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Bonham, FrankBlood on the LandBallantine 7, 1950, pbo; footloose son returns home to find father dead/ranch gone and violence aplenty; nice art fc & bc$4 appears & is vf-nm except has quarter-size whitish spots bottom corners of most pages from ws; also has scrape in margin of few ppok-sh4
Bonham, FrankLast Stage WestDell FE, A186, pbo, 1959; good non-stereotyped western$4 good+; slight front cover corner crease, slight tear at spine, scratches;; right top corner front cover minor ink marks 543
Bonham, FrankNight RaidBallantine 64, 1954, pbo; Texas 1876; temporary marshall vs murderer with treason charge$5 very good; spine/strip area wear543
Bonham, FrankOne Ride too ManyBarricade, tpb, fe, nd; nice pulp re fc; 12 pulp & slick shs(1942-51)+1 Bonham remembrance + bibliography of novels publishedtbrnmok-sh4
Brandt, E.N.(ed.)Saturday Evening Post Reader of Western StoriesCurtis, hc, fe, 1960; no dj; 20 shs; exc selection/quality; Short, Rhodes, Wister, Richter, DeVries, Gulick, Haycox, etc.)$4 Interior story pages(11-358 are near mint); exterior is fine except small tear top of spine; fep/bep/inner front & back boards are brown-spotted with fep only showing water stain; minor im inside front boardLS552
Calhoun, ChadThe River BeautyAgent Brad Spear #7; Dell/Eagle 07323, 1982, pbo, mmpb; vs. riverboat pirates; erotic-flavored western6very good+; slight wrinkles fcront cover, edge wear543
Capps, BenjaminSam ChanceF G Medal d1907; nd, @1965; classic, outstanding shs of going west into Texas & starting a cattle kingdom2 fair; reading copy, crease to front cover, medium spine roll, wrinkles 493
Constant, Alberta WilsonOklahoma RunCrowell(People’s), hc, bce, dj(fair), 1955 @; Oklahoma land rush for a “move-West” family; lovely color endpapers 5 near mint-, edge worn/pieces out/tears, dust jacket is fair LS552
Dawson, PeterBlizzardBantam f3886; 1968, pbo; snow-blinded fem schoolteacher raped and the trail of revenge4very good-543
Dawson, PeterForgotten DestinyLeisure, mmpb, 2005; 3 1939-40 pulp nvltstbrgood to very good; 1 inch repaired tear bottom right corner front cover ok-sh4
Dawson, PeterGunsmoke MasqueradeCenterPoint, hc, fe, 2013, lpe; (restored material from censored pulp magazine Western Story 1942 7-part serial); lp$32; acid-free paper; 355pp; novel; disappeared US marshall’s replacement runs into murder & range war4near mint to mint for ex-libraryLS552
Dawson, PeterLone Rider from TexasLeisure, mmpb, 2003; 7 pulp shs from 1936-392good+; slight spine roll, edge wear 543
Dawson, PeterRider on the BuckskinSkyhorse, tpb, 2017; fc is beautiful Remington paintingsoldvery good; several scrapes/ scuffs to front cover/back cover + edge wear, interior/spine area are near mintn/a
Dawson, PeterThe Stirrup BrandFiive Star/Gale, hc, fe, dj; r/f Short Stories pulp magazine, a 4 part serial 1949 novel; not lpe; returning heir rides into a murder frame by Senatortbrnm..for ex-libraryok-sh5
Dawson, PeterTreachery at Rock PointDell #a148, pbo; 1957; steamboat background, returning to find a friend’s treacherysoldvery good to finesold
Dawson, PeterTroublesome RangeSkyhorse, tpb, 2013; re of 1941 7 part serial in pulp restoredsoldfine; edge wear/bumps bottom/top spine area, slight crease top right corner front cover n/a
De Vries, MarvinFrontierBallantine 164; pbo, nd; 1952-56 nvlts re SEP/Argosy/Z Grey?good to very good; piece out bottom spine area, magic tape inside front cover to reinforce crease, hairline crease bottom front cover, minor ink marks back cover ?
