Vintage, Collectible Comic Books 

@Notes:  List H..Special Artist Comic Books and Magazines from 1950’s(few) and 3900+ published since then; 90% are what I consider “special artist” content comics. 100% of them are priced and immediately available even though no specific box/location is shown If artistically interested, consult my list “Abbreviations: Artists and Genre” for the code to id 129 artists(comics, magazine, book) I consider exceptional and worthy of note. 

Comics are color and also black & white(magazines).  A few special books(such as the Spirit) are included.  The story page count of these particular artists is noted for each item.  All Walt Disney funny animal items are grouped under the prefix “W.D…….Savage Sword of Conan’s are grouped under “Conan” listing. 

These 3900+ items are presented in 8 sub- lists to help loading speed.
As an example of how to read the lines…see issue ((W.D. Comics and Stories #605)).  From left to right:  605=issue number 605;  96=dated 1996;   sh=genre f(funny animal); artist codes:  dr(Don Rosa), fg(Floyd Gottfredson, cb(Carl Barks); en=artist page count(entire issue if 1 artist did whole issue);   fc=front cover artist: WK=Walt Kelley; then condition, sell price, and other information such as page count of artists…in this case Rosa(8 pp), Gottfredson(13pp), Barks(10pp).

The vast majority of these comics have been bagged in standard comic storage bags with white cardboard backing sheets and in storage for decades. 

Many I purchased new off the newsstands.
If interested for a list of the 12 genre classes I have assigned to each comic item refer to the bottom of our site’s “Abbreviations: artist & genres”.

List H Part 5 of 7; comics; Prince Valiant 699 thru Vic and Blood 1.xls

Titleiss#dyshartist code en fcconditionSPS$List H; Comic books; no underground comicsbox no.
2100Prince Valiant(Dell Four Color)69956agood; scrape front cover lower edge12ca by Fuje
2101Prince Valiant(Dell Four Color)71956agd+9ca by Fuje; probably pac
2102Prince Valiant(King Pub.)R-0873ahf12f-vf8pl30; also Flash Gordon, Brick Bradford; b & w
2104Prize Comics Western7849wjs7phcfine-27Simon/Kirby art per OPG
2105Prize Comics Western8951wsew9sewfine26few spots inside fc/1 shs; ” Am. Eagle” su series
2106Prize Comics Western9352wsew23sewfine-27po margin 1pp; 3 “A.E.” shs(JS/WE); su series
2107Prize Comics Western9452wsew17sewfine-253 ” A. Eagle” shs by JS/WE; su series
2108Prize Comics Western9552wsew17sewfine+28eca; 2 “A. Eagle” shs(JS/WE); birth of A.E.; su series
2109Prize Comics Western9753wsew16sewvg192 ” A. Eagle” shs(JS/WE); su series
2111Psycho( b & w magazine)471hbe bjvery fine to near mint except small tear front cover at spine/srip areasoldKelly fc; BE “Heap” bc; 4pp arl ; box 483483
2112Psycho( b & w magazine)571hbe rr dwvery fine+ except minor water stain edge back coversoldnice Boris fc; BE ifc; exc RR, DW; box 483 483
2113Psycho( b & w magazine)772hvery fine + except few sticker pull mark top front coversoldimpalement fc; Torrents,”Heap”; box 483483
2114Psycho( b & w magazine)1373hmk vf-nmsoldnice Segrelles dungeon fc; good Kaluta shs; box 483483
2115Punchy(and Black Crow)1085faf12mint-8
2116Punchy(and Black Crow)1185faf11afmint-8
2117Punisher2689arh enrhmint-6exc defense-contractor corruption shs
2118Punisher9094arh enmint-6pl30; exc story; top Heath art
2119Punisher9194arh enmint-6pl30; exc story; top Heath art
2120Punisher9294arh enmint-6pl18; one of Heath’s best
a178Punisher2789crrhenrhvery fine to near mint6one of Heath’s best; copy 2
2121Punisher 8994arh enmint-6pl30; exc story; top Heath art
a177Punisher 2689crrhenrhnear mint-6one of Heath’s best; copy 2
2122Punisher 2790arh enmint-6pl30;exc defense-contractor corruption shs
2123Punisher War Journal1490arh enmint-6pl30; Spiderman; RH inks; copy 1
2124Punisher War Journal1590arh enmint-6pl30; RH inks; Spiderman; copy 1
a078Punisher War Journal1490c rhwnmint-6Heath exc inks; Jim Lee fc art; Spiderman appearance; copy 2
a079Punisher War Journal1590 crhenmint-6Heath exc inks; Jim Lee fc art; Spiderman appearance; copy 2
2125Quack176ffb hc dsfbmint-12pl16; FB(exc 11pp); D Stevens, Chaykin(12,10) fas
2126Quack276fsa10mint-7pl16; M Gilbert’s “Wraith continues; Leialoha inks SA
2127Quack377fan8mint-7pl16; E.Z.Wolf as p.I. Wolfjack; Gilbert’s “Wraith”
2128Quack477fmint-10pl16; exc M Gilbert “Wraith” art; exc Leialoha fc; fas
2129Quack577fmint-7pl16; G Day 4pp shs; “Wraith” continues
2130Quack677ffb 10mint-7pl16; exc Leialoha 9pp shs; reprints FB from #1
2131Race for the Moon358sffaw20very fine to near mint except coverless7 Williamson inks Kirby(per OPG)
2132Racket Rumba77crnear mint-; slight rubs3pi parodies by Loro; 50pp
2133Ragamuffins185mnear mint3pl12; Colan art
Ragemoor(Dark Horse, 4 part mini-series)112hrcenrcnear mint- 2012; nice R Corben art; exc paper/repro(black/gray/white)tbd
2134Raggedy Ann & Andy1647fwk3fine+soldeca; 2 dfc; charming comic
2136Raggedy Ann & Andy2848fwkvery good+soldeca; cast of characters in fc sidebar
2137Ragman176anrenjkmint-soldpl29; Redondo Studio art
2138Ragman276anrenjkmint-6pl29; Redondo Studio art
2139Ragman377anrenjkmint-6pl29; Redondo Studio art
2140Ragman477anrenjkmint-6pl29; Redondo Studio art
2141Ragman577anrenjkmint-6pl29; Redondo Studio art
2143Rawhide Kid6568wbe5fine-9
2144Rawhide Kid6668wbe5near mint-11
2145Rawhide Kid6869wmint-11
2146Rawhide Kid7970waw4near mint-13copy 1
2147Rawhide Kid7970waw 4near mint-13copy 2
2148Rawhide Kid8671wjki awvery fine9pl32; art(pp): 18, 4; copy 1
2149Rawhide Kid8671wjki awnear mint14pl33; art(pp); 18, 4; copy 2
2150Rawhide Kid9571waw 4good+; spine roll, small piece out back cover3pl32
2151Rawhide Kid9972want7near mint10
2152Rawhide Kid11173waw 4near mint9
2153Rawhide Kid12575wjd gc13very good- small piece out front cover5
2154Rawhide Kid13977wjd13gkmint-5
2155Rawhide Kid14077wjd13gkmint-5pl31; Andru shs
2156Rawhide Kid14177wjd jki gkmint-5pl31; art(pp): 10, 7
2157Rawhide Kid14277wjd5gkmint-5
2158Rawhide Kid (1985 series)185wjsenmint-5#1 of 4 issue mini-series
2159Rawhide Kid (Atlas/Marvel)3563wjd 18fine+110Colan shs; 18pp Jack Davis(EC artist); scarce
2160Real Clue Crime Stories 50crbp7f-vf34vol. 4 # 11
2161Real Clue Crime Stories 50crbp8good+; store stamp18vol. 4 #12; exc(BP) art on humorous child detective
2162Real Clue Crime Stories 49crvery fine+; 1/4 to /12 inch piece out back cover edge35vol. 4 # 2
2163Red Circle Sorcery674hgm hcgmvg4 art pages: 6, 5; copy 1
2164Red Circle Sorcery674hgm hcgmvf-nm7 art pages: 6, 5; copy 2
2165Red Circle Sorcery674hgm hcgmnm-m8 art pages: 6, 5; copy 3
2166Red Circle Sorcery774hbj gmgmfair to good; writing inside front cover, wrinkles cover2pl07; art: 5, 2
2167Red Circle Sorcery874hgm at ftgmnm-m8pl07; art: 5, 5
2168Red Circle Sorcery974hat 6gmnm-8pl07; exc Toth
2169Red Circle Sorcery1074hww hc am gmgmnm-m9pl07; exc issue
2170Red Circle Sorcery1175hgm6gmnm+6pl07; GM inks
2171Red Sonja(1977-9)177aftenftmint-soldFrank Thorne’s best art
2172Red Sonja(1977-9)277aftenftmint-soldFrank Thorne’s best art
2173Red Sonja(1977-9)377aftenftmint-soldFrank Thorne’s best art
2174Red Sonja(1977-9)477aftenftmint-8Frank Thorne’s best art
2175Red Sonja(1977-9)577aftenftmint-8Frank Thorne’s best art
2176Red Sonja(1977-9)677aftenftmint-8Frank Thorne’s best art
2177Red Sonja(1977-9)778aftenftmint-8Frank Thorne’s best art
2178Red Sonja(1977-9)878aftenftmint-8Frank Thorne’s best art
2179Red Sonja(1977-9)978aftenftmint-8Frank Thorne’s best art
2180Red Sonja(1977-9)1078aftenftmint-8Frank Thorne’s best art
2181Red Sonja(1977-9)1178aftenftmint-8Frank Thorne’s best art
2182Red Sonja(1977-9)1278afbmint-8no Thorne
2183Red Sonja(1977-9)1379amint-8no Thorne
2184Red Sonja(1977-9)1479afbmint-8no Thorne
2185Red Sonja(1977-9)1579amint-8no Thorne
2186Red Sonja(1983-4, vol. 3)283anr38mint-5Redondo inks 38pp Wilshire pencils
2187Red Sonja(1983-4, vol. 3)383arnmint-5Nebres & others ink Wilshire
2188Red Sonja(1983-4, vol. 3)784arnenmint-5superior art issue, all Nebres
Reese’s Pieces185hrr26rrmint-5exc art; 1 shs a la Wally Wood; re from b &w mags; Ralph Reese(rr) art; box 567448
Reese’s Pieces285hrrenrrmint-5adv/horror shs; good art; Yeates inks fc; Ralph Reese(rr) art; box 567448
Ren & Stimpy Show192fnear mintsoldNickelodeon tv characters; cartoon characters; box 485485
2190Revolver, (Robin Snyder’s)185sffsd15sdmint-5pl2; superb Dubay/Vicatan “Starlad” 8pp shs
2191Revolver,( Robin Snyder’s)285sffsd td rnmint-4pl19; art: 10, 5
2192Revolver, (Robin Snyder’s)485sffsd8sdmint-3
2193Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter275ajmsennear mint to mint5
2194Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter876awwenvery fine to near mint; small piece out 1 page ad 3pl02; Wood inks
Richie Rich Vaults of Mystery1176fvery fine; small piece out right edge of front cover4 box 485485
2195Rima, the Jungle Girl274jnr anjkmint-7 beautiful NR art(14 pp);AN sf shs(5pp)
2196Rima, the Jungle Girl374jnr anjknear mint7 beautiful NR art(14pp); AN sf shs(6pp)
2197Rima, the Jungle Girl474jnr anjknear mint7beautiful NR art(14pp); AN 5pp sf shs
2198Rima, the Jungle Girl575jnr anjknear mint7beautiful NR art(14pp); AN 5pp sf shs
2199Rima, the Jungle Girl675jnr14jkmint-7 beautiful NR art
2200Rima, the Jungle Girl775jnr12jknear mint-7 beautiful NR art; nice N. Zamora shs; copy 1
2201Rima, the Jungle Girl775jnr12jknear mint-7 beautiful NR art; nice N. Zamora shs; copy 2
2202Ringo Kid(2nd series)170waw jm jmvery good+5pages art: 4, 14
2203Ringo Kid(2nd series)170waw jmjmnear mint12 reprints #20 wo Colan; art; (pp): 4, 14
2204Ringo Kid(2nd series)270wjs18jmgood+4
2205Ringo Kid(2nd series)570wjm17jsnear mint7
2206Ringo Kid(2nd series)1272wjm jkjsnear mint-; fc cr right corner, store stamp8 art: 20; 5(Kubert/Moskowitz); dsi
2207Rio At Bay192wdw25dwm-5p.1 of 2; 4pp arl on Wildey; written & painted art by DW; Dark Horse
2208Rip in Time(set of 5)86sffrc rcm-20#1 thru 5; 150pp new RC art +29pp repts; exc fc RC art
2209Ripley’s Believe It or Not! True Ghost Stories165haw wwvery good to fine; water stain margin some pages12 art: 8,4
Ritchie Rich & Dollar Dog1981ffair; moisture exposure/water stain some margins, heavy spine wear;1 rc; box 485485
2211Robo-Hunter184sffm-4pl3; competent art by Gibbons & others
2212Rocky Lane Western8058wjs5vg-f9
2213Romantic Hearts(Master, 2nd series)554rvg-f soldpossible Ross Andru art
2216Romantic Secrets(Charlton)1057rfine+13Giordano fc
2214Romantic Secrets(Fawcett)3352rbp11phcfine to very fine; 1 inch tear at spine15
2215Romantic Secrets(Fawcett)3652rbp11phcvery good to fine; minor spotting bottom front cover9
2217Romantic Story2153rphcfine+; few small page edge tears–front cover131 nice art shs(minor Toth-ish)
2218Rook(b & w)..magazine179arn an rcnm-m12exc Nino 12pp; exc RC robot fc; RN inks sf shs; box 483483
2219Rook(b & w)..magazine380aat24nm-m8exc Toth “Bravo for Adventure” shs(part 1); box 483483
2220Rook(b & w)..magazine480aat25nm-m8exc Toth “Bravo for Adventure” shs(part 2); box 483483
2221Rook(b & w)..magazine1281anr rn jsnear mint to mint; storage roll, not 100% flat, reversible3Severin’s great 6pp “Am. Eagle” shs (re Soujourn); box 483483
2222Rook(b & w)..magazine1482arn jsnm- 8JS’s su 7pp “Am. Eagle”; nice “Sherlock Holmes shs; box 483483
2225Sabre382am-3pl12; B Graham unusual art
2226Sad Sack’s Funny Friends3361ffa-gd2ws, wfc; loc p37
2227Sandman676shjki wwenvf-nm10pl04; WW inks
2228Savage Combat Tales175cam12m-5
2229Savage Combat Tales275cam atm-7pages art: 12, 8
Savage Sword of Conan(see Conan, the Bar..
