Comic Books

@Notes:  List H..Special Artist Comic Books and Magazines from 1950’s(few) and 3900+ published since then;

90% are what I consider “special artist” content comics. 100% of them are priced and immediately available even though no specific box/location is shown If artistically interested, consult my list “Abbreviations: Artists and Genre” for the code to id 129 artists(comics, magazine, book) I consider exceptional and worthy of note. 

Comics are color and also black & white(magazines).  A few special books(such as the Spirit) are included.  The story page count of these particular artists is noted for each item. 

All Walt Disney funny animal items are grouped under the prefix “W.D…….Savage Sword of Conan’s are grouped under “Conan” listing. 

These 3900+ items are presented in 8 sub- lists to help loading speed.
As an example of how to read the lines…see issue ((W.D. Comics and Stories #605)).  From left to right:  605=issue number 605;  96=dated 1996;   sh=genre f(funny animal); artist codes:  dr(Don Rosa), fg(Floyd Gottfredson, cb(Carl Barks); en=artist page count(entire issue if 1 artist did whole issue);   fc=front cover artist: WK=Walt Kelley;

Then condition, sell price, and other information such as page count of artists…in this case Rosa(8 pp), Gottfredson(13pp), Barks(10pp).

The vast majority of these comics have been bagged in standard comic storage bags with white cardboard backing sheets and in storage for decades. 

Many I purchased new off the newsstands.
If interested for a list of the 12 genre classes I have assigned to each comic item refer to the bottom of our site’s “Abbreviations: artist & genres”.

List H Part 1 of 7 comics;; 1984 thru Complete Vault of Horror.xls

Titleiss#Dyshartist codesenfcConditionSP$Description: Comic books
1984 + 1994 issues (reference entry)Note: all 1984 and 1994 issues are in footlocker under table
11984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.178sffan ww fc rnrcMint-0lovely Corben fc & Color shs; 2 su AN shs; excellent issue
21984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.278sffrc an rnrcMint-18su issue; Laxamana; innonvative RN; Nebot, Janes; box 484
31984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.378sffrc an rnMint-0exc issue; Laxamana, color RC, Nebot; no ads
41984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.478sffan rn rcMint-18exc AN, 2 color RC shs; Laxamana, Janes/Nebres; box 484
51984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.579sffww al rnMint-18Laxamana, Arnold, Maroto, color RC, no ads; box 484
61984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.679sffan rn rcMint-18color RC shs; Maroto, Laxamana; no ads; box 484
71984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.779sffan rc rn ftMint-0color RC shs; nice AN; sas “Ghita”(sexy “Red Sonj.
81984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.879sffrc ft an rnMint-0color RC shs; 2 AN(1 su), Gonzalez; “Ghita” part 2
91984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.979sffanMint-102 AN shs, Laxamana, Arnold, Jodloman, Gonzalez; box 484
101984 (b & w); see 1994 cont.1079sffrn an ft Mint-0de la Fuente(“Haxtur”), color RN, Vicatan, “Ghita”
111994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)1180sffan rn ftMint-02 AN, color RN, Thorne’s “Ghita”, Saenz, E Cruz
121994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)1280sffan rn ftMint-SOLDD. Nino, Gonzalez, Laxamana, “Ghita”; box 484
131994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)1380sffan rn ftMint-0D Nino, Laxamana, “Ghita” by Thorne
141994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)1480sffan ftMint-0Sanjulian fc; Vic Catan(topnotch), “Ghita”, nice AN
151994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)1580sffan frnanMint-SOLD2 AN shs(one 21pp), D Nino, unusual fc; exc issue; box 484
161994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)1680sffan rnMint-SOLD2 AN shs, Delando Nino, Laxamana, C Gimenez; box 484
171994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)1781sffan ftMint-SOLD2 AN shs; “Ghita”, color Ortiz; fc Amazon vs robots; box 484
181994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)1881sffan ft rnMint-SOLDbest Vic Catan art, D Nino, “Ghita”; sl scrape sps; box 484
191994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)1981sffan ftMint-SOLD2 su AN innovative shs; Vic Catan, “Ghita”, Laxam.; box 484
201994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)2081sffan ftnrMint-SOLDAN pi shs part 2(great art); “Ghita”; Vic Catan; box 484
211994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)2181sffft an nr rnanMint-SOLDexc D Nino; “Ghita”, 2 AN, Redondo Studios,Maroto; box 484
221994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)2281sffan rnMint-0AN part 3 pi shs; D Nino; colorful Fastner/Larson fc
231994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)2382sffanenanMint-0all A Nino(4 shs) issue re; new fc; first re this title
241994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)2482sffan ftMint-0colorful Fastner/Larson fc; VicCatan, “Ghita”, D Nino
251994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)2582sffan rn ftnear mint0“Ghita” fc; D Nino, “Ghita”, Maroto; “18 & above” lbl.
