Comic Books

@ Special Artist Comic Books and Magazines from 1950’s(few) and 3900+ published since then; 90% are what I consider “special artist” content comics. 100% of them are priced and immediately available even though no specific box/location is shown If artistically interested, consult my list “Abbreviations: Artists and Genre” for the code to id 129 artists(comics, magazine, book) I consider exceptional and worthy of note. 

Comics are color and also black & white(magazines).  A few special books(such as the Spirit) are included.  The story page count of these particular artists is noted for each item.  All Walt Disney funny animal items are grouped under the prefix “W.D…….Savage Sword of Conan’s are grouped under “Conan” listing.  These 3900+ items are presented in 8 sub- lists to help loading speed.

As an example of how to read the lines…see issue ((W.D. Comics and Stories #605)).  From left to right:  605=issue number 605;  96=dated 1996;   sh=genre f(funny animal); artist codes:  dr(Don Rosa), fg(Floyd Gottfredson, cb(Carl Barks); en=artist page count(entire issue if 1 artist did whole issue);   fc=front cover artist: WK=Walt Kelley; then condition, sell price, and other information such as page count of artists…in this case Rosa(8 pp), Gottfredson(13pp), Barks(10pp).

The vast majority of these comics have been bagged in standard comic storage bags with white cardboard backing sheets and in storage for decades. 

Many I purchased new off the newsstands.
If interested for a list of the 12 genre classes I have assigned to each comic item refer to the bottom of our site’s “Abbreviations: artist & genres”.

List H Part 4 of 7 comics; Lemonade Kid 1 thru Power Man 43.xls

Titleissue no.dygenreartist(s)coverartistconditionSP$Description
a017Lemonade Kid190wbpenbpnear mint51 Red Hawk, 2 L.Kid color shs re from ME 1950’s
2783Lemonade Kid, The190wbpenbpmint-5 vintage shs from B Benson B-Bar-B 1950
1585Life & Adventures of Santa Claus(hc)92mmpenmpnear mint1584+pp beautiful Ploog art; su color; graphic novel
1586Life Story2851rbp11phcvery good10
1587Life Story3051rbp11phcvery good+; 1 inch tear front cover10
1588Light and Darkness War589sffm-4pl12; Cam Kennedy unusual art
Little Lulu26582ffine+3re popular Marge’s Little Lulu stories; Whitman
Little Lulu26782ffine3re popular Marge’s Little Lulu stories; Whitman
1589Lone Ranger Movie Story(Dell Giant Comics)56wyphcgd25phc 4 sides cvrs; sr; features on L.R./Tonto
1590Lone Ranger(Pure Imagination, b & w)193wrh49rhm-5top RH art re daily newspaper strips; 2 shs; exc. RH inks fc
Looney Tunes1275fnm-3duck dodgers(spick/spanning), bugs, skunk
Looney Tunes1305fnm-3bugs, sylvester, rooster/tweety
Looney Tunes1376fnm-3bugs/pete(2), sylvester/porky
1591Love Lessons249rbp2phcvf-nmSOLDlovely fc
1592Love Letters4756rvery good; 1 spot front cover in logo, back cover is in good- condition, interior is fine SOLD
1594Machine Man1079shsdenmint-7all Ditko
1595Machine Man1179shsdenmint-7all Ditko
1596Machine Man12shsdenmint-7all Ditko
1597Machine Man13shsdenmint-7all Ditko
1598Machine Man14shsdenmint-7all Ditko
1599Machine Man15shsdenmint-7all Ditko
1600Machine Man16shsdenmint-7all Ditko
1601Machine Man17shsdenmint-7all Ditko
1602Machine Man18shsdenmint-10all Ditko
1603Machine Man1981shsdenmint5all Ditko
1604Mad House9574hdw6gmnear mint to mint7pl06; ca throughout; #1
1605Mad House9674hbj dwgmfine to very fine5pl07; art: 7, 5
1606Mad house 9775ham gm dwgmm-5pl07; art: 5, 3, 6
1607Mad Super Special(with color comic insert #31574fww hknm- 3 W Elder nice art shs; “Shadow, Frankenstein, L O Annie”;ex fc(see lists F)479
1608Mad Super Special(with color comic insert #52176fww jd hknm- beautiful insert #5; parody W Woman,Tarzan,Stalag(see list F)479
1609Mad Super Special(with color comic insert #62477fww jdnm- beautiful insert #6; parody F Gordon; ex Elder pi fc(see list F)479
1610Madame Xanadu181sffmr mk bbmkm-SOLDpl28; art(pp): 25, 3, 7; color Kaluta centerfold poster
Mad’s Original Idiots: Wally Woodnn15fwwwwm-reference: see list F(fanzine-misc.)497
1611Magilla Gorilla565ffine- 9
1612Magnus Robot Fighter(G Key)….4000 A.D.764sffrum27good+; spine roll4pl16
1613Magnus Robot Fighter(G Key)….4000 A.D.2268sffrum27vf-nm5 plus bus “Aliens”; re; Magnus origin
Magnus Robot Fighter(G Key)….4000 A.D.3072sffrumenrumvg+ except 3/4 x 2 1/2″ po bc edge8re; 1 of Manning’s best
1614Magnus Robot Fighter(G Key)….4000 A.D.3875sffrumenvf-8
1615Magnus Robot Fighter(G Key)….4000 A.D.4075sffrumenvf-nm8