SAVAGE TALES (b & w); ref.Note: all volume 1 Savage Tales are in footlocker under table
2230Savage Tales(b & w, Super Annual)175agk bs gm nmsold30pp BS(Ka-zar); su G Barr fc; nice re contents;#12484
2231Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1),feat. Conan273abs fb aw bwvery fine; minor rubs spine area25su; best Buscema; GM, JM; torture fc; superb issue; copy 1484
2232Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1),feat. Conan273abs fb aw bwnm-soldtorture fc; Maneely re; “Red Nails” re; su; best Buscema; superb; copy 2484
2233Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1),feat. Conan374abs37very fine to near mint; tiny piece out spine area, rubs 14BS bio, 37pp Conan, arl illo AW, FB484
2234Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1),feat. Conan474agk na jm bsnavf-nm14see above; JM “Crusader”; BS”Dweller in Dark”; copy 1484
2235Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1),feat. Conan474agk na jm bsnanm-soldexc issue; C Russell 2pp; GK/NA shs; Jason/Argon; copy 2484
2236Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1),feat. Conan574ajs jsinavf-nm14Brak Barbarian, Ka-Zar; last Conan; Starlin pencils484
2237Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)674arm awnavery fine-; minor subscription crease82 J Buscema shs; “Jann of Jungle” re; ; copy 1484
2238Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)674arm awnam-10RM/AW nice “Jann…”; nice S Gan “Dragonseed”copy 2484
2239Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)774anafine; minor subscription crease, crease front cover 6NA inks J Buscema; nice Gan “Brak”;; copy 1484
2240Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)774ananear mint to mint10Boris fc; Lin Carter arl; Adams inks one shs(Busc.); copy 2484
2241Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)875arm awsfvery fine; minor subscription crease5arl Ka-zar in pulps; nice “Jann” shs; nice Gan “Brak; copy 1484
2242Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)875arm awsfnear mint to mint; tiny piece out bottom edge some pages 7see above; copy 2484
2243Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)975amknear mint; narrow minor crease vertically near spine4 copy 1484
2244Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)975amkvery fine; minor subscription crease7nice S. Gan Ka-zar shs; ifc M Zeck; copy 2484
2245Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)1075arh na vcfine+; small piece out bottom edge, some pages 5 see above; copy 1; copy 1484
2246Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)1075arh na vcnm8Boris fc; M Whelan shs art; Andru/VC shs; copy 2484
2247Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)1175arh fine to very fine; minor subscription crease6su RH /A Goodwin survival shs; Whelan fc; copy 2484
2248Savage Tales(b & w, vol. 1)feat. Ka-zar)1175arhnear mint-9S Gan lead shs; su Heath shs; see above; copy 1484
2249Savage Tales(b & w; vol. 2, exc covers)185amg js gmmgnear mint-12exc issue; “the ‘Nam”; Fr For. Legion(JS); exc mc fc; box 483483
2250Savage Tales(b & w; vol. 2, exc covers)285arr gm usnm-m10Suydam fc; exc issue; P Villa(JS); box 483 483
2251Savage Tales(b & w; vol. 2, exc covers)386ajsnear mint to mint; minor browning spots back cover10exc JS 2 shs(Geronimo, US in Russia); box 483483
2252Savage Tales(b & w; vol. 2, exc covers)486amg js nm-m10weird Jusko fc;” the Nam”; hb western(JS); box 483483
2253Savage Tales(b & w; vol. 2, exc covers)586ajsnea rmint; minor piece out page edges 10exc 2 JS shs(Crusades, Indians); box 483483
2254Savage Tales(b & w; vol. 2, exc covers)686ajs sgnm-m10su issue; USS Stevens-type naval shs, P Moreno; exc fc; box 483483
2255Savage Tales(b & w; vol. 2, exc covers)786ajs sg gmnm-m10su issue; USS Stevens-type naval shs, Jusco fc; box 483483
2256Savage Tales(b & w; vol. 2, exc covers)886ajs sgnear mint; minor browning spots back cover10su issue; USS Stevens-type naval shs; Jusco fc; box 483483
2257Scary Tales175hsk9soldsold
2258Scary Tales375hnm-m7pl11; M Zeck shs; possible SD shs
2259Scary Tales1879hsd bpsdmint-; minor ink makrs front cover top left logo area 5 art(pp): 9, 5
2260Scary Tales1979hsk sdsknm-m5S. Kim shs in Korean & English
2261Scary Tales2079hsd7m-5
a080Scary Tales3983hsd24sdvg-f5all Ditko; Dr Haunt narrates all shs
Sci-Spy12crpgenpgmint-4Palmiotti inks Gulacy; box 567448
2262Scorpio Rose183hmrenmint-4pl3; M Rogers pencils 1, inks 1; Dr Orient bus; copy 1
a081Scorpio Rose183mmrennear mint-4M. Rogers pencils 1, inks 1 shs; Dr. Orient bus; copy 2
a175Scorpio Rose283hmrenmrvf-nm4plus 8 pp of mystic “Doctor Orient”
2264Scorpion275ahcenmint-6pl05; partial BW, MK, WS art
2265Scorpion375a near mint-4
2267Secret Origins(3rd series, (“Crimson Avenger”)586shgcm-4pl27; DC’s 1st masked hero reincarnated by Colan
2268Secret Romance 970rrr good3 wfc; cr fc; Reese art 1 shs
2269Secrets of Haunted House175han rv6soldsold
2270Secrets of Haunted House375hnr1m-11
2271Secrets of Haunted House475hnr9nm11pl27; Cruz shs
2272Secrets of Haunted House576hnr 1bwnear mint- except front cover somewhat rubbed)5
2274Secrets of Haunted House978hsd5nm7
2275Secrets of Haunted House1378han10nm7
2276Secrets of Haunted House1979han10nm8
2277Secrets of Haunted House2380hnrnm5Nestor Redondo Studio art
2278Secrets of Haunted House3581ham7m-5pl02; Spiegle’s art on ‘Mister E”
2279Secrets of Haunted House4582hsd8m-8pl02; nice Vicatan shs
2280Secrets of Sinister House1774hvf-nm2plo4;exc 1952 10pp “J Peril” shs(F Giacoia/S Barry)
2281Secrets of Sinister House1874hgk4good6pl04; fc is fair; nice 1953 Kane/Sachs reprint
a029Secrets of Sinister House872han5vf-nm7
2282Seduction of the Innocent185mat rm recrecm-8pl21; art(5,5,7); horror,sff,cr re Standard 1950’s
2283Seduction of the Innocent285mat ma ncmam-12pl20;art(8,6,5); crime(AT); ipa(MA); re 1950’s Standard Comics,
2284Seduction of the Innocent385mat ma m-8pl21; art(8, 2);cr/horror/sff from 1950’s Standard Comics
Seduction of the Innocent486hat6atnm8Peppe inks Toth; Yeates inks Toth fc; Nick Cardy shs; box 567448
Seduction of the Innocent686hat, ff, jgmint-8pp(6,1,6); also nice shs by Andru/Esposito, Tuska; box 567448
2285Semper Fi289cjs16jsmint-4Vietnam; US Marines; province search & destroy; JS inks
2286Semper Fi3cjs16jsmint-4WWI, trenches; JS inks A Kubert
2287Semper Fi5cjs16jsmint-4 Nicaragua; JS inks A Kubert
2288Semper Fi7cjs16jsmint-4Lebannon; JS inks
2289Semper Fi889cjs16jsmint-4 Paris Island/DI; JS inks A Kubert
Sgt Rock Special990crh, jk, hcvf-nm5pp(12, 22, 2); Kubert on “Enemy Ace”re; all reprints448
2295Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos4567cjsenjsvg+soldSeverin totally
2296Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos51cjsenjspoorsoldSeverin totally
2297Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos54cjsenjsfine+soldSeverin totally
2298Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos64cjsenjsvf-soldSeverin totally
2299Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos67cjsenjsvf-nmsoldSeverin totally
2300Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos72cjsenjsvg-f5Severin totally
2301Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos72cjsenjsvf-nmsoldSeverin totally
2302Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos73cjsenjsvf+SOLDSeverin totally
2303Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos7470cjsenjsvf+SOLDSeverin totally
2304Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos7570cjsenjsf-vfSOLDSeverin totally; GI deserter execution issue
2305Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos7670cjsenjsf-vfSOLDSeverin totally
2306Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos7770cjsenjsvf+SOLDSeverin totally
2307Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos7870cjsenjsvf-nmSOLDSeverin totally; written by Bill Everett
2308Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos7970cjsenjsnm-SOLDSeverin totally
2309Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos8170cjsengoo; tear at spinesoldSeverin totally
2310Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos9872cjsnm-SOLDEsposito inks Ayers
2311Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos11073cvcjsm-soldColletta inks Ayers
2312Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos140cjsenjsm-SOLDre #45; Severin totally
2313Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos141cjsenm-soldre #46; Severin totally
2314Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos144cjsenm-DSOLDre #49; Severin totally
2315Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos162cjs5m-SOLDbus parody “Sgt Furious”(JS); also re Ayers/JS shs
2316Sgt. Fury … His Howling Commandos163cm-soldre #69 + re M Severin “Blunder Agents”
2317Sgt. Fury… H.H.C.(King-Size…Annual468cjsenfair to good; good front cover, piece out top spine area, very fine interiorsold artist/writer parody in combat
2290Sgt. Rock(special)489cww bk ws jk mint-8pp art: 6, 6, 2, 25; exc contents
2291Sgt. Rock(special)2192c sg rh js jkjkmint-8pp art: 8, 12, 4,15; exc USSS; USSS re; exc issue
2292Sgt. Rock34780cjs4jkmint-4formerly titled Our Army at War
2293Sgt. Rock349cjkmint-4formerly titled Our Army at War
2294Sgt. Rock374csgjkmint-0generic USSS-like shs; Sold
Sgt. Rock39685crhenjknm-52 new Sgt. Rock shs by Russ Heath; “children in war” issue
2318Shade the Changing Man177shsdenmint-6nice Ditko work
2319Shade the Changing Man277shsdenmint-8nice Ditko work
2320Shade the Changing Man377shsdenmint-8nice Ditko work
2321Shade the Changing Man478shsdenmint-8nice Ditko work
2322Shade the Changing Man578shsdenmint-8nice Ditko work
2323Shade the Changing Man678shsdenmint-8nice Ditko work
2324Shade the Changing Man778shsdenmint-8nice Ditko work
2325Shade the Changing Man878shsdenmint-8nice Ditko work
2796Shadow Strikes, The189cr transferred to List z2-H
