General Information:  Lists are separated by genre or type and include both items for sale and also those in inventory awaiting being read (TBR).      We expect 95% of those in TBR category to be for sale shortly after a customer expresses interest in the item(s).     I STRONGLY encourage serious shoppers to read the “Instructions to Each List” below and, if possible, print out the “Abbreviations, general” list to more easily understand entries. I have listed as much possible information for each title to assist potential buyers, causing an extensive list of abbreviations to be needed.   The quantity in parenthesis is the approximate number of line items listed.    On non-comic book items listed  throughout– if there is no location such as box #, crsh, or shelf (sh1/2/v) then the item is not presently for sale(exception List A).  If a “0” shows up in “sale price” box, item is sold.  All books not otherwise specified are mass market paperbacks (mmpb).  If hardcover books are not offered with dust jacket they are noted as “no dj”…except in the few cases publisher issued without dj. Please be aware that within the listings for a particular author the alphabetic sort did not always work properly within original Excel lists.


          List A:  Romance, Amish, juvenile, young adult; (528 lines)


          List B:  Non-Fiction books: cooking, medical, pets, gardening, great misc;  



          List C:  Mysteries, digest-size magazines; EQMM, AHMM, MSMM, Manhunt,

               Saint, etc.; sorted by title, then date: (1800).


          List D:  Audio (A) and Video (V) items: cd/lp/dvd/vhs, etc; (139)


          List E:  Western & Frontier books & magazines;  (630).


          List F:  Fanzines, comic strips, pulp/mmpb/art-related items; (308)


          List H:  Comic books with special artist content; color+black/white; (3905)


          List I: Mysteries, traditional (armchair, suspense, misc. not in List N); (260)


          List N: Mysteries (private eye, hardboiled, thrillers, police procedurals, noir);



          List P: Fantasy+Science Fiction+Horror; books and magazines; (624)


         List S: Fiction + some nf:   misc. (historical, erotic, war, humor, misc.); (326)


         List V: Fiction, exotic locale; 90%+ Oriental/Asian; all genres included;; (1082)


         List W: Mysteries: anthologies of collected stories; (270)


      List Y: Magazines, slick & pulp paper (SE Post, Colliers, Argosy, Stag); (360).


      List Z: Playboy magazines (1956-83) and related; (280).


     List Z1: Thai language romance/martial arts/H Potter books (84)


     List Z2: Supplemental lists for each above list with add-ons not available at

                    cutoff date for original lists.




List PC-P: Pulp magazine story excerpts (850);  photocopies of scarce stories 1935-55;

   details of items AVAILABLE only by email; 1 of each available for somewhat less  

   than present store copying cost;  mostly mysteries from, top authors such as N. Davis,

   John K Butler, R Whitfield, D Keene, D Cushman, etc.; randomly selected stories from

   many issues of many titles based simply on my desire for good writers; available in sets

   of 5 stories minimum; postage will be actual plus $1; combinable with other type items

   from other lists here.  Minimum order $10 applies; Original copies made decades ago;

   Many still TBR.  Some needed photocopies (see list this site if interested) are tradeable  page count for page count.  I have none of those pulps now.  I do have a few digest magazine scarce stories also available.






Lists A, W, Y, Z, Z1, and Z2  hopefully are self-explanatory; any questions ask.


List B: non-fiction supplement to website(see also List S); random(chaos) sequenced.

           Originally a Word document.


List C; almost all are Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Shayne, Saint Mystery Magazines + Manhunt.  Column heads appear obvious except “dy”(date year), “dm”(date month). To facilitate faster server loading of pages I have broken the list into 5 segments . Listed by title, then by chronological date.   In the date year column, for example, for AHMM the “59” represents year 1959 with dm of “9” showing the September issue.  Items with “00” in the “dy”column are year 2000 items.



List D:  contains long play vinyl records (lpvr), dvd’s, cd’s, cd-mp3(old time radio), and VHF cassette recordings.  All but 2 lp’s have cardboard jackets (dj) and almost all have paper inner envelope holding record.  Most of the individual lp’s are from my brother’s estate; I have sampled 2 or more tracks on each side and rate them generally “fine”; none have scratches.  All lp’s have my money-back guarantee if dissatisfied for playability issues.  MP3 cds have recordings compressed so that they play only on most MP3 players (I have had good luck with 3 Sony’s, poor luck with 1 Philips) and all computers with mp3 compatible player capacity.  Please confirm to yourself that you have mp3 compatible player capability before ordering.  I regard sound quality on these mp3’s to be mostly VG, but not at all perfect because of age/condition of original tapes made of the old time radio shows.  These O.T.R. shows for the most part were done for me by a professional selling many such items(some cassette exceptions).  I have many more items to be listed.  Recordings have same warranty as paper items on other lists.