1616Magnus Robot Fighter(G Key)….4000 A.D.4276sffrumenvf-nm8
1617Major Inapak Space Ace151sffbp16bpvf8top BP art; giveaway; loc g1151
1618Man from Uncle165crphcvg-soldR Vaughn phc fc/bc; fls
1619Man from Uncle265crphcvf-18R Vaughn phc fc/bc; fls(oriental); loc p14
1620Man from Wells Fargo(4 Color) 62wphcgd10nice ua(Buscema?); p28; Four Color 1287
1621Man in Black(Harvey)157sffbpenbpvfine+soldprobably Powell’s best 1950’s work(this series)
1622Man in Black(Harvey)257sffbpenfine soldmi im fc; probably BP best 1950’s work( this series)
1623Man in Black(Harvey)358sffbpenbpfine+; front cover crease at spinesoldsu 1950’s Powell; 1 “Weaver” shs
1624Man in Black(Harvey)458sffbpenbpvery fine; 1 tear back coversoldsu 1950’s Powell; 2 “Weaver” shs
1633Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves4674hpm skfine5pl12; art: 8, 8
1634Marc Spector: Moon Knight489arh enrhnm-msoldexc Heath art; copy 1; box 567
Marc Spector: Moon Night489sffrhenrhnm6exc Heath art; copy 2
1635Mark Hazzard: Merc186cgmenm-4
Marvel Boy: the Uranian110arh benm9Heath 13pp re 1950; Everett 4pp Marvel Boy re 1951; box 567
Marvel Boy: the Uranian210abe17nm9Bill Everett 2 shs, 16pp + Astonishing 4 fc; box 567
Marvel Boy: the Uranian310abe17nm9Bill Everett 3 shs+ Ashtonishing 5 fc; box 567
1636Marvel Classics Comics(Ivanhoe)1676agkmint-mint-6pl17; Jodloman art; fls
Marvel Comics Presents(Wolverine)6891shpg8pgmint-8Gulacy/Garry Martin on Shanna, She- Devil567
Marvel Comics Presents(X-Men)2689shpg8pgmint-8pp 17-24 are all Gulacy567
Marvel Fanfare(Moonknight)3087shaw30near mint-8Al Williamson nice art; exc Brent Anderson wrapard cvr567
Marvel Fanfare(Silver Surfer)5190shaw8near mint8giant size issue; J Buscema inks SS; AW inks G Colan shs448
1637Marvel Fanfare(Weirdworld)2486sffmp17mint-gonepl13; Weirdworld shs; nice PC Russell fc; 2 pu pp
Marvel Fanfare(Weirdworld)2586sffmint-517 pp nice Pat Broderick/Breeding art; 5 pp portfolio567
Marvel Fanfare(Weirdworld)2686sffnear mint517 exc pp Broderick/2 inkers art; 15pp Cpt Am +2 cvrs567
1638Marvel Feature(Red Sonja) 175aft namint-; 1/4 inch tear top cornersold nice Giordano shs
1639Marvel Feature(Red Sonja) 276aft enmint-; 1 rusty staplesold
1640Marvel Feature(Red Sonja) 3 aft enmint-sold
1641Marvel Feature(Red Sonja) 4 aft enmint-sold
1642Marvel Feature(Red Sonja) 5 aft enmint-sold
1643Marvel Feature(Red Sonja) 6 aft enmint-sold
1644Marvel Feature(Red Sonja) 7 aft enmint-sold
a073Marvel Mystery Comics(re 3 shs from #8-10)14sffbe32bemint-6Marvel 65th Ann. Special 1; 48pp, 3 shs by BE & Burgos;
1645Marvel Premiere(Caleb Hammer)5480wtdenmint-9pl04; C Eastwood noirish Pinkerton agent
1646Marvel Premiere(Dominic Fortune)5680ahc taenhcmint-8pl15; TA inks HC
1647Marvel Premiere(Dr Strange)372shbsennear mint to mint; store stamp SOLD copy 1
1648Marvel Premiere(Dr Strange)372shbsennear mint-SOLDcopy 2
1649Marvel Premiere(Dr Strange)472shbs fbengood6pl28; FB inks BS
1650Marvel Premiere(Dr Strange)673shbsennear mintsold
1651Marvel Premiere(Dr Strange)873shjmsenmint-sold
1652Marvel Premiere(Dr Strange)973shfb enfbvery fine to near mint8
1653Marvel Premiere(Dr Strange)1173shsd16very fine-7
1654Marvel Premiere(Dr Strange)1374shfbenfbvery fine-sold
1655Marvel Premiere(Dr Strange)1474shfbenfbnear mint-sold
1656Marvel Premiere(Mark of Kane)3376ahcenmint-13pl32; based on R.E. Howard’s character
1657Marvel Premiere(Mark of Kane)3477ahcenmint-13pl32; based on R.E. Howard’s character
1658Marvel Premiere(Monark Starstalker)3276sffhcennear mint to mint12
1659Marvel Premiere(Warlock)272shgk jki very finesoldpl26; art: 19(GK), 4 on “Yellow Claw” by Kirby
1660Marvel Premiere(Weirdworld)3877sffmp anenmpnm-m10pl17; excellent fantasy story; Nino inks Ploog
1661Marvel Presents(Guardians of Galaxy)376shnear mint- SOLD
1662Marvel Preview(Bizarre Adventures, b/w mag.)2080ahchcnm-m92 exc D Fortune shs by HC; G Perez shs/ifc; nice fc483
1663Marvel Preview(Bizarre Adventures, b/w mag.)2380agcnm-7Biz Adv #2, Fall; F Miller + 2 G Colan shs483
1664Marvel Preview(Blackmark), b & w mag.)1779agkennm-m5exc 63 pp fls Mind Demons by Gil Kane(art + story)483
1665Marvel Preview(Kull the Destroyer, b/ w mag.)1979ajs8near mint; minor brown spotting(foxing often slight) on front cover logo4JS portfolio; Kull/ S Kane shs; Larkin fc483
1666Marvel Preview(Man Gods……; b & w mag.)175sffan36nanear mint-; small tear spine area15ma arl on E von Daniken(Chariots483
1667Marvel Preview(Star-Lord), (b & w magazine)476hbwgmnm-350BW ifc; lead shs S Gan; C Russell; apparently very scarce/desirable483