261994 (b & w); see prev named 1984)2682sffan ftrcnear mint-0“Ghita: 2 AN(1 pi, YS Pavlov), Maroto, VicCatan, Hsu
291st Issue Special(Code Name:Assassin)1176shnrenmgnear mint-6 Redondo Studio pencils
301st Issue Special(Dr Fate)975shwsenjknear mint6
311st Issue Special(Starman)1276shjkmint-8
321st Issue Special(Warlord)875amgennear mint to mintSOLD
332000 AD(featuring Judge Dredd)33883sffvery fine410-15-83 British weekly; nice Judge Dredd
34Action Comics40671shat mavery fine-; small piece out back cover13 AT(13,Atom/Flash), MA inks 25; copy 1
35Action Comics40671shat manear mint15 25pp MA inks; AT 13pp on exc Atom/Flash shs; copy 2
36Action Comics40771shma atvery fine-, except back end page (ad), missing and piece out (missing) margin of panel 15 art 25, 13; Atom/Flash shs
37Action Comics40771shat manear mint16 MA inks 25pp; AT on 13pp exc Atom/Flash shs; copy 2
38Action Comics41372shat mavery fine-13 MA inks 22pp; AT on Eclipso
39Action Comics41372shma atnear mint-10 art: 22, 13; “Eclipso, Metamorpho”
40Action Comics44375shsm ma ci gk rhncvery good8“Hawkman,A Strange,S Devils”; 8,13,12,11,14; 100pp
41Action Comics( Weekly)60588shgk8Mint-5pl31; TD
42Action Comics( Weekly)60988shMint-5
43Action Comics( Weekly)61588shMint-5
44Action Comics( Weekly)61688shatMint-5
45Adventure Comics41371shgm jkinear mint-12 art: 7, 12; “Robotman, Hawkman”
46Adventure Comics41472shgk gmvery fine to near mint10
47Adventure Comics41572shgm7very fine to near mint10GM on “Zatanna”; “A-Man, Supergirl”
48Adventure Comics41772shff gmvery fine+9pl04; art(pp): 6(“Shining Knight”), 10(“Vigilante”); copy 1
49Adventure Comics41772shff gmvery fine to near mint10art pp 6(Shining Knight), 10(Vigilante); copy 2
50Adventure Comics41772shgm ffnear mint-11pl27; art: Frazetta(6pp,Shining Knight); GM: 10; copy 3
51Adventure Comics41872shat8very good+5pl04; “Blk Canary” by AT; 2 nice vintage re; ss; crfc; copy 1
52Adventure Comics41872shat8near mint-11pl03; “Blk Canary” by AT;2 vintage nice re ’40, ’50’s; copy 2
53Adventure Comics41972shat8very fine8pl08; AT on “Blk Canary”; vintage P Stranger re
54Adventure Comics42272shgm10very good4pl07; 1″ gouge in fc ow f-vf
55Adventure Comics42573shat an gkmkgood3pl04; art(pp): 8, 8(Capt Fear), 6
56Adventure Comics42573shat gk anvery fine9pl07; art(pp); 8, 6, 8
57Adventure Comics42673shan8very fine-5
58Adventure Comics42773shan7near mint-7
59Adventure Comics42873shtdennear mintsoldpl07; 2 TD shs(Blk Orchid, Dr. 13)
60Adventure Comics42973shtd annear mint-13pl07; deZuniga on “Black Orchid”
61Adventure Comics43073shtd14near mint13pl07; deZuniga on “Black Orchid”
62Adventure Comics43274shan7very fine to near mint10pl27; Spectre; AN on Capt Fear
63Adventure Comics43274shan7near mint12pl07; AN on “Cptn Fear”
64Adventure Comics43374shan7near mint12pl24; Nino(Capt Fear); Spectre
65Adventure Comics43875shhc6mint-13HC on golden age “Shining Knight” character
66Adventure Comics44175shnear mint67 Soldiers of Victory, chap. 6(Star Spangled Kid)
67Adventure Comics44275shjl6near mint-5Seven Soldiers of Victory, chapter 6(Vigilante)
68Adventure Comics46780shsd9mint-SOLDStaton’s “Plastic Man”
69Adventure Comics46880shsd8mint-5Staton’s “Plastic Man”
70Adventure Comics46980shsd9mint-5Staton’s “Plastic Man”
71Adventure Comics47080shsd9near mint5Staton’s “Plastic Man”
72Adventure Comics47180shsd8mint-0Staton’s “Plastic Man”; $5lp; transferred P.I.; GONE
73Adventure Comics47280shsd9mint-5Staton’s “Plastic Man”
74Adventure Comics47380shsd8mint-5Staton’s “Plastic Man”
75Adventure Comics47480shsd9mint-5Staton’s “Plastic Man”
76Adventure Comics47580shsd8mint-5Plastic Man(Staton/B Smith)
77Adventure Comics47680shsd9mint-5pl06; Starman(SF); Plastic Man
78Adventure Comics47780shsd8mint-5Staton’s “Plastic Man”
79Adventure Comics47880shsd8near mint+0nice(but last) Plastic Man; pi nursing home;$5lp; transferred P.I.; GONE
80Adventures into the Unknown10759sffaw5very good+9
2210Adventures of Robin Hood (ME)657abp7phcfine17R Greene photo fc, ifc
81Alex Nino’s Nightmare189hanenanmint-5 psychological horror; all Nino ; 24 pp color Nino
82Alien Encounters586sffrc8near mint5pl12; exc Dorman fc art
83Alien Encounters986sffjb9jbSOLDSOLDpl12; superb B Jones written shs(art by Bolton)
84Alien Worlds182sffaw nr tcSOLDsoldpl21;Williamson, N Redondo, Conrad (6, 7, 10 pp)
86Alien Worlds383sffmint-5pl21; S Hampton, T Yeates; W Stout fc
