 1995; pi: Quin St James+Mike McCleary series5near mint-; in very fine dust jacketLL550
Mackenzie, DonaldLoose CannonSt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 1993; pi: John Raven on a major fraud case3mint- for ex-libraryLL560
Magson, AdrianRetributionWorldwide, mmpb, 2021; USA/Kosovo; ethnic cleansing leads to vengeful assassin’s pursuit of team members in USA4near mint-544
Maleeny, TimBoxing the OctopusPoisoned Pen, hc, dj, fe, 2019; pi: Cape Weathers series; armored car heist on SF pier, psychopath Dr. with worldwide guinea pigs(humans) scheme5mint; bc barcode overstickeredLL560
Margolin, PhillipLost LakeHarper, hc, fe, dj, 2005; legal thrillertbrnear mint-ok-sh13
Margolin, PhillipTies that BindHarper, mmpb, 2004; legal thriller; location; copy 14near mint-LL550
Margolin, PhillipTies that BindHarper, hc, fe, dj, 2003; legal thriller; copy 25near mint-LL550
Marshall, MichaelKiller MoveMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2011; thrille; effective Noir; ambitious Florida realtor is targeted for a devious descent into part 2 of a malicious game..part 2 being revenge; fpn5nm-LL560
Marshall, MichaelStraw MenJove, mmpb, thriller, 2002, pbo; a network of fear with motiveless deaths as ex-policeman, heir, & fem FBI pursue the elusive4vf-nm; wr at sps556
Martin, David LozellPelikanS & S, hc, fe,dj, 1999; New Orleans; zany, wild, outrageous deathbed request into crime and humor5nmLL560
Maxim, John RMosaicAvon, mmpb, 2000; thriller; an agent’s mission to a mental health research facility to investigate multiple personality disorder and plots$4very fine to near mint; slight edge wear544
Maynard, Roy.22 AutomaticCrossway Pub(Ilinois), tpb, 1993, pbo; Christian newspaper reporter Emerson Dunn(#2) in a Jewish setting theft/gang war book; fpn$3very fine for ex-library ( laminated cover)?
McBain, Ed/Hunter, Evan/Marsten, RichAnother Part of the CityMyst. Pr.; hc, fe, dj, 1986@, bce; 5th Precinct detective Reardon; non-series; quality sl variant on 87th Precinct series; restaurant murder unravels an international financial conspiracy; nice nj$4mint-LL560
McBain, Ed/Hunter, Evan/Marsten, RichIceReader’s Digest(Not Abridged); Best Mysteries of All Time” series; hc, dj, 2019; well-made book; 87th Precinct; polp; 350pptbrmintok-sh3
McBain, Ed/Hunter, Evan/Marsten, RichLearning to KillHarcourt, hc, fe, dj; 20 shs from Manhunt+5 more; Hb/pi/noir; exc array of 1950’s digest crime fiction$8mint-LL550
McGarrity, MichaelMexican HatNorton, tpb, 1997; Kevin Kerney series; polp; New Mexico$4vf-nm; almost nm; tiny fc corner cr/edwLL560
McGivern, WilliamVery Cold for MayPktBks 786, 1951; a woman who knows too much for her goodtbrfair; interior is very good, clear older tape at bottom and top spine area, enamel chips at spine; solid bookok-sh3
McKimmey, JamesRun if you are Guilty/Never ……Be Caught; Stark Hse, tpb, 2021; 1 novel(127pp)+3 nvlts(Cosmopolitan+); 308pp; lp$20; 3 out of 4 good ones$16mint-LL550
McKimmey, JamesNever Be Caught(reference: see Run if You Are Guilty); 2 shs from Cosmopolitan; 1 from unknown issue of digest MSMMn/amint-n/a
McNab, AndyLast LightPktBks, mmpb, 2003; Nick Stone, agent, former SAS, in S America; mission: assassination & avoiding his organization from killing him$4vf-nm; sl edw556
Millar, MargaretCollected Millar(omnibus)Syndicate/Soho; tpb, 2016; 5 una 1952-59 novels; 553 high word count pp; ex/superior author; suspense/mystery; titles see references this list$14nm-555
Millar, MargaretAn Air that Kills(reference: see “Collected Millar” omnibus, this listn/an/an/a