1668Marvel Spotlight(Captain Marvel)480shsdensdmint-10
1669Marvel Spotlight(Captain Universe)980shsdensdmint-SOLD
1670Marvel Spotlight(Captain Universe)1081shsdensdmint-10
1671Marvel Spotlight(Captain Universe)1181shsdensdmint-10
1672Marvel Spotlight(Dragon Lord)580shsdensdnear mint-9
1673Marvel Spotlight(vol. 1)(Red Wolf)171wwwenfair to good; water stain, wrinkles front coverSOLDpl01; Wood inks full-length shs
1674Marvel Spotlight(vol. 2)(Captain Marvel)179sh near mint+8pl31; nice Broderick/Patterson art
1675Marvel Spotlight(Warriors Three)3076anear mint to mint3
1676Marvel Super Action(Capt America)1279shjisenjismint-10pl09; rf Capt America 110
1677Marvel Super Action(Capt America)1379shjisenjismint-soldpl02; rf C. AM. 111
1678Marvel Super Action(Marvel Boy)477shrh bemint-8pl09; art(pp): 4, 13; Marvel Boy
1679Marvel Super Action(Punisher)(b & w, mag.)176acrtd mp ge hcnear mint-SOLD“Weirdworld” by Ploog; “D Fortune” by Chaykin; magazine483
1681Marvel Super- Heroes9781shjsenjsmint-5 JS inks Trimpe; fls “Hulk”
1680Marvel Super-Heroes9481shjsenjsmint-5 JS inks Trimpe; fls “Hulk”
1687Marvel Super-Heroes2269shjo jkivery good to fine8art(pp): 22, 24; Daredevil; X-Men
1688Marvel Super-Heroes2971shww bp sdfine8art: ww/bp 20; sd 5; “Iron Man/Daredevil”
1689Marvel Super-Heroes 1969shbe jmbsnm-sold art: 16, 6: “Sub-Mariner, B Knight, Human Torch”
1682Marvel Super-Heroes(number 1) 1967 series1267shjm bevf-nmsold art: 8 ,8; “B Knight, Sub-Mariner, Capain America, H Torch”
1683Marvel Super-Heroes(number 2)1368shbe jm vg-fsold art: 8, 6; Cap. America, B Knight, Sub-M, Human Torch
1684Marvel Super-Heroes(number 3)1468shbe jk jmg-vg14art: 6+, 8 ,6; trsa(2″); Sub-M, Cpt America, Hto, Black Knight, Spider.
1685Marvel Super-Heroes(number 4)1568shjm bebefine+12art (6, 3); “Medusa; re of Black Knight, Cpt Am, Sub-Mariner, Black Marvel
1686Marvel Super-Heroes(number 5)1668shjm bevf-nm16 art: 6, 7;Sub-Mariner, Bk Knight, Cpt America, Patriot, Pn Eag.
1690Marvel Tales(second series)1368shsd rhfine10 art: 22,12; Spider-Man,Thor, Marvel Boy, Giant-Man; sl tas
1691Marvel Tales(second series)1468shsd rhvery fine to near mintsoldart: 22, 6; ” Spider-Man, Marvel Boy, Thor, Human Torch”
1692Marvel Team-Up(Red Sonja/Spiderman)7979atamint-SOLDJ Byrne/T Austin Red Sonja/Spiderman shs
1693Marvel Team-Up(SpiderMan/Howard the Duck)9680shnear mint to mint12pl32; A Kuppenberg art
1694Masked Raider2760wpm17pmvery fine+14 nice Morisi art 3 shs
1695Master of Kung Fu1974apgenfine to very fine; coupon out ad page art is not affected3 art not affected); copy 1; #3 in series; Man-Thing shs
1696Master of Kung Fu1974apgennear mint-10copy 2; Man-Thing shs; #3 in series
1697Master of Kung Fu2074apgennear mint-7reprinted in #53
1698Master of Kung Fu2174anear mint-soldno Gulacy
1699Master of Kung Fu2274apgenvf-nm6
1700Master of Kung Fu2374anear mint-SOLD
1701Master of Kung Fu2475ajms wsnear mint-6
1702Master of Kung Fu2575apgenvg+3
1703Master of Kung Fu2675anmsold
1704Master of Kung Fu2775agood; tear back cover2
1705Master of Kung Fu2875anm6
1706Master of Kung Fu2975apgnmsoldexc Gulacy art
1707Master of Kung Fu3075apgvery fine to near mint6
1708Master of Kung Fu3175apggkvery fine6
1709Master of Kung Fu3375apgvery good to fine5
1710Master of Kung Fu3475apggkvery fine to near mint5
1711Master of Kung Fu3575apgvery good; crease back cover and front cover3
1712Master of Kung Fu3676avery fine to near mint5
1713Master of Kung Fu37avery fine to near mintsold
1714Master of Kung Fu38avery fine to near mint5
1715Master of Kung Fu39anear mint to mint5
1716Master of Kung Fu40anear mint to mint5
1717Master of Kung Fu41anear mint to mint5
1718Master of Kung Fu42apgfine+; date stamp logo5
1719Master of Kung Fu43apgnear mint to mint5
1722Master of Kung Fu46apgnear mint to mint5
1723Master of Kung Fu47apgnear mint to mint5
1724Master of Kung Fu4877apgnear mint to mint5
1725Master of Kung Fu4977apgnear mint to mint5
1726Master of Kung Fu5077apgnear mint to mint5
1727Master of Kung Fu5177apgnear mint to mint5Craig pencils
1728Master of Kung Fu5277anear mint to mint5
1729Master of Kung Fu5477ajmsnear mint to mint5
1730Master of Kung Fu5577anear mint to mint5Zeck pencils
1731Master of Kung Fu5677anear mint to mint5
1733Master of Kung Fu5877anear mint to mint5
1734Master of Kung Fu5977anear mint to mint5
1735Master of Kung Fu6078anear mint to mintsold
1738Master of Kung Fu6378agknear mint to mint5
1739Master of Kung Fu6478apgnear mint to mint5
1740Master of Kung Fu6578anear mint to mint5
1742Master of Kung Fu6678anm-5