88Alien Worlds583sffjb11jbmint-6pl21; nice JB fc; T Yeates shs
89Alien Worlds684sfffb rk fbmint-0Krenkel(8),Suydam inks 3; Brunner pencils 19; $6 lp
90Alien Worlds784sffrc gmmint-0pl21; Corben, G Morrow(10, 10 pp art)
91Alien Worlds884sffaw rhoSOLDSOLDpl21; Williamson, Holmes(6, 8 pp art); Pound fc
92Alien Worlds985sfffb jbjbmint-8pl21;Brunner(5pp), nice JB fc; exc shs B Hampton
93Alien Worlds($3.95, Eclipse), Graphic Album 22nn88sffrr6wsmint-7pl21; lovely W Stout fc;Yeates & Shanower shs
All Select Comics(70th Anniversary Special)19a rhnear mint-4Blonde Phantom shs; 2 “Marvex Super Robot” 1940 re shs(shelf)
94All Star Comics(D.C., vol 12, 1976-7)6276shwwenmint-9“Super Squad”; Wood inks
95All Star Comics(D.C., vol 12, 1976-7)6376shwwenwwmint-9“Super Squad”; Wood inks
97All Star Comics(D.C., vol 12, 1976-7)6577shwwenwwmint-9“Super Squad”; entire book all art W Wood
a187All-Star Western(first series)9056wgk6(fair +), piece out (missing) edges front cover, crease top logo area; interior= good+5prob Andru art
98All-Star Western(first series) 11260wgk sg11(fair to good), front cover is poor, interior is good+ except piece out (missing) ad 1pp3
99All-American Men of War11566crh6good to very good6
100All-American Men of War11666crhen(fair), centerforld (loose), front and back cover are poor324 pp Heath
101All-Star Western170wcienfine+11
102All-Star Western2wgmna(good+), except piece out (missing) top 1pp5Excellent Morrow “El Diablo” shs
103All-Star Western3wgk gm jk ci ncnavery good7exc issue: Kane on “Outlaw”; Morrow on “El Diablo”
104All-Star Western5wnagood5
106Amazing Adventures(Killraven)3275sh near mint3pl31; C Russell pencils
107Amazing High Adventure184ajs15mint-6pl20; EC-quality medieval shs by Severin
108Amazing High Adventure386ajs10mint-5pl20; western horror shs by Severin(camel tryout)
109Amazing High Adventure486ajb jsjbmint-6pl20; Bolton, Severin(17,13pp); exc JS
110Amazon Warriors(re ME Cave Girl)189jbp21bp mint-6AC Comics; su BP Cave Girl fc; also Nyoka shs
111Ambush Bug185shmint-3pl27; strange character/plot
115American Air Forces (ME)952cbp28bpvery good+SOLD
112American Air Forces (ME) 551cbp30bpvery good-SOLD1/4″ bump/tear bottom several pp
113American Air Forces (ME) 652cbp29bpvery good+soldslight spine roll
114American Air Forces (ME) 752cbp23bpvery good+SOLD1 Jet Powers shs
a057American Century102crmint-4lovely Glenn Orbik surprised fem at moonshine still fc; good shs
a058American Century243wjs18hcmint-4nice 2003 art by Severin; exc story
117American Flagg Special(November 1986)186 ahcenhcmint-5HC different style art; November
118American Flagg(First Comics)183ahcenhcnear mint4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
119American Flagg(First Comics)2ahcenhcmint-5HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
120American Flagg(First Comics)3ahcenhcmint-0HC best ever art well printed on gd paper; $4lp; GONE
121American Flagg(First Comics)484ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
122American Flagg(First Comics)584ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
123American Flagg(First Comics)684ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
124American Flagg(First Comics)784ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
125American Flagg(First Comics)884ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
126American Flagg(First Comics)984ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
127American Flagg(First Comics)1084ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
128American Flagg(First Comics)1184ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
129American Flagg(First Comics)1284ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
130American Flagg(First Comics)1384ahchcmint-4HC cover art only; balance competant
131American Flagg(First Comics)1484ahchcmint-4HC cover art only; balance competant
132American Flagg(First Comics)1584ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
133American Flagg(First Comics)1685ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper; exc gga fc
134American Flagg(First Comics)1785ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper; 7 pp dossier
135American Flagg(First Comics)1885ahcenhcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper; 8 pp dossier
136American Flagg(First Comics)1985ahc hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