List E: several digest western magazines are listed under “anth/digest”(anthology/digest) and a few books with editor not credited are listed under “unknown”.


List F; a spectrum of fanzines, books, magazines, clipped comic strips, comic art books/magazines such as Prince Valiant USA/German items, Tarzan USA/Italian reprints, Comic Buyers’ Guide, Illustration, Squa Tront, Wally Wood Overseas Weekly clipped Canon & Sally Forth full page strips, copies of Bob Powell, Russ Heath, etc color 1950’s comic stories, etc.  Random sequenced.  100% are priced and available for immediate sale.


List H; Comic books/magazines from 1950’s(few) and 3800+ published since then; 90+% are what I call “special artist” content comics. 100% of them are priced and immediately available even though no specific location/box is indicated.  If artistically interested, consult my list “Abbreviations:  Artist & Genres” for the code to id 129 artists (comics, magazine, book) I consider exceptional and worthy of note.    Comics are color & magazines black and white.  A few special books (such as Spirit) are included. The story page count of these artists is noted for each item.  All Walt Disney funny animal items are grouped under the prefix W.D… Savage Sword of Conan’s are grouped under “Conan” titled listing.  100% are priced and available for immediate sale.


 As an example of how to read the lines…see issue ((W.D. Comics & Stories #605). From left to right: 605 = issue number 605;   96= dated 1996;  sh=genre f( funny animal) artist codes: dr(Don Rosa); fg(Fred Gottfredson); cb(Carl Barks);    en =artist page count(entire issue if 1 artist did whole issue);    fc=front cover artist= wk=Walt Kelley; then condition, sell price, and other information such as page count of artists…in this case (Rosa, 8pp; Gottfredson 13pp; Barks 10pp).


There are very few comics I have purchased over the last few decades (death of artists, demise of DC Comics, EC Comics, Dell Comics, etc.; only a few straggler stories by Al Williamson, John Severin, Russ Heath, Don Rosa plus reprints of Carl Barks, Powell, + EC reprints, etc. were of interest.    


To facilitate faster server loading of pages I have broken the list into 9 segments.


The vast number of these comics have been bagged in standard comic storage bags with white cardboard backing sheets and in storage for decades.  Many I purchased new off the newsstands.


If interested, for a list of the 12 genre classes I have assigned to each comic item refer to the bottom of our list titled  “Abbreviations; artist & genres”.


List I: mysteries that generally are less action-driven, such as Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Dr. Gideon Fell types….although a few mavericks from list “N” crept in. There are a few authors here that also inadvertently appear on List N…example: Erle S Gardner and David Baldacci.



List N;  Mysteries with a few Blue Book pulp magazines with interesting mystery stories among contents as well as a few pulp facsimile reprints are listed under “Unknown”.  An attempt to make 8 segments to speed loading and we were able to present only 2 (our apologies).


List P: for sake of simplicity sf-fantasy-horror digest magazines/Weird Tales/facsimiles are listed alphabetically as under “Unknown”.


List S: a mixture of fiction and non-fiction of all types; sequenced (chaos); original Word



List V:  list consists of 95%+ fiction books and 95% of which have a physical setting in the Far East, Orient, Asia.  Included are mystery, detective, adventure, war, romance, etc…just about everything except fantasy/sf and sports.  For the sake of faster loading the list has been broken down to 2 parts.







Several photo galleries have been created to show some of the more attractive, compelling, or scarce items I am offering.  All are scans of items actually on my lists.  To find details on book, click on a specific image to enlarge it and then search individual lists by author/title.  From time to time more will be added.


Scans:  Mysteries: lists C, I, N, W, Z2 series for addon  items for each list


Scans:  Westerns: list E, Z2-E items


Scans:  Comics; list H, Z2-H items


Scans: Science Fiction-Fantasy-Horror; list P, Z2-P


Scans: Exotic Locale: list V, Z2-V


Scans: Fiction and non-fiction miscellany; List S, Z2-S


Scans:  Romance, Young Adults, juvenile, etc; List A, Z2-A


Scans:  Non-fiction; List B, Z2-B


Scans:  Fanzines, miscellany; List F, Z2-F


Scans:  Magazines, general interest: List Y, Z2-Y


Scans: Thai language books; List Z1