1743Master of Kung Fu6778anear mint to mintsold
1744Master of Kung Fu6878anear mint to mint5
1745Master of Kung Fu6978anear mint to mint5
1746Master of Kung Fu7078anear mint to mint5Broderick art
1747Master of Kung Fu7178anear mint to mint5
1748Master of Kung Fu7279anear mint to mint5
1749Master of Kung Fu7379anear mint to mint5
1750Master of Kung Fu7479anear mint to mint5
1751Master of Kung Fu7579anear mint to mint5
1752Master of Kung Fu7679anear mint to mint51st Gene Day inks
1753Master of Kung Fu7779anear mint to mintsold
1754Master of Kung Fu7879anear mint to mint5
1755Master of Kung Fu7979anear mint to mint5
1756Master of Kung Fu8079anear mint to mint5
1757Master of Kung Fu8179anear mint to mint5
1758Master of Kung Fu8279anear mint to mint5
1759Master of Kung Fu8379anear mint to mint5
1760Master of Kung Fu8480anear mint to mint5
1761Master of Kung Fu8580anear mint to mint5
1762Master of Kung Fu8680anear mint; crease front cover5
1763Master of Kung Fu8780anear mint to mint5
1764Master of Kung Fu8880anear mint to mint5
1765Master of Kung Fu8980anear mint to mint5
1766Master of Kung Fu9080anear mint to mint5
1767Master of Kung Fu9180avery fine to near mint5
1768Master of Kung Fu9380avery fine to near mint5
1769Master of Kung Fu9480anear mint-5
1770Master of Kung Fu9781avery fine to near mint; slight raised staples at spine area5
1771Master of Kung Fu9981anear mint to mint5
1772Master of Kung Fu10081anear mintsolddsi; nice superimposed art fc
1775Master of Kung Fu10381anear mint to mint5
1776Master of Kung Fu10481anear mint to mint5
1777Master of Kung Fu10581anear mint to mint5
1778Master of Kung Fu10681anear mint to mint5
1779Master of Kung Fu10781anear mint to mint5
1780Master of Kung Fu10882anear mint to mint5
1781Master of Kung Fu10982anear mint to mint5nice G Day fc & splash page + first 6 pp
1782Master of Kung Fu11082anear mint to mintsold
1783Master of Kung Fu11182anear mint to mint5
1784Master of Kung Fu11482anear mint to mint5
1785Master of Kung Fu11582anear mint to mintsold
1786Master of Kung Fu11682anear mint to mint5
1787Master of Kung Fu11782anear mint to mint5
1788Master of Kung Fu11882anear mint to mint5dsi; nice superimposed art fc
1789Master of Kung Fu12083aennear mint5G Day art
a041Master of Kung Fu3275agkvf-nm5
1790Master of Kung Fu 1774ajmsenvery fine to near mintsold#1 issue by title; also Special Marvel Edition
1791Master of Kung Fu 1874apgenvg4#2 issue
1793Master of Kung Fu(Giant Size)174ajm pg vf-nmsoldManeely “Yellow Claw” yellow peril art (8 pp); C Russell shs
1794Master of Kung Fu(Giant Size)274ajm pg nmsoldManeely “Yellow Claw” yellow peril art (12 pp, 2 shs)
1795Master of Kung Fu(Giant Size)375ajki pgvery fine to near mintsold2 Jack Kirby “Yellow Claw” yellow peril art shs; Colletta inks
1796Master of Kung Fu(Giant Size)475ajki9gknear mint-72 Jack Kirby “Yellow Claw” yellow peril art shs
1797Master of Kung Fu(Special Marvel Edition)15ajmsnm-soldcopy 1
1798Master of Kung Fu(Special Marvel Edition)15ajmsnmsoldcopy 2
1799Master of Kung Fu(Special Marvel Edition)16ajmsnm-solddouble-cover issue
2784Maze Agency Annual, The190crmpmint-8pl13; Eisner “Spirit” tribute; pi agency;comiccon murder
1800Men of War978cjg hcmint-8pp art: 7, 6
a074Mickey Spillane’s Mike Danger195crenmint-8nice Barreto/Leialoha art; hb private eye; Frank Miller fc
a075Mickey Spillane’s Mike Danger1096crenmint-8T Beatty inks; part 1 of 2 part series; private eye hb character
1807Micronauts679sffmigenmgnear mint4
1808Micronauts1380sffhcenmgnear mint to mint4
1815Micronauts4582sffgkengkmint-4pl23; nice art issue; wraparound cover art
1816Micronauts4682sffgk2mint-4pl23; nice wraparound skeleton fc
1817Micronauts Annual179sffsdensdnear mint to mint5pl23; everything Steve Ditko
1818Midnight Men(Marvel)393ahchcmint-4
1819Midnight Tales373hwh10whgood; major spine roll2pl09
1820Midnight Tales473hwh11whvery fine to near mint5
1821Midnight Tales774hwh12whgood-3W Wood-like art by Wayne Howard
1822Midnight Tales1676hwhenwhnear mint5
1823Mighty Comics(Black Hood/Hangman)4867shvery fine to near mint; light edge wear front cover, near mint interior20G.A. heroes return
1824Mighty Comics(Black Hood/Mr. Justice)4767shfine15G.A heroes return; loc p54; …vs the Skull
1825Mighty Comics(Black Hood/the Web)5067shfine; edge rubs front cover12G.A. heroes return; …vs. Inferno, etc
1826Mighty Crusaders(Mighty Comics Inc)165shvg-f18“Shield/Black Hood/Comet”(G.A. heroes)
1827Mighty Crusaders(Mighty Comics Inc)266shvf22“Shield/Fly Girl/Comet” G.A. heroes return; loc p55