Drew, LincolnDie in the SaddlePktBks 3063, 1956, pbo; nice Engel art fc;above average western$5 fine+; slight wear at spine484
Everett, WadeTemporary DutyBallantine, mmpb, pbo(4th USA & 2nd Canada ptgs); Arizona; cavalry?good+; browning inner front cover and inner back coverok-sh4
Estleman, Loren DBook of MurdockForge, hc, fe, dj, 2010; Page Murdock series; fpn; Montana to Texas as minister vs. holdup gang; one of better in series$2 fair-gd; appears vf-nm but moisture exposure/water stain inside top front of dust jacket and medium damage to top right board from that, reading copyLS552
Estleman, Loren DCape HellForge, hc, fe, dj, 2016; U.S. Deputy Page Murdock series; job to Mexico to stop ex-Confederate dictator$3 near mint…..for ex-libraryLS552
Estleman, Loren DThe Long High NoonForge, hc, fe, dj, 2015; non-series; a long running feud between 2 crisscrosses the West$5 mint- LS522
Estleman, Loren DUndertaker’s WifeForge, hc, fe, dj, 2005; non-series; undertaker hired to disguise suicide of prominent financial figure$3 near mint…… ex-libraryLS552
Estleman, Loren DWhite DesertForge, hc, fe, dj, 2000; U.S. Deputy Page Murdock series$3 very fine+……for ex-libraryLS552
Everett, Wade(Cook, Will)Temporary DutyBallantine, mmpb, pbo re, 1981(6th ptg); Cavalry officer + fiery wife in Apache territory; 144 superb shs pp$4 very good; edge wear 543
Franklin, TomSmonkMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2006;; gritty, wild ride, one of a kind; 1911; Alabama; Southern/western; a low-grade main character & a fleeing 15 year old prostitute$5 mint-LS552
Frazee, SteveA Day to DieAvon t-458, 1960; US cavalry vs combined tribes; 2 viewpoints; detailed tactics.$4 vg-fine493
Frazee, SteveHe Rode AloneFaw. G.M. r2103, 1958; pbo.; mmpb; copy 2$4 good to very good; slight spine roll, edge wear543
Frazee, SteveHidden GoldLeisure, mmpb, 2000tbrmint-ok-sh4
Frazee, SteveLawman’s FeudLion Library # LB108, 1956, re of pbo; sheriff & 2 feuding families with 2 women’s fight for 1 mansoldgood+; sticker pull + minor ink marks top front cover, minor wrinkles back cover, spine wear 543
Frazee, SteveLook Behind every Hill/Big TroubleTor, mmpb, 1990; Double Action Western #10 2; 1952-3 long pulp nvlts; one from standpoint of vanishing Indians; 188pp$4 good to very good; 2 corner crease and few wrinkles(front cover, scarpe bottom spine area 543
Frazee, SteveTumbling Range WomanPermaBks m-3049, 1956, pbo; good bk, perhaps his best; exc fc art$5 very good; bump back cover right corner, edge wear543
Frazee, SteveUtah Hell Guns…aka Range Trouble; strife competing for railroad contractsLion Lib #LB69, 1956, re of pbo; copy 2; strife building and competing for railroad contracts$3 fair to good; tear st spine, medium spine roll 543
Galloway, MarcusThe AccompliceBerkley, mmpb, 2007, pbotbrvery fine; slight wrinkles spine area 543
Galloway, MarcusMan from Boot Hill: Burying the PastHarper, mmpb, 2005, pbo; carver of tombstones, professional mourner, reluctant killer; above average$4 slight scratches bottom back cover543
Gerstner, Nickolae/AndersonNo Bed in DeseretAce, mmpb, 1981, fpn; Mormonstbrnear mintok-sh4
Giles, Janice HoltSix-Horse HitchF G Medal m1712, 1972, fpbtbrpoor-fair; reading copy, major water stain front cover and inner front cover, interior story pages are very good to fineok-sh4
Gordon, CarolineGreen CenturiesBantam f1130, mmpb, 1953; fc+bc art; frontier(Cherokee Nation); accurate, detailed life of 1769 eastern frontier families going west$5 very good543