Millar, MargaretBeast in View(reference: see “Collected Millar” omnibus, this listn/an/an/a
Millar, MargaretListening Walls(reference: see “Collected Millar” omnibus, this listn/an/an/a
Millar, MargaretVanish in an Instant(reference: see “Collected Millar” omnibus, this listn/an/an/a
Millar, MargaretWives and Lovers(reference: see “Collected Millar” omnibus, this listn/an/an/a
Miller, Derek BAmerican by DayH Miflin, hc, fe, dj, 2018; polp; Chief Insp. Sigrid Odegard from Norway to USA on a missing brother case; crime; clever, well-done$5mint-ok-sh2
Mooney, ChrisRemembering SarahPktBks, mmpb, 2005; missing 6 yr old girl and the pitbull perserverance of the father; suspense$4vf-nm556
Morrell, DavidTestamentWarner, mmpb, 1993; survivorist writer & family flee murderous wrath of domestic terrorists; semi-noir; revenge x 2$4fine; sl wr top right hand corner fc; sl creases few interior pp edge556
Mosley, WalterWhite ButterflyNorton, tpb, 1992; fpn; Easy Rawlins black p.i. series$5nm-m555
Muller, Marcia/Pronzini, BillCyanide WellsMyst Press, hc, dj, fe, 2001; non-series; proving the wife he didn’t kill is alive; copy 2$5mint-LL550
Muller, Marcia/Pronzini, BillPlague of Thieves Affairhc, fe, dj, 2016; p.i.: Carpenter/Quincannon western-mystery; 2 thefts with each detective on separate case$4mint-..except ex-libLL560
Nielsen, HelenFalse WitnessBallantine 310K, 1959, pbo; fpn; Norway; visiting man witnesses murder that didn’t happen before the plot for him to murder her..again?; good book$3f-gd-; Magic tape top of sps; 1/4″ tear left side fc; r.c.556
Nielsen, HelenSeven Days before Dying..aka..Borrow the Night; Dell 971, 1958; 7 days to live for a judge4very good+544
Obregon, NicolasSins as ScarletMinotaur, hc, fe, dj2018; pi: Kosuke Iwata; USA/Japan/Mexico$5mint-; bc barcode is overstickeredLL560
O’Dell, Tawni(fem)Angels BurningGallery, hc, fe, dj, 2016; 50 year old fem sheriff with a past against Appalanchia white trash5mint-..for ex-libraryLL560
O’Donnell, LillianPushoverPutnam, hc, probably bce, dj, ; Norah Mulcahaney series(police); polptbrvery fine to near mint; clear tape bottom of spine/strip areaok-sh13
Overton, Hollie(fem)Baby DollRedhook, mmpb, re, 2018; psy thriller; long-time 2 fem captives escape from their kidnapper..that’s just the beginning; int’l bestseller4mint-556
Parker, Robert BFamily HonorPutnam, 1999, hc, fe, dj; pi: Sunny Randall(fem) series #1; fpn5near mint-; bump 1 top edge front boardLL550
Parker, Robert BMelancholy BabyPutnam, hc, fe, dj, 2004; pi: Sunny Randall series #4; 2004; fpn5mint-LL560
Parker, Robert BSchool DaysBerkley, mmpb, 2006; pi: Spenser; fpn4near mint to mint553
Parker, Robert BShrink WrapJove, mmpb, 2003; pi: Sunny Randall(fem.); fpn4mint-553
Parker, Robert BThin AirBerkley, mmpb, 1996; pi: Spenser4fine; slight wrinkles spine area553
Parker, T. JeffersonRed LightHyperion, mmpb, 2001; polp; hb, embittered fem police detective & 2 murders of prostitutes spaced 30 years apart; good book4vf-nm; close nm556
Parker, T. JeffersonTriggerman’s DanceHyperion, hc, fe, dj, 1996; 2 fiances of sniper-mistaken-fem team up in a mission to infiltrate racial hatred compound5mint-LL560
Pearson, RidleyBeyond RecognitionHyperion, hc, fe, dj, 1997; Boldt/Daphne Mathews polp series5mint-LL550
Pearson, RidleyHard FallDell, mmpb, 1992; FBI agent Cam Daggett vs airline bomber who murdered his parents & son; non-series; good author$4nm-; very sl cr bottom right corner fc556
Pearson, RidleyPied PiperHyperion, mmpb, nd, 1999 @; exc Seattle polp; Boldt/Mathews$4vf-nm; nm except bump lower edge bc556