1828Mighty Crusaders(Red Circle)984sh dw4m-10pl02; western horror by Wildey; the “Shield” sho
1829Mighty Marvel Western268wjki 24nm-22
1830Mighty Marvel Western369wjki19nm22
1831Mighty Marvel Western1772wjs6po-fair1
1832Mighty Marvel Western1872wjs6gknm9
1833Mighty Marvel Western2273wjd jm vf-nm6pl08; art: 8, 5
1834Mighty Marvel Western2373wjs jd vg4pl14; art: 5, 7
1835Mighty Marvel Western2473wjd12vg4nm ex stress marks at sps
1836Mighty Marvel Western2573wjs jkigood+3pl06; art: 5, 7
1837Mighty Marvel Western2974wjs5jkm-6
1838Mighty Samson365ag-vg4loc p17
1839Mighty Samson566afa-gd1ws; cr fc; loc p15
1840Mister Miracle(1st series)1977shmrenmrnm5
1841Mister Miracle(1st series)2478shmg rhenmrnm-5pl03; RH inks
1842Mister Miracle(1st series)2578shmg rhenm-5pl05; RH inks
1843Monkeyshines Comics1447fvg+42cfl; nice fc; charming comic
1844Monster Hunters676hsd8f-vf4pl12; M Zeck shs
1845Monsters on the Prowl971hbs6jkvf-nm12pl29; Smith inks
1846Monsters on the Prowl1171hjki rrnmsoldpl19; art(pp): 13, 6
1847Monsters on the Prowl1471hsd10gknm-12
1848Monsters on the Prowl1672hjs sd jkijsvg6 art: 10,5, 7; RE Howard’s Kull by Severins; copy 1
1849Monsters on the Prowl1672hjs sd jkijsvg-f7 art: 10,5, 7; RE Howard’s Kull by Severins; copy 2
1850Monsters on the Prowl1672hjs sd jkijsnm-11 JS 10pp on RE Howard “Kull”; SD(5), Jki(7); copy 3
1851Monsters on the Prowl1872hsd5gknm8
1852Monsters Unleashed(b & w magazine)273hbe fb rrvf+soldBoris fc; ex BE & sas FB; 2 Karloff arl; Disch adapt.483
1853Monsters Unleashed(b & w magazine)373hgm jd gknavery fine to near mint; tiny tear spine damage bottomsoldre J Davis; Man-Thing fc483
1854Monsters Unleashed(b & w magazine)774hawvf-nmsoldre nice Williamson(Monster in Mist); Mayerik483
1855Monsters Unleashed(b & w magazine)1075hsk tdvf-nmsoldS Kim oriental; Mayerik483
MoonKnight(Marvel) 200646anear mint to mint6no Russ Heath art; box 567
1856Morlock 2001375shsdennm7pl05; Wrightson(?) with Ditko
1857Movie Classics(Legend of Lobo),Dell163wvg-f6phc; photo ifc & ibc; loc p08
1858Movie Classics(Merrill’s Marauders)63aphcgd4phc & ifc; Dell; 301
1859Movie Comics(Mary Poppins)65mvg-f94pp J Andrews;D v Dyke phc
1860Mr. Monster’s High-Octane Horror186hbwo3mint-5pl4; exc issue; Grandenetti( 7pp); G Evans(12pp)
1861Mr. Monster’s Hi-Shock Schlock287sffbwo4mint-5pl17; beautiful Wolverton shs
1862Mr. Monster’s Hi-Voltage Super Science187sffbpenmint-5pl4; reprint of Vic Torry & His Flying Saucer ex fc
1863Mr. Monster’s True Crime186crjac26jcmint-10 Cole”s su “Murder, Morphine, & Me” shs
1864Mr. Monster’s True Crime286crjac24jcmint-10 one very good shs & 1 exc fc by Cole
1866Ms Mystic182shna24mint-6pl3; nice bus(fairy tale)
1867Murder(Renegade Press)186crsd at mint-5 art: 8, 1; copy 1
1868Murder(Renegade Press)186crsd atmint-5 art: 8, 1; copy 2
1869Murder(Renegade Press)286sffsd8mint-4pl2; Toth(1pp); nice EA Poe shs by Dan Day
1870My Love1071raw vc4very good-; slight spine roll6pages art: 4, 6 nice Williamson art
1871My Love1071raw vc4very fine+; 1 inch tear front cover5pp art:4, 6 nice Williamson art
1873My Love1471rgm jkigmnm-SOLD art: 7, 7; Woodstock fc/shs; 52pp
1874My Only Love375rat9good+8a rare Toth Charlton shs
1875My Only Love476r 9vf- 5
1876Mystery in Space11180sffsd7jkmint-5pl01; M Rogers, Spiegle shs
1877Mystery in Space11381sffmig jg jkjkmint-5pl25; art: 8, 8, 3
1878Mystery in Space11481sffjc sdjkmint-5
1879Mystery in Space11681sffjc sdmint-5pl25; art: 8, 4
1880Nancy & Sluggo Summer Camp(Dell Giant)4561fvery good-; spine roll10 2pp ccwp; Dell Giant #45; loc p36
1881Nathaniel Dusk Private Investigator184crmint-4pl29; Colan art
1882Nathaniel Dusk Private Investigator284crmint-4pl29; Colan art
1883Nathaniel Dusk Private Investigator384crmint-4pl29; Colan art
1884Nathaniel Dusk Private Investigator 484crmint-4pl29; Colan art
1885Nathaniel Dusk Private Investigator II185crmint-4pl28; Colan art; exc McGregor writing
1886Nathaniel Dusk Private Investigator II285crmint-4 pl28; Colan art; exc McGregor writing
1887Nathaniel Dusk Private Investigator II386crmint-4pl28; Colan art; exc McGregor writing
1888Nathaniel Dusk Private Investigator II486crmint-4pl28; Colan art; exc McGregor writing
1889New Gods1377shmint-9pl02; Newton/Adkins art
1890New Romances851rphcvery good+25
1891New Romances1753rat16phcvery fine-; writing front cover, slight tear front cover30 exc ph
1893Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.568ajis20jisvf-nmsold exc Steranko art, esp. fc