137American Flagg(First Comics)2085ahc hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
138American Flagg(First Comics)2185ahc hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
139American Flagg(First Comics)2285ahc hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
140American Flagg(First Comics)2385ahc hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
142American Flagg(First Comics)2485ahc hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
143American Flagg(First Comics)2585ahc hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
144American Flagg(First Comics)2585ahc hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
145American Flagg(First Comics)2685ahc20hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper
146American Flagg(First Comics)2785a hcmint-3HC cover art only
147American Flagg, Howie Chaykin’s, Special188ahc11hcmint-4HC best ever art well printed on gd paper; volume 2 no. 1
148Angel and the Ape168ffine9pl20; Oksner/Scarpelli art; p.I. Agency(girl/ape)
149Angel and the Ape269fwwenvery fine+12pl20; Oksner/Wood art; p.I.’s;charming, SA script
Animal Man4091abbvery fine to near mint4Dillon interior art; close nm condition; box 567
150Anthro168anear mint-, except minor writing margin page 1 otherwise near mint-11
151Anthro368a(good), spine roll, minor wrinkles front cover3
152Archie Giant Series (Christmas Stocking)13766fgood to very good, except coverless( spine/strip may be intact1 loc p23
153Arrgh!174fbe4near mint-12pl20; BE (?) front cover
154Arrgh!275fbe5very fine to near mint7
a003Art of Will Eisner(C Yronwode, K.Sink)82crwe es enmint-20136pp tpb, exc selection of art all stages, good text; see Spirit listings
155Astonishing Tales170shjki wwvery fine to near mintsoldpl22; art(pp): 10, 10; Wood on Dr. Doom
156Astonishing Tales270shjki wwnear mint to mintSOLDpl22; art(pp): 10 , 10: WW on Dr Doom
157Astonishing Tales370shbs wwnear mint-SOLDpl11; BS(Kazar, 10pp); WW(Dr Doom, 10pp)
158Astonishing Tales471shbs wwvery fine to near mint13pl11; art: BS(Kazar, 10pp), WW(Dr Doom, 10pp)
159Astonishing Tales571shbs10fine to very fine9pl22; barbarian shs by B Smith(Ka-zar)
160Astonishing Tales671shbs be10near mint to mintSOLDpl22; Smith pencilled by Everett; Tuska on “Dr Doom
161Astonishing Tales(Ka-zar)1072jbsenmint-SOLD
162Astonishing Tales(Ka-zar)1172jgkengkvery good+8pl10; tiny piece out(missing) front cover
163Asylum189han9bw mint-4pl15 western by Nino; head in a sack BW fc; Yeates; not in OPG
164Atari Force184sffjlmint-0nice G Lopez art with mostly Villagran inks; $4lp; GONE
165Atari Force2sffjlmint-4nice G Lopez art with mostly Villagran inks
166Atari Force3sffjlmint-4nice G Lopez art with mostly Villagran inks
167Atari Force4sffjlmint-4nice G Lopez art with mostly Villagran inks
169Atari Force6sffjlmint-4nice G Lopez art with mostly Villagran inks
171Atari Force8sffjlmint-4nice G Lopez art with mostly Villagran inks
173Atari Force10sffjlmint-4nice G Lopez art with mostly Villagran inks
174Atari Force11sffjlmint-4nice G Lopez art with mostly Villagran inks
176Atom and Hawkman(aka Atom)4068shjk majkvery fine11pl31; exc art JK/MA(9pp); nice Dillin/S Greene art
177Atom and Hawkman(aka Atom)4169shjk majkvery fine11pl01; exc JK/MA 9pp; nice Dillin/Greene shs
178Atomic Mouse184faf15afmint-8re 1950-1960’s stories
Atomic Mouse184faf15afvery fine5copy 2; re 1950-1960’s stories
179Atomic Mouse(volume 2)1085faf15afmint-7re 1950-1960’s stories
180Atomic Mouse(volume 2)1185faf12very fine to near mint7re 1950-1960’s stories
181Attack(Charlton)4884c wwenmint-8pl05; 4 WW shs
183Avengers Annual777shjmsennear mint to mintsold
184Aztec Ace184sffnrenmint-4pl2; N Redondo inks M Hernandez’s pencils; 52pp book
185Baby Huey and Papa1665fvery good4
186Baby Huey, the Baby Giant3461fvery good, except coverless (spine/strip area may be intact1loc p44
187Baby Huey, the Baby Giant4061fvery good-3
188Barbarians, feat. Ironjaw175amint-6July 1975 issue
192Bat Lash469wncennc fair3pl31; solid book but a tear some pp; small piece out (missing) front cover & wrinkles(cover)– not crease
193Bat Lash769wncennc(very good) except some writing front cover4pl19
a059Bat Lash(2008 version)18wjs22wsmint-3Simonson/Severin fc art; mini-series #1 of 6
a060Bat Lash(2008 version)28wjs22wsmint-3
a008Bat Man39386crpgenmint-9exc Gulacy 2 part story, part 1 here; pencils & inks