Pearson, RidleyThe First VictimHyperion, hc, fe, dj(vf+), 1999/2000; autographed; L Boldt/J Lamoia series; polp8mint-LL550
Pearson, RidleyThe First VictimHyperion, mmpb,1999; (pub before hc); L Boldt/J Lamoia; polp4very fine to near mint; close to near mint-544
Pearson, RidleyUnder CurrentsSt Martins, 1989, mmpb; polp; Lou Boldt series; Seattle4very fine to near mint; close to near mint-544
Pendleton, DonExecutioner..LockdownWorldwide/Gold Eagle, mmpb, #313; 2004; pbo; action4nm+; overstickered on bc barcode556
Pendleton, DonExecutioner..Night of the KnivesWorldwide/Gold Eagle, mmpb, #311; 2004; pbo; action4nm; overstickered on bc barcode556
Pendleton, DonExecutioner..Pele’s FireWorldwide/G Eagle, mmpb, #366; 2009; pbo; action4nm-; overstickered bc barcode; sl shadow top fc sticker removed556
Pendleton, DonExecutioner..Time BombWorldwide/G Eagle, mmpb, #322; 2005; pbo; action4vf-nm; slight edw, sl bump top edge fc556
Pendleton, DonMack Bolan..RenegadeWorldwide/G Eagle, mmpb, 2006; pbo; action; 347pp4nm..ex sl indentation top fc(from store’s label machine impact)556
Pendleton, DonMack Bolan..Ripple EffectWorldwide/G Eagle, mmpb; 2007, pbo; action4nm..ex sl indentation top fc(from store’s label machine impact)556
Pendleton, DonMack Bolan..Tuscany TerrorWorldwide/G Eagle, mmpb, pbo, 1983; Executioner #52; Italy; action4vf-nm556
Pendleton, DonMack Bolan..Ultimate StakesWorldwide/G Eagle, mmpb, pbo, 2006; action4nm..ex sl indentation top fc(from store’s label machine impact)556
Pendleton, DonStony Man; Close QuartersWorldwide/Gold Eagle, mmpb, 2012, pbo; action; Paraguay/Iran3very good-; edge wear544
Pendleton, DonStony Man; Draw PointWorldwide/G Eagle, mmpb, pbo, 2009, pbo, action4vf-; sl scratches to fc & edw; bar code on bc is over-stickered556
Pendleton, DonStony Man; Echoes of WarWorldwide, mmpb, 2003; Terror File book 2; pbo; action/adventure4vf-nm; overstickered on bc barcode; sl cr bc556
Pendleton, DonStony Man; Ramrod Intercept; Worldwide, mmpb, 2004, pbo; action/adveentureWorldwide; mmpb, 2004; pbo; action/adventure4nm-; overstickered on bc barcode556
Percy, WalkerThanatos SyndromeIvy, mmpb, 1991(9th ptg); male small town psychiatrist investigates unexplained mental/sexual symptoms of inhabitants 4vf; sl scratches bc; edw556
Perry, ThomasButcher’s BoyRandom, tpb, 2003; early Perry; killer & fem tracker5near mint-; slight scuff front cover544
Perry, ThomasDance for the DeadRandom, hc, fe, dj; KEEPER ?tbdnear mintok-sh4
Perry, ThomasDead AimRandom, hc, fe, dj, 2002; KEEPER ?tbdnear mintok-sh4
Perry, ThomasFidelityHarcourt, hc, fe, dj; 2008; KEEPER?tbdnear mintok-sh4
Perry, ThomasSilenceHarcourt, hc, fe, dj; 2007; KEEPER?tbdnear mintok-sh4
Perry, ThomasSleeping DogsRandom, hc, fe, dj, 1992; KEEPER?tbdnear mintok-sh4
Perry, ThomasThe Boy FriendMysterious Pr, hc, fe, dj, 2013: pi: Jack Till$4nm..for ex-libraryLL560
Perry, ThomasThe Old ManMyst. Press, hc, fe, dj, 2017; KEEPER?tbdnear mintn/a
Prescott, MichaelMortal FaultsOnyx/NAL, mmpb, 2006; pi: vigilante Aby Sinclair vs a Congressman’s stalker4near mint553
Preston, Doublas/Child, LincolnRelicTor, mmpb, 1996; inhuman killer in a museum in NY; thriller4near mint553
Pronzini, BillBetrayersForge, hc, fe, dj, 2010; pi: Nameless series; fpn; copy 25nm; bar code overstickered on bcLL560
Pronzini, BillNemesisForge, hc, fe, dj, 2013; pi: Nameless, fpn4near mint to mint except front end page stamp/stickers; ex-libraryok-sh3
Pronzini, BillSavagesForge, mmpb, 2010; pi: Nameless; fpn3very good-; slight spine roll?