2326Shadow(DC, 1973-5)173crmkenmknear mint; few minor wrinkles front cover12exc(his best) MK art
2327Shadow(DC, 1973-5)273crmkenmkvery fine+12exc MK art
2328Shadow(DC, 1973-5)274crmkenmkmint-15exc MK art
2329Shadow(DC, 1973-5)374crmk bwenmknear mint; many wrinkles and 1 tear front cover3
2330Shadow(DC, 1973-5)574crnear mint10F Robbins art
2331Shadow(DC, 1973-5)774crnear mint10F Robbins art
2332Shadow(DC, 1973-5)875crnear mint-10F Robbins art
2333Shadow(DC, 1973-5)1075cr mkmint7E Cruz art
2334Shadow(DC, 1973-5)1175cr mkmint-7E Cruz art
2335Shadow(DC, 1973-5)1275cr mkmint-7E Cruz art
2797Shadow, The (DC, issue 1 of miniseries)186crhc enhcmint-6pl13; all Chaykin art; 2nd version, after earlier Kaluta
2336Shanna, the She-Devil172jvcjisvf-nmsoldTuska pencils
2337Shazam!373shvg-f6pl31; 1 1946 re
2338Sherlock Holmes175crwsnm-mSOLD 2 of AC Doyles shs , art by Ernie Cruz
2339Shield–Steel Sterling383shan18mint-5pl6; exc repro on Nino, not murky like in DC; war
2340Shock Suspenstories(East Coast color re)673crjo ww jkwwmint- re 1950’s EC comic; su Wood KKK fc; see list F, items 317-334
2341Shock Suspenstories(East Coast color re)1273crjk jo rec wwalf(near mint) except wrinkles back cover re 1950’s EC comic; see list F, items 317-334; box 567
Shooting Star Comics Anthology54anear mint to mint4variety b & w comic; 64pp; good quality paper; box 485485
Showcase Presents Hawkman(DC)nn7sffjk ma gkjknear mint-15 Vol. 1; 560pp; b & w; re 1961-6; stories: Kubert(9), GK(1), MA(22); Shelf; LP $17; good repro & shsshv
a030Showcase(Cave Carson)4964avery good17Adventures inside Earth
2343Showcase(Creeper)7368shsdensdnear mint-sold 1st appearance Creeper
2344Showcase(Firehair)8569wjkenjknear mint-16nice Kubert work
2345Showcase(Firehair)8669wjk22jkvery fine to near mint13pl19; nice JK art
2346Showcase(Firehair)8769wjkenjknear mint18pl19; 1pp Ken Barr(rest JK)
2348Showcase(I-Spy), ie Danger Trail5064aci gk(very good) except 4″ tear margin 1pp repaired11 2 su D.Trail 1950 re
2349Showcase(I-Spy), ie Danger Trail5064aci gkvery fine to near mint342 su “King Farraday” shs from Danger Trail(1950’s)
2350Showcase(I-Spy), ie Danger Trail5164aci gkvery fine+ 2 minor page edge tears312 su D Trail re 1950’s
2351Showcase(Nightmaster)8269ajgenjk(good to very good) except large crease front cover10pl23
2352Showcase(Nightmaster)8469abwenjknear mint24
2353Showcase(Top Gun), western7268wat jkrhfine to very fine11 art: 10, 3;
Sin City: Hell and Back(Dark Horse)199crrhnear mint-3Frank Miller; 1 of 9 series; b & w; R Heath 1 pp(unrelated to main story)448
2354Sinister House of Secret Love271rtdenvery fine-21 36pp deZuniga art; fls
2355Sinister House of Secret Love472rtdenvery fine to near mint28 37 pp deZuniga art; India; few mi tears bc
2356Six From Sirius184sffpgenpgmint-4issue 1 only of the first miniseries; exc Gulacy art
Six from Sirius384sffpgenpgnear mint4issue 3 only of the first mini-series; exc Gulacy art
2357Six from Sirius 2(2nd)set(1-4)85sffpg96pgmint-15usual nice Gulacy art; top quality paper; sold as 4 issue mini-series set only
2358Six from Sirius(1st)set(1-4)84sffpgen pgmint-20..the first 4 issue mini-series; exc Gulacy art; sold as 4 issue set only
2359Six-Gun Heroes(Charlton)8064wpm10good-; major spine roll2Morisi’s “Gunmaster”
2360Skull the Slayer175agkmint-sold
2361Skull the Slayer275agkmint-18
2362Skull the Slayer376amint-18
2363Skull the Slayer476amint-18
2364Skull the Slayer576amint-18
2365Skull the Slayer676amint-18
2366Skull the Slayer776amint-18
2367Skull the Slayer876ajkimint-18
2368Slash Maraud187sffpgenpgmint-9pl1; all Gulacy art; adventure-sf; part 1 of 6
2369Smokey the Bear(4 Color) 59fgood; general wear, small tears front cover4 Four Color 1016
Soap Opera Romances282rfine to very fine6
Soap Opera Romances382rvery fine8
Soap Opera Romances483rfine to very fine6multi-panel fc art
2370Sojourn(newspaper, exc stripzine, b & w)177ajk sa js dwnear mint-1012 x 18; quality paper; 24pp; new art; Tor, Am Eagle(also listed fanzine sales list)
2371Sojourn(newspaper, exc stripzine, b & w)277ajk js sa dwnear mint- except 1″ tear at spine, crease10ditto; 2 pi strips; excellent art both; new art; (also listed fanzine sales list)
2372Solomon Kane285amint-4pl13; Brett Blevins art on Robert E Howards hero
2373Somerset Holmes(set of 6) 83aaw48mint-36pl5; 6 part “Cliffhanger”(AW); balance exc B Jones
2375Son of Satan877hrhennear mint to mint5
2376Space Adventures(1978-9 series)978shsdensdmint-6pl11; all SD “Capt Atom”
2377Space Adventures(1978-9 series)1078shsdsdmint-6pl11; 24pp S Ditko
2378Space Adventures(1978-9 series)1279shsdensdmint-6pl11; 25 pp S Ditko
2379Space Adventures(early series)2458sffsd jsvery good+sold1958; art(pp); 5, 3
2380Space Clusters(DC graphic novel)786sffanenanvery fine to near mint746pp+ Nino art; graphic novel; location: list F1(F089)493
2381Space Family Robinson, Lost in Space1666sffgood+; writing back cover5 loc p16
2382Space Man 262sff(good to very good) except detached cover6
2383Space War2978sffsdsdnear mint to mint10pl05; 13pp Ditko art
2384Space War 3479sffsd9mint-8
2385Spacehawk189sffbwo22bwomint-8pl4; 2 Spacehawk shs + bus by G Davis
2386Spacehawk289sffbwo20bwomint-8pl4; 2 Spacehawk shs + bus
2387Spacehawk289sffbwo20bwomint-8pl18; + a non-BWO shs
2388Spacehawk492sffbwoenbwomint-8pl18; all Wolverton
2389Spacehawk593sffbwoenbwomint-8pl21; 3 Spacehawk + 1 Supersonic Sammy shs
2401Spirit (Kitchen Sink)1285crwe esenwemint-84 shs b & w format starts
2402Spirit (Kitchen Sink)13crwe esenwemint-8
2403Spirit (Kitchen Sink)14crwe esenwemint-8
2404Spirit (Kitchen Sink)15crwe esenwemint-8
2405Spirit (Kitchen Sink)16crwe esenwemint-8
2406Spirit (Kitchen Sink)17crwe esenwemint-8
2407Spirit (Kitchen Sink)18crwe esenwemint-8
2408Spirit (Kitchen Sink)19crwe esenwemint-8
2411Spirit (Kitchen Sink)22crwe esenwemint-8
2412Spirit (Kitchen Sink)23crwe esenwemint-8
2413Spirit (Kitchen Sink)24crwe esenwemint-8
2414Spirit (Kitchen Sink)25crwe esenwemint-8
2415Spirit (Kitchen Sink)26crwe esenwemint-8
2416Spirit (Kitchen Sink)2787crwe esenwemint-8
2417Spirit (Kitchen Sink)28crwe esenwemint-8
2418Spirit (Kitchen Sink)29crwe esenwemint-8
2419Spirit (Kitchen Sink)30crwe esenwemint-8
2420Spirit (Kitchen Sink)31crwe esenwemint-8
2421Spirit (Kitchen Sink)32crwe esenwemint-8
2422Spirit (Kitchen Sink)33crwe esenwemint-8
2423Spirit (Kitchen Sink)34crwe esenwemint-8
2424Spirit (Kitchen Sink)35crwe esenwemint-8
2425Spirit (Kitchen Sink)36crwe esenwemint-8
2426Spirit (Kitchen Sink)37crwe esenwemint-8
2427Spirit (Kitchen Sink)38crwe esenwemint-8
2428Spirit (Kitchen Sink)39crwe esenwemint-8
2431Spirit (Kitchen Sink)42crwe esenwemint-8
2432Spirit (Kitchen Sink)43crwe esenwemint-8
2433Spirit (Kitchen Sink)44crwe esenwemint-8
2434Spirit (Kitchen Sink)4588crwe esenwemint-8
2435Spirit (Kitchen Sink)46crwe esenwemint-8
2436Spirit (Kitchen Sink)47crwe esenwemint-8
2437Spirit (Kitchen Sink)48crwe esenwemint-8
2438Spirit (Kitchen Sink)49crwe esenwemint-8
2439Spirit (Kitchen Sink)50crwe esenwemint-8
2440Spirit (Kitchen Sink)51crwe esenwemint-8
2442Spirit (Kitchen Sink)53crwe esenwemint-8
2443Spirit (Kitchen Sink)54crwe esenwemint-8
2444Spirit (Kitchen Sink)55crwe esenwemint-8
2445Spirit (Kitchen Sink)56crwe esenwemint-8
2446Spirit (Kitchen Sink)57crwe esenwemint-8
2447Spirit (Kitchen Sink)5889crwe esenwemint-8
2448Spirit (Kitchen Sink)59crwe esenwemint-8
2449Spirit (Kitchen Sink)60crwe esenwemint-8
2450Spirit (Kitchen Sink)61crwe esenwemint-8
2451Spirit (Kitchen Sink)62crwe esenwemint-8
2452Spirit (Kitchen Sink)63crwe esenwemint-8
2453Spirit (Kitchen Sink)6490crwe esenwemint-8
2454Spirit (Kitchen Sink)65crwe esenwemint-8
2455Spirit (Kitchen Sink)66crwe esenwemint-8
2456Spirit (Kitchen Sink)67crwe esenwemint-8
2457Spirit (Kitchen Sink)68crwe esenwemint-8
2458Spirit (Kitchen Sink)69crwe esenwemint-8
2459Spirit (Kitchen Sink)70crwe esenwemint-8
2460Spirit (Kitchen Sink)71crwe esenwemint-8
2461Spirit (Kitchen Sink)72crwe esenwemint-8
2462Spirit (Kitchen Sink)73crwe esenwemint-8
2463Spirit (Kitchen Sink)74crwe esenwemint-8
2464Spirit (Kitchen Sink)75crwe esenwemint-8
2465Spirit (Kitchen Sink)76crwe esenwemint-8
2466Spirit (Kitchen Sink)77crwe esenwemint-8
2467Spirit (Kitchen Sink)78crwe esenwemint-8
2468Spirit (Kitchen Sink)79crwe esenwemint-8
2469Spirit (Kitchen Sink)80crwe esenwemint-8
2470Spirit (Kitchen Sink)81crwe esenwemint-8
2471Spirit (Kitchen Sink)82crwe esenwemint-8
2472Spirit (Kitchen Sink)83crwe esenwemint-8
2473Spirit (Kitchen Sink)8491crwe esenwemint-8
2390Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color183crwe esenwemint-6b&w Sunday newspaper strips start…1940’s re of great, classic strip; all exc fc’s
2391Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color2crwe esenwemint-5
2392Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color3crwe esenwemint-5
2393Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color4crwe esenwemint-5
2394Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color5crwe esenwemint-5
2395Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color6crwe esenwemint-5
2396Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color7crwe esenwemint-5
2397Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color8crwe esenwemint-5
2398Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color9crwe esenwemint-5
2400Spirit (Kitchen Sink)—color11crwe esenwemint-5
Spirit (reference entry)(see also Will Eisner’s Quarterly)
2475Spirit 40 Comic Book Sections(b & w)72crwe esennear mint40all 4 bag- sets of 6/40-3/41 Sundays, some unreprinted at that time479
2476Spirit Special(Warren, color)175crwe esenmint-2810 of Eisner’s best; good paper, good repro/color479
2477Spirit(1973, b & w, Kitchen Sink)173crwe esenwevery fine to near mint17war new cover & 4pp art +4 Spirit shs(3 1946, 1 ?)