a009Bat Man39486crpgenmint-9exc Gulacy 2 part story, part 2 here; pencils & inks
196Batman(Year One, part 1)40487crdmendmmint-soldpl29; superior art(if you like Toth, like this)
197Batman(Year One, part 2)40587crdmendmmint-soldpl29; superior art(if you like Toth, like this)
198Batman(Year One, part 3)40687crdmendmmint-soldpl29; superior art(if you like Toth, like this)
199Batman(Year One, part 4)40787crdmendmmint-soldpl29; superior art(if you like Toth, like this)
200Batman: Legends of Dark Knight3992crenmint-5pl1; exc art by Bryan Talbot + fc; part 1 of 2
Batman: Outlaws10crpgenpbmint-5Gulacy/Yoakum; $5lp; 2000; box 567
201Batman: Shadow of the Bat9099crpg22mint-8Emberlin inks
202Batman: Legends of Dark Knight4092crmint-6pl30; Bryan Talbot competent art; part 2 of 2
203Batman: Legends of Dark Knight1350crmr25mrmint-6p. 4 of 5; Wiacek inks; year 2000
a018Batman: Legends of Dark Knight1371crpgenpgnear mint6nice Gulacy art, esp covers; part 1 of 5; 2001
a019Batman: Legends of Dark Knight1381crpgenpgnear mint6nice Gulacy art, esp covers; part 2 of 5
a020Batman: Legends of Dark Knight1391crpgenpgnear mint6nice Gulacy art, esp covers; part 3 of 5
a021Batman: Legends of Dark Knight1401crpgenpgnear mint6nice Gulacy art, esp covers; part 4 of 5
a022Batman: Legends of Dark Knight1411crpgenpgnear mint6nice Gulacy art, esp covers; part 5 of 5
205Batman: Legends of Dark Knight(set of 5) 1crpgenpgmint-242001; #137-141; mini-series “Terror”; exc covers
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight4793crrhenrhnear mintPIexc Heath art: part 2 of mini-series: Heat; $4lp; NOT available
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight4893crrhenrhmint-7exc Heath art: part 3 of mini-series: Heat
Batman:Legends of Dark Knight Annual797crrh18near mint-7WW I aviation Steve Savage war story; nice fc art; 52+pp issue
a010Battle Ground(Atlas)1957crgc jm jsjmfine0art pages: 5, 5, 4 SOLD
208Battle Heroes(Stanley)166cnear mint18slight rubbing on spine/strip area
209Beep Beep(Roadrunner)1262fvery good+5
210Ben Bowie & His Mountain Men1057w(very good-), crease6 loc g0698
211Beowulf175arven rvmint-soldpl10; nice art Villamonte; sas; copy 1
212Beowulf175arvenrvnear mint to mint8pl10; nice art Villamonte; sas; copy 2
213Beowulf275arvenrvmint-0 nice art Villamonte; sas; $4 lp; GONE
214Beowulf375arvenrvmint-6pl10; nice art Villamonte; sas
215Beowulf475arvenrvnear mint8pl10; nice art Villamonte; sas
216Beowulf576arven mint-6pl10; nice art Villamonte; sas
217Beowulf676arvennear mint6
Betty and Veronica Double Digest1052f(near mint) except corner crease back cover2 Archie Digest Library; bx 499
220Beware the Creeper368shsdensd(very good to fine), crease top right corner front cover13
221Beware the Creeper468shsdensd(near mint-), except spot margin 1 pp + slight mis-ink front cover15 J Davis 1pp ad
222Beware the Creeper468shsdensdvfine+18pl30′ copy 2
223Beware the Creeper568shsdensd(very good), except 1″ spot back cover10pl30
224Beware the Creeper669shgkvf+19pl30; ca by ua
218Beware(Marvel)373hjm5jsinm-13G Tuska shs
219Beware(Marvel)774haw ant4nm9pl09; AW/ANT shs
225Big Apple Comix(adults)175mww rr js aw nanm18exc Wood fc; top notch; comparable to undergd; not in OPG
226Big Black Kiss(adults, Sept, $3.75 lp)189crhcenhcnm-m5b & w; adults only; not OPG
227Billy the Kid1659waw(fair), except wrinkle margin 1pp4 possible Williamson art(2pp); looks f ex pet
228Billy the Kid2060wjs17jsfine0SOLD
229Billy the Kid2360wjs18jsfine0SOLD
a061Black Dragon(mini-series)285ajbenjbmint-4exc and representative Bolton s & s art; 2 of 6 series; copy 2
a062Black Dragon(mini-series)285ajbenjbmint-4exc and representative Bolton s & s art; 2 of 6 series; copy 2
a063Black Dragon(mini-series)385ajbenjbmint-4exc and representative Bolton s & s art; 3 of 6 series
231Black Hood(Red Circle)183a gm at am dwatmint-6GM,AT,AM,DW(20, 1, 6, 4 pp art); nice Toth fc
234Black Kiss(adults only)988crhc10hcmint-4pl15; sex/violence/language(adults); a mini-comic; b & w; not OPG
235Blackhawk24476ageenjknear mint-3
236Blackhawk25883amint-3pl27; Spiegle fls “Death of Blackhawk Island”
237Blackhawk26083ahc athcmint-4pl4; Chaykin(8pp); A Toth/Giacola(7pp)
238Blackhawk: Blood and Iron188ahcenhcmint-4pl14; bk 1, graphic novel
239Blackhawk: Red Snow288ahcenhcmint-4pl14; bk 2, graphic novel
240Blackhawk:Iron Dreams & Bloody Murder388ahcenhcmint-4pl14; bk 3, graphic novel; “Blackout” title on fc