Gorman, EdTwo Guns to YumaThorndike, hc, fe, lpe, 2005, novel; ex-lawman retires to Yuma but finds strife & death awaits his arrival$4 very fine to near mint; ex-libraryLS552
Gorman, EdWolf MoonFawcett G.M., mmpb, pbo; fpn; noir; outlaw to a sheriff to a victim$5 very fine to near mint; slight hinge crease543
Gorman, Ed/Zeltserman, DOn Dangerous GroundCemetery Dance, hc, fe, dj, 2011; western noir; 21 shs; Gorman, B Little, Crider, Bruen, Breen, Healy, Randisi, Reasoner; best by Desmond Barry$6 mint- in very good to fine dust jacket(several slight wrinklesLS552
Granger, K.R.G.TejanosPermaBks m-3018; 1955; pbo; revenge on whites who murdered his family$4 good to very good; several hairline wrinkles top right corner front cover, minor ink marks front end page 493
Gruber, FrankJohnny VengeanceBantam 1347; 1955; a 15 year old boy thru the years in pursuit of the 4 who murdered his parents; 118pp & more impact on reader than a current 250-pager novel$4 very good-543
Gruber, FrankLonesome River(reference entry: see Ride to Hell double novel entry)n/an/an/a
Gruber, FrankRide to Hell aka Highwayman/Lonesome RiverSignet, mmpb, 2 novels; 1983; re 1955-7tbrgood to very good; major corner crease back cover, ink marks back cover, enamel chips at spine shv5
Hall, OakleyThe Bad LandsBantam, mmpb, 1988; Legends West Trilogy, book 2tbrpoor to fair; sr, wr, Magic tape spine, edw, etc; r.c.ok-sh4
Hall, WarnerUntamedDell b122, pbo, 1958; Alaska; civil engineer checking survey runs into fraud & 2 women with an agenda3fair-good; medium wrinkles, rubs to covers; general wear484
Halleran, E.E.(male)Crimson DesertBallantine 635, 1962, pbo; gun-runners, Apache reservation breakouts, torture in desert, & courtship almost terminated in death5nm484
Harrison, C WilliamOxbow KillLion; mmpb, #LB123, 1956(2nd), pbo5near mint-543
Haycox. ErnestBorder TrumpetPktBks 301; 1945; US cavalry(perhaps best cavalry novel written)soldgood; hairline wrinkles top fc; general wear; solid copyjoy-s
Haycox. ErnestLong StormBantam a1627; 1957; Oregon during Civil War; one of his best; nice fc art4good+; hinge crease, minor scrapes front cover, spine wear joy-s
Haycox. ErnestTrigger TrioAce 82401; mmpb, 1972; 2nd ptg; 2 short novels, 1 long nvlt5vf; some wear spine area, store stamp front end page joy-s
Hillerman, Tony(ed.)The Mysterious WestHarper, mmpb, 1995; 20 shs; top authors(Pronzini, Muller, Lutz, Crider, W Reynolds, Gorman, Kaminsky); copy 22generally very fine to near mint…but front cover and spine area reading crease has developed to a separation now neatly repaired with Magic tape; reading copy543
Hoffman, Lee(fem)West of CheyenneDell 9477, 1970; embittered Civil War vet fights to save widow sister-in-law’s land; well done 4near mint-543
Holt, GabrielGabriel HornDutton, hc, no dj, 1951; frontier; exc novel, exc B Lancaster movietbrvery fine+; owners name interior(inner board)ok-sh7
Jakes, John(ed.)…WWANew TrailsD/Day, hc, fe, dj, 1994; 23 new shs(E Leonard, Kelton, Shirreffs, Blevins, E Gorman, Estleman, Jakes, Nesbitt)tbrnear mint to mintok-sh5
Joscelyn, ArchieBorder WolvesStarBks, 1950, pbo, digest-size; 121pp(not abridged); pulpish Gross fc arttbrvery fineok-sh4
L’Amour, LouisBeyond the Great Snow MountainsBantam, hc, fe, dj, 1999; 10 varied shs touted as “classic adventure shs collected for the first time” however some appear in other collections; mystery, western, adventure, boxing.$5 near mintLS552