2478Spirit(1973, b & w, Kitchen Sink)273crwe esenwemint-; back cover slight edge wear17war new cover; 4 P’Gell + new 4pp
2479Spirit(Ed April; Great Classic CNS #4)166crwe esenwenear mint-; slight rubs edge of front cover detached3668pp, 1st 93 dailies(10/27/41–); box 483483
2480Spirit(Ed April; Great Classic CNS #9)268crwe esenwenm-m362/9/42-5/42 large panels; good paper, repro;scarce483
2481Spirit(Harvey, giant, 25 cents)166crwe58wevery good-; frotn cover in good cond, interior is fine11 7 WE shs + 5 pp new art
2482Spirit(Harvey, giant, 25 cents)267crwe58wevery fine to nea rmint30 all Eisner; 7shs and 9 pp new art; wonderful book
2483Spirit(Super Comics)1163cres21fine to very fine16 4pp “Flatfoot Burns”; 2 or 3 shs Eisner
2484Spirit(Super Comics)1264cres21very good9 8pp “Flatfoot Burns” shs; 3 “Spirit” shs
a082Spirit(Super Comics)1264cres21fair; red ink makrs top front cover and back cover, general wear, slight dog earred page48pp “Flatfoot Burns” shs; 3 Spirit shs
2485Spirit, Daily(Real Free Press, Amstdm)175crwe esenwenear mint-35Eng language; 12/8/41 -5/30/42; wmb, ppbk 8 x 11″479
2486Spirit, Daily(Real Free Press, Amstdm)275crwe esenwenear mint-25ditto above; 6/1/42-11/21/42; all 4 are b/w, color cvrs479
2487Spirit, Daily(Real Free Press, Amstdm)375crwe esenwenear mint-25ditto above; 11/23/42-5/15/43; all good repro/paper479
2488Spirit, Daily(Real Free Press, Amstdm)475crwe esenwenear mint-24ditto above; 5/17/43-11/12/43(strip ended 3/11/44)479
Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)Note: all these b & w magazines are in box 482
2507Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)1777crwe eswenear mint15war cover; better paper; Lady Luck shs(Nordling); new publisher(was Warren)482
2508Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)1878crwe eswenear mint to mint106 Spirit shs; war cover; 5pp ‘Clifford”(J Feiffer)482
2509Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)1978crwe es wemint-105 Spirit shs; 1 Lady Luck(K Nordling); other Eisner new art482
2510Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2079crwe es wwwenear mint to mint101 W Wood “Outter Space Spirit” shs; war; other new WE art482
2511Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2179crwe es wwwenear mint to mint10war cover; 4 Eisner Spirits; 1 W Wood Spirit; other new WE art482
2512Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2279crwe es wwwenear mint to mint10war cover, 4 WE Spirit, 1 Wood Spirit; Spirit strip index begins482
2513Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2380crwe es wwwenear mint to mint10war, strip index, 1 Wood “Outter Space Spirit”, etc482
2514Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2480crwe es wwwenear mint10war, strip index, 1 Wood shs; 1941, 6, 7 shs.482
2515Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2580crwe es wwwenear mint10no war; strip index; 1 Wood shs; nice fc/bc; 1941,6,7,9 shs482
2516Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2680crwe es wwwenear mint to mint10war cover, 1 Wood shs; re 1941,6,7 shs; strip checklist part 5482
2517Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2781crwe eswenear mint to mint10war cover; strip checklist; now bimonthly+8 more pp482
2518Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2881crwe es wwwenear mint to mint10war cover; G Kane iv; strip checklist; last Spirit shs+stybds/script482
2519Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)2981crwe eswenear mint10war cover; 4 Spirit shs; Eisner checklist starts; 1940,2,50 shs 482
2520Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3081crwe rc hkernear mint to mint102 Spirit re shs; 36pp “jam” shs; Eisner checklist part 2; RC 2pp482
2521Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3181crwe eswenear mint to mint10Eisner checklist; Kurtzman iv; 1942,6, 8, 50 shs482
2522Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3281crwe eswenear mint to mint10Eisner checklist ends; no war cover; 1941, 3, 7 shs482
2523Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3382crwe eswenear mint to mint1013pp on Eisner Army PS mag; war cover; essay on comic art482
2524Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3482crwe eswem-101941,8 re Spirit shs; M Caniff iv(part 1 of 2)482
2525Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3582crwe eswenear mint to mint10nice WE spanking Ellen fc; 12pp Caniff iv ends; 1940,1,6 Spirit re482
2526Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3682crwe eswenear mint to mint101st Spirit(6/2/40) section in color; war cover; 1946,7 re Spirits482
2527Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3782crwe eswenear mint to mint10Joe Simon iv, war cover; 1941,9 Spirits; 6/9/40 color Spirit482
2528Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3882crwe eswenear mint to mint106/16/40 color Spirit; 1941,9, 50 Spirit re; war cover482
2529Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)3983crwe eswenear mint to mint10war cover; J Kirby if; 1941,6, 51 Spirit re; 6/23/40 color Spirit482
2530Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)4083crwe eswenear mint to mint103 Spirit 1947 re + 6/30/40 color re; J Kubert iv482
2531Spirit, The(Kitchen Sink, b & w magazine)4183crwe es bpwenear mint to mint107/7/40 color Spirit; color Lady Luck + Mr. Mystic; CC Beck iv482
2489Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)174crwe esmint-328 shs, 1 in color; exc start; mostly 1946-7 shs482
2490Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)274crwe eswevery fine-141947-8 shs, 1 in color; new Eisner covers start482
2491Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)374crwe eswenear mint to mint141 color shs482
2492Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)474crwe eswenear mint-141948-9 shs, 1 in color482
2493Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)574crwe eswe(near mint) except bump top & bottom spine/strip area141949 stories, 1 color482
2494Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)675crwe eswe(near mint-) except 1/2″ tear top spine/strip area & 1/16″ tear bottom spine/strip area101946-50; 1 color482
2495Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)675crwe eswemint-141946-50 shs, 1 in color; copy 2482
2496Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)775crwe eswenear mint- except spine/strip area poor-fair, tear at spine9all Ebony issue, 1 color shs; copy 1482
2497Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)775crwe eswenear mint except minor bump at spine/strip area12all Ebony issue, 1 color shs;482
2498Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)875crwe eswenear mint except slight bump spine/strip area111948-50 shs; female foes issue482
2499Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)975crwe eswenear mint141948-9 shs, 1 in color482
2500Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)1075crwe eswemint-1490pp issue(10 shs), 1 color, 2 duotone; 1951 shs; WE-K Kelly fc482
2501Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)1175crwe eswenear mint except back cover is very fine+121947-9 shs; WE-K Kelly front cover482
2502Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)1276crwe eswenear mint exept 3/4 scrape on spine/strip area121946-50 shs; Xmas Spirit issue; multipanel front cover art482
2503Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)1376crwe eswenear mint except minor rubs spine/strip area of front cover129 shs; ;multipanel front cover art482
2504Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)1476crwe eswenear mint121950-1 shs; multipanel front cover482
2505Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)1576crwe eswenear mint129 shs, 1948-9482