Prouty, Olive HigginsNow, VoyagerFeminist Pr; tpb, 2004; re 1941; mti(Bette Davis); Femmes Fatales series5near mint to mint544
Quinn, SpencerScents & SensibilityAtria, hc, fe, dj, 2015; pi team: Chet & Bernie seriestbrmint-ok-sh3
Reynolds, WilliamMoney TroubleBallantine, mmpb, 1990; fpn; pi: Nebraska; old girl friend..new bank robbery with missing loot; he circles the wagons with 3 women involved4g-vg; small dings/scuffs to covers556
Reynolds, WilliamNebraska QuotientSt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 1984; pi: Nebraska; fpntbrmint-ok-sh3
Robotham, MichaelSay You’re SorryL Brown, hc, fe, dj, 2012; psychologist Joe Loughlin(with Parkinson’s disease) series(with Vic Ruiz); 2 teenager girls snatched..a snowstorm & then there was 1; well-done; nice fc of fem fleeing5mint-LL560
Roscoe, GilCompany of Thieves Kensington, mmpb, 2001, pbo; fpntbrvery fine to near mintshv5
Rosenfelt, DavidFade to BlackSt Martins, mmpb, 2018; Lt. Doug Brock polp series #1; partial amnesia Brock on a cold murder case4f-vf; sl hic, sl edw556
Rosenfelt, DavidMuzzledMinotaur; tpb, 2021; Andy Carpenter exc series; fpn; dog lovers mystery5nm-; mint except tiny tear 1 edge bcLL560
Rosenfelt, DavidOutfoxedMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2015; Andy Carpenter exc series; fpn; dog lovers mysterytbrnear mint-ok-sh3
Rosenfelt, DavidRescuedMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2018; Andy Carpenter exc series; fpn; dog lover’s mysterytbrmint-ok-sh3
Rosenfelt, DavidThe K TeamMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2020; fpn series spin-off of Andy Carpenter seriestbrmint-ok-sh3
Rosenfelt, DavidWho Let the Dog OutMinotaur, tpb, 2015; fpn; Andy Carpenter seriestbrvery fine+; slight edge wearok-sh3
Roscoe, GilCompany of Thieves Kensington, pbo, 2015; fpn; con man & woman; love(?) & larceny; good book; sequel is e-book only5slight edge wear; very fine to near mint544
Ross, James L(Boland, John C)Last Crimes of Charles MistinguettPerfect Crime(Pub), tpb, 2013, pbo; France; ex-criminal, now investment advisor/hotel owner attempted to be blackmailed for past by mobster; semi-hard-boiled); unusual book10mint-LL560
Rozan, S.J.(fem.)Paper SonWorldwide, mmpb, re 2020 with revised text; pi: Lydia Chin/Bill Smithtbrvery good to fine; slight spine roll, slight edge wearJoy-sh13
Shames, LaurenceScavenger ReefS & S, hc, fe, dj, 1994; artist lost overboard, his art super-values, he returns from dead & others wish his return(to ocean’s bottom)5nm-555
Shames, LaurenceTropical DepressionHyperion, tpb, ARC, 1996; humorous crime; Florida; “bra king” relocates, gambling casino setup4near mint-; moderate edge ear to front cover and back cover LL550
Shattuck, RichardSaid the Spider to the FlyPop Lib 125; mmpb, nd, 1944@; strange happening on a plane lead a man to confess to a murder he didn’t commit1poor; some warped pp, eccs; po bc corner, im title pp; r.c.556
Simmons, DanHardcase L Brown, tpb, 2014; Joe Kurtz; exc hb series; right up there with “Parker” series5near mint-LL550
Smith, AlisaSpeakeasySt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 2018; fpn; 1940’s WW2; female crypto decoder & her criminal boyfriend from her past5mint-; barcode on bc is overstickeredLL560
Soliman, W(fem)Unfinished BusinessCarina Pr., mmpb, 2011, pbo; UK; retired police assists sister of disappeared sister; above average; Hunter Files #14very fine to near mint553
Spillane, MickeyBlack AlleySignet #ae9102, 1997; pi: Mike Hammer; fpn; somewhat scarce this edition5Mint-?