L’Amour, LouisCollected Short Stories; volume 3; Frontier StoriesBantam, mmpb, 2015; 28 pulp shstbrnear mintok-sh4
L’Amour, LouisValley of the SunBantam, hc, fe, dj(lovely, Frank McCarthy), 1995; 9 frontier(west) shs$4 very fine+LS552
L’Amour, LouisWith These HandsBantam, hc, fe, dj, 2002; 11 shs touted as “new tales collected for the first time”, but several(all ?) have been included in previous 25 collections); adventure, mystery, boxing, etc$4 near mintLS552
Leighton, Lee(Overholser,WYou’ll Never Hang MeBallantine, mmpb, pbo, 19711Poor; interior is very good, front cover, back cover and spine/strip area are poor; reading copy 543
Leonard, ElmoreHombreMorrow, tpb, 2012; one of his best5near mint to mint543
Lomax, Bliss(Drago, Harry Sinclair)Sagebrush BanditDell 942, 1957, re; bandit gang..a man at turning point and 2 women at stake5very fine+484
Lutz, Giles AHonyockerAvon h-100; mmpb; 1961; winner best western of year; pbo; good book3good+; several small wrinkles front cover nad back cover, hinge crease493
May, Karl(German language)Trapper GeierschnabelTosa Verlag(Austria), bestseller S-54; @ 1952, hc, laminated dj; German language$10 near mint-484
May, Karl(German language)Trapper GeierschnabelKruger BeiTosa Verlag(Austria), bestseller S-21; @ 1950, hc, laminated dj; German language10near mint-484
May, Karl(German language)Trapper GeierschnabelAm Rio de la PlataTosa Verlag(Austria), hc, laminated dj, bestseller S-21; 196410near mint-484
McCurtin, PeterTough Bullet/The KillersLeisure, mmpb, 1989; re 2 1970-2 pbo’s; 293 unab. Omnibus; Carmody series7interior is near mint, corner crease back cover and edge wear 543
McCurtin, PeterThe Killerssee “Tough Bullets/The Killers; n/an/an/a
Moberg, VilhelmUnto a Good LandPopLib Eagle, t/f Swedish, nd, @1954; Swedish immigrants to USA frontier; 416pp4very good+; small sticker top front cover, bump spine/strip area shv5
Muller, M/Pronzini, BBody Snatchers AffairForge, hc, fe, 2014; pi: Carpenter/Quincannon series; exc fc arttbrnm…for ex-library; only marking stampfront end pageok-sh4
Muller, M/Pronzini, BCrucifixion RiverThomson/Gale, hc, dj, 2007; 1 short novel(new) + 7 shs2very fine to near mint for ex-library, some moisture exposureLS552
Muller, M/Pronzini, BDangerous Ladies AffairForge, hc, fe, dj, 2016; Carpenter/Quincannon: pi seriestbrnm…for ex-library; only marking stamp front end page ok-sh4
Muller, M/Pronzini, BPlague of Thieves AffairForge, hc, fe, dj, 2016; detective p.i. Carpenter & Quincannontbrmint-; ex-libraryok-sh3
Nelson, Willie/Blakely, MikeA Tale Out of LuckCenter St/Hatchette, hc, fe, dj, 2008; copy 15mint-LS552
Nelson, Willie/Blakely, MikeA Tale Out of LuckCenter St/Hatchette, hc, fe, dj, 2008; copy 25mint-LS552
O’Rourke, FrankThe Last Chance; a newcomer takes advantage of an impending range warSignet, mmpb, 1982$2 interior is good to very good, balance fair to poor, reading copy484
Overholser, Wayne(Stevens, D)Brand 99Dell o775, 1966, pbotbrvery fine; slight edge wearok-sh4
Overholser, Wayne(Stevens, D)Day of JudgementDell 1681, 1966tbrvery good to fine; front cover right corner Magic tape repairok-sh4
Overholser, Wayne(Stevens, D)GunlockDell 3322, 1962tbrvery good+; hinge creaseok-sh4
Overholser, Wayne(Stevens, D)Long Trail NorthDell 4941, 1972, pbotbrfine-; edge wearok-sh4
Overholser, Wayne(Stevens, D)Man from YesterdaySkyhorse, tpb, 2015; 174pp novel r/f 1956 4-part Ranch Romances pulp; the past can be deadly5near mint-…except bump bottom spine areaLS552