241Blazing Battle Tales175cjs amfine to very fine0art pp: 2, 6; copy 1; $4lp; GONE
242Blazing Battle Tales175cjs amnear mint-7art pp: 2, 6; copy 2
a011Blazing Sixguns1664wdwjsvery fine+0very early Wildey art; nice Severin Buffalo Bill fc
244Blitzkrieg176cjknear mint-; light cover edgewear18
248Blitzkrieg576cnear mint11
249Blue Ribbon(Archie)884shgm at narnmint-6pl6; great issue: GM,AT,NA(12, 2, 10 pp each)
250Blue Ribbon(Archie)1084shbp jkrnmint-5pl6; 15pp vintage B Powell; 2 shs by Jack Kirby
251Blue Ribbon(Red Circle)283shanenmint-5pl6; 30 pp A Nino inks over von Eeden pencils
252Bob Powell’s Timeless Tales189abpenbpmint-5pl12; exc repro on 2 shs from early 1940’s + 1 more
253Bobby Benson’s B–Bar–B Riders(AC)190wbpenffmint-4 4 vintage Bobby/Red Hawk shs from 1950’s Straight Arrow comics
254Bold Adventure284shrn anrnmint-0 beautiful all Nebres(15pp); A Nino(7pp); $4 lp; GONE
255Bold Adventure384ajs an rnmkmint-8pl7; exc issue: JS, AN, RN(6, 8, 10 pp art)
Bold Adventure183arn 15rnvery fine to near mint8 correct title is not Bold Adventures(per OPG)
Bold Adventure284shrn anrnvery fine to near mint; close to near mint0beautiful all Nebres(15pp); A Nino(7pp); close nm; GONE
Bold Adventure384ajs as rnmkvery fine to near mint5exc issue; JS, AN, RN(6, 8, 10 pp art); close nm
256Bonanza964w(fair to good), piece out margin 1pp art not affected, major spine roll3photographic front cover and back cover; loc p04
257Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery764h(good+), small wrinkle front cover5pl27
258Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery965hww atfineSOLDpl27; art: 12, 8
259Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery1065hjogood+SOLDpl01; probable Orlando art
260Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery1165haw8good to very goodSOLDpl27; possible Orlando art
261Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery1265hant am jovery fine+SOLDpl27; possible art these 3(per OPG)
262Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery1566hrec10very fine0SOLD
263Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery2168hjjvery good+0 Jones art(3pp) per OPG; 1/4″ tfc edge; $5 lp; GONE
264Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery8578hat15fineSOLD
265Boris Karloff Thriller(80pp)162h good-SOLDpfc; sd; 11 pp have bottom margin rep tears; 2 part good art shs
267Brave & Bold(Batman/Flash)9972ajk12very fine to near mint24exc “V Prince(12pp) rf B & B #20
268Brave & Bold(Batman/Metal Men), 100pp11374ajk37very fine to near mint; minor damage spine area18exc JK Viking Prince & Hawkman
269Brave & Bold(Batman/Metamorpho)10172ajk12very fine to near mint; two crease top edge front cover15exc JK ” Viking Prince”
270Brave & Bold(Batman/Sgt Rock), 100pp11775ajk13near mint to mint19exc Kubert V Prince; G Arrow, Blackhawks, Secret 6
271Brave and the Bold12275shnear mint to mint10pl30; Batman/Swamp Thing
272Brave and the Bold14879sh near mint to mint10pl31; Batman/Plastic Man teamup by Staton/Aparo
273Brave and the Bold16880amint-15pl28; Spiegle “Nemesis”
274Brave and the Bold16980amint-15pl28; Spiegle “Nemesis”
275Brave and the Bold17181amint-15pl28; Spiegle “Nemesis”
276Brave and the Bold17281amint-15pl28; Spiegle “Nemesis”
277Brave and the Bold17381amint-15pl28; Spiegle “Nemesis”
278Brave and the Bold17781amint-15pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
279Brave and the Bold17881amint-15pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
280Brave and the Bold18081amint-15pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
281Brave and the Bold18181amint-15pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
282Brave and the Bold18282amint-15pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
283Brave and the Bold18382amint-15pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
284Brave and the Bold18482amint-15pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
285Brave and the Bold18582amint-15pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
286Brave and the Bold18682amint-15pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
287Brave and the Bold18782amint-0 Spiegle ” Nemesis”; $4lp; GONE
288Brave and the Bold18982amint-5pl29; Spiegle ” Nemesis”
289Brave and the Bold19082amint-5pl30; Spiegle “Nemesis”
290Brave and the Bold19182amint-SOLDpl30; Spiegle “Nemesis”