Spillane, MickeyBlack AlleyDutton, hc, fe, dj, 1996; pi: Mike Hammer; fpn5Mint-555
Stark, Richard(Westlake, Donald)BackflashMyst Press, hc, fe, dj, 1998; Parker, violent robbery thief exc series8mint-LL550
Stark, Richard(Westlake, Donald)ComebackMyst Press, hc, fe, dj, 1997; Parker, violent robbery thief exc series8mint-LL550
Stark, Richard(Westlake, Donald)Dirty MoneyGrand Central, hc, fe, 2008, dj; Parker, violent robbery thief exc series$8mint-LL550
Stark, Richard(Westlake, Donald)Green Eagle ScoreAtlantic/Curley, hc, imdj, re, 1989; Parker, violent robbery thief, lpe$9vf+ for ex-library; scuffs to cvrs555
Starnes, RichardOther Body in Grant’s TompBantam 917; 1953; fpn; newspaperman in big city for crime expose finds crime the hard way$2fair; major water stain corner front cover and back cover, slight warpage; reading copy544
Starr, JasonSavage LanePolis, hc, 2015, dj, fe; thriller3near mint-; ex-libraryLL550
Stockbridge, GrantSlaves of the Laughing .... Death/Satan’s Murder Machine; C & Graf, mmpb, 1993; 2 1939-40 pulp short novels; Spider #6; lovely pulp fc re3fair to good; crease front cover, re-inforced inner front cover(magic tape), back cover, interior, spine area are very fine553
Sturges, P.G.(male)Angel’s GateScribner, hc, fe, dj(vf+), 2013; pi: Dick Henry(Shortcut Man series #3); Hollywood dope & millionaire’s harem with murder5near mint-LL550
Sturges, P.G.(male)Shortcut ManScribner, hc, fe, dj(vf+), 2011; pi: Dick Henry(Shortcut Man series #1); expediter with itchy fist & his love(?) femme fatale; copy 25near mint to mintLL550
Sturges, P.G.(male)Tribulations of the Shortcut....Man; Scribner, hc, fe, dj, 2012; pi: Dick Henry(expeditor with itchy fist) in Hollywood a la cocaine; clever pondering fpn; fpn3very fine to near mint for ex-libraryLL550
Swain, JamesSucker BetBallantine, hc, fe, dj, 2003; Tony Valentine(casino detective)5mint-..ex crease on front inner flap of djLL560
the Gordons(Mildred & Gordon Gordon)CaptiveBantam J2442, 1962; a compulsive killer fleeing into the desert, his fem captive, and the FBI/Navaho police pursuit4good to very good; edge wear543
the Gordons(Mildred & Gordon Gordon)MenaceBantam J2732, 1964; suspensetbrVF..except fc thru page 2 have 1 x .5″ po lower edge; few tiny po pp3-20; all: margin only affected; rcok-sh3
the Gordons(Mildred & Gordon Gordon)Murder Rides the Campaign TrailBantam 1475; 1956; a candidate for presidency is about to be murderedtbrinterior is very good, balance is fair much general wear; reading copyok-sh3
the Gordons(Mildred & Gordon Gordon)Power PlayBantam S3267, 1966; plot to seize FBI; deadly Washington, DC games3very good; some soiling back cover, minor ink marks front end page 553
the Gordons(Mildred & Gordon Gordon)The Big FrameBantam 1782, 1958; framing a reluctant policeman’s wife4very good-; wrinkles spine/strip area, hinge crease, name on front end page h 553
Thompson, JimSavge NightVintage/Blk Lizard; tpb, 1991; re of pbo(1953); hb/noir9near mintLL550
Thompson, JimPop. 1280Pop. 1280; Vintage/Black Lizard; tpb, 1990; re 1964 pbo; hb/noir; to me, his 2nd best(of 2 really good ones)7near mint-; slight scuffs top front cover544
Thompson, JimRecoilVintage/Blk Lizard; tpb, 1992; re of 1953 pbo; hb/noir6near mint544