Overholser, Wayne(Stevens, D)Tough HandDell 846; nd, Schulz fc5very fine+; nice Schulz fc art; a woman’s revenge; 3 women..two end up with the short end of the stick; 3 separate villains; one of his best543
Pronzini, BillBag of Tricks AffairForge, hc, fe, dj, 2018; detective(p.i.) Carpenter & Quincannon; a 3 case((murder, theft, fraud); exc book$5 mint-LS552
Pronzini, BillFlimflam AffairForge, hc, fe, dj, 2019; detective(p.i.) Carpenter & Quincannon seriestbrmint-ok-sh3
Raine, William MacLeodBucky Follows a Cold TrailPopLib 86; nd, @1937; setting 1935; proving uncle not bank robber $4 good to very good; appears very fine but tear at spine extends into edge of front cover and into 1/4 inches or less of several page margins543
Raine, William MacLeodSteve YeagerPop Lib, mmpb, nd; $4 very good-; front cover edgewear 2 inches near spine area, corner crease back cover 543
Raine, William MacLeodUnder Northern StarsPktBks 473, mmpb, 1947; 15th overall ptg$4 good+; slight spine roll, edge wear, slight signature shift joy-s
Reasoner, James MHawthorne LegacyPktBks; mmpb; 1994; Judge Earl Stark seriestbrfine; hinge creaseok-sh4
Reese, John (Henry)Dead EyeD/Day, hc, fe, dj, 1978; Jefferson Hewitt series; detective-western; embezelment/murder leads to Canada$5 interior and cover very fine, ex-libraryLL552
Reese, John (Henry)ShartshooterLeisure, mmpb, 1974; western-detective series; saving a rapist; one of few pub in ppbk of this exc detective-western series; good book$6 good to very good; wrinkles spine, edge wear, interior is fine+484
Reese, John (Henry)Weapon HeavyLeisure, mmpb, 1974: western/detective:; p.i./manhunter Hewitt series #1; murder & fraud & Hewitt in disguise$4 interior is very good, front cover very good except 1 x 1.5 inches discoloration top left covrner, back cover major scrape 543
Roberts, J.R.Gunsmith 240: Stacked DeckJove, mmpb, pbo, 2001$4 mint-543
Roberts, J.R.Gunsmith 213: Strangler’s VendettaJove, mmpb, pbo, 1999$4 fine to very fine; few scratches to front cover543
Roberts, R.M.ScoutBallantine 166, mmpb, pbo; 1956; 1878..the Bannock Indian wars$4 good to very good; slight twist spine roll, crease top back cover, bump bottom of spine area 543
Savage, Les JrSix-Gun Bride of the Teton BunchBarricade, tpb, fe, 1995; 8 shs; bibliography of novels$3 vf-nm..for ex-library; covers are fully laminated with library stickers underneathLS552
Sharpe, JonTrailsman: Bayou Trackdown..#329Signet, mmpb, 2009, pbo; Louisiana setting; pbo$3 mint- 543
Shiflet, Kenneth EThe Valiant StrainDell b126, fe, 1959; pbo; Oregon, 1855; cavalry vs Indians; McGinnis uncredited fc art; superior authenic Oregon shs$4 very good; hinge crease, rubs back cover 484
Short, LukeDebt of HonorG.K.Hall, hc, dj, lpe, 1996(@1967), retbrnear mint…for ex-libraryLS552
Short, LukeMan from 2 RiversBantam, 1974, pbo2fair-poor; minor Magic tape front cover repaired, major spine roll; reading copy 543
Slade, JackGuerrillaBelmont-Tower 51105; mmpb, 1972; into a Mexican revolutiontbrvery ood; slight wearok-sh4
Short, LukeStalkersBantam, mmpb, 1979(re of pbo); ambushed marshall, amnesia, gang mastermind hunt$2 fair-poor; tape spine/strip area, edge chips; 1 1/4 inches piece out lower spine/strip area; interior is very good; reading copy543
Slade, Jack(house name)Lassiter: Guerilla/the Man from LordsburgBMI/Dorchester; 1979; re 1970-2 two unab. pbo’s; 314pp; house name(unknown)tbrgood to very good; edge wear, wrinkles spine area, slight spine roll ok-sh4