1894Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.668ajisnear mint-sold F Springer art
1895Night Force1183hmint-4pl23; Colan art
1896Nightmare( b & w magazine)471hrr bevf-nmsoldEverett pinup ; Reese rock guitarist shs; Boris fc483
1897Nightmare( b & w magazine)571hrr dwvery good+; 3/4 inch piece out spine/strip damagesoldBoris fc; shs Garzon, J Katz483
1898Nightmare( b & w magazine)671hmk dwjjvf-nmsoldKaluta ifc;Garzon, Wildey shs; arl Karloff; good iss.483
1899Nightmare( b & w magazine)872hbjvf-nmsoldB Jones(script/art)483
1900Nightmare( b & w magazine)1473hrv bjvf-nmsoldnice Vilanova 4-panel “rotting-alive” fc; 2 Villamonte483
a076Nightmares185hpgenpgmint-5re Warren bw mag; some of Gulacy’s best; part 1 of 2; copy 1567
a077Nightmares185hpgenpgmint-5re Warren bw mag; some of Gulacy’s best; part 1 of 2; copy 2
Night-Mares185hpgenpgmint-5exc(best)Gulacy; really terror-suspense, re Warren b&w448
1901Official Secret Agent(Secret Agt Corrigan)488aawenawnear mint-4Pioneer; daily 7/2 thru12/31: 1970 strips; b & w
1902Official Secret Agent(Secret Agt Corrigan)788aawenawvery fine to near mint4Pioneer; daily May-June 1971 strips; large panels; b & w
2792Omega Men, The2184sffanenanmint-5pl13; full length shs
1903Original Black Cat591crmint-4pl13; vintage re of female heroine Black Cat (1950’s)
1904Original E-Man and Michael Mauser385m15mint-4 M Mauser, private eye(15pp) + sf Staton shs
1906Our Army at War16266cjk15jkfine14“Viking Prince” teamup
1907Our Army at War16366cjk15jkvery good15
1908Our Army at War17567crh23jkvery fine+17
1909Our Army at War18067crh14jkvery fine to near mint22
1910Our Army at War18167crh14rhnm-30
1911Our Army at War18367crh14jkvery fine to near mint; small spot(not water stain) bottom edge back cover + few pages 24
1912Our Army at War18567crh14jkpoor; store stamp, stain, piece out margin 2 pages3
1913Our Army at War18767crh14jknm-26
1914Our Army at War18868cjkfa-gd4water stain, lot writing inner back cover/adjoining ad page
1915Our Army at War19668cjk rhjknm-28art pp: 12, 9
1917Our Army at War20969crh13jkfine9
1918Our Army at War21269crh14jkg-vg5
1919Our Army at War21369crh14jkgood; spotting back cover3
1920Our Army at War21470crh14jknm-sold
1921Our Army at War21570crh14jkfine9
1922Our Army at War21670cjk rhjknm-29art pp: 19, 30; Sgt Rocks Prize Battle Tales, 25 cents
1924Our Army at War21870csg rhjkvf-nm13exc 1st USS Stevens; Heath art 14pp
1925Our Army at War21970crh majkvf-nm11art pp: 15, 2
1926Our Army at War22170crh14jkgood; centerfold loose, 1 staple loose front cover4
1927Our Army at War22270csg jkjkvg-5exc USSS; JK 14 pp
1928Our Army at War22470cjk14jkpoor1sticker damage sticker pull mark, centerfold loose
1929Our Army at War22570csg jk rhjknm-10art pp: , 6, 14); exc USSS
1930Our Army at War22670crh14jkgood-; rusting staples, store stamp4
1931Our Army at War22771csg rh14jkgood+; rusty staples4art pp: 4 , 14; exc USSS
1932Our Army at War22871cjk14jkvf-nm10
1933Our Army at War23071crh sgjkgood; spine roll5art pp: 14, ; exc USSS
1934Our Army at War23071crh sgjkvery good to fine; store stamp7art pp: 14, ;exc USSS
1935Our Army at War23271crh sgjkgood+; store stamp, small hole front cover5art pp: 14, 4 ; exc USSS
1936Our Army at War23271crh sgjkvf-nm13art pp: 14; ; exc USSS
1937Our Army at War23471crh12jknm-14
1938Our Army at War23571cjk sg rh aljkfine to very fine; cover is fair4art pp: 10, 4 , 18, 6); exc USSS, exc issue
1939Our Army at War23671cjk rh jsjkvf13art pp: 9, 18, 4; JS unusual shs
1940Our Army at War23871cjk sgjkvf-nm14art pp: 14, ; exc USSS
1942Our Army at War24072cjk sg najknm-24art pp: 13, ; 8; Drucker 6pp; exc USSS
1943Our Army at War24172cjk rh at jsjknm-19art pp: 4, 14, 4, 6; also SG exc USSS; exc issue; copy 1
1944Our Army at War24172cjk rh at jsjknm-19art pp; 4, 14, 4, 6; also SG exc USSS; exc issue; copy 2
1945Our Army at War24372cjk rhjkvf-nm15art pp: 6, 14; M Drucker 6pp
1946Our Army at War24772cjk rh sgjkvg+5art pp; 4, 14, ; exc USSS
1947Our Army at War24972cww rhjkfair to good; rubs transfers to front cover and back cover3art pp: 7, 14)
1949Our Army at War25172crh14jknm-m15
1950Our Army at War25272crh14jknm-m15
1951Our Army at War25373crh14jkvery good+; small writing inside front cover 5
1952Our Army at War25473cat rhjknm11art pp: 8, 14
1953Our Army at War25573crh14jkgood to very good; subscription crease5
1955Our Army at War25773csg rhjkvf-nm9art pp: 4 , 14; exc USSS
1956Our Army at War25873csg rhjknear mint-; craese back cover5art pp: 4 ,14; exc USSS
1958Our Army at War26173csg rhjkvf-nm9exc USSS; art pp: , 14.
