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Comic Collectibles - Wall of Flesh Through Zorro Lady


List H part 9 of 9 comics; Wall of flesh Thru Zorro's Lady Rawhide

Special Artist Comic Books and Magazines from 1950’s(few) and 3900+ published since then; 90% are what I consider “special artist” content comics. 100% of them are priced and immediately available even though no specific box/location is shown If artistically interested, consult my list “Abbreviations: Artists and Genre” for the code to id 129 artists(comics, magazine, book) I consider exceptional and worthy of note.  Comics are color and also black & white(magazines).Ignore “PL” in description block.    A few special books(such as the Spirit) are included.  The story page count of these particular artists is noted for each item.  All Walt Disney funny animal items are grouped under the prefix “W.D…….Savage Sword of Conan’s are grouped under “Conan” listing.  These 3900+ items are presented in 8 sub- lists to help loading speed.
As an example of how to read the lines…see issue ((W.D. Comics and Stories #605)).  From left to right:  605=issue number 605;  96=dated 1996;   sh=genre f(funny animal). ; artist codes:  dr(Don Rosa), fg(Floyd Gottfredson, cb(Carl Barks); en=artist page count(entire issue if 1 artist did whole issue);   fc=front cover artist: WK=Walt Kelley; then condition, sell price, and other information such as page count of artists…in this case Rosa(8 pp), Gottfredson(13pp), Barks(10pp).

The vast majority of these comics have been bagged in standard comic storage bags with white cardboard backing sheets and in storage for decades.  Many I purchased new off the newsstands.