291Brave and the Bold19282amint-5pl30; Spiegle “Nemesis”
292Brave and the Bold(Atom & Flash)5364shatenfine to very fine; 1/2 inch tear bottom back cover16pl23; 25pp Toth art
293Brave and the Bold(BatMan & B. Canary)16680anear mint to mint5pl13; “Nemesis”(Spiegle) begins
294Brave and the Bold(BatMan & Blackhawk)16780anear mint to mint5pl13; interesting “Nemesis” shs by D Spiegle
295Brian Bolland’s Black Book185hbbenbbvery fine except wrinkled top portion of front cover, wrinkles (cover)–not crease0 $2lp; GONE
296Bruce Jones’ Outer Edge193sffbjenbjmint-SOLDpl20; 4 shs by BJ(story + art)
2774Brute, The175hnear mint6
a180Bucky O’Hare491fmgenmgnear mintSOLD24 very nice pp art by Golden in sff/humor comic
297Buffalo Bill Jr(Four Color 673)155w(good), crease front cover, centerfold loose, small piece (missing) back cover6 loc p06
298Bugs Bunny8262fvery good4
299Bugs Bunny8462f(fine), light spine wearSOLD
300Bugs Bunny9063fSOLDSOLD“Showboat” on front as sub-title; $5lp; GONE
301Bugs Bunny9664fvery good6
Bugs Bunny22881f(good), minor ink marks inside few panels, slight spine roll/edge wear3box 485
302Bugs Bunny Showtime(25 cent giant)8863fvery good to fineSOLDloc p45; 80pp
303Bugs Bunny, Best of; (25 cent giant)268fvery good-7no ads; pc pinup
304Bugs Bunny, Best of; (25 cent giant)268fvery good to fine; very smsll piece out front cover, back cover pin up 9copy 2; no ads
305Buried Treasure390mww ffmint-5pl18; art: 8, 8; FF shs unr, from Personal Love 24
306Buried Treasure491mffenffmint-4pl13;10 Heroic shs by FF, mostly war; re; 27 pp Frazetta
307Buster Brown Comics1950agood7ca on 2 oriental shs: “Shark Woman”
308Buster Brown Comics3050arec13good+8cvr fa cond; exc REC; Willner’s Gunga
309Buster Brown Comics3250arec13good to very good12Crandall at his sff best; Willner’s” Gunga”
310Buster Brown Comics3550arec19good8exc REC China shs; Willner’s “Gunga”
311Butch Cassiday171wbp1near mint+10
312Butch Cassiday371wrec12near mint-6
313Camelot 3000583sffbbenbbmint-5pl3; exc fc BB; exc int Patterson inks BB
314Cap’n Quick & A Foozle184mmrenmrmint-5 elaborate, greatly detailed art; unusual
a064Cap’t Quick & A Foozle184fmrenmrvery fine0 greatly detailed art; unusual ti cr top corner fc; $3lp; GONE
315Captain Action168shwwennear mint- except writing margins of splash panel page15 copy 1
316Captain Action168shwwenvery fine to near mint30copy 2
317Captain Action269shgk wwen(fine to very fine), minor writing front cover, minor soiling back cover otherwise very fine15 GK/WW art; copy 1
318Captain Action269shgk wwennear mint26 GK/WW art; copy 2
319Captain Action369shgkengkvery good+11
320Captain Action469shgkengk(good-), piece out (missing) back cover (1″ x 1″) 6pl10;
321Captain Action569shgk/wwengkfine+10
322Captain Marvel(Marvel Comics)2573shjmsenmint-soldJim Starlin art starts; 1973
323Captain Marvel(Marvel Comics)2673shjmsennear mint to mintsold
324Captain Marvel(Marvel Comics)2773shjmsenmint-sold
325Captain Marvel(Marvel Comics)2876shjmsenfine, store stamp insidesold
326Captain Marvel(Marvel Comics)2973shjmsnear mintsold
327Captain Marvel(Marvel Comics)3074shjmsenmint-sold
328Captain Marvel(Marvel Comics)3174shjmsenmint-sold
329Captain Marvel(Marvel Comics)3274shjmsenjmsvery fine to near mintsold
331Captain Marvel(Marvel Comics)3474shjmsenjmsvery good to finesold
332Captain Savage & His Battlefield Raiders1069cjsfine+12JS inks Ayers
333Captain Savage & His Battlefield Raiders1669cjsvery fine+15JS inks Heck
334Captain Savage & His Battlefield Raiders17cjsvery fine+15JS inks Ayers
335Captain Savage & His Battlefield Raiders18cjsfine+12JS inks Ayers
336Captain Savage & His Battlefield Raiders19cjsenvery good to fine8
a173Captain Sternn(advance preview)93sff bw12bwvery fine5“Running Out of Time” excerpt (9pp) + 3pp from H Metal shs
a181Cartoon Network Presents197fnear mint-soldtv tie-in; bus=”Top Cat”; competent art
337Casper, the Friendly Ghost5262fgood+0GONE
338Casper, the Friendly Ghost6764fgood+5
Casper, the Friendly Ghost22482fvery fine5
339Casper’s Ghostland(giant size)1763f(good), front cover crease and gouge, interior= very good9 loc p35
340Casper’s Ghostland(giant size)1863finterior is fine to very fine, cover is good+12 loc p42
a065Cat Woman264crpgenpgmint-022 pp of exc Gulacy/Palmiotti art; $4lp; GONE
2775Cat, The172shwwenwwNear Mint-soldpl10; Marie Severin pencils
2776Cat, The373shbe enNear Mint-soldpl15; BE inks