1959Our Army at War26273csg rhjkfine-; crease back cover5likeness of exc USSS series; art pp: 4 , 14
1960Our Army at War26373crh12jkvery good4
1961Our Army at War26474crh sg js12jkvery good4
Our Army at War26574cjs sgnear mint5new Severin art; USS Stevens; art pp: 12, 4
1962Our Army at War26674cge sgjkgood to very goood4cr fc; art pp: 12, ; exc USSS
1963Our Army at War26674cge sgjknear mint-6art pp: 12, ; exc USSS
1965Our Army at War26774cjs sgjkvery fine; crease back cover4art pp: 12, 4 ; exc USSS
1968Our Army at War27074cge 12jkgood; soiled front cover2
1969Our Army at War27174crh12jkfine-4
1971Our Army at War27274cjs 12jkvery good+; store stamp4new JS art
1972Our Army at War27274cjs12jkvery fine; crease back cover4 new JS art
1973Our Army at War27374crh12jkvery fine to near mint7
1974Our Army at War27474cge12jknear mint-5
1975Our Army at War27675cge12jknear mint-5
1977Our Army at War27775cge12jknear mint-5
1978Our Army at War27875cge12jkvery fine+5
1979Our Army at War27975crh13jkvery fine to near mint5
1981Our Army at War28175crh sgjkvery fine+5art pp: 12, ; exc USSS shs; copy 1
1982Our Army at War28175crh sgjknear mint-5art pp: 12, 4 ; exc USSS shs; copy 2
1983Our Army at War28275cjk sgjkfine-; subscription crease4art: 12, 4 ; exc USSS
1984Our Army at War28475cge sgjkfine to very fine; store stamp4art pp: 12, 2; creation of USSS
1985Our Army at War28575cge12jkvf-nm5
1987Our Army at War28775cge12jkvery good to fine; subscription crease3
1989Our Army at War29876csg jknear mint-5exc USSS
Our Fanboy at War499crh6jknear mint-5combo of RH/Aragones/JK/M Severin/Bernet art; series 4 of 6567
1990Our Fighting Forces10266crh6jknear mint-18
1991Our Fighting Forces10366cjkvery fine-; minor ink marks back cover, very minor water stain back cover13 Andru shs
1992Our Fighting Forces11468crh12jknear mint-8
1993Our Fighting Forces11668cjd1jkfair; major water stain4 JD ad
1994Our Fighting Forces11668cjd1jkfine to very fine10J Davis ad
1995Our Fighting Forces12069cjkvery good; staple repair7Ken Barr art 9pp
1996Our Fighting Forces12370crh9jkgood-; back cover poor5Ken Barr art 15pp; ; “Losers” start; copy 1
1997Our Fighting Forces12470cjs8jkvg+5ss; EC 1950’s Comics-quality shs written by deFuccio, drawn by Severin
1998Our Fighting Forces12570csg rhjkvg+5pp art: 4, 6; USS Stevens exc series(USSS)
1999Our Fighting Forces12670csg4jkgood; writing inside front cover, clear tape on spine/strip and back cover(1 inch)3USS Stevens naval shs
2000Our Fighting Forces12770csg 4jkgd+3exc USSS
2001Our Fighting Forces12870csg4jkgood+; subscription crease3exc USSS; M Drucker 6pp art
2002Our Fighting Forces12971cjkgd4
2003Our Fighting Forces13071crh8jkvf-nm9
2004Our Fighting Forces13171cjs jkjkf-vf9pp art: 14, 6; Severin inks Andru
2005Our Fighting Forces13271cjs sgjkg-vg5pp art: 12, ; exc USSS; copy 1
2006Our Fighting Forces13271cjs sgjkvf8pp art: 12, ; exc USSS; copy 2
2007Our Fighting Forces13271cjs sgjkvf-nm11pp art: 12, ; exc USSS; copy 3
2008Our Fighting Forces13371cjk jsjkvf-nm11pp art: 10, 12; M Drucker art 6; exc issue; close nm
2009Our Fighting Forces13572cci rh jsjkvf-nm11pp art: 6, 6, 14
2010Our Fighting Forces13672csg rh jk jsjkvf+11pp art: 4, 6, 8, 14; exc USSS
2011Our Fighting Forces13872crh sg jsjkvf7pp art: 6, 4, 14); exc USSS; exc issue
2012Our Fighting Forces13972cjs bj sgjkvery good5pp art: 14, 4, 4; exc USSS; copy 1
2013Our Fighting Forces13972cjs bj sgjk very fine to near mint6pp art: 14, 4, 4; exc USSS; copy 2
2014Our Fighting Forces14072csg jsjkfine+6
2015Our Fighting Forces14173csg jsjkvery fine to near mint; small stain front cover 3pp art 4, 14; exc USSS; copy 1
2016Our Fighting Forces14173csg jdjkvery good+5pp art: 4, 14; exc USSS(copy 2)
2017Our Fighting Forces14173csg jsjkvery good+5pp art: 4, 14; exc USSS ; copy 3
2018Our Fighting Forces14273cjs14jkvery good; store stamp, 1 staple detached3
2020Our Fighting Forces14473cjs14jkfine to very fine; small water stain front cover2
2021Our Fighting Forces14573cjs13jkvf5
2022Our Fighting Forces14673cat jsjkinterior fine, front cover poor2pp art: 7, 13; copy 1
2023Our Fighting Forces14673cat jsjkvf-nm9pp art: 7, 13; copy 2
2024Our Fighting Forces14673cat jsvf-nm9pp art: 7, 13; copy 3
2025Our Fighting Forces14773cjs13vf7Ken Barr art 7pp
2026Our Fighting Forces14874csg jsjkvg-5pp art: 5, 13; exc USSS
2027Our Fighting Forces14974cge jsgood; coupon out, art not affected2pp art: 7, 13; copy 1
2028Our Fighting Forces14974cge jsvf+6pp art: 7, 13; copy 2
2029Our Fighting Forces15074cjs13jkgood to very good; store stamp, crease through out3
2030Our Fighting Forces15174cjki enjkvf+5Jack Kirby issue; copy 1
2031Our Fighting Forces15174cjki enjkivf-nm5Jack Kirby issue; copy 2
2032Our Fighting Forces15274cjki enjkivf5Jack Kirby issue
2033Our Fighting Forces15374cjki enjkivery good to fine; store stamp3Jack Kirby issue
2034Our Fighting Forces16676cge12good; crease front cover2 copy 1
2035Our Fighting Forces16676cge 12nm-5copy 2
2036Our Fighting Forces17076cge12jkfine+4
a053Our Fighting Forces12370crh9poor1introduces “Losers”; copy 2
2037Our Love Story570rjis gc7nm*0GONE; exc 3 good shs; Buscema art
2038Outer Limits966sfffine+9
2039Outlaw Kid(Second Series)370waw dwvery fine; writing inside front cover 1 word balloon 5 art: 4, 18
2040Outlaw Kid(Second Series)871wdw recnm-11 art (pp): 33, 4; dsi
2041Outlaw Kid(Second Series)971waw dw jsfine-5 art (pp): 5, 18
2042Outlaw Kid(Second Series)2174wdw jsinear mint; 1 inch tear back cover3 3 nice Doug Wildey shs