2506Spirit, The(Warren, b & w magazine)1676crwe eswenear mint except some small spine/strip nicks101946-50 shs482
2532Spirit: the New Adventures198awe1mint-5 nice 24pp shs by A Moore & D Gibbons
2533Spirit: the New Adventures398awe1bbnear mint5unusual A Moore/D Torres shs
2534Spirit: the New Adventures498awe1esmint-5exc shs by Brent Anderson/W Blyberg(7pp
2535Spirit: the New Adventures598awe1near mint to mint4pl1
2536Spirit: The Last 245 Dailies(K Pierce, Publisher)480crwe lf esenlfvf+13last 8 months of strip(1943-4); good paper/repro479
2537Spirit; Millennium Edition(DC, color)10cres weenwenear mint-; slight wrinkles cover lower left46 Spirit shs re Spirit #1(1944)Quality; ; 2000
2539Stalker175asd wwenwwnm-m13pl28; Wood inks SD; sas
2540Stalker275asd wwenwwmint-10pl28; Wood inks SD; sas
2541Stalker375asd wwenwwmint-10pl28; Wood inks SD; sas
2542Stalker476asd wwenwwmint-10pl28; Wood inks SD; sas
a184Star Spangled Comics(1999)199shnear mint10above average art C Weston; Sandman, S Spangled Kid; JSA
2543Star Spangled War Stories14669crh jkjkvery fine+20art pp: 11, 2; all “Enemy Ace”
2544Star Spangled War Stories14769cjkenjkvery fine+19all “Enemy Ace”
2545Star Spangled War Stories14870cjk19jkvery fine to near mint2219 pp JK “Enemy Ace”
2546Star Spangled War Stories15170cjkenjkgood+12“Enemy Ace”, “Unknown Soldier”; sr; copy 1
2547Star Spangled War Stories15170cjkenjkvery fine40“Enemy Ace”;;; “Unknown Soldier”( 1st solo appearance); copy 2
2548Star Spangled War Stories15270crh jkjknear mint-23art pp: 9, 16
2549Star Spangled War Stories15571cjkenjkvery fine; water stain to front cover and page 1, minor ink makrs backc cover6
2550Star Spangled War Stories15671cjk11jkvery fine+; some pages edge cuts6 Hitler shs
2551Star Spangled War Stories15771cjkenjkvg+7
2552Star Spangled War Stories16272crh jsjkvery fine to near mint; 1 inch crease front cover6pp art: 15, 8; exc issue(Balloon Buster; deFuccio)
2553Star Spangled War Stories16372cci jkjkvery good-5pp art: 6, 16
2554Star Spangled War Stories16472cat 8jkvery good5su Toth shs
2555Star Spangled War Stories16572cjkvery fine to near mint8
2556Star Spangled War Stories16672cjkvery fine to near mint8
2557Star Spangled War Stories17273csg wsjkvery fine to near mint8exc USS Stevens naval shs
2558Star Spangled War Stories17373cjknear mint-9
2559Star Spangled War Stories17473csg wsjknear mint-9exc USSS shs; pp art: 5, 2
2560Star Spangled War Stories17573cjkvery fine to near mint8
2561Star Spangled War Stories17673cvery fine to near mint8Ken Barr fc
2562Star Spangled War Stories17774cnear mint-9Ken Barr fc
2563Star Spangled War Stories18074cws7jkvery fine+4
2564Star Spangled War Stories18174cjkfair; cover is fair to poor2F Thorne on “Balloon Buster”
2565Star Spangled War Stories18274cjkvery good+3
2566Star Spangled War Stories18374cjkvery fine to near mint8Enemy Ace, Balloon Buster series shs
2567Star Spangled War Stories18575csgjknear mint-9
2568Star Spangled War Stories18675cjknear mint-9F Reyes art
2569Star Spangled War Stories19776cmk5jkvery fine to near mint8partial Kaluta
a051Star Spangled War Stories16172c dw very fine to near mint; large piece out back cover5 nice DW lead story
2571Star Wars277sffhcenm-sold
2572Star Wars3880sffmg taenmgm-soldpl02; TA inks
2573Star Wars5081sffawenm-soldpl02; 40 pp AW, with WS/Palmer
2574Star Wars6082sffwsenwsm-sold
2575Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back(Marvel)1680sffaw96nm-soldSuper Special #16; 100pp; mti; nice C Garzon inks479
2586StarFire176amint-7Vosburg/Colletta ca
2587StarFire276amint-10Vosburg/Colletta ca
2588StarFire3amint-10Vosburg/Colletta ca
2589StarFire4amint-10Vosburg/Colletta ca
2590StarFire5amint-10Vosburg/Colletta ca
2591StarFire677amint-10Vosburg/Colletta ca
2592StarFire777amint-10Vosburg/Colletta ca
ao31StarFire877amint-10Vosburg/Colletta ca
Starman(DC, western)741wrhenrhnear mint-112001; Sheriff vs. secret society; 1899tbd
2593Starslayer182sffmgenmgmint-15pl30; war
2594Starslayer282sffmg dsmgmint-soldpl05; Steven’s Rocketeer(6pp); Grell(25pp)
2595Starslayer382sffmg dsmgmint-12plo05; Stevens’ “Rocketeer”(5pp); MG 25pp
2597Starslayer582sffmg sa mgmint-6pl30; Groo by SA(5pp); 25pp Grell
2598Starslayer1484sffmint-6pl30; T Truman 2 shs
2599Starslayer1784sffmint-6pl30; 2 shs T Truman
2600Startling Stories: Banner1 shrcenrcmint-6pl14; 2001; Hulk-like character
2601Strange Adventures(DC)15063sffma16good8Atomic Knights(AtKn)
2602Strange Adventures(DC)21769sffma8very good12soiling bc; Adam Strange(AdSt), AtKn.
2603Strange Adventures(DC)21869sffma ci very fine-8pp art: 9, 6; AdSt; AtKn.
2604Strange Adventures(DC)21969sffma ci jkvery fine to near mint9pp art: 9, 10); AdSt; AtKn; Space Cabbie
2605Strange Adventures(DC)22069sffma cijkvery fine to near mint9pp art: 9,9; Giacoia: 6pp; AdSt; AtKn
2606Strange Adventures(DC)22169sffma ci manear mint-10pp art: 9, 9; S Barry 6pp; AtKn; AdSt.
2607Strange Adventures(DC)22270sffgk ma gknear mint-12pp art: 14, 19; AtKn; AdSt.
2608Strange Adventures(DC)22370sffma ci mavery fine to near mint10pp art: 9, 9; AtKn; AdSt.
2609Strange Adventures(DC)22470sffma ci mavery fine to near mint10pp art: 9, 9; AtKn; AdSt.
2610Strange Adventures(DC)22570sffma ci jkvery good to fine6pp art: 9, 18; AtKn; AdSt.
2611Strange Adventures(DC)22670sffma ci jkjkvery good+12large, exc; pp art: 32,9,6; Giacoia 6, S Barry 6
2612Strange Adventures(DC)22770sffgc gk ci majkfinet o very fine; piece out pages edge11large,exc; pp art: 6,6,15,6; Giunta 8
2614Strange Adventures(DC)22871sffma jg gk civery fine to near mint15large, exc; pp art: 25, 6, 6, 9; Drucker 6pp
2615Strange Adventures(DC)22971sffma ci vfgood to very good; back cover soiled9large, exc; pp art: 30,9,6; S Barry 6; AtKn, AdSt
2616Strange Adventures(DC)23071sffci ma gkvery fine-12large, exc; pp art: 15,15,6; S Barry 6; AtKn, AdSt
2617Strange Adventures(DC)23171sffci ma gkvery fine; writing front cover10large, exc; pp art: 26,24,7; AtKn; AdSt
2618Strange Adventures(DC)23271sffma ci jkfine to very fine; small piece out spine area, back cover crease10large, exc; pp art 15, 21); Drucker 8; AdSt
2619Strange Adventures(DC)23371sffci mavery good8large, exc; pp art: 15, 8); S Barry 6; AdSt; bc stn.
2620Strange Adventures(DC)23472sffci ma jknear mint-15large; pp art: 20,14; Barry 7; AdSt; Star Rovers
2621Strange Adventures(DC)23572sffci mavery fine+; tear back cover8large: pp art: 9,18: 25pp AdSt/JLA shs;Giunta 4
2622Strange Adventures(DC)23972sffci mavery good to fine9large; pp art: 24, 15; AdSt
2623Strange Adventures(DC)24373sffma ci near mint; little noticed stain bottom front cover and pages6pp art: 23,15); AdSt
2624Strange Planets(Super, Pub)1564sffrh 5good; tape front cover5
2625Strange Tales15767shjis12jisvery fine to near mintSOLD JiS on Nick Fury(Shield)
2626Strange Tales15967shjis12jisvf-nmsoldg1777 loc; JiS on Nick Fury(Shield)
2627Strange Tales16067shjis12near mint-SOLDg1872 loc; Dr Strange; Nick Fury
2628Strange Tales(Warlock)17875shjmsenjmsnmsold exc JMS shs(all art, story, coloring) Warlock begins by Starlin
2629Strange Tales(Warlock)17975shjmsenjmsnmsoldpl32; exc JMS art
2630Strange Tales(Warlock)18075shjmsen jmsm-soldpl32; exc JMS art
2631Strange Tales(Warlock)18175shjmsenjmsm-soldexc Starlin art, Weiss exc inking
2632Strange Tales(Warlock)18175shjmsenjmsnm-msold exc Starlin art, exc Weiss inking
Strawberry Shortcake285fvery good-; wrinkles left side front cover, spine area wear2popular small kid character; box 485485
2633Strip; (color; mag; England)190sffnm-5“Chr. Genghis Grimtoad”; Wagner/Grant wrt.
2634Strip; (color; mag; England)290sffnm-4nice D Lawrence “Pirates”, “Grimtoad”
2635Strip; (color; mag; England)390sffnm-4D Lawrence’s “Storm” continues, “Grimtd.”
