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Notes:  List H..Special Artist Comic Books and Magazines from 1950’s(few) and 3900+ published since then; 90% are what I consider “special artist” content comics. 100% of them are priced and immediately available even though no specific box/location is shown If artistically interested, consult my list “Abbreviations: Artists and Genre” for the code to id 129 artists(comics, magazine, book) I consider exceptional and worthy of note.  Comics are color and also black & white(magazines). 

A few special books(such as the Spirit) are included.  The story page count of these particular artists is noted for each item. 

All Walt Disney funny animal items are grouped under the prefix “W.D…….Savage Sword of Conan’s are grouped under “Conan” listing.  These 3900+ items are presented in 8 sub- lists to help loading speed.

As an example of how to read the lines…see issue ((W.D. Comics and Stories #605)).  From left to right:  605=issue number 605;  96=dated 1996;   sh=genre f(funny animal); artist codes:  dr(Don Rosa), fg(Floyd Gottfredson, cb(Carl Barks); en=artist page count(entire issue if 1 artist did whole issue);   fc=front cover artist: WK=Walt Kelley; then condition, sell price, and other information such as page count of artists…in this case Rosa(8 pp), Gottfredson(13pp), Barks(10pp).

The vast majority of these comics have been bagged in standard comic storage bags with white cardboard backing sheets and in storage for decades. 

Many I purchased new off the newsstands.
If interested for a list of the 12 genre classes I have assigned to each comic item refer to the bottom of our site’s “Abbreviations: artist & genres”.

List H Part 6 of 7 Comics; W.D Beagle Boys to W.D. U.S.Adventures 24.xls

TITLEISSUEDYGENREartist codeart pagesfc artistconditionSP$DESCRIPTION
3010W.D. Beagle Boys164fvery good to finesold
3011W.D. Beagle Boys265ffinesold
3012W.D. Beagle Boys3977fvery good to finesold
3013W.D. Best of Donald Duck & Uncle Scrooge164fcb64very good to fine; slight miscut printer12re FC 189, 408(OCS,GH)
3014W.D. Best of Donald Duck & Uncle Scrooge267fcb64very good to fine; 2 diagonal crease front cover, small piece out back cover edge12re US 7,8, FC 256
3015W.D. Best of Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck166fcb82good to very good; slight spine roll, 3 inches tear at spine, spine area bump14re US2, 6, 7, F Color 159
a056W.D. Best of Walt Disney Comics(Golden)74fcbencbfine-; tear at spine, spine area bump12re 4 Color 62(Frozen Gold/Mystery of Swamp)
a186W.D. Christmas Parade(Gemstone)…200323fcb26wkvery good8famous “Letter to Santa”(24pp); $9 lp; 80pp; Chip/Dale, M Mou..
3016W.D. Christmas Parade(G Key)264fcb34very good16re FC367 the great “Xmas for Shacktown”
3017W.D. Christmas Parade(G Key)365fcb22fine+20re FC178 the exc “Xmas on Bear Mountain”
3018W.D. Christmas Parade(G Key)668fcb25very good; slight hairline wrinkles spine area19re Dell Xmas Parade 2; (You Can’t G
3260W.D. Comics Digest(Gladstone)186fcb wkcbmint-soldre Kelly “3 Caballeros + C & S133 10pp shs; exc fc; box 500
3257W.D. Comics Digest(Gladstone)4173ffine to very fine; light rubbing on coversoldusual selection of animal shs; color; box 500
3259W.D. Comics Digest(Gladstone)4674fcb10fine; light rubbing on coversoldre C & S 233; 128pp; Alice in Wonderland; box 500;
W.D. Comics & Stories(Dell onward)9648fcb10cbpoor; browning, tear at spine, chipping5 46pp here-Barks complete
3021W.D. Comics & Stories10249fcb10fair to good; centerfold loose, 1 edge nibbled, minor water stain margin4
3022W.D. Comics & Stories10349fcb10poor to fair; small wrinkle front cover4large po 2 panels Barks shs
3023W.D. Comics & Stories10949fcb10cbpoor to fair; spine roll, tape repairs interior9 nice “Bucky Bug, Pinoc…”
3024W.D. Comics & Stories11450fcb10fair to good; writing inside front cover7
3025W.D. Comics & Stories12751fcb10fair; only 44 page covers, tear at spine9 Barks complete)
3026W.D. Comics & Stories13251fcb10cbpoor to fair; edges of 6 panels in Mickey Mouse short stories and inner back cover missing9
3027W.D. Comics & Stories15053fcb10cbpoor; moisture exposure, some chipping, piece out margins several pages9
3028W.D. Comics & Stories15153fcb10cbpoor; centerfold missing, Pluto and Little Hiawatha short stories affected9
3029W.D. Comics & Stories15653fcb10cbpoor to fair; clear tape on spine, interior reapir of edge tears, wrinkles front cover, general wear9
3030W.D. Comics & Stories15853fcb10poor; missing 2 pages M Mouse short stories, centerfold loose, piece out page edges2
3031W.D. Comics & Stories16254fcb10cbgood-; piece out front cover edge and few page margins7
3032W.D. Comics & Stories16454fcb10cbpoor; restapled, teara t spine, original subscription label, tape repairs3
3033W.D. Comics & Stories16554fcb10poor; centerfold missing 48 interior pages, stains2 Barks intact; copy 4
3034W.D. Comics & Stories16554fcb10cbgood interior, fair detached cover; copy 24copy 2
3035W.D. Comics & Stories16554fcb10cbgood to very good; 3/4 inch edge tear front cover, slight spine roll7copy 1
3036W.D. Comics & Stories16554fcb10cbvery good11copy 3
3037W.D. Comics & Stories16654fcb10cbfair to good; centerfold looase, tear at spine, tear front cover, spine roll6 copy 1
3038W.D. Comics & Stories16654fcb10cbgood; spine roll, wear at spine, tear front cover edge8 copy 2
3039W.D. Comics & Stories18055fcb10good to very good interior, front cover margins poor(outer image area), centerfold loose, spine roll6
3040W.D. Comics & Stories18656fcb10interior is very good to fine, detached, piece out cover is poor6
3041W.D. Comics & Stories19056fcb10fine-; pencil marks several places front cover image area6
3042W.D. Comics & Stories19757fcb10good to very good; tape on spine, clear9
3043W.D. Comics & Stories20057fcb10cbfair; 1 loose staple, some coloring on front cover6
3044W.D. Comics & Stories20858fcb10cbfine; water stain, rusty staples at spine8
3045W.D. Comics & Stories21258fcb10cbfine12
3046W.D. Comics & Stories21658fcb10cbvery good7
3047W.D. Comics & Stories22259fcb10fine to very fine interior, 2 1/2 inches tear at spine, slight water stain back cover edge4
3048W.D. Comics & Stories22559fcb10fair to good; loose cover, tape back cover4
3049W.D. Comics & Stories22859fcb10cbpoor to fair; horizontal tear at spine2copy 2
3050W.D. Comics & Stories22859fcb10cbfair to good; tear at spine, tape on spine clear, 1 loose staple4copy 1
3051W.D. Comics & Stories23059fcb10cbpoor; writing front cover, centerfold loose, moisture exposure, general wear2 copy 2
3052W.D. Comics & Stories23059fcb10cbvery good; small tear bottom of front cvoer at spine5copy 1
3053W.D. Comics & Stories23360fcb10cbfront cover is fair, interior is very good, tear front cover, general wear front cover4 copy 1
3054W.D. Comics & Stories23360fcb10cbvery good8copy 2
3055W.D. Comics & Stories23760fcb10cbgood to very good ; writing front cover in image area6
3056W.D. Comics & Stories24160fcb10cbvery good+; good to very good front cover, small wrinkles at spine6
3057W.D. Comics & Stories24461fcb10very good to fine10
3058W.D. Comics & Stories25061fcb10cbgood to very good5
3059W.D. Comics & Stories25161fcb10good-; spine roll, crease, writing front cover3
3060W.D. Comics & Stories25361fcb10cbvery good to fine8