2043Outlaw Kid(Second Series)2775wgkvg+4origin of Outlaw Kid
2044Outlaw Kid(Second Series)2875waw 4nm-7
2045Outlaws of the West1859wsd pmf-vf16rare Ditko western
2046Outlaws of the West8680wjs pmmint-6pl05; art: 5, 6
2047Outlaws of the West8780wjs pmpmmint-6pl06; art: 5, 8
2793P.I.’s, The: Michael Mauser & Ms. Tree185crmg2mint-6pl19; Staton/Beatty art; 2pp M Spillane cf art(MG)
2794P.I.’s, The: Michael Mauser & Ms. Tree285crmg2mint-6pl19; Staton/Beatty art; 2pp M Spillane cf art(MG)
2795P.I.’s, The: Michael Mauser & Ms. Tree385crmg2mint-6pl19; Staton/Beatty art; 2pp M Spillane cf art(MG)
2048Pacific Presents ….484sfftc10mint-5
Panku-Ponk199fmint-3b & w art; prints couple stories in 2 versions: Eng and in Jap lang.; box 485485
2049Pathways to Fantasy184sffbs jbbsmint-5pl14; B Smith(8pp); J Bolton(10) in innovative shs
Penance: Relentless17sffpgenpgmint-5448
2051Phantom Stranger(second series)1371htd5navery fine to near mint12pl25; TD on “Dr 13”
2052Phantom Stranger(second series)1471htd8navery fine+; 3/4 inch tear back cover edgeSOLDpl25; TD on “Dr. 13”;
2053Phantom Stranger(second series)1571hat tdnanear mint-; slight crease front cover16pl26; art(pp): 8, 8
2054Phantom Stranger(second series)1571hat tdnanm16pl25; art(pp): 8, 8
2055Phantom Stranger(second series)1671htd9nanm16pl25; TD on “Dr 13”; Meskin on Mark Merlin
2056Phantom Stranger(second series)1872htd18nanm-m16pl25; 2 deZuniga shs(P Stranger, Dr 13); Meskin
2057Phantom Stranger(second series)1972htd8navg+7po some pp edges; TD on “Dr 13, Ghost Breaker”
2059Phantom Stranger(second series)2272htd8nm-10pl24; TD on “Dr 13, Ghost Breaker”
2060Phantom Stranger(second series)3174htd8f-vf10pl24; very nice “Black Orchid” by TD
2061Phantom Stranger(second series)3274hnr8very fine; 1/2 inch tear back cover5NR on “Black Orchid”
2062Phantom Stranger(second series)3374hmgennm-11Deadman shs
2063Phantom Stranger(second series)3475htd8nm- 11pl25; TD on “Dr 13”
2064Phantom Stranger(second series)3575hnr8vg+5pl26; NR on “Black Orchid”
2065Phantom Stranger(second series)3575hnr8vf-nm10pl25; NR on “Black Orchid”
2066Phantom Stranger(second series)3675hnr10vg5pl25; NR on “Black Orchid”
2067Phantom(Charlton)6875amint-; 2 page 1 panel centerfold8pl28; fls; Newton art
2069Phantom(Charlton)7076avf-nm7pl28; Newton art
2070Phantom(Charlton)7376am-7pl28; Newton art
2072Phantom(King)1966agk4very fine to near mint16pl28; Kane on Flash Gordon
2073Planet of the Apes(b & w magazine)174sffmp25nm soldLarkin fc; iv R Serling; photo ifc; 2 arl;(*mi rub fc)483
2074Planet of Vampires375hrh enrhnear mint+5copy 1
2075Planet of Vampires375sffrh en rhnear mint-; slight wrinkles front cover edge4 copy 2
2076Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)1176shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
2077Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)1276shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
2078Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)1376shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
2079Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)1476shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
2080Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)1576shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
2081Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)1677shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
2082Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)1777shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
2083Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)1877shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
2084Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)1977shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
a023Plastic Man(DC 1976-7)2077shnear mint5nice script and nice R Fradon art
a024Plastic Man(DC mini-series)188shnear mint6superior version , Barta art collaboration
a025Plastic Man(DC mini-series)288shnm6superior version , Barta art collaboration
a026Plastic Man(DC mini-series)389shnm6superior version , Barta art collaboration
a027Plastic Man(DC mini-series)489shnm6superior version , Barta art collaboration
2085Plastic Man: Archives Edition, vo. 4, hc, $50 lp43shjcenjcmint- see item #366 on list H for complete details listing479
Plastic Man; Archive Edition, vo.5, hc, $50 lp53shjc jcmint-34203pp;14 shs, half entirely by Cole; 1946; exc product448
2086Plop173fbw gebwovery fine to near mint12 art(pp): 6, 5; copy 1
2087Plop173fbw gebwvery fine to near mint; tiny piece out front cover edge9copy 2
2088Plop1475fww sabwonear mint5pl31; art(pp); 5, 3
2089Police Action175cram mpmint-8pl08; MP pencils p.I. Shs; art:10, 10
2090Police Action275cram mp near mint o mint6copy 1
2091Police Action275cram mpmint-6 AM inks; MP pencils pi shs; copy 2
2092Police Action375cram mpmint-6 AM inks 1 shs; MP pencils 1; copy 1
2093Police Action375cram mpmint-6 Ploog pencils 1 shs; copy 2
2094Popeye12474ffair; writing inside front cover, small wrinkles front cover, taper repair back cover2
2095Popeye15980fnear mint16
2096Popular Romance 2653rat8phcvery good to fine; store stamp, minor wrinkles cover not crease16 VC 1pp art; Mayo shs(?)
2097Porky Pig4456ffair; few page edge tears, interior2 loc p26
2098Porky Pig6259ffair to good; crease front cover2 loc p26
2099Power Man4377shanennear mint-10pl30; Alex Nino inks entire book
List H Part 4 of 7 comics; Lemonade Kid 1 thru Power Man 43.xls