2636Strong Man(A-1 #130)155abp28bpg-vg20
Sugar and Spike9771fvery good+; slight spine roll, 1 inch front cover edge tear repaired3all Sheldon Mayer art + fc; bx 485; cute art485
a083Suicide Squad(2nd series)42 crh19enm-4pp 3-21 are Russ Heath’s art
a084Suicide Squad(2nd series)102 cjs18m-3pp 4-21 are very nice 2002 Severin art
2637Sundance Kid371wbp7nm15pl01; BP “Red Hawk” re; Durango Kid re
2638Super DC Giant (Strange Fly. Saucers Ad.)2776sffrh gk cinm-m18 art(pp): 9, 6; GK/MA(8); exc RH; exc issue
2639Super DC Giant (Western Comics)S1570wjk gkjkfa-gd; coupon out art not affected, spineroll, pice out edges few pages6pl16; art: 8, 12
2640Super Friends176shjo vcvcnm-soldtv tie-in; loc p45
2641Super Friends4581shm-10pl04; “Plastic Man”(Staton/Smith)
2643Super Friends4381shmint-; wrinkles back cover5pl24; Plastic Man(Staton/Smith
2642Superboy11564shgood; general wear, tear at spine, slight spine roll7 loc p60
2644Superman23871shma gmcinm20 art(pp): 16, 7; copy 1
2645Superman25372shma vfgood; water stain back cover, sticker pull mark front cover, store stamp8 22, 2
2646Superman40084shaw mk jishcnm-msoldAW(8pp) ,MK(6pp), JIS(10pp); WE, JD ,BW(1pp ea)
2647Superman 23871shma gm7civg-fsoldart(pp): 16, 7 MA inks main shs; copy 2
2648Superman Annual983shat ta30gkm-18pl04 ; TA inks
2649Superman(Radio Shack giveaway)82shfine5pl25; “Computer Masters of Metropolis”; Swan; DC
2650Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane11671shci10fine-15pl27; Infantino ” Dr. Pat” shs re (1949)
2651Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane11671shci10very fine to near mint; 1 1/2 inches tear front cover10CI re” Dr Pat” (1949)
2652Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane11771shci vc10vf-nm13pl31; CI re “Lady Danger”, 1949
2654Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 9666shnm-24fls; loc p63
2655Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 14972shjac15nm-20pl03; “Plastic Man”
2656Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 15072shjac13nm+22pl03; “Plastic Man”
a032Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 15372shnm-10
2657Supernatural Thrillers172hjisvf+soldpl18; M Severin/Giacoia on Sturgeon’s “It”
2658Supernatural Thrillers(Vallley of Worm)373agkengkvf-18pl32; fls of RE Howard’s shs
2659Super-Team Family 376shww nanm18pl27; art(pp); 18, 18
2660Super-Team Family 1277shjk3m-13pl03; new JK “Hawkman” shs; G Lantern/Hawkman,
2661Super-Villain Team-Up(Dr Doom/Red Skull)1578shwwennm17pl31; reprinted from Astonishing Tales 4 & 5
2662Susie Q Smith(4 Color)45353fpoor to fair; 1 by 2 inch piece out front cover, page edge tears2 loc p36
2692Swamp Thing Saga(DC Special Series 14)nn78hbw46bwnm-13re S Thing 3, 4; new war cvr; Sumr;re 46pp BW
2663Swamp Thing Saga, Original( 1977-8)177hbw48bwnm-mSOLDre S Thing 1 & 2; su war cvr; Special Series #2)
2665Swamp Thing(D.C.)273hbwennear mint; store stamp back coverSOLD su BW art
2666Swamp Thing(D.C.)373hbwenvf-nm*sold(*ex ss and light stains on bc); su BW art
2667Swamp Thing(D.C.)5hbwennm15su BW art; copy 2
2668Swamp Thing(D.C.)5hbwm-soldsu BW art; copy 1
2669Swamp Thing(D.C.)6hbwennmsoldsu BW art
2670Swamp Thing(D.C.)874hbwennmSOLDsu BW art; copy 1
2671Swamp Thing(D.C.)874h bwnmsoldsu BW art; copy 2
2672Swamp Thing(D.C.)974hbwenm-soldsu BW art
2673Swamp Thing(D.C.)1074hbwennm-15su BW art
2674Swamp Thing(D.C.)1174hnrenvf-nmSOLDsu Redondo art
2676Swamp Thing(D.C.)1274hnrnm10su Redondo art
2677Swamp Thing(D.C.)1374hnrvf+SOLDsu Redondo art; copy 1
2678Swamp Thing(D.C.)1374hnrennrm-SOLDsu Redondo art; copy 2
2679Swamp Thing(D.C.)1475hnrennrm-10su Redondo art
2680Swamp Thing(D.C.)15hnrnear mint; rubs to front cover3
2681Swamp Thing(D.C.)16hnrennrmint-10su Redondo art
2682Swamp Thing(D.C.)17hnrennrmint-soldsu Redondo art
2683Swamp Thing(D.C.)18hnrennrmint-10su Redondo art
2684Swamp Thing(D.C.)19hnrennrnear mintSOLDsu Redondo art; copy 1
2685Swamp Thing(D.C.)19hnrnear mint10su Redondo art; copy 2
2686Swamp Thing(D.C.)2076hnrennrnear mintSOLDsu Redondo art; copy 1
2687Swamp Thing(D.C.)20hnrennrnear mint-10su Redondo art; copy 2
2688Swamp Thing(D.C.)21hnrennrmint-SOLDsu Redondo art
2689Swamp Thing(D.C.)22hnrenmint-SOLDsu Redondo art
2690Swamp Thing(D.C.)2376hnrenmint-SOLDsu Redondo art
2691Swamp Thing(D.C.)2476hnear mint-SOLDE Chua art; Swamp Thing reverts to Dr. Holland
a037Swamp Thing(D.C.)3285hvf-nm5exc S McMannus art; mint ex 1″ cr bottom bc/pp
a038Swamp Thing(D.C.)3385hbw at8mint-5exc House of Secrets 92 origin reprinted(blended in)
2693Swamp Thing, Saga of 182hmint-SOLDYeates art; Spiegle on Phantom Stranger
2694Swamp Thing, Saga of 2h phcmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger
2695Swamp Thing, Saga of 3hmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger; copy 1
a028Swamp Thing, Saga of 382hmint-5Yeates’ art; Carrillo on Phantom Stranger; copy 2
2696Swamp Thing, Saga of 4ha5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger; copy 1
2697Swamp Thing, Saga of 4hmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger; copy 2
2698Swamp Thing, Saga of 6hmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger
2699Swamp Thing, Saga of 7hmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger
2700Swamp Thing, Saga of 882hmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger
2701Swamp Thing, Saga of 983hmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger
2702Swamp Thing, Saga of 10hmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger
2703Swamp Thing, Saga of 11hmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger
2704Swamp Thing, Saga of 12hmint-7Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger
2705Swamp Thing, Saga of 13hmint-5Yeates art; Carrillo on P. Stranger
2706Swamp Thing, Saga of 14hmint-5no Yeates
2709Sweethearts(Fawcett, vol.1) 9050rbp10phcvery fine to near mint23title run under Fawcett until mid-1954…then Clarlton took over
2710Sweethearts(Fawcett, vol.1) 10151rbp11phcvery fine+20
2711Sweethearts(Fawcett, vol.1) 10752rbp10phcnm-39
2712Sweethearts(Fawcett, vol.1) 11752rbp11phcvf-nm26G Evans(?) art
2713Sweethearts(1954, vol 2)2654rbp10fine+; minor writing inside front cover13Chalton replaced Fawcett on title(volume 2)
Swing with Scooter3371fgood-; slight spine roll, tape repairs on minor tears ata spine area3Archie-like; box 567448
2714Sword of Sorcery173ahcenmkvery fine to near mint; bump back cover11 exc; based on F Leiber’s “Fafhrd/Gray Mouser”‘ copy 1
2715Sword of Sorcery173ahcenmknm-14exc; based on Leiber’s” Fafhrd & G Mouser”; copy 2
2716Sword of Sorcery273ahcenbwvery fine to near mint; store stamp back cover8pl01; exc; based on F Leiber’s “Fafhrd/Gray Mouser”
2717Sword of Sorcery373ahc mkenhcnm-m9pl01; exc; based on F Leiber’s “Fafhrd/Gray Mouser”
2718Sword of Sorcery473ahc wsenhcnm-m8pl01; art: 14, 6; exc “Fafhrd/G Mouser”
2719Sword of Sorcery573aws jmswsmint-8pl01; art: 14, 6; exc “Fafhrd/G Mouser”
2720Sword of the Atom(p/o mini-series)183agkengkmint-4pl25; one of Kane’s best series
2721Sword of the Atom(p/o mini-series)283agkengkmint-4pl25; one of Kane’s best series
2722Sword of the Atom(p/o mini-series)383agkengkmint-4pl25; one of Kane’s best series
2723Sword of the Atom(p/o mini-series)483agkengkmint-4pl25; one of Kane’s best series
a087Sword of the Atom (mini-series, 1 of 4)183agkengknear mint to mint4exc Kane art; good Strnad shs; 23pp art + Kane pu; copy 2
a088Sword of the Atom (mini-series, 2 of 4)283agkengknear mint to mint4exc Kane art, good Strnad story; copy 2
a089Sword of the Atom (mini-series, 3 of 4)383agkengknear mint to mint4exc Kane art; good Strnad shs; copy 2
a090Sword of the Atom (mini-series, 4 of 4)483agkengknear mint to mint4exc Kane art, good Strnad story; copy 2
Sword of the Atom (mini-series, 4 of 4)483agkengkmint4exc Kane art, good Strnad story; copy 2
a091Sword of the Atom (mini-series, 4 of 4)483agkengknear mint to mint4exc Kane art; good Strnad shs; copy 3
2724Sword of the Atom Special(2 issue run)184agkengkmint-5pl25;40pp exc followup shs to 4 part mini-series; copy 1
2725Sword of the Atom Special(2 issue run)285agkengkmint-5pl25; 40pp exc followup to special #1; copy 1
a085Sword of the Atom Special(2 issue run)184agkengkmint-5exc Kane art; good Strnad story; 40pp followup to mini-series; copy 2
a086Sword of the Atom Special(2 issue run)285agkengkmint-5exc Kane art; good Strnad story; 40pp followup to Special #1; copy 2
2726Swords of Heaven, Flowers of Hell79sffhcenhcfine to very fine6H Metal; tpb; Moorcock’s “Eternal Champion”;clr.
2727Tales of Ghost Castle175hnr2very fine to near mintlostpl01; SA: 1pp
2728Tales of Ghost Castle275han5good to very good4pl01; Cruz shs
Tales of Terror(Eclipse)385hgm10near mint-soldMorrow(Frankenstein); gd shs on semi-death fantasy+child molestation’s savior448
Tales of Terror(Eclipse)486hgm8jbvery fine to near mintsoldnice fc art; slasher killer; crib death; nice Truman 2pp(ressurection of scarecrow)448
Tales of Terror(Eclipse)786hjb8near mint-soldnice Chido fc; exc JB shs; exc Bissette writing for Lloyd shs; hit&run; violent video448
Tales of Terror(Eclipse)986hjb8jbnear mint-soldsu JB fc art; exc JB shs; exc John Ridgway(J Bolton-like art) 10pp shs448
Tales of Terror(Eclipse)1287hjb7jbnear mint-soldexc JB shs448
2729Tales of the Macabre (fanzinish comic)174hvery fine3Windy City Publisher; sort of fanzine/underground; scarce; 32 pages; good paper
2730Tales of the Mysterious Traveler1585hsdenskmint-7 Nino-like fc by Kim
2731Tales of Wells Fargo(Four Color 1215) 61wrh32phc very good12Four Color #1215; some of RH’s best art; large panels
2732Tapping the Vein189h jbnear mint5pl14; C Russell, Hampton art on Clive Barker shs; copy 1
a015Targitt275crhnennear mintsoldnew Howie Nostrand art
a016Targitt375crhnennear mintsoldnew Howie Nostrand art
2736Tarzan Family(giant, jungle & ipa)6075jrf rum mk hf jknear mint13 art(pp:) 12,15,9,7 and 5 by Zamora; great iss.
2737Tarzan Family(giant, jungle & ipa)6176jrf rum mk jkjknear mint-13 art(pp): 12, 23, 6, 3; 12 by Zamora; exc issue
2738Tarzan Family(giant, jungle & ipa)6276jrf rum mk hf jkjknear mint-12art(pp): 12,18, 6, 7, 1; Zamora/Vicatan 5; exc.