3061W.D. Comics & Stories25461fcb10good to very good; crease front cover, front cover is fair to good5Halloween shs
3062W.D. Comics & Stories25561fcb10fine+16
W.D. Comics & Stories(Gold Key onward)27063fcb10vg+7mpfc
3064W.D. Comics & Stories27463fcb10vg6mpfc
3065W.D. Comics & Stories27863fcb10cbgood to very good; pinhole front cover, crease front cover, minor ink marks front cover5 mpfc
3066W.D. Comics & Stories28064fcb10cbnear mint-24mpfc
3067W.D. Comics & Stories28164fcb10cbgood-; mis stapled at printer4mpfc
3068W.D. Comics & Stories28264fcb10cbvery fine+; centerfold loose2
3069W.D. Comics & Stories28664fcb10very good; slight subscription crease5
3070W.D. Comics & Stories28864fcb10cbgood-; centerfold loose1
3071W.D. Comics & Stories28964fcb10cbgood+; interior fine, frotn cover is only good with several rubs4; mpfc
3072W.D. Comics & Stories29164fcb10cbinterior is very fine, front cover is good with 1 1/2 inches tear, minor writing front cover, rubs3
3073W.D. Comics & Stories29965fcb10good+4re C & S 117; suc, rubs fc(1st Barks re issue is # 293)
3074W.D. Comics & Stories30065fcb10very good5re C & S 43; 25th Anniversary Issue
3075W.D. Comics & Stories30365fcb10cbfair to good; tear at spine, tear backc over, subscription crease, interiro is very good2
3076W.D. Comics & Stories30466fcb15cbfair; water stain, large tear front cover2re FC 1150 & C & S 63; copy 2
3077W.D. Comics & Stories30466fcb15cbvery good; edge tear bback cover, 2 crease front cover4 re FC 1150 & C &S 63; copy 1
3078W.D. Comics & Stories30566fcb14fair to good; writing front cover top, tear at spine, subscription label3re US 25, C & S 70
3079W.D. Comics & Stories32467fcbfine to very fine9Barks fc only(after #312 only new/ re fc & re shs)
3080W.D. Comics & Stories32868fcb10cbfine7re C & S 148
3081W.D. Comics & Stories34269fcb10cbvery fine11re C & S 131
3082W.D. Comics & Stories34469fcb10good; 1 inch tear front cover, small wrinkles front cover4re C & S 127
3083W.D. Comics & Stories34569fcb10interior fine to very fine, front cover fine except subcription label removal3re C & S 139
3084W.D. Comics & Stories34669fcb10fine; subscription label removal3re C & S 140
3085W.D. Comics & Stories34769fcb10fair to good; cover is fair2re C & S 141
3086W.D. Comics & Stories34769fcb10good to very good; 2 small piece out front cover spine area4re C & S 141; copy 1
3087W.D. Comics & Stories34869fcb10fine+; subscription label removal at top3re C & S 155
3088W.D. Comics & Stories34969fcb10fine-5re C & S 92
3089W.D. Comics & Stories35069fcb10cbfair; piece out back cover, writing front cover, edge tear 1 page1re C & S 133
W.D. Comics & Stories(with mint poster)35169fcb10cbvery fine to near mint18re C & S 147
3091W.D. Comics & Stories35270fcb10cbvery fine to near mint12re C & S 160; issue with no poster)
3092W.D. Comics & Stories35970fcb10fine to very fine; subscription label removal at top3re C & S 154; no poster issue
3093W.D. Comics & Stories36270fcb10poor to fair; water stain crease front cover, edge page tears1re C & S 180; etc; copy 1
3094W.D. Comics & Stories36270fcb10very good4re C & S 180; copy 2
3095W.D. Comics & Stories36471fcb10nm-10re C & S 172
3096W.D. Comics & Stories36571fcb10fine+8re C & S 149
3097W.D. Comics & Stories36971fcb10very fine to near mint; small date stamp top front cover8re C & S 143
3098W.D. Comics & Stories37071fcb10fine; detached cover, subscription label removal3re C & S 142
3099W.D. Comics & Stories37171fcb10very good to fine; subscription label removal2re C & S 153
3100W.D. Comics & Stories37271fcb10very good; subscription label removal3re C & S 168
3101W.D. Comics & Stories37371fcb10very good+; subscription label removal3re C & S 193
3102W.D. Comics & Stories37471fcb10good+; 2 inch tear front cover, interior and back cover are fine to very fine3re C & S 203
3103W.D. Comics & Stories37571fcb10very good; tear at spine, 1 staple loose, rusty staple2re C & S 240;
3104W.D. Comics & Stories37772fcb10fine to very fine; tear repaired magic tape, 3re C & S 185
3105W.D. Comics & Stories37872fcb10vf-nm8re C & S 196
3106W.D. Comics & Stories37972fcb10poor; tear all pages margins(1 side)3re C & S 207
3107W.D. Comics & Stories38072fcb10fair to good; 3/4 piece out back cover, subscription label removal3re C & S 223
3108W.D. Comics & Stories38172fcb10very good; subscription label removal3re C & S 202
3109W.D. Comics & Stories38472fcb10fine; subscription label removal5re C & S 177
3110W.D. Comics & Stories38572fcb10very good to fine; subscription label removal5re C & S 187
3111W.D. Comics & Stories38672fcb10interiro is very good+, cover is fair with crease and wrinkles3re C & S 209
3112W.D. Comics & Stories38772fcb10vf-nm10re C & S 205
3113W.D. Comics & Stories38873fcb10very fine to near mint; bump bottom edge front cover10re C & S 136
3114W.D. Comics & Stories38973fcb10nm-12re C & S 253
3115W.D. Comics & Stories39073fcb10f-vf8re C & S 239
3116W.D. Comics & Stories39173fcb10nm12re C & S 137
3117W.D. Comics & Stories39273fcb10fine; minor water stain back cover edge and front cover edge6re C & S 163
3118W.D. Comics & Stories39373fcb10nm12re C & S 167
3119W.D. Comics & Stories39473fcb10fa-gd2re C & S 176
3120W.D. Comics & Stories39573fcb10nm-12re C & S 214
3121W.D. Comics & Stories39673fcb14vf-nm10re C & S 210 + US23
3122W.D. Comics & Stories39773fcb10nm-12re C & S 218
3123W.D. Comics & Stories39873fcb10good; tear front cover3re C & S 217
3124W.D. Comics & Stories39973fcb10nm12re C & S 183
3125W.D. Comics & Stories40174fcb10poor; staple torn out/ piece out margins pages2re C & S 219
3126W.D. Comics & Stories40274fcb10vf-nm8re C & S 258
3127W.D. Comics & Stories40474fcb10fine-5re C & S 223
3128W.D. Comics & Stories40574fcb10cbvery fine to near mint; store stamp back cover8re C & S 259
3129W.D. Comics & Stories40674fcb10nm-11re C & S 191
3130W.D. Comics & Stories40774fcb10vf-nm9re C & S 221
3131W.D. Comics & Stories40874fcb10vf-nm9re C & S 229
3132W.D. Comics & Stories40974fcb10nm-11re C & S 249, Four Color 1184(1 page)
3133W.D. Comics & Stories41275fcb10vfine8re C & S 220
3134W.D. Comics & Stories41375fcb10vf-nm9re C & S 54
3135W.D. Comics & Stories41475fcb10very fine to near mint; water stain margin page 1 story2re C & S 269; copy one
3136W.D. Comics & Stories41475fcb10vf-nm9re C & S 269; copy two
3137W.D. Comics & Stories41575fcb10vf+ 7re C & S 265
3138W.D. Comics & Stories41675fcb10very fine to near mint; slight wrinkles above 1 staple front cover9re C & S 222;
3139W.D. Comics & Stories41875fcb10vf-nm9re C & S 236
3140W.D. Comics & Stories41975fcb10nm-11re C & S 138
3141W.D. Comics & Stories42075fcb10fine; minor wrinkles front cover5re C & S 65
3142W.D. Comics & Stories42175fcb10nm11re C & S 152
3143W.D. Comics & Stories42275fcb10nm11re C & S 169
3144W.D. Comics & Stories42375fcb10vf-nm9re C & S 231
3145W.D. Comics & Stories42476fcb10good-; tear bottom back page3re C & S 256
3146W.D. Comics & Stories42576fcb10vf-nm9re C & S 260
3147W.D. Comics & Stories42676fcb10nm-11re C & S 264
3148W.D. Comics & Stories42776fcb10nm-11re C & S 273
3149W.D. Comics & Stories42876fcb10vf+7re C & S 275
3150W.D. Comics & Stories42976fcb10vg-f5re C & S 271
3151W.D. Comics & Stories43176fcb10vf+6re C & S 288
3152W.D. Comics & Stories43276fcb10vg+4re C & S 291
3153W.D. Comics & Stories43376fcb10good+; crease front cover and back cover3re C & S 290; copy 2