Slade, Jack(McCurtain, P)Lassiter: Gunfight at Ringo Junction/…the Man from Tombstone; BMI/Leisure; mmpb, re 1970-1 omnibus; not abr.; 284pp; hb westerntbrgood to very good; wrinkles spine area, slight wrinkles front cover/back cover, overstickered barcode back cover ok-sh4
Slade, Jack(Flynn, Jay)Lassister: HangmanBelmont-Tower 51146; mmpb, 1977; pbo; hb; Lassister inherits a ranch$5 good+; Lassiter tries to rescue a fem hellcat from hanging 385
Slade, Jack(Flynn, Jay)Lassiter: Lust for GoldBelmont-Tower 51127, mmpb, 1977; lady bandit & gold; which he prefers?$4 good to very good; crease spine area, tiny ink marks top front cover and top front end pages, edge wear, slight spine roll 543
Slade, Jack(McCurtain, P)Lassiter: the Man from Lordsburgreference: see title “Lassiter: Guerilla/the Man from Lordsburg”; house namen/an/an/a
Slade, Jack(McCurtain, P)Lassiter: the Man From Tombstone Unibook, mmpb,1971, pbo; keeping black fighter alive to rob gate; house name(author); hard-boiled series$4 very good to fine except sticker pull front cover out of image area484
Slade, Jack(Ballard, W.B.)Lassiter: the Man from Cheyenne #4; Tower 42-169, pbo, 1968, hb; house nametbrGood-; major hinge crease, medium edge wear, wrinkles front cover corner, interior is very good ok-sh4
Stevens, Dan(Overholser, WHangman’s MesaMonarch 135, pbo, 1959; a drifter, a revenge-driven, hardcase widow with hanged husband, & isolated wife with abusive husband=blood/violence$7 very good-; light overall wear543
Swanson, NeilSilent DrumBantam F1041, 1952; early frontier days; 542pp; nice art fc+bctbrvery good-; corner crease back cover + front cover, slight interior repaired shv5
Tebbel, JohnTouched with FirePermaBks P222, 1953; frontier(Great Lakes/Mississipi areas); 2 French adventurers arrive determined for exploring(a la Lewis & Clark);many hardships & 2 love-against-all-odds sub-shs; good book5good+; wear at spine; small tear at spine top543
Todd, LucasShowdown CreekPermaBks m-3044, 1956; nice fc art by Tom Ryan4very good+; appears very fine..but small chip out of front cover at top left edge of spine area484
Turek, Ian FrancisThe Frontier’s SecretPop Lib, mmpb, 1973, pbotbrgood to very good; slight spine roll, hinge crease, few scuffs, wrinklesJoy-sh9
Various(9 authors)Funeral of Tanner MoodyLeisure, mmpb, 2994, pbo; Randisi/Kelton/Jakes/Sherman/Washburn/Reasoner, etc.; 9 new shs blended to tell the life of a violent man of many faces$5 very fine to near mint, close to near mint-543
Wall, Robert EThe Inheritorsthe Canadians book #5; Bantam, mmpb, pbo, 1983tbrfine to very fine; slight edge wearok-sh9
Whittington, HarryCross the Red Creek(reference entry: see Trouble Rides Tall omnibus)tbrn/a
Whittington, HarryDesert Stake-Out(reference entry: see Trouble Rides Tall omnibus)tbrn/a
Whittington, HarryTrouble Rides Tall/Cross the R……ed Creek/Desert Stake-Out; Stark Hse, tpb, 2016; Whittington works index; 2 very good reads$7 ex-library 2 stamps onlyLS552
Wortham, Reavis ZHawke’s TargetPinnacle, mmpb, pbo, 2019, Sonne Hawke series; Texas Rangers in modern times; autographed; $10lp$5 mint-543
Zollinger, NormanRage in ChupaderaForge, mmpb, 1996; sequel to Corey Lane; Corey Lane Jr. & violence in New Mexicotbrvery good; edge wear, barcode back cover overstickeredok-sh4
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