Thunboe, BoWhat Can’t be TrueWorldwide, mmpb, 2021 re(with revised text from fe 2018; police detective in car trunk murder impeded by fixer guy in hospice4vf+; tiny fc cr top right corner + 2 internal pages cr 1 corner556
Thurber, JamesThurber on CrimeSt Martins, hc, fe, dj(vf), illos, 1991; humorous aspects of crime; 36 shs; 207pp3appears nm but 1 edge of several pp show sl-med warpage(m.e.); rcLL560
Torrey, Roger42 Days for MurderMcMillan Pub, tpb, 1988; hb; pi: Shean Correll; fpn; classic 1938 hb crime; author’s only novel; prolific short story pulp author; re 5very fine to near mint; crease top right corner front cover, a scrape back cover553
Vance, LeeGarden of BetrayalBlack Lizard/Vantage, tpb, 2011; financial energy consultant with child missing for 5 years enters a world of terrorist and insider info worries7mint-LL560
Vance, LeeRestitutionKnopf, hc, fe, dj(very fine+), 20075mint- minor ink marks front end page LL550
van Dycke, Tom/ Kerner, BenNot With My NeckHandi-Bk 80; 1948; fpn, re, una; sailor waking up with a hangover + dead blonde5good to very good; spine/strip area wear544
Verdon, JohnPeter Pan Must DiePeter Pan Must Die; Crown, hc, fe, 2014, dj; pi: Dave Guerney exc series; who hired whom to kill whom?; nm5near mint- LL550
Walker, WendyAll is not ForgottenSt Martins, mmpb, 2019; lp$10; fpn psychiatrist, child rape, forgotten memories manipulated; good booktbrvery fine+; tiny corner 1 page gone, tiny crease 1 corner front coverok-sh13
Walsh, RobertViolent Hours Signet 1402, 1958, pbo; stranger arrives tough town and finds it hard to leave; sm po top corner fc; 2 pcs clear tape on sps; hb; exc fc art4good542
Wandrei, HowardThe Last PinF & B, hc, fe, dj; 11 shs, pulp, t/f Black Mask, Spicy.., Private Detective, DFW, etc. 1935-40; 354pp; preface/intro; Keeper ???tbrnmok-sh5
Watts, TimothyGrand TheftOnyx/NAL, mmpb, 2003; shv5; a car thief, a mob, & crime romp4near mint-?
Waugh, Hillary(male)Jigsaw(aka Sleep Long,……My Love; Pan(UK) #g575, mmpb, nd, UK movie tie-in; superb polp(Chief Fellows series)12very good; top corner front cover bumped, name/address in ink on back cover553
Wessel, JohnPretty BallerinaS & S, hc, fe, dj, 1998; pi: Harding #2, ex-con)5nmLL560
Westlake, Donald/Stark, RichardDrowned HopesMyst. Pr, hc, fe, dj, 1990; Dortmunder burgler series5mint-LL560
Westlake, Donald/Stark, RichardMoney for NothingHyperion, hc, fe, dj, 2003; non-series; when unknown $1000 arrives monthly for years..it’s time for the hammer to fall5mintLL560
Wiehl, Lis(fem)/Henry, AprilA Deadly BusinessNelson, hc, 2011, fe, dj; Mia Quinn series #15mint- LL550
Wiehl, Lis(fem)/Henry, AprilA Matter of TrustNelson, hc, 2013, fe, dj; Mia Quinn series4very fine to near mint for ex-library, 1 library stamp front end page LL550
Wiehl, Lis(fem)/Henry, AprilLethal BeautyNelson, hc, 2015, fe, dj(vf-); Mia Quinn(Seattle prosecutor) series$5near mint-; slight ink marks front end pageLL550
Wiehl, Lis(fem)/Henry, AprilWaking HoursT Nelson(pub), hc, fe, dj, 2011; forensic psychologist in rural NY$5near mint-LL550
Williams, Amanda KyleStranger in the RoomBantam, mmpb, 2013; pi: Keye Street(fem)tvf-nm; mi im(name) ifcok-sh13
Wiltz, Chris(fem)A Diamond Before You Die;Myst. Press, hc, fe, dj, autographed, 1987; pi: Neal Rafferty5near mintLL550
Winslow, DonBrokenMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2020; 6 new nvlts; 338pp; 1 noir, 1 semi-humor; all California-ish settings5mint-LL560
List Z2; List N.xls