3154W.D. Comics & Stories43376f good-; wrinkles front cover and back cover3re C & S 290; no Barks
3155W.D. Comics & Stories43476fcb10very good to fine; slight spine roll3re C & S 199
3156W.D. Comics & Stories43576fcb 10vf-nm9re C & S 301
3157W.D. Comics & Stories43677fcb10very fine-; small tear front cover edge7re C & S 195
3158W.D. Comics & Stories43977fcb10very good+; writing front cover lower right3re C & S 292
3159W.D. Comics & Stories44077fcb10nm9re C & S 283
3160W.D. Comics & Stories44177f vf5no Barks
3161W.D. Comics & Stories44277fcb10good to very good; crease front cover3re C & S 312(last C & S 10 pp new Barks shs)
3162W.D. Comics & Stories44377fcb10good+; solid copy with small wf/ crease to cover2re C & S 297
3163W.D. Comics & Stories44677fcb10near mint-8re C & S 277
3165W.D. Comics & Stories44878fcb10very good; 1 inch tear all pages at center bottom1re C & S 266
3166W.D. Comics & Stories44978fcb10very fine to near mint6re C & S 280
3167W.D. Comics & Stories45078fcb10very fine to near mint6re C & S 270
3168W.D. Comics & Stories45178fcb10fine+5re C & S 272
3169W.D. Comics & Stories45278fcb10nm8re C & S 274
3170W.D. Comics & Stories45378fcb10near mint-8re C & S 206
3171W.D. Comics & Stories45478fcb10near mint-8re C & S 262
3172W.D. Comics & Stories45578fcb10very good; crease corner front cover3re C & S 241
3173W.D. Comics & Stories45678fcb10vf-nm6re C & S 246
3174W.D. Comics & Stories45778fcb10vf6re C & S 247
3175W.D. Comics & Stories45878fcb10m-8re C & S 263
3176W.D. Comics & Stories45978fcb10very fine; slight printers wrinkles on front cover6re C & S 242
3177W.D. Comics & Stories46079fcb10nm-8re C & S 245
3178W.D. Comics & Stories46179fcb10good+; small writing front cover, tear front cover, interior is very good to fine2re C & S 257; Whitman
3179W.D. Comics & Stories46279fcb10nm8re C & S 252
3180W.D. Comics & Stories46379fcb10nm-8re C & S 237
3181W.D. Comics & Stories46479fcb10very good; slight writing front cover2re C & S 175
3183W.D. Comics & Stories46779fcb10nm-8re C & S 276
3184W.D. Comics & Stories46879fcb10vf-nm6re C & S 188
3185W.D. Comics & Stories46979fcb10good; some browning spots front cover2re C & S 204
3186W.D. Comics & Stories47079fcb10near mint8re C & S 182
3187W.D. Comics & Stories47179fcb10near mint-8re C & S 267
3188W.D. Comics & Stories47280fcb10very good to fine3re C & S 170; copy 1
3189W.D. Comics & Stories47280fcb10near mint to mint8re C & S 170; copy 2
3190W.D. Comics & Stories47380fcb10near mint-8re C & S 268; last Gold Key published issue
W.D. Comics & Stories(Whitman onward)47580fcb10very fine to near mint10re C & S 174; Whitman publisher
3192W.D. Comics & Stories47780fcb10fine+; slight tear front cover edge6re C & S 189
3193W.D. Comics & Stories47980fcb10fine interior, good cover4re C & S 179
3194W.D. Comics & Stories48180fcb10interiro is very good to fine, magic tape inside front cover for tear at front cover, crease front cover2re C & S 145
3195W.D. Comics & Stories48280fcb10near mint to mint8re C & S 146
3196W.D. Comics & Stories48380fcb10near mint-8re C & S 178
3197W.D. Comics & Stories485fcb10near mint-; printers ink residue error to front cover3re C & S 173
3198W.D. Comics & Stories486fcb10near mint7re C & S 112
3199W.D. Comics & Stories487fcb10mint-7re C & S 108
3200W.D. Comics & Stories488fcb10mint-7re C & S 124
3201W.D. Comics & Stories489fcb10mint-7re C & S 126
3202W.D. Comics & Stories490fcb10near mint to mint7re C & S 161
3204W.D. Comics & Stories492fcb10near mint-7re C & S 104
3207W.D. Comics & Stories495fcb10near mint7re C & S 100; copy 1
3208W.D. Comics & Stories495fcb10mint-7re C & S 100; copy 2
3209W.D. Comics & Stories496fcb10cbmint-7re C & S 94
3210W.D. Comics & Stories497fcb10cbvf-nm7re C & S 210; copy 1
3211W.D. Comics & Stories497fcb10cbnm-m7re C & S 210; copy 2
3212W.D. Comics & Stories498fcb10cbnm7re C & S 205
3213W.D. Comics & Stories499fcb10cbnm7re C & S 213
3214W.D. Comics & Stories50083fcb10m-7re C & S 240; Ducks/Goofy fc for 500th issue
3215W.D. Comics & Stories50183fcb10nm-m8re C & S 235; copy 1
3216W.D. Comics & Stories50183fcb10nm-m8re C & S 235; copy 2
3217W.D. Comics & Stories50283fcb10nm8re C & S 236
3218W.D. Comics & Stories50383fcb10nm8re C & S 251
3219W.D. Comics & Stories504fcb10nm-m8re C & S 250
W.D. Comics & Stories50682ffine+4
3220W.D. Comics & Stories505fcb10mint-8re C & S 103
3221W.D. Comics & Stories50784fcb10near mint8re C & S 149
3222W.D. Comics & Stories50884fcb10mint-8re C & S 150; copy 1
3223W.D. Comics & Stories50884fcb10near mint8re C & S 150; copy 2
W.D. Comics & Stories(Gladstone onward)51186fcb9mint-13 re FC1095(8pp), US 14(1pp); Gladstone 1st issue
3225W.D. Comics & Stories51286fcb8mint-8re FC1095(7pp) + US15(1pp); nice Jippes/Verhag.
3226W.D. Comics & Stories51386fcb8mint-8re FC1095(7pp) + US4
3227W.D. Comics & Stories51487fcb6mint-5re FC1267 + FC495,1150(2 pp); nice Jippes/Milton
3228W.D. Comics & Stories51587fcb7mint-5re FC1184
3229W.D. Comics & Stories51687fcb4mint-5re US17; nice 1946 Brer Rabbit
3230W.D. Comics & Stories51787fcb4mint-4re US15
3231W.D. Comics & Stories51887fcb6mint-4re FC1184 + US9(1pp); copy 1; 5 pp of “Brer Rabbit de Honey Tree(1946)
3232W.D. Comics & Stories51987fcb fgmint-9re C & S 105; art pp; 10, 2; artist Murray profile
3233W.D. Comics & Stories52087fcb4mint-6re US18; nice Brer Rabbit from 1946
a139W.D. Comics & Stories52087fcb4mint-6re US18(Gyro); exc B. Rabbit 1946 shs; good Don photog. shs
3234W.D. Comics & Stories52187fcb wk fgmint-6re US23; art pp: 4, 2, 2
3235W.D. Comics & Stories52287fcb wk mint-6re C & S 111, FC1095; art pp: 12, 2
a006W.D. Comics & Stories52387fdr wk fg cbmint-9art pp: 10, 3, 2, 4; Barks re US16; great artist issue
a007W.D. Comics & Stories52487fdr cbmint-9art pp: 10, 4; Barks re scarce M. Mouse Almanac
3236W.D. Comics & Stories52587fcb fgmint-6re US31; art pp: 4, 2; nice Jippes 9pp
a140W.D. Comics & Stories52688fdr cbnear mint8su DR 10pp neighbor fight shs + CB re US46 Gyro shs(4pp)
3237W.D. Comics & Stories52788fcb8near mint to mint6re Dell Xmas Parade 8; mi im 1 page margin
a141W.D. Comics & Stories52888fdr cbnear mint8DR 10pp shs(Oolated Luck); re CB US41 shs(4pp, Gyro)
3238W.D. Comics & Stories52988fcb4mint-6re US39
3239W.D. Comics & Stories53088fcb10cbmint-6re C & S 141; lovely “Bucky Bug” large panels shs; copy 1
a142W.D. Comics & Stories53088fcb10cbnear mint6re C&S 141; lovely “Bucky Bug” large panel 10pp shs(1943); copy 2
a143W.D. Comics & Stories53188fdr cbwknear mint8DR 10pp shs(Metaphorically Speaking); CB re US 29(4pp, Gyro
3240W.D. Comics & Stories53288fcb4mint-9re US33
3241W.D. Comics & Stories53388fcb4mint-9re US20
3242W.D. Comics & Stories53488fcb4mint-9re US22; nice V Reiche art shs
3243W.D. Comics & Stories53588fcb10mint-9re C & S 286
3244W.D. Comics & Stories53689fcb4mint-9re US36
3245W.D. Comics & Stories53789fcb5wkmint-9re US47
3246W.D. Comics & Stories53889fcb4wkmint-9re US37
3247W.D. Comics & Stories54089fcb11cbmint-9re C & S 91 + FC1095(1pp); nice Barks fc
3248W.D. Comics & Stories54289fcb6mint-9re Picnic Party 8
3249W.D. Comics & Stories54389fcb10wkmint-9re C & S 289; Snow White arl
a144W.D. Comics & Stories54489fcb4wknear mint9re US 25(Gyro); dsi; Pluto shs(as well as M. Mouse shs)
a145W.D. Comics & Stories54589fcb8near mint9re 4 Color 1184(Gyro); van Horn shs; Bucky Bug, White Rabbit