2777Cat, The473shjmsenNear Mint-soldStarlin/Weiss art
341Challengers of the Unknown4064sff(fair+), tear at spine, spine roll3 loc p07
342Challengers of the Unknown7873sffjki wwnear mint11pl24; WW inks Jki, 22pp; re CotU #6, 7(1959)
343Chamber of Chills(Marvel)172hrh6very fine to near mintsold
344Chamber of Chills(Marvel)273hfbgknear mint- mint12pl10; C Russell;FB on RE Howard shs; Jakes’ “Brak”
345Chamber of Chills(Marvel)373hfb8near mint-12pl18; FB on RE Howard shs adaptation
346Chamber of Chills(Marvel)473hfb hc fbSOLDSOLDpl10; art(pp): 10, 8; good issue
347Chamber of Chills(Marvel)1374hbp aw near mint o mint8pl10; art(pp): 4; AW/RM(4)
348Chamber of Chills(Marvel)1575hrh jmvery good to fine8 art(pp): 5, 5
349Chamber of Darkness269hmint-20 M Severin, S Shores art; copy 1
350Chamber of Darkness269hmint-20 M Severin, S Shores shs; copy 2
351Chamber of Darkness370hbs7very fine to near mint13 EA Poe adaptation; copy 1
352Chamber of Darkness370hbs7near mint-15 EA Poe adaptation; copy 2
353Chamber of Darkness370hbs 7near mint15 EA Poe shs; copy 3
354Chamber of Darkness470hjki bsnear mint-40 art(pp): 7, 7; BS with Conan-like shs; copy 1
355Chamber of Darkness470hjki bsmint-38 art(pp): 7, 7; BS on Conan-like shs copy 2
356Chamber of Darkness570hjki jc very good-6pl16; art(pp): 6, 7; HP Lovecraft adaptation
357Chamber of Darkness770hbw sdbwvery fine to near mint16 art(pp): 8, 5; almost nm
358Chamber of Darkness870hsd bebwvery fine to near mintsoldpl18; art(pp); 11, 6; Everett inks D Atkins
360Charlton Action(Ditko Series)-Static1285shsdensdmint-5pl11; 3 innovative, wonderful new Ditko shs
359Charlton Action(Ditko Series)–Static1185shsdensdmint-0 innovative, imaginative Ditko new art; $5 lp; GONE
361Charlton Bullseye381hbwomint-5pl27; Wolverton-like 5pp “Cavern of Brain-eaters”
362Charlton Bullseye(Thunder Bunny)682mmint-0 “M Mauser, P. I” shs; $5 lp; GONE
363Charlton Premiere(Unlikely Tales)468sffsd7very fine+, store stamp interior10pl31;
364Cheyenne Kid2060wjs19jsfa-gd5pl15; me
365Cheyenne Kid2360wjs17jsvery good, store stamp8 ss; copy 1
366Cheyenne Kid2360wjs18jsvery fine+13copy 2
367Cheyenne Kid2460wjs19jsnear mint-17
368Cheyenne Kid2560wjs20js(very good)7
369Cheyenne Kid2660wjs pmjs(fair) solid copy with moisture damage2pl15; art: 5, 5
370Cheyenne Kid7569wsk17fine4
372Chilling Adventures in Sorcery373hgmengm(good+), inteior= very fine to near mint but water/liquid stain front cover + slight sf1copy 1
373Chilling Adventures in Sorcery373hgmengm(mint-), except slight bump spine/strip area8copy 2
374Chilling Adventures in Sorcery373hgmengmvery fine to near mint6copy 3
375Chilling Adventures in Sorcery473hgm6gmfine to very fine6
376Chilling Adventures in Sorcery574hgm6gmnear mint9
377Chip’N’Dale4677f(fine), slight sticker pull top front cover3
378Cinder and Ashe188ajlenmint-3
379Cinder and Ashe288ajlenmint-0
380Cisco Kid852wpoor to fair; interior good+, front cover is poor2 loc p27
a066City of Tomorrow35crhcenmint-43 of 6 this mini-series; lovely fem art; colorist liked pink
381Classics Ill.(Around World in 80 Days)6950afair+0cfl; sr; March 1950; $1lp; GONE
382Classics Ill.(Conspirators)15869agood+3Sept 1969; Alex Dumas based; loc p03
383Claw the Unconquered175a mint-11nice Chua art issues 1-7
384Claw the Unconquered275a mint-5nice Chua art issues 1-7
385Claw the Unconquered375a mint-5nice Chua art issues 1-7
386Claw the Unconquered475a mint-5nice Chua art issues 1-7
387Claw the Unconquered576a mint-5nice Chua art issues 1-7
388Claw the Unconquered6a mint-0nice Chua art issues 1-7; $4 lp; GONE
389Claw the Unconquered7a mint-5nice Chua art issues 1-7
390Claw the Unconquered8a mint-5
391Claw the Unconquered9a mint-5
392Claw the Unconquered1077a mint-5
393Claw the Unconquered11a mint-5
394Claw the Unconquered1278a mint-5
395Clive Barker’s Hellraiser($4.95, Epic)189hjb bwjbmint-soldpl15;Bolton, Wrightson; 17, 15pp art; Spiegle 1shs
396Comet(Red Circle)183shci an rnmint-6pl7;2 Infantino shs, 1 inked A Nino, 1 R Nebres;war
397Comet(Red Circle)283shci an enmint-6pl7; fls by C Infantino, inks Nino; good comic publis.
398Complete Tales from the Crypt(Cochran)hmint- request list F1; hc set; b & w; all 1950’s wmb
399Complete Vault of Horror(Cochran hc)hmint- request list F1; hc set; bw; exc wmb; re 1950’s EC’s
List H Part 1 of 7 comics;; 1984 thru Complete Vault of Horror.xls