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Non Fiction Books and Miscellaneous Fiction


LIST Z2; List S.xls

LIST S- Misc Fiction+ Non-Fiction; War, History, Humor, Etc.
list z2-s add-ons
Crandell, DougFear Came..Santa Claus, Ga. MurdersBerkley, mmpb, nf, 2009, pbo, photostbrvgok-sh11
Fitzhugh, BillThe Organ GrindersAvon, mmpb, 1998; superior zany medical thriller in black humor setting; sale of human organs & destruction of the environment issues; excellent writing, etc.4near mint553
Llewellyn, RichardUp, Into the Singing MountainPktBk Cardinal gc-108, mmpb, 1961; a Welsh cabinetmaker difficulties in a S American town$3vf561
Rule, AnnA Fever in the Heartvol. 3; PktBks, mmpb; 1996; nf; 6 true crime casestbrslight sr, wrinkles spine/strip areaok-sh11
Sewell, MattPenguins & Other Seabirds10 Speed, hc, fe, lam, 2016; color drawings of over 40 birds, 128pp$3mint-; bc barcode overstickered557
Weenolsen, Hebe(fem)The Last EnglishmanBantam #a1052, 1952; well-done, about English patriots fight to kick out William the Conqueror(1100’s) out of England4very good; tiny piece out edge back cover, edge wear519
Zullu, Allan/Cheek, Gene(editors)You’re the Button on my BiscuitMcMeel(pub); tpb, 2010; 4 x 6″; humor; well-donetbrok-sh9
LIST Z2; List S.xls