W.D. Comics & Stories54589fcb8very fine to near mint6re 4 Color 1184(Gyro); van Horn shs; Bucky Bug, White Rabbit
a146W.D. Comics & Stories54790fdr cb wknear mint8art pp count: 10, 8(re 4 Color 1047), 2; + Thumper; dsi
3250W.D. Comics & Stories55991fcb10mint-5re C & S 77; Disney publisher
3251W.D. Comics & Stories56792fcb fgmint-5re C & S 75; pages art: 10, 6
3252W.D. Comics & Stories57993fcb10mint-5re C & S 87
W.D. Comics & Stories60196fdr fg cbmint-15changed to $6lp, sb, wmb; art pp(8, 10)’ van Horn shs; exc arl; lovely fc
W.D. Comics & Stories60296fdr fg drnear mint15art pp(8, 9); lovely fep oil painting by CB; van Horn shs
W.D. Comics & Stories60396fdr fgmint-15art pp(8, 9); fep oil painting by CB; van Horn shs; Scamp,M.Gse
W.D. Comics & Stories60496fdr fgnear mint-15art pp(8, 9); fep CB painting; van Horn shs; B Bug,LB Wolf; arl
W.D. Comics & Stories60596fdr fg cbwknear mint-15art pp(8, 13, 10); fep CB painting; van Horn shs; CB re 4C 1184
W.D. Comics & Stories60696fcb dr fgwkm-15art pp(17,8,11); CB painting; van Horn shs; CB re cs169/4c1047
W.D. Comics & Stories60797fdr fg cbcbnm-15art pp(8,11), CB wac; van Horn shs; Jippes/CB shs(+11pp)
W.D. Comics & Stories60897fcb drm-15art pp(20,8); Xmas on Bear Mtn re; van Horn shs; Barks fp photo
W.D. Comics & Stories60997fcb dr fgm-15$7lp starts; art pp(8,5,10); Barks fep painting; van Horn; B Bug
W.D. Comics & Stories61097fdr fg cbnm15art 16,11, 1); CB full page oil painting; index; copy 1
W.D. Comics & Stories61097fdr fg cbnm15art 16,11, 1); CB full page oil painting; index; copy 2
W.D. Comics & Stories61197fdr fg cbm-15art pp(10re USA20, 10, 14); CB fp oil painting; vanHorn shs
W.D. Comics & Stories61297fdr fg cbm-15art pp(8, 10, 4); CB fp oil painting; vanHorn shs
W.D. Comics & Stories61397fdr fgdrvf-nm8art pp(14, 9); vanHorn shs; CB fp oil painting; LB Wolf, M& Gfy
W.D. Comics & Stories61497fdr fgmint-15art pp(8,9); lovely fep oil painting by CB; van Horn shs; Scamp
W.D. Comics & Stories61597fdr fg cbdrnear mint-15art pp(8, 9, 4); lovely fep oil painting by CB; vanHorn; B. Bug
W.D. Comics & Stories61697fdr fgmint-15art pp(8,14); lovely fep oil painting by CB; vanHorn, Rosa index
W.D. Comics & Stories61797fdr cbcbmint-15art pp(10re,10); lovely 1.5pp oil paintings CB+fc; vanHorn shs
W.D. Comics & Stories61897fcb drdrmint-15art pp(10 re C&S 52, 10); vanHorn shs(2pp); CB bc painting
W.D. Comics & Stories61997fcb drmint-15art pp(1,7); Rosa re(M&D 17); Barks fep oil painting; P Block shs
W.D. Comics & Stories61997fcb drmint-15art pp(1, 7); Rosa unc re(M & D 17); Barks fep oil; Block shs
W.D. Comics & Stories62098fdr10mint-15CB oil painting bc+porcelain figurine art; Rosa re C&S 528
W.D. Comics & Stories62198f cb-dr cb-strobldrnear mint-15CB oil paing fep; art pp( 8re, 5re); vanHorn shs; Midget Moose
W.D. Comics & Stories62298fcb dr cbvery fine to near mint10CB fep + fc oil ptgs; art pp(7,10); Cousin Bertie Cow(1943)
W.D. Comics & Stories62398fcb drmint-15CB fep lovely oil painting; art pp(10re,12re); Ab Countrymouse
W.D. Comics & Stories62498fdr cbmint-15art pp(10re, 7); vanHorn shs; Gus fep/bc; B Bug, Clara Cluck
W.D. Comics & Stories62598fcb18very fine to nea rmint15vanHorn shs; CB oil fep/china bc; B Bug; Goofy; close nm
W.D. Comics & Stories62698fcb fgmint-15art pp(10,10); vanHorn shs; Mickey 1930 dailies; Noel vanHorn
W.D. Comics & Stories62798fcb10mint-15CB fep fc colored; vanHorn shs; Sundays/dailies; nice MM bc
W.D. Comics & Stories62898fcb10cbnear mint15CB c&s fep; exc CB 1943 shs; exc reworked CB/Jippes shs/fc
W.D. Comics & Stories62998ffg19mint-15exc “Gulliver Mickey” bc; vanHorn shs; Bucky Bug
W.D. Comics & Stories63098ffg16mint-15shs vanHorn; nice Gus Goose fep/bc; M Rota; B Bug, BBWolf
W.D. Comics & Stories63198fmint-15shs vanHorn, Rota(M Mouse); 2 good Vicar shs
W.D. Comics & Stories63299fcb10wkmint-15Rota shs; Iwerks 6pp M Mouse; nice Pinnocio bc; F & Hound
W.D. Comics & Stories63399fdr cb fgmint-15lovely unc fc;art pp (27,8,1); vanHorn; exc bc
3253W.D. Comics & Stories6353fdr9drmint-15Rosa part 1 of 3; “3 Caballeros Ride Again”; exc fc(2003)
3254W.D. Comics & Stories6363fdr cb mint-15pt 2 “3 Cab. Ride Againn.”; re Xmas Pde 8; art pp: 10,8
3255W.D. Comics & Stories6373fcb drmint-15pt 3 “3 Cab. Ride Again”; re C & S 95; art pp: 10, 9
W.D. Comics & Stories6635fdr9drnear mint15Rosa’s 3 Caballero’s returns(1 of 3); van Horn shs; nice Ferioli
W.D. Comics & Stories6646fdr12near mint153 Caballero’s continues(2 of 3); van Horn shs;
W.D. Comics & Stories6656fdr fgcbvery fine to nea rmint; very minor rubbing on cover10 Caballero’s(3 of 3);art pp(13,4); van Horn shs
W.D. Comics & Stories6666fnear mint1537pp nice 1949 Italian “Dante’s Inferno” re; exc 10pp Jippes shs
W.D. Comics & Stories6676ffg15cbnear mint15van Horn shs; Gottfredson “eega beeva” from 1948-9; Scamp shs
W.D. Comics & Stories6746fnear mint15Jippes 10pp shs; Ferioli’s 20pp(Mystery of Freefer Hall); 2006
W.D. Comics & Stories6777ffg15very fine+9van Horn shs; FG Mickey in Foreign Legion(3/4); 2 Bucky Bug sh
3341W.D. Daisy and Donald3278fcb10very good; slight crease front cover5re C & S308
3342W.D. Dell Giant: Walt Disney Picnic Party857fcb6very good-; 2 inches tear at spine, back cove ris in good- condition14
3343W.D. Disneyland Birthday Partynn85fcb16mint-10re 1958 Disnyld Birthday Party; #1 (one-shot)
3261W.D. Donald Duck2652fcbenpoor; center loose, reading copy, water stain5$31 in gd, OPG; “Trick or Treat”; superb shs
3262W.D. Donald Duck6859fcb5fair to good; tear at spine(3 inches), writing inside front cover top4 copy 2
3263W.D. Donald Duck6859fcb5good to very good; tear at spine, slight curl at spine12copy 1
3264W.D. Donald Duck7861fcbvery good6Note: #85 was first Gold Key issue; prior to that publisher was Dell
3265W.D. Donald Duck13571fcb19fair+4re C & S 198, US 27
3266W.D. Donald Duck14672fcbvery fine-9
3267W.D. Donald Duck154fcbenvery good; centerfold loose, crease front cover5 re DD46
3268W.D. Donald Duck15774fcb6vg-f5re DD45
3269W.D. Donald Duck15974fcb10vg5re C & S 192
3270W.D. Donald Duck16475fcb1good to very good; crease, tear front cover but interior is very fine4re DD79
3271W.D. Donald Duck17176fcbvery fine to near mint7
3272W.D. Donald Duck17476fcbvery fine+7
3273W.D. Donald Duck17676fnear mint-9
3274W.D. Donald Duck18777fvf-nm9
3275W.D. Donald Duck18877fcb5nm-m9re DD68
3276W.D. Donald Duck18977fvf7
3277W.D. Donald Duck19077fcbvf-nm8
3278W.D. Donald Duck19178fvf-nm8
3279W.D. Donald Duck19378fvery good+; slight writing front cover4
3280W.D. Donald Duck19578fvery fine; few spots front cover at top, not image field2
3281W.D. Donald Duck19778ffine-; slight tear front cover4
3282W.D. Donald Duck19978fcbgood to very good; writing front cover2
3283W.D. Donald Duck20078ff-vf6
3284W.D. Donald Duck20178fcb16cbnm9re Christmas Parade 26
3285W.D. Donald Duck20278ff-vf5
3286W.D. Donald Duck20379fvery fine; crease front cover2
3287W.D. Donald Duck20479f slight crease front cover3
3288W.D. Donald Duck20579fcbvf-nm6
3289W.D. Donald Duck20679fcbvg+3
3290W.D. Donald Duck20879fcb6nm6re DD 60
3291W.D. Donald Duck21079fvf-nm6
3292W.D. Donald Duck21279fcb10vf-nm6re C & S 130
W.D. Donald Duck21279fcb10vg-f3re C & S 130; copy 2; close fine
3293W.D. Donald Duck21379fnear mint to mint; slight rub to front cover 1 small area5
3294W.D. Donald Duck21580fcbvery good to fine; slight wrting front cover2