2739Tarzan Family(giant, jungle & ipa)6376jmk hf jkjkvery fine to near mint; wrinkles back cover, 1 inch tear back cover8 Zamora/Vicatan 5pp: art: 7, 10,
2740Tarzan Family(giant, jungle & ipa)6576jmk ma mint-9 art(pp); Kaluta(12pp), M Anderson(5pp)
2741Tarzan Family(giant, jungle & ipa)6676jma gmnear mint9 art(pp): 4, 6; Zamora inks 12
2742Tarzan(D.C.)21472j jkfine to very fine4copy 1
2743Tarzan(D.C.)21472j jknear mint9Dan Green part 2 art; copy 2
2744Tarzan(D.C.)21573j jk hfjkvery good to fine4Dan Green art
2745Tarzan(D.C.)21673j hc6jkvery good+; tear front cover2 Chaykin replaced Green; copy 1
2746Tarzan(D.C.)21673j hc6jknear mint-6Chaykin replaced Green; copy 2
2747Tarzan(D.C.)21773j ma jkvery fine to near mint4M Anderson on bus; copy 1
2748Tarzan(D.C.)21773j ma jknear mint-9M Anderson on bus; copy 2
2749Tarzan(D.C.)21873j jkvery fine to near mint7ssbc
2750Tarzan(D.C.)21973j jkvery fine to near mint; subscription crease4
2751Tarzan(D.C.)22673j rumjknea rmint9exc Manning Tarzan; copy 1
2752Tarzan(D.C.)22673j rumjkvery fine to near mint7exc Manning Tarzan; copy 2
2753Tarzan(D.C.)22874j jkvery fine to near mint7copy 2
2754Tarzan(D.C.)229 j jkneat mint-7
2756Tarzan(D.C.)24275j jkvery fine+; subscription crease3copy 1
2757Tarzan(D.C.)24275j jknear mint-6copy 2
2758Tarzan(D.C.)24475j jknear mint-6
2759Tarzan(D.C.)24875j rf jljknear mint-6
2760Tarzan(D.C.)25275j jk rf jljlnear mint-6
a033Tarzan(D.C.)22874jjknear mint-7copy 1
a034Tarzan(D.C.)247jjknear mint-6
2761Tarzan(Dell)6655jrum6good-5 BoS (Brothers of the Spear) bus; cr fc
2762Tarzan(Dell)11960jrum6very good+8 BoS
2763Tarzan(Dell)12261jrum6very good8 JEM art; BoS
2764Tarzan(Dell)12962jrum5good+5 BoS; JEM art
2765Tarzan(G Key)13562jrum5fine8 JEM art; BoS; probable 1pp RUM on Tarzan
2766Tarzan(G Key)13762jrum5fine to very fine; subscription crease4 BoS
2767Tarzan(G Key)14364jrum5very good to fine7 BoS
2768Tarzan(G Key)14664jrum4good+4wfc; BoS
a050Tarzan(Marvel)1278jvery fine to near mint3
2769Tarzan(Sunday strip collections)jhf bh0 list F(various foreign language/Italian & Fr. + Eng strips)
2770Teen Titans(1966 First Series)1969shgk wwennear mint-42pl31; Wood inks Kane
2771Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles3390arcenrcmint-5pl14; nice Corben effort
Terminator: Secondary Objectives191sffpgenpgmint-5exc 24pp Gulacy pencils/K Kesel inks; box 567448
2772Tex Dawson, Gun-Slinger173waw 4jisnear mint to mintsoldTuska shs
2773Texas Rangers in Action7670wpm9very fine+; small piece out few pages6pl14; nice Repetto shs & fc
2785the ‘Nam186cmigmint-5outstanding series on Vietnam war begins
2786the ‘Nam287cmigmint-5
2787the ‘Nam3cmigmint-5exc Saigon R & R issue
2788the ‘Nam4cmigmint-5
2789the ‘Nam8cmigmint-5tunnel rat issue
2790the ‘Nam12cjsenjsmint-5exc letter to home issue
2791the ‘Nam6592crhenrhmint-5sniper vs sniper issue
2819Three Stooges1163fvery good+14ws; Arabian Nights type fc
2820Three Stooges1964ffine+17Three Musketeers type fc
2821Thriller(D.C. Comics)984sffanenanmint-5copy 1
2822Thriller(D.C. Comics)1084sffanenanmint-5pl26; 40pp Nino art
2823Thriller(D.C. Comics)1184sffanenanmint-5
2824Thriller(D.C. Comics)1284sffanenanmint-5copy 1
a176Thriller(D.C. Comics)1284sffanenanvery fine to nearmint5copy 2
Thriller(D.C. Comics)984sffanenanmint-5copy 2
Thriller(D.C. Comics)1184sffanenanmint-5
Thrilling Adventure Stories(b & w magazine)175aft rhfine; “1206 stamp front cover logo + some small spots margin front cover 12box 483(380 ?)
Thrilling Adventure Stories(b & w magazine)275aws rh js atnear mint16pp(11,8,8,7); su top line art: Heath/Severin/Toth; box 380
2825Thrilling Adventure Stories(b & w magazine)175aft rhmint-13Thorne(Lawrence of Arabia, 8 pp); Heath(Nazi camp, 8 pp); box 483
2826Thrilling Adventure Stories(b & w magazine)275aws rh js atnamint-0su issue; oriental; noir western; hb cop; SOLD
2827Thrilling Comics(DC)199shrh22mint-4Justice Society; part 1(#2 in All Star #2)
2828Thrilling Romances1351rsew6phcvery fine26
2829Thrilling Science Tales189sffww awmkmint-5Wood(12)),Williamson(7); Guardineer Space Ace; reprints
2830Thrilling Wonder Talesnn91sffww jk bpwwmint-5pl18; art: 8, 7, 9; good issue of exc reprints
2831Thrillogy184atcentcmint-5pl14; 3 very dissimilar shs, all Conrad
2832Thrill-o-Rama(Man in Black called Fate)165sffbp8fine+SOLDprobably Powell’s best 1960’s work; D Wildey art(?)
2833Thrill-o-Rama(Pirana)266abp5near mint o mint18AW 2 page ad; “Man in Black” appears to be part Powell(?)
2834Thrill-o-Rama(Pirana)366abp5very fine to near mint13pl32; “Man in Black” by BP
2835Thunda King of Congo(bound Cochran portfolio73jff en ffnear mint50b&w; 9 x 13; 4 shs re; superb EC portfolio quality; one owner
2837Thunder Agents(Tower) 165shww rec gkwwgood to very good16art page count: 26, 10, 12;
2838Thunder Agents(Tower) 266shww 36wwfine to very fine22
2839Thunder Agents(Tower) 366shww45wwvery fine to near mint25
2840Thunder Agents(Tower) 466shww35wwvery fine-18
2841Thunder Agents(Tower) 566shww34wwfine+; minor writing inside front cover10
2842Thunder Agents(Tower) 666shww sdwwvery fine to near mint; slight curl24 art pp count: 24, 10; copy 1
2843Thunder Agents(Tower) 666shww sdwwnm-24art page count: 24, 10; copy 2
2844Thunder Agents(Tower) 766shww21wwnear mint-; slight ink marks 2 inches to front cover edge28 copy 1
2845Thunder Agents(Tower) 766shww21wwnear mint28copy 2
2846Thunder Agents(Tower) 866shww22wwvery fine to near mint28 also G Tuska art
2847Thunder Agents(Tower) 966shww20fine to very fine12copy 1
2848Thunder Agents(Tower) 966shww20fine+10copy 2
2849Thunder Agents(Tower) 1066shww10wwnear mint-25Williamson/Wood fc art
2850Thunder Agents(Tower) 1267shww sd10wwvery fine to near mint24copy 1
2851Thunder Agents(Tower) 1267shww sd10wwnm25copy 2
2852Thunder Agents(Tower) 1367shww28wwnm-20
2853Thunder Agents(Tower) 1467shww gk gkfine 15sl curl; art pp : 10, 14; possible Ditko
2854Thunder Agents(Tower) 1767shww14vg+8rs, sm wrc
2855Thunder Agents(Tower) 1867shww sd recrecfine+10art pp count: 10(re), 10, 10); copy 1
2856Thunder Agents(Tower) 1867shww sd recrecnm-27art pp count: 10(re), 10, 10); copy 2
2857Time Force183shrn15rnmint-5pl6; interesting MacLeod “Anaconda” art
2858Time Warp179sffjg sdmkmint-8pl24; art: 8, 9
2859Time Warp280sffhc gk sd jgmknear mint-6pl24; art; 8, 7, 8, 6
2860Time Warp380sffjg sdmknear mint7pl24; art: 6, 10
2861Timespirits485sffaw8mint-3pl2; T Yeates shs
2862T-Man2955avery good to fineSOLDnice exotic locale foreign shs
2863T-Man3256afine21nice exotic locale foreign shs
2864T-Man3656afine21nice exotic locale foreign shs
Tom & Jerry 50th Anniversary Special194fcb16fine gone; to “keeper” status448
2865Tom and Jerry Comics21162fvery good+5
2866Tom and Jerry Comics21263ffine9
2867Tom and Jerry Funhouse21563fvery good+5
2868Tomahawk13170wff jg jknear mint-14pl02; “Strong Bow” by JG; FF(3pp)
2869Tomahawk13471wjk6jkvery fine to near mint8pl02; JK on “Firehair”
2870Tomahawk13571wjs8jknear mint-10 EC comics quality Defuccio/Severin shs; copy 1
2871Tomahawk13571wjs8jkvery fine to near mint8 EC comics quality shs by DeFuccio(wrtr) & JS; copy 2
2872Tomahawk13571wjs8jkvery fine+8 EC comics quality shs by DeFuccio(wrtr) & JS;copy 3
2873Tomahawk13972wff gkjkvery fine to near mint12pl02; art 7, 10; one of Frazetta’s best shs
2874Tomb of Darkness1775hbp4very fine to near mint6Woodbridge shs
a092Tomorrow Stories..(Alan Moore’s)111fnear mint5exc H Barta shs/fc art; Hitler shs; oa very competent art 4 shs
2875Top Adventure Comics164abk7jsvery good to fine; water stain front cover edge5 looks like fc is leftover from EC’s Extra
Top Dog185fnm3Marvel/Star; children’s cute comic; secret life of talking dog; box 485485
2876Top Jungle164jmki6very fine to near mint10 Kinstler shs “Taanda White Princess; 3 shs
2877Tor(DC comics)175ajkenjkmint-13pl27; artist self-drawn; 2pp Tor comic history(1950’s)
2878Tor(DC comics)275ajkenjkmint-6pl27; exc issue reprints original Tor/Dannie Dreams comic
2879Tor(DC comics)375ajk atenjkmint-6pl27; exc issue reprints original Tor/D Dreams comic
2880Tor(DC comics)475ajkenjkvery fine+6pl27; exc issue re original Tor from 1950’s
2881Tor(DC comics)576ajk rhjknear mint to mint6pl27; JK reprint; Danny Dreams reprint; RH(lpp)
2882Total War265cwwenfine+12nice Wood art; copy 1
2883Tower of Shadows269hna7near mint-; erasure markings on back coversoldnice WW art; copy 2
2884Tower of Shadows370hbs5near mintsold Tuska, Colan shs; copy 1
2885Tower of Shadows370hbs5near mint-20 Tuska, Colan shs; copy 2
2886Tower of Shadows470hgcvery fine to near mint; light pen markings on back cover14pl12
2887Tower of Shadows570hww bsvery fine to near mint14pl31; art: 7,6; exc issue; self-port. ; nice Shores shs
2888Tower of Shadows670hsd wwfine+; wrinkles at back spine/strip area9 art(pp): 5, 7
2889Tower of Shadows770hbs wwvf-nm16 art(pp): 7, 7; copy 1; probable Kirby art
2890Tower of Shadows770hbs wwnm-m20 art(pp): 7, 7; copy 2; probable Kirby art
2891Tower of Shadows870hww sdnm-18pl14; art(pp): 7, 5
2892Trigger Twins173wci18very fine7pl01; Andru shs; nice re
2893True Bride-to-be Romances2357rbp6near mint-21
2895True Love Problems and Advice851rbp3near mint-23
2898True Sport Picture Stories 47mbp16fine to very fine28volume 4 #1; su “Slewfoot Jones” Powell baseball shs
2899True Spy Stories191mmint-3pl13; part prose, part strip; striking fc of Mata Hari
Turok..Dinosaur Hunter3295apgenpbnear mint5MacLeod inks Gulacy; box 567448
2900TV Stars378fat dsatnear mint+13OPG notes Stevens inks; art: 5, 5
2914Twilight Zone (Four Color 1173) 61sffrec22very fine-; store stamp bottom margin page 1 interior63
2915Twilight Zone (Four Color 1288) 62sffrec10fine; 1/2 inch piece out right lower corner, front cover very good, interior is fine+16
2901Twilight Zone(Gold Key)162sffrec11vg soldsl sr ow fine-v fine
2902Twilight Zone(Gold Key)363sffat11very good+; spine roll, tear at spine back cover8
2903Twilight Zone(Gold Key)1065sff fine+; slight spine roll14pl25
2904Twilight Zone(Gold Key)1265sffaw 4very good+9
2905Twilight Zone(Gold Key)1365sffrec9fine-9 exc Crandall shs; copy 1