3295W.D. Donald Duck21680ff-vf5Barks script only from DD117; Note: Whitman took over from Gold Key with #217
W.D. Donald Duck(Whitman )21980fbcb20cbnm-m9re C&S 106 & 107; Whitman started #217
3297W.D. Donald Duck22080fvf-nm9
3298W.D. Donald Duck22180ff-vf10
3299W.D. Donald Duck22580fvery good to fine; slight writing front cover and back cover2
3300W.D. Donald Duck226fcbnm-10
3301W.D. Donald Duck227fm-10
3302W.D. Donald Duck230fcb20nm-m8re DD52 & C & S 194
3303W.D. Donald Duck231fm-8
3304W.D. Donald Duck232fnm-m8
3305W.D. Donald Duck233fm-8
3306W.D. Donald Duck234fcbnm-m8
3307W.D. Donald Duck235fm-5
3308W.D. Donald Duck23982fvf-nm4nm ex sl rubs bottom 1″ fc
3309W.D. Donald Duck24082fcbm-7
3310W.D. Donald Duck24283fm-10
W.D. Donald Duck(Gladstone issues start)24686fcbencbm-11re 4Color 422(Gilded Man)
3311W.D. Donald Duck24786fcb10m-8Gladstone pub begins(2nd issue); exc V Reiche shs
a126W.D. Donald Duck24886fcbenm-8re DD 54(Forbidden Valley) + 1pp DD 45; 4pp Barks letters arl
3312W.D. Donald Duck24987fcb9nm7
3313W.D. Donald Duck25087fcbenm-81st uncut re Four Color 9;64pp; “Pirate Gold”
a127W.D. Donald Duck25187fcb10m-8re Firestone Giveaway 1945 + 4 Color 238, 367 gags(2pp)
W.D. Donald Duck25187fcb10m-7re Firestone Giveaway 1945 + FC238, FC 367 2pp gags
a128W.D. Donald Duck25287fcb24m-5re 4 Color 263(Trail of the Unicorn)
3315W.D. Donald Duck25387fcb11nm5re C & S 114 + 1pp FC263
W.D. Donald Duck25387fcb11nm5re C & S 114 + 1pp FC263; copy 2
W.D. Donald Duck25487fcbennm-5re 4 Color 328(In Old California)
3316W.D. Donald Duck25587fcb10nm-m5re C & S 109; copy 1
a129W.D. Donald Duck25687fcbenm-5re 4 Color 147(Volcano Valley)
3317W.D. Donald Duck25887fcb8nm5re DD 60
3318W.D. Donald Duck25987fcb16nm+5re C & S 95 + FC1150(6pp); copy 1
3319W.D. Donald Duck26087fcb11nm-m5re C & S 110 + 1pp Fcolor 199
a130W.D. Donald Duck26188fcbennm5re 4 Color 300(Big-Top Bedlam)
3320W.D. Donald Duck26288fcb10nm-m5re C & S184 + 1938 large panel” Cousin Gus”
3321W.D. Donald Duck26388fcb10nm-m5re C & S 165; van Horn 4pp
3322W.D. Donald Duck26488fcb11near mint5re C & S 96 + 1pp F Color 408
3323W.D. Donald Duck26588fcb10cbnear mint5re C & S 190
3324W.D. Donald Duck26688fcb10cbnear mint to mint5re C & S 128
W.D. Donald Duck26688fcb10cbnear mint to mint5re C & S 128
a131W.D. Donald Duck26788fcb16mint-5re C & S 279 + 4 Color 1025(Gyro, Dream Planet)
a132W.D. Donald Duck26888fcb10mint-5re C & S 99
3325W.D. Donald Duck26888fcb10near mint-5re C & S 99
3326W.D. Donald Duck27089fcb11mint-5re C & S 88 + 1pp Fcolor 263
3327W.D. Donald Duck27289fcb10mint-5re C & S 78; nice van Horn 4pp shs
3328W.D. Donald Duck27489fcb10mint-5re C & S 129 + 1938 10pp DD newspaper re
a133W.D. Donald Duck27589fcb wknear mint-5re C & S 55(CB) + 4 Color 92(W Kelly; pp art count: 10, 16
3329W.D. Donald Duck27589fcb wkcbnear mint5re C & S 55(cb) + F Color 92(Kelly); art: 10, 16
3330W.D. Donald Duck27790fcb10mint-5re C & S 84
a134W.D. Donald Duck27890fcb drcbnear mint-7re 4 Color 263(24pp) + C&S 237(10pp)(35pp) + DR(4 pp); dsi
a135W.D. Donald Duck27890fcb drcbnea rmint-7re 4 Color 263(24pp) + C&S 237(10pp)(35pp) + DR(4pp); dsi
a136W.D. Donald Duck27990fcb28drmint-6re March of Comics 4(28pp, Maharajah Donald); dsi; copy 1
a137W.D. Donald Duck27990fcb28drnear mint6re March of Comics 4(28pp, Maharajah Donald); dsi; copy 2
a138W.D. Donald Duck28193fcb10near mint5re C&S 132; Sunday Silly Symphony by Taliaferro(16pp); mpfc
W.D. Donald Duck29796fcb10near mint4re C & S 219; re 16 pp of 1939 Taliaferro comic strips
W.D. Donald Duck29996fcb10cbnear mint4re C & S 33(1943); 8pp 1943 D.Duck comic strips; Chip & Dale
W.D. Donald Duck30197fcb10near mint4re C & S 70; re 9pp 1939 D Duck comic strips(Taliaferro); last Gladstone=307
3332W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone187fcb14mint-6re Summer Fun #2(Dell, 1959); copy 1
a147W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone187fcb14near mint5re Summer Fun #2 ( Dell, 1959); copy 2
a148W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone287fcbencbnear mint5re 4 Color 308 (Dangerous Disguise); see previous listing G/stone
a149W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone388fcbencbnear mint5re 4 Color 223 (Lost in the Andes)
a150W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone488fcb26near mint5re 4 Color 62(24pp, Frozen Gold) + re March of Comics 4(2pp)
a151W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone588fcb24near mint5re 4 Color 62(Mystery of the Swamp) ; 4pp van Horn shs
3333W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone688fcb10mint-; printer error inking Barks short stories2re C & S 61; copy 1
a152W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone988fcb 26nm5re 4 Color 159(Ghost of the Grotto)
a153W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone1088fcb11cbnm5re C&S 86 + 4 Color 199(1pp)
a154W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone1189fcb25nm5re 4 Color 159 (Adventure Down Under)
a155W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone1489fcben?near mint-5re 4 Color 29(Mummy’s Ring)
a156W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone1589fcb20near mint5re C & S 44, 104; van Horn fc art
W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone1689fcbendrfine to very fine; slight wrinkles left side front cover4re 4 Color 291(Magic Hourglass;copy 2
a157W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone1689fcbendrnm5re 4 Color 291 (Magic Hourglass)
a158W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone1789fcb10near mint5re C&S 58; cover by van Horn
a159W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone1889fcbendrnear mint-4re 4 Color 318 (No Such Varmint)
a160W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone1990fcb17near mint8re DD45(6pp), C&S244(10), 4 Color 199(1pp); dsi
a161W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone2090fcb32cbnear mint8re 4 Color 189(Old Castle’s Secret); dsi; 24pp van Horn shs + iv
3334W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone2494fmint-8exc van Horn art 21pp shs
3335W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone2794fnear mint8very nice 26pp + fc/art by Pat Block
3336W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone2994fdrmint-8exc issue of vanHorn(12pp) + Vicatan
3337W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone3195fcb13mint-8layouts/scripts by Barks/ Jippes finished art
3338W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone3495fmint-8Pat Block nice fc and all interior art
3339W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone3595fmint-8all 27 pp nice Pat Block art; copy 1
3340W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone3595fnear mint-8all 27 pp nice Pat Block art; copy 2
W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone4397fdr24drmint-8“Lost Charts of Columbus” by Rosa
W.D. Donald Duck Adventures; Gladstone4797fcb32near mint8re D Duck 26; superb shs “Trick or Treat”; van Horn fc
W.D. D. Duck Adventures(2nd, Disney)190fdr12drvery fine to near mint; bump lower left corner5“Money Pit” by Rosa
3344W.D. D. Duck Adventures(2nd, Disney290fcb10m-8re C & S 35(1943), big panels
3345W.D. D. Duck Adventures(2nd, Disney490fcb10m-8re C & S 80; 12 pp van Horn shs/+fc; all bee subject issue ; copy 1