2906Twilight Zone(Gold Key)1365sffrec9very good+8exc Crandall shs; copy 2
2907Twilight Zone(Gold Key)1466sffrec aw interior is good, cover in poor condiction, tear and stains back cover4 art: 11, 9; copy 1
2908Twilight Zone(Gold Key)1466sffaw recnear mint-14 art: 9,11; also possible Orlando/Torres; copy 2
2909Twilight Zone(Gold Key)1566sffrec9very good; tear 3/4 inch back cover and small piece out back cover8 probable Crandall shs
2910Twilight Zone(Gold Key)2167sffrec11fine+; minor wrinkles covers11pl30
2911Twilight Zone(Gold Key)2568sffrec, at very fine to near mint13pl 26; re 4pp Toth ; ditto RC from #1173
2913Twilight Zone(Gold Key)5173sffaw6very fine to near mint8
2912Twilight Zone(Gold Key) 15 cent edition2668sffrec10very good; 1 inch tear back cover, front cover crease12 rf FC #1288( fc/2 shs); scarcer than 12 cent edition
2916Twist(Kitchen Sink, b & w)187mbw5mint-4
2917Twisted Tales182hrc tcrcmint-SOLDpl22; Corben, Conrad(9, 7 pp)
2918Twisted Tales283hmp rho bwbwmint-SOLDpl22; Ploog, Holmes, Wrightson(8, 7,1 pp); exc fc
2919Twisted Tales383hrc dwrcmint-soldpl22; Corben, D Wildey(9, 8 pp art)
2920Twisted Tales483hjb bj jbmint-soldpl22; Bolton, B Jones(12, 7 pp art); nice fc
2921Twisted Tales583hrc rhorcmint-soldpl22; Corben, Holmes(4, 9 pp art)
2922Twisted Tales684hjb 9jbmint-soldpl22; stomach-churning fc by Bolton
2923Twisted Tales784hjb5jbmint-sold
Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones286hbjenbjmint-5nice Al Williamson-ish art; good writer also; believe reprint; box 567448
2924Two-Fisted Tales(Cochran hc set)cmint- request details; possibly will sell; with Frontline Combat was best war comic
2925Two-Fisted Tales(East Coast re)3473cjd ge js wwmint- great war title; see list F, items 317-334; copy 1; box 567
2926Two-Fisted Tales(East Coast re)3473cjd ge js wwmint- along with Front Line Combat best war comic; copy 2; see list f, items 317-334; box 567
2927Two-Gun Kid8266wbe5near mint13
2928Two-Gun Kid9168wbe5near mint-soldO Whitney lead story + fc
2929Two-Gun Kid9971wjs 18mint-8R Andru shs
2930Two-Gun Kid10272wbp4gknear mint to mint0pl34; GK/JS fc; SOLD
2931Two-Gun Kid10272wbp4gknear mintsoldpl19; JS inks GK fc
2932Two-Gun Kid10472wjm bp jsjsvery goodsoldpl34; art: 6, 5, 2 pp; mi wfc
2933Two-Gun Kid10472wjm bp jsjsmint-0pl34; art: 6, 5, 2 pp; mi wfc; SOLD
2934Two-Gun Kid11073waw 4near mintsold
2935Two-Gun Kid11373wjs 6mint-5Colan, O Whitney shs; Whitney fc
2936UFO & Alien Comix(b & w magazine)177sffat jsnear mint to mintSOLDre Toth, Severin(sf-western); Torrents; Salvador; box 483483
2937Uncanny Tales(Marvel)173hrec6very fine to near mintSOLD
2938Uncanny Tales(Marvel)875hsd5very fine to near mint10
2940Unearthly Spectaculars266aww gk awvery fine to near mint18pl32; art: 10, 5, 7
2941Unearthly Spectaculars367arec5very fine to near mint18
2798Unexpected, The10768hvery fine8pl05; lead shs ” Johnny Peril”; M Drucker 4pp
2799Unexpected, The11569hnagood+; water stain back cover, rusty staples5
2800Unexpected, The11970hbw jgnear mint23Colletta inks 1 shs; art(pp): 8, 2
2801Unexpected, The12671hat jm jgncvery fine to near mint12pl05;48pp; art(pp): 7, 6, 8; nice Cardy fc
2802Unexpected, The12771hat jkincvery fine to near mint12Colletta inks 1 shs; art(pp): 8, 6
2803Unexpected, The12871hbw 9near mint24
2804Unexpected, The13372hnr9very good+7
2805Unexpected, The14573hrr6very fine to near mint11pl27; nice A Ocampo shs
2806Unexpected, The14573hrr6near mint13pl12; Ocampo shs
2807Unexpected, The15273han8fine to very fine7pl12; G Tuska shs
2808Unexpected, The15273han8near mint-8pl27; G Tuska shs
2809Unexpected, The15574hnr7very fine to near mint; small piece out back cover4 nice Ocampo shs
2810Unexpected, The15674hjg1very fine to near mint8
2811Unexpected, The16475hnrvery fine to near mint8
2812Unexpected, The16575hrn2very fine to near mint6pl12; Dillin/Cardy shs
2813Unexpected, The16875hnear mint-7
2814Unexpected, The17075hnear mint-7
2815Unexpected, The17977hvery fine to near mint6pl12; Zamora, Ocampo art
2816Unexpected, The18578hvery fine to near mint6
2817Unexpected, The19279hmk1near mint7Doorway to Nightmare title story appears here; Cruz shs
2818Unexpected, The19580hnr jcnear mint-7pl12; art(pp); 7, 25
2942Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)21178cjk rhjknear mint ; crease front cover3art pp: 1, 6; unusual Heath art; formerly Star-Spangled War stories(#1 is #205)
2943Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)25181cjs6jkmint-8Severin on “Enemy Ace”
2944Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)25281cjs7jkmint-5Severin on “Enemy Ace”
2945Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)25381cjs7jkmint-8Severin on “Enemy Ace”
2946Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)25481cws 6jkmint-8
2947Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)25581cws 6jkmint-8
2948Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)26182cjs8jkmint-8Severin on “Enemy Ace”
2949Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)265cjs8jkmint-8Severin on “Enemy Ace”
2950Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)266cjs8jkmint-8Severin on “Enemy Ace”
2951Unknown Soldier(D.C. 1st series)26782cjs8jkmint-8Severin on “Enemy Ace”
2954Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction(b/w)175sffna fb aw sk kfnm..ex tiny insect nibble sps10su issue; iv Freas + Bradbury; box 483; copy 1; great war shs(Neal Adams); loc: f/locker483
2955Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction(b/w)175sffna fb aw sk kfnear mint-; blue ink top edge of pages see when closedSOLDsu issue; copy 2
2956Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction(b/w)375sffan near mint; small tear front cover edgeSOLDexc issue; Whelan fc; Ellison,Perez; box 483483
2957Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction(b/w)475sfftc bj rcfbnmSOLDexc issue; Giordano on vanVogt, 13pp Corben; box 483483
2958Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction(b/w)575sffgm hc gcnmSOLDnice fc(Puigdomenech); ifc Chaykin, iv L Niven; box 483483
2959Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction(b/w)675sffan bj gcvf-nmSOLDexc spaceman crucifixion fc; Nino 23pp; mi sd; box 483483
2952Unknown Worlds (ACG)1762sffvery good to fine; writing inside front cover7 thumbnail pics creators in splash panel
2953Unknown Worlds (ACG)4766sffaw jcfine+18art: AW(3pp); Craig(J Tacey) has 14 pp
Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction(b & w)275sffan fb mk bjmkvfSOLDpp(1, 15, 4, 8); arl A Bester, Sf cons; exc M Kaluta fc; box 380380
2960Unknown Worlds of SF(Giant Special, b/w)176sffbj an near mint-SOLDWeinbaum/ Sturgeon/F Brown adaptation; box 483483
Vampirella…(reference entry)Note: all Vampirella issues are in footlocker under table
2961Vampirella(Warren, b & w)970hww bs jgwwnear mintSOLDsu sas WW shs; JJ 1 pp; WW/Boris fc(2 panel)493
2962Vampirella(Warren, b & w)1071hrr fb na wwnear mint-SOLDstriking orange fc; exc contents issue493
2963Vampirella(Warren, b & w)1171hjg skffnear mintSOLDtop FF fc; Kim oriental; panelless Barr shs493
2964Vampirella(Warren, b & w)1271hjj wwnear mint-SOLDFB ifc art; su WW shs; 1st annual Warren awards493
2965Vampirella(Warren, b & w)1972hww rec jg navery fine to near mint; tiny tear front cover edge SOLDexc re issue; K Barr shs; multi-cover fc493
2966Vampirella(Warren, b & w)2773hjj wwnear mint-SOLDre JJ , WW shs; color J Gonzalez shs; 1974 Annual493
2967Vampirella(Warren, b & w)3174hrcffvery fine40exc African queen of beasts fc; color Corben shs493
2968Vampirella(Warren, b & w)5877hci rhmint-SOLDTorrents; su Heath/B Jones Africa EC-like shs493
2969Vampirella(Warren, b & w)6177hci an rhmint-SOLD 493
2970Vampirella(Warren, b & w)6477hgmaenmint-SOLD68pp exc G Mayo art on 7 Vampi shs; 98pp issue493
2971Vampirella(Warren, b & w)6778han rhnear mint-SOLDTorrents; exc AN & RH(3 pp EC-like), Neary, 1 color493
2972Vampirella(Warren, b & w)7679han rhnear mintSOLDTorents; photo fc; Mayerik493
2973Vampirella(Warren, b & w)7779hrh gmamint-SOLDoriental Vampi shs by Mayo; pfc493
2974Vampirella(Warren, b & w)7879hgma jms rhnear mintSOLDJMS/Alcala; exc reincarnation by RH/B Jones; pfc493
2975Vampirella(Warren, b & w)8580hanpgnear mint-SOLDN Zamora shs; exc Nino; copy 1493
2976Vampirella(Warren, b & w)8580hanpgnear mint to mintSOLDN Zamora shs; exc Nino; copy 2493
2977Vampirella(Warren, b & w)8580hanpgnear mint-SOLDN Zamora shs; exc Nino; copy 3493
2978Vampirella(Warren, b & w)9481hrnmint-SOLDDelando Nino, Maroto, Artifact shs; 4 panel fc493
2979Vanguard Illustrated284sffds1dsmint-SOLDpl1; Pacific Comics; beautiful D Stevens gga fc
2980Vanguard Illustrated384sffaw1awmint-5pl1; beautiful Williamson fc; T Yeates shs(R Bradbury)
2981Vault of Evil974hrh dwrhmint-soldpl15; art(pp): 5, 5
2982Vault of Evil1074hbenear mint to mint7pl13; M Drucker shs
2983Vault of Evil1274hbp5near mint-7
2984Vault of Evil1374hrh bevery fine to near mintsoldpl14; art(pp): 4, 7; M Drucker shs
2985Vault of Horror (East Coast color reprint)2673hjd scjcmint- re 1950’s EC comic; see list F, items 317-334
2986Vault of Horror(Gladstone EC reprints)190hjc jd rec wwmint- color re of Vault of Horror 34 & Haunt of Fear 1; see list F, items 317-334; box 567
2987Vault of Horror(Gladstone EC reprints)390hjd ww hk alf jkamint- color re of Haunt of Fear 22 & Vault of Horror 13; see list F, items 317-334
2988Vengeance Squad175crmint-7pl17; 8pp “Mike Mauser, p.I.”
2989Vengeance Squad275crpm16pmvery fine-5pl17; 7pp “M Mauser, p.I”
2990Vengeance Squad375crpm15pmnear mint to mint5pl17; 8pp “Mike Mauser, p.I.”
2991Vengeance Squad476crpm17pmmint-5pl17; 7pp “M Mauser, p.I”
2992Vengeance Squad576crpm15pmnear mint; 3 x 4 inch area discoloration front cover1pl17; 7pp p.I. Shs
2993Vengeance Squad676apm13pmnear mint5pl27; Mike Mauser Private Eye(Staton); copy 1
2994Vengeance Squad676crpm 13pmnear mint-4 9pp “Mike Mauser, P.I.” shs; copy 2
2995Vic and Blood187sffrcenrcmint-5pl9; post-holocaust; written H Ellison; boy & dog
List H Part 5 of 7; comics; Prince Valiant 699 thru Vic and Blood 1.xls