W.D. D. Duck Adventures(2nd, Disney490fcb10nm8re C & S 80; 12 pp van Horn shs/+ fc; all bee subject issue; copy 2
3331W.D. Donald Duck Comics Digest(Gladstone)186fcb43m-9re FC29 scarce shs”Hard Loser/Too Many Pets”
a179W.D. Ducktales188fcb19vf-nm6re US14; copy 2
3347W.D. Ducktales188fcb19nm-msoldre U.S. 14
3348W.D. Ducktales389fcb10mint-soldre Four Color 495
3349W.D. Ducktales489fcb9mint-soldre Four Color 1161 + 1pp gag
3350W.D. Ducktales589fcb10mint-soldre U.S.31 and 10(1pp)
3351W.D. Ducktales1190fcb18mint-soldre US 37(16pp) + 2pp FC1047
3353W.D. Dynabrite(D Duck: Golden Helmet)78fcb48near mint-10re FC408, DD45 & DD52; #11352
3352W.D. Dynabrite(D Duck: No Such Varmint)78fcb48mint-10re FC318 + C & S 125, 128; #11352-1
3354W.D. Dynabrite(Gyro Gearloose ….78fcb48mint-10re FC1184, 1047; #11361; copy 1
3355W.D. Dynabrite(Gyro Gearloose ….78fcb48near mint+8re FC1184, 1047; #11361; copy 2
3356W.D. Dynabrite(U Scrooge Classics)78fcb48near mint; rubs to covers5re US12,33(LBG, BtLA)
3357W.D. Dynabrite(U Scrooge: Golden Fleecing)78fcb48very fine+; has tiny ink marks re origin on splash pages6re US12, 33; #11355
3358W.D. Dynabrite(U Scrooge: Golden Fleecing)78fcb48very fine to near mint7re US12, 33(GF,BitH); heavy cvr stk; #11355
3548W.D.Four Color (Gyro Gearloose)109560fcbenfront cover is poor(piece out), interior is fair535pp Barks(4 shs); 4 Color 1095
3549W.D.Four Color( Vacation in Disneyland)102559fcb20cbfair; 4 inches tear at spine, piece out front cover, small stains, general wear8Barks 3 shs; 4 Color 1025
3550W.D.Four Color(Daisy Duck’s Diary)94858fgood+; small tears/creases in front cover at spine4 4 Color 948
a094W.D. Giant(Scrooge McDuck in the Yukon)195fdr24drm-7one of very best Rosa shs + Blum’s Dawson(Barks/Rosa article)
3359W.D. Holiday Parade190fcb8m-*5re Firestone Giveaway 1947; (*ex tiny po sps)
3360W.D. Holiday Parade291fcb26nm8re Xmas Parade Dell 26; war cvr
3361W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW470fcb20very good to fine5re C & S 181 and 227; copy 1
3362W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW470fcb20fine6re C & S 181 and 227; copy 2
3363W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW2273fcb10fine+5re C & S 282
3364W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW2373fcb10near mint14re C & S 261
3365W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW2574fcb10fine to very fine; minor tear backc over7re C & S 238
3366W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW2674fcb10fine+5re C & S 232
3367W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW3575ffine4
3368W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW5879fcb10fair1re C & S 227; copy 1
3369W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW5879fcb10nm6re C & S 227; copy 2
W.D. Huey Dewey & Louie, JW6280ffine+3
3554Walt Kelly’s Christmas Classics187fwkenwkm-525pp charming WK art; exc Leialoha fc
Walt Kelly’s Springtime Tales188fwkenwkf-vf6all Walt Kelly charming, nice art(1944/46/48)
1593W.D. Ludwig von Drake161fvg-5
2997W.D. Mickey & Donald288fcb10mint-SOLDre C & S 162
2998W.D. Mickey & Donald388fcb fgmint-soldre C & S 108; pages art: 10, 14
2999W.D. Mickey & Donald488fcb fgmint-soldre C & S 166; pages art: 10, 18
3000W.D. Mickey & Donald588fcb fg wkmint-soldre C & S 62; pages art: 10, 2
3001W.D. Mickey & Donald688fcb10mint-soldre C & S 69; 21pp nice Scarpa art
3002W.D. Mickey & Donald788fcb10mint-soldre C & S 83; 22 pp nice Scarpa art
3003W.D. Mickey & Donald888fcb fgmint-soldre C & S82; pages art: 10, 2; Scarpa 16pp nice
3004W.D. Mickey & Donald1089fcb fgmint-soldre C & S90; pages art: 10, 4
3005W.D. Mickey & Donald1189fcb10mint-soldre C & S 79
3006W.D. Mickey & Donald1289fcb fgmint-soldre C & S 85; pages art: 10, 2
3007W.D. Mickey & Donald1389fcb fgwkmint-soldre C & S 80; pages art: 10, 11
3008W.D. Mickey & Donald1489fcb10mint-soldre C & S 71
a095W.D. Mickey & Donald1489fcb 10wknea rmint-soldre WDC &S 71 “Punk’s Advice”; patriotic fc art
3009W.D. Mickey & Donald1589fcb10mint-soldre C & S 42(big panels)
3370W.D. Mickey & Donald in Vacationland4761fgood-; 1 inch tear at spine, 1 page edge tear6some color/puzzes worked; loc p33
3371W.D. Mickey Mouse 6359ffair to good; separated(loose) cover, tear at spine, tear front cover2 loc p46
3372W.D. Mickey Mouse 8562fvery good to fine7
3373W.D. Mickey Mouse 9063ffine to very fine9
3374W.D. Mickey Mouse 9364ffine6
3375W.D. Mickey Mouse 9764fvery fine7
3376W.D. Mickey Mouse 10165fvery good-; water stain, crease front cover 4 loc p21
3377W.D. Mickey Mouse 11567fvery fine9
W.D. Mickey Mouse17777ffine to very fine5re M Mouse # 91( 3 shs); Gold Key
3379W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)21986ffgmint-sold1936 re strips; exc repro; exc Gottfredson art begins; 1st Gladst.
3380W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)220ffgmint-SOLD
3381W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)221ffgmint-SOLD
3382W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)222ffgmint-SOLD
3383W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)223ffgmint-SOLD
3384W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)224ffgmint-SOLD
3385W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)225ffgmint-SOLD
3386W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)226ffgmint-SOLD
3387W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)227ffgmint-SOLD
3388W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)228ffgmint-SOLD
3389W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)229ffgmint-SOLD
3390W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)230ffgmint-SOLD
3391W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)231ffgmint-SOLD
3392W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)232ffgmint-SOLD
3393W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)233ffgmint-SOLD
W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)25089ffg2near mint-SOLD2 pp 1932 Gottfredson strip re
W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)25189ffgennear mint-SOLDre 8/19/40–10/4/40 strips in color(Bellhop Detective)
3394W.D. Mickey Mouse(Gladstone, 1986-90)25490ffgmint-SOLD256 is last issue
W.D. Mickey Mouse and Friends(Gemstone)2624fmint-SOLD3/2004 dated issue; Gemstone #257-271; numbering continued from Gladstone’s last issue
W.D. Mickey Mouse and Friends2946fmint-SOLDMurray’s 1967 M Mouse as superpower crime fighter, Red Wasp
3378W.D. Mickey Mouse Album159fgood+6G Key;
W.D. Mickey Mouse(May 2007, Gemstone)nn7ffgenfgnear mint324 + 4 pp (2 1936 adventures re; free comic day edition
W.D. Scamp2575fvery good+; spine/strip area wear4G.Key; 25 cent title; cute, above average artwork; box 485
3395W.D. Showcase3977fnear mint-6eca on M Mouse “mutiny aboard the Bounty”;S Holmes
3396W.D. Sleeping Beauty(giant)159fgood; spine damage, 3/4 inch rfc edge, small wrinkles front cover11 locp32
3409W.D. Uncle Scrooge1356fcbencbfair to good; tear at spine, small piece out spine area, general wear, writing front coversold34pp Barks
3410W.D. Uncle Scrooge2158fcbencbpoor to fair; moisture exposure to covers and margins some pages, mont interior is good+5
3411W.D. Uncle Scrooge3261fcb30cbfair to good; major spine roll, 73 Barks shs
3412W.D. Uncle Scrooge4063fcb23cbfair to good; major spine roll8
3413W.D. Uncle Scrooge4864fcb26cbfine to very fine22
3414W.D. Uncle Scrooge4964fcb17cbgood to very good; smal water stain front cover, wear at spine9
3415W.D. Uncle Scrooge5264fcb20cbfine-; light rubs and wear at spine to front cover15
3416W.D. Uncle Scrooge5665fcb24cbfine; 1 by 3 inches piece out edge front cover and 3 panels 1 page gag colored2
3417W.D. Uncle Scrooge5865fcb22cbvery good to fine12“Giant Robot Robbers”
3418W.D. Uncle Scrooge7267fcb20cbvery good10re US 11, 19(last original int art by Barks was #71)
3419W.D. Uncle Scrooge9171fcb20cbgood+; slight writing front cover spine area6re US 11, 26sr
3420W.D. Uncle Scrooge9371fcb21cbfair to good; water stain margin some pages2re US 36, 34
3421W.D. Uncle Scrooge9671fcb20cbfine; light rubbing on cover, interior is very fine9re US47;
3422W.D. Uncle Scrooge9872fcb20good-; major spine roll, small tear front cover edge, interior is very good to fine3re US41
3423W.D. Uncle Scrooge10172fcb20cbfine+; slight crease front cover10re C & S 159 and 157
3424W.D. Uncle Scrooge10673fcbencbgood to very good; crease lower right corner front cover5re US6
3425W.D. Uncle Scrooge10873fcbennear mint-28re US19(Mines of K Solomon)
3426W.D. Uncle Scrooge11074fcbencbgood+; slight warpage 4re US22
3427W.D. Uncle Scrooge11174fcbencbvery fine12re US8(Mysterious Unfinished Invention)
3428W.D. Uncle Scrooge11274fcbenvery good+6re US18; “Land of Pygmy Indians”
3429W.D. Uncle Scrooge11374fcbencbgood to very good5re US24; int vg-f; fc spm; “Crown of the Mayas”
3430W.D. Uncle Scrooge11474fcbencbvery fine to near mint12re US60, 57; “Phantom of Notre Duck”
3431W.D. Uncle Scrooge11674fcb16cbnear mint-19re US50; “Rug Riders in Sky”
3432W.D. Uncle Scrooge11875fcbenvery fine to near mint13re US54; Billion Dollar Safari”
3433W.D. Uncle Scrooge11975fcbengood+4re US23, 37; cr fc; “Strange Shipwrecks”
3434W.D. Uncle Scrooge12075fcbencbnear mint-19re US33, 34; “Billions in Hole”
3435W.D. Uncle Scrooge12175fcbencbvery fine-10re US55; “McDuck of Arabia”, copy 3
3436W.D. Uncle Scrooge12175fcbencbvery fine to near mint12re US55; “McDuck of Arabia”; copy 1
3437W.D. Uncle Scrooge12175fcbencbvery fine to near mint12re US55; “McDuck of Arabia”; copy 2
3438W.D. Uncle Scrooge12375fcbencbfine to very fine12re US57; “Swamp of No Return”; copy 2
3439W.D. Uncle Scrooge12375fcbencbnear mint-14re US57; “Swamp of No Return”; copy 1
3440W.D. Uncle Scrooge12475fcbencbnear mint-14re US59; fls “North of the Yukon”
3441W.D. Uncle Scrooge12575fcbencbvery fine-10re US68; “Hall of Mermaid Queen”
3442W.D. Uncle Scrooge12676fcbencbvery fine to near mint10re US69; fls; “Cattle King”
3443W.D. Uncle Scrooge12776fcbencbvery fine8re US61; “So Far and No Safari”
3444W.D. Uncle Scrooge12876fcb24cbvery good; slight wrinkles front cover4re US62; “Queen of Wild Dog Pack”
3445W.D. Uncle Scrooge12976fcb24cbnm-13re US63; “House of Haunts”
3446W.D. Uncle Scrooge13076fcbencbvf-10re US65; “Micro-Ducks from Outter Space”
3447W.D. Uncle Scrooge13176fcbencbnm-14re US66; “Heedless Horseman”
3448W.D. Uncle Scrooge13276fcbencbvery fine to near mint; sticker pull mark top corner7re US10; “Fab. Philos Stone”
3449W.D. Uncle Scrooge13376fcbencbvery good to fine; interior is very fine, light edgewear to front cover5re US70; “Doom Diamd”
3450W.D. Uncle Scrooge13476fcbencbgood to very good; slight spine roll, front cover wear4re US64; “Treasure Marco Polo”
3451W.D. Uncle Scrooge13576fcbencbvery good+; edge wear, front cover, interior is very fine4re US24, 23; “24 Carat Moon”
3452W.D. Uncle Scrooge13677fcb24good+2re US37/39/38; staple loose; 3 Barks shs
3453W.D. Uncle Scrooge13777fcb17cbnear mint-16re US31; “All at Sea”
3454W.D. Uncle Scrooge13877fcb27cbvery fine to near mint13re US48, 28; “Many Faces Magica De Spell”
3455W.D. Uncle Scrooge13977fcbencbvery good to fine7re US45; “Isle of Golden Geese”; copy 1
3456W.D. Uncle Scrooge13977fcbencbvery fine to near mint15re US45; “Isle of Golden Geese”; copy 2
3457W.D. Uncle Scrooge14077fcb18cbvery fine to near mint15re US43; “For Old Dimes Sake”
3458W.D. Uncle Scrooge14177fcb20good to very good; spine roll6re US42; “Case of Sticky Money”
3459W.D. Uncle Scrooge14277fcbencbnear mint-17re FC456/US2; “Back to Klondike” classic shs
3460W.D. Uncle Scrooge14377fcbencbnear mint-17re US 29, 26; “Island in Sky”
3461W.D. Uncle Scrooge14477fcbenfair; spine area wear, back cover sticker pull mark, spine roll1re US29; copy 2
3462W.D. Uncle Scrooge14477fcbenvery fine to near mint; slight printers ink smudge front cover6re US28; “P Bunyon Mach
3463W.D. Uncle Scrooge14577fcb21cbvf-nm12re US71; “King Scrooge the First”
3464W.D. Uncle Scrooge14677fcb17cbnm-13re US30; “Pipeline to Danger”
3465W.D. Uncle Scrooge14777fcb24 nm-13re US34/35/36; “Mythtic Mystery”; copy 1
3466W.D. Uncle Scrooge14777fcb24 nm-13re US34/35/36; “Mythtic Mystery”; copy 2
3467W.D. Uncle Scrooge14978fcb22cbnm13re US46; “Lost Beneath Sea”
3468W.D. Uncle Scrooge15078fcbencbvf-nm10re US27; “Money Champ”
3469W.D. Uncle Scrooge15178fencbnm13re US25; “Flying Dutchman”
3470W.D. Uncle Scrooge15278fcb20cbfine+6re US52; int nm; “Great Wig Mystery”
3471W.D. Uncle Scrooge15378fcb6cbvery fine to near mint10re US44; copy 2
3472W.D. Uncle Scrooge15378fcb6cbmint-13re US44; copy 1; OPG wrong–does have Barks
3473W.D. Uncle Scrooge15478fcb19cbfine to very fine7re US 53, 35; almost vf+; “Interplanetary Postman”
3474W.D. Uncle Scrooge15578fcbencbvery fine to near mint10re US72/30; “Great Steamboat Race”
3475W.D. Uncle Scrooge15678fcbennear mint12re FC456(US2) + US38;”Somethin’ Fishy Here”,etc
3476W.D. Uncle Scrooge15778fcb10near mint12re US 31; “Two-Way Luck”
3477W.D. Uncle Scrooge15978fcb19very fine to near mint9re US35; “Golden Nugget Boat”
3478W.D. Uncle Scrooge16079fcb20cbfine7re US89; sl ruc ow nm-m; “2nd Richest Duck”
3479W.D. Uncle Scrooge16179fcbenvery fine to near mint8re US14; “Lost Crown of Genghis Khan”
3480W.D. Uncle Scrooge16279f very fine to near mint8no Barks
3481W.D. Uncle Scrooge16379f very fine7no Barks
3482W.D. Uncle Scrooge16579fcb16cbgood+4re US10, 29; copy 1; sl wr fc, sl wap
3483W.D. Uncle Scrooge16579fcb16cbnear mint11re US10, 29; copy 2
3484W.D. Uncle Scrooge16779fcb10very fine7re US 6
3485W.D. Uncle Scrooge17079f mint-11no Barks
3486W.D. Uncle Scrooge17179fcb20cbmint-11re US11; “Riches, Riches, Everywhere”
3487W.D. Uncle Scrooge17280fcb16cbmint-12re US92 + FC495;”Magic Ink” +”Money Bin Bank”
3488W.D. Uncle Scrooge17380fcb19cbmint-12re US95; “How Green was My Lettuce”
3489W.D. Uncle Scrooge17480fcb20very good+; slight wrinkles front cover and back cover, interior is fine to very fine5re US98; “Status Seeker”
3490W.D. Uncle Scrooge17680fcb20cbvery fine to near mint12re US39; “A Spicy Tale”
3491W.D. Uncle Scrooge17780fcb20cbnear mint to mint18re US16; “Back to Long Ago”
W.D. Uncle Scrooge17980fcbencbnear mint-; slight edge wear 2 edges front cover, SOLDre US 9, 42; dist thru multi-packs; scan on request; scarce
3493W.D. Uncle Scrooge18180fcb23cbvery fine to near mint19re FC 495; “C McSue & Horse Radish Treasure”
3494W.D. Uncle Scrooge183fcbencbvery good to fine; printer inl transfer, rubs to front cover5re US6
3495W.D. Uncle Scrooge184fcbencbnear mint-; ink transfer onto logo5re US60; “Phantom of Notre Duck”
3496W.D. Uncle Scrooge185fcb20cbmint-11re US58; “Giant Robot Robbers”
3497W.D. Uncle Scrooge188fcb8mint-11re US14 ; “A Square Inch of Land”
3498W.D. Uncle Scrooge189fcbenmint-10re US5; “Secret of Atlantis”
3499W.D. Uncle Scrooge190fcbencbnear mint10
3500W.D. Uncle Scrooge191f near mint-9no Barks
3501W.D. Uncle Scrooge193f mint-9no Barks
3502W.D. Uncle Scrooge195fcbencbmint-10re FC386 classic “Only a Poor Old Man’
3503W.D. Uncle Scrooge19682fcbenmint-12re US13 “Land Beneath the Ground”
3504W.D. Uncle Scrooge20383fcbennear mint14re US12 “Golden Fleecing”
3505W.D. Uncle Scrooge20783fcbencbnear mint-14re US36, 34; “Midas Touch”
3506W.D. Uncle Scrooge20884fcb31cbnear mint-14re US 18; “Land of Pygmy Indians”
3507W.D. Uncle Scrooge20984fcben cbnear mint-; slight crease corner front cover5re US21; “Money Well”; copy 2
3508W.D. Uncle Scrooge20984fcbencbvf-nm10re US21; “Money Well”; copy 1
3509W.D. Uncle Scrooge21086fcb17mint-9re US15/ C & S 134; Gladstone 1st issue(W Disney in title now)
a097W.D. Uncle Scrooge21086fcb 17cbnear mint-9re C&S 134(10pp) + US(7pp)
a098W.D. Uncle Scrooge21186fcb 24near mint-9re US 26(20pp, Prize of Pizarro)) + US27(4pp)
a099W.D. Uncle Scrooge21286fcb 14cbnear mint-10re C&S 135 + 4 one pp gags(on free cup coffee)
3510W.D. Uncle Scrooge21286fcb14cbmint-10re C & S 135 + 4 one pp gags(on free cup coffee)
3511W.D. Uncle Scrooge21387 fcbenmint-7re US20, 7; “City of Golden Roofs”(Indo-China)
a100W.D. Uncle Scrooge21387fcb ennear mint-7re US 20, 7; “City of Golden Roofs”(Indo-China)
a101W.D. Uncle Scrooge21487fcb 13near mint-7re US 9+ 3 one-page gags; Tuckered Tiger
3512W.D. Uncle Scrooge21487fcb13mint-7re US9 + 3 one pp gags; “Tuckered Tiger”
3513W.D. Uncle Scrooge21587fcbenmint-7re US17; “A Cold Bargain”
a102W.D. Uncle Scrooge21587fcb ennear mint-7re US 17; A Cold Bargain
3514W.D. Uncle Scrooge21687fcb10mint-5re C & S 144 + another written by Barks shs
a103W.D. Uncle Scrooge21787fcb ennear mint-6re US 7; 7 Cities of Cibola
3516W.D. Uncle Scrooge21887fcb10mint-5re C & S 164
a104W.D. Uncle Scrooge21987fdrendrnear mint-12exc “Son of the Sun” shs; Rosa’s 1st pro work
a105W.D. Uncle Scrooge22087fdr cbnear mint-8exc DR 10pp(Nobody’s Business) + CB re C&S202(10pp)+2pp
3517W.D. Uncle Scrooge22187fcb7cbmint-5re US16 + US11 gag
a106W.D. Uncle Scrooge22287fcb ennear mint-5re US 8 “Message from Mysterious Island”
a107W.D. Uncle Scrooge22387fcb 10near mint-6re Dell Summer Fun 2, 1959, “Gyro”(Fun? What’s That)
3519W.D. Uncle Scrooge22387fcb10mint-6re Summer Fun #2(Dell, 1959)
3520W.D. Uncle Scrooge22588fcb6mint-5re US46 five-pager +1pp gag
a108W.D. Uncle Scrooge22688fcb drnear mint-7re C&S 138(10pp) + DR(2pp) ; van Horn(1 pp)
a109W.D. Uncle Scrooge22788fdr cb near mint-7DR(2pp), Barks(4 Color 1150, 6pp), US13(1pp)+ vanHorn(1pp)
3521W.D. Uncle Scrooge22888fcb10cbmint-5re US34, “Chugwagon Derby”
3522W.D. Uncle Scrooge22988fcb8mint-5re US32, “Clothes Make the Duck”
3523W.D. Uncle Scrooge23088fcb8mint-5re US10
3524W.D. Uncle Scrooge23188fcb10drmint-5re C & S 171
3525W.D. Uncle Scrooge23288fcb10cbnear mint5re C & S 207
a110W.D. Uncle Scrooge23589fdr10near mint-7DR’s “Curse of Nostrildamus”
a111W.D. Uncle Scrooge24190fcb19near mint-6re US51 + restored Barks page + 2 Rosa panels + fc; dsi
3526W.D. Uncle Scrooge24190fcb19near mint6re US51+ restored Barks pp+2 Rosa panels+fc;dsi
a112W.D. Uncle Scrooge24290fcb drvery fine to near mint5re US49(17pp, Lunar Gold Rush) + 1pp Rosa gag
a113W.D. Uncle Scrooge24290fcb drnm-5re US49(17pp, Lunar Gold Rush) + 1pp Rosa gag
3530W.D. Uncle Scrooge27893fcb24drmint-5re US59, “North of the Yukon”; nice Rosa fc
W.D. Uncle Scrooge(set 285 thru 296)94fdrdrmint-70“Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck”; 12 part serial; sold as set only
3531W.D. Uncle Scrooge29796fdr15mint-6“Life & Times of S McD. ,chapter 0”
3532W.D. Uncle Scrooge29896fmint-4all W van Horn art
3533W.D. Uncle Scrooge30096fdr cbcbnear mint5re DR’s US220 & CB’s C & S 104; new DR cf; 48pp
3535W.D. Uncle Scrooge3193fdr cbdrmint-9re C & S 134(10pp); Rosa new 24pp; 1st Gemstone issue
3536W.D. Uncle Scrooge3213fdr10drmint-9
3537W.D. Uncle Scrooge3233fdr12drmint-9
3538W.D. Uncle Scrooge3243fdr cbdrmint-9re FC495/US3 art pp: 20, 10; vanHorn, Barreira shs
3539W.D. Uncle Scrooge3254fdr cbmint-9exc issue; re FC456/US2(BtK , 32pp)); exc DR 17pp
3540W.D. Uncle Scrooge3284fdr cbdrmint-9re US9; pages art: 13, 10; vanHorn shs
3541W.D. Uncle Scrooge3294fdr24drmint-9exc Rosa bc, semi- “L & T of Scrooge”; nice Vicatan
3542W.D. Uncle Scrooge3324fdr26drmint-9chap. 10B of “Life & Times of Scrooge”; exc DR bc
3543W.D. Uncle Scrooge3344fdr cbmint-9re DD52(Lost Pegleg Mine); art pp:33, 10; ex DR bc
3544W.D. Uncle Scrooge3375fdr13mint-9nice art vanHorn Gyro shs
a054W.D. Uncle Scrooge3395fdr cbmint-92005; pp art(28, 20); Barks re US 52
3545W.D. Uncle Scrooge3425fdr cbdrmint-9re C & S 265; Rosa 36pp shs a la “Life & T of S McD”
3546W.D. Uncle Scrooge3475fdr 24drmint-9
a055W.D. Uncle Scrooge3546fdr26drmint-92006; Rosa fc & bc art
a114W.D. Uncle Scrooge3596fdr cbmint-9re DR(C&S 612-3, 25pp, Incred Shrink Tigh) + re CB US16(6pp)
W.D. Uncle Scrooge(Rosa bc poster, 8 Scroo..)3727fcb drdrmint-9re 4Color 178(Xmas Bear Mtn., 20pp)+ DR’s C & S 601-3(24pp)
W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures(Gladstone series 1)187fcbmint-6re US55; US38(Gyro); 28pp Barks in 2 shs
a116W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures187fcbenmint-7re US 55; US 38(Gyro); 28pp Barks in 2 shs
3398W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures287fcb4mint-9re scarce M Mouse Almanac shs
3399W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures388fcb12mint-9re US 33 + 2pp gags
a117W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures488fcbenmint-9re US 22 (Golden River); 26pp Barks art
a118W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures588fdrendrmint-9Rosa’s “Last Sled to Dawson”(28pp)
3401W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures788fcb9near mint9re US 37(16pp) + 2pp FC1047
3402W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures888fcb24mint-9re US 61
a119W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures888fcb24near mint-9re US 61(So Far & No Safari) + 4pp van Horn shs
a120W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures988fdr12mint-9Rosa’s “Fortune on the Rocks”
a121W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures1088f cbenmint-9re US 18(27pp) + Us 37(1pp)
3404W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures1189fcb21near mint-9re US 44
3405W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures1289fcb8mint-9
a122W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures1489fdrenmint-9Rosa’s “His Majesty, McDuck”(28 pp)
3406W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures1489fdr28drmint-9Don Rosa
3407W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures1990fcb9drmint-9re US 39 + 1 gag page
W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures2090fcb drdrnear mint-9re US 28(21p), US 14(8p)+2 each 1pp gags; Rosa has 10 pp art
a123W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures2190fcb drcbmint-9art pp count: CB 31pp(US 56, 26, 8); + 8pp =CB/DR(great); dsi
a124W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures2190fcb drcbmint-9art pp count: CB 31pp(US 56, 26, 8); + 8pp =CB/DR(great); dsi
3408W.D. Uncle Scrooge Adventures(Gladstone series 2)2494fcb4drmint-9re US 13; Gladstone series 2 began with #22
List H Part 6 of 7 Comics; W.D Beagle Boys to W.D. U.S.Adventures 24.xls