Asian Fiction Books

Asian Fiction Books - Consist of 95% fiction books and 95% of which have a physical setting in the Far East, Orient , Asia. Included are mystery, detective, adventure, war, romance, etc… just about everything except fantasy, sf and sports.


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LIST V- Exotic Locale
list Z2-v…add-ons
Aarons, Edward SAssignment Black GoldF.G. Medal, mmpb p3354, 1975, pbo; Sam Durell series #404vf..except medium sr; mi im fep554
Aarons, Edward SAssignment Carlotta CortezF.G. Medal, mmpb r2088, nd, @1959; Sam Durell series, CIA4vg-f488
Aarons, Edward SAssignment LowlandsF.G.Medal, mmpb, r2538, nd, @1961; Sam Durell series4vf+; edw554
Aarons, Edward SAssignment MermaidF.G. Medal, mmpb #1-4203-5; Sam Durell series; nd, @19753good+; several cr top fc; some wrinkles, edw554
Aarons, Edward SAssignment Moon GirlF.G. Medal, mmpb, d1849, nd, @1967; Sam Durell series, CIA; nice fc art4vg-; 4 small crease top right corner of front cover488
Aarons, Edward SAssignment Nuclear NudeF.G. Medal, mmpb r2000, nd, @1968; Sam Durell series, CIA4fine+; slight wrinkles front cover, store stamp inner front cover 488
Aarons, Edward SAssignment Silver ScorpionF.G. Medal, mmpb, m2735, 1973; Sam Durell series, CIA3gd+; minor ink marks spine and front end page, 2 signature sections slight mis-aligned554
Afshar, TesaaPearl in the SandMoody Pub, tpb, 2010; Rehab the harlot who became an ancester of Christ; loc.: shv5tbrnm-ok-sh14
Allen, RalphAsk the Name of the LionPop Lib 60-2343, nd(@1962); Congo; foreigners(+ native mistress) flee muderous native troops3generally vf+..but dime-size chip out of top corner front cover + repaired tear(1 1/2 inches) on back cover right lower corner..Good+488
Alvar, MiaIn the CountryKnopf, hc, fe, dj; 2015; 9 nvlts; Filipinos in realistic domestic & international settings; 347pp5near mint to mintMBR5
Ambler, EricJourney into FearDell d343; Dell Great Mystery Lib.#27; 1960; a small man in Turkey; why do they want to kill him??very goodjoy-s
Ambler, EricSchirmer InheritanceBantam 1327, nd(1953); intrigue; Europe; thriller?fair+; reading copy, browning pages?
Anthony, EvelynTamarind SeedDell 8491, 1974; Barbados; romance, suspense, intrigue5very good+; slight scrape front cover, slght wrinkles spine/strip area 547
Arce, JulissaSomeone Like MeLittle Brown, hc, fe, dj, 2018; Mexico/USA; undocumented immigranttbrmint-; back cover bar code overstickeded ok-sh14
Alvar, Mia(fem)In the CountryVintage, tpb, 2016; 9 shs; Philippines/USA; 345pp; copy 2$4 very good-; scrape back cover, edge wear547
Avery, Ellis(fem.)The Teahouse FirePenguin, hc, fe, dj, 2006, fpn; Japantbrmint-ok-sh14
Aw, TashFive Star BillionaireRandom, tpb, 2013; Chinatbrfine…for ex-library, library sticker front coverok-sh14
Badani, SejalTrail of Broken WingsLake Union, tpb, pbo, 2015tbrnm..except front cover dents top front cover left sideok-sh14
Bae, Kenneth/Tabb, MarkNot ForgottenT Nelson, hc, fe, dj, 2016; N. Korea; nftbrnmok-sh14
Benard, CherylMoghul BuffetSoho, tpb, 2000; N Pakistan/Afghan; scathing inditment of abuse of women in a semi-murder mystery; outstanding$5 nm563
Benedict, RuthChrysanthemum & the Sword..patterns of ..Japanese culture; Tuttle, tpb, 1967(19th ptg); 324pptbrvery fine to near mint; ..except some underlining(few pages)ok-sh14
Benson, RaymondHigh Time to Kill…(James Bond post Ian Fleming series)Jove, mmpb, 2000; 007 James Bond; adventure; Kangchenjunga Mtns.$4 nm..except bump forward edge bottom of spine554
Black, GavinA Big Wind for SummerHarper/Row, 1975, hc, fe, dj; Paul Harris series; Scotland..with overtones of Malaya; helping a aged old friend of his father; witty, exc writer$4 very good …for ex-library; library sticker on spine areaMBR5
Black, GavinA Time for PiratesFontana(UK), mmpb, 1973, Malaysia; Paul Harris seriestbrvery fine+; over-stickered bar code on back coverok-sh6
Black, GavinBitter TeaH & Row, hc, fe, dj, 1972; Malayatbrvery slight spine lean otherwise near mintok-sh6
Blackwood, GrantWall of NightJove, mmpb, 2002; China; Briggs Tanner series; 569pp; international intrigue/action$5 mint-554
Bonnie, FredThanh Ho DeliversBlack Belt Pr, hc, fe, dj, 2000; 444pp; USA/Vietnam; family sends her alone on boat as refugee into rape, resettlement camp(Malaysia), foster home; she starts pizza business in Alabama with MANY problems; exc book; wmb$5 mint for ex-library, only signs are 1 stamp front end page & 1 signout card envelope back end pageok-sh10
Boo, KatherineBehind the Beautiful ForeversRandom; tpb, 2014; Mumbai, India; poverty!; names best book of year by 5 major USA pubstbrnm-mok-sh14
Bonsall, Joseph SG.I. Joe & LillieOak Leaf Pr, hc, fe, dj, 2004(4th ptg); “remembering a life of love & loyalty”; World War 2; autographed by author(of Oak Ridge Boys)tbrmint-ok-sh10
Boschert, JamesWhen the Jungle is SilentPennmore Pr; tpb, pbo, 2011; Malaysia; UK troops in Sarawak vs Indonesian invaders(1963-6); authenic rifleman’s fiction account of overun outpost & jungle evasion; terror in jungle; good book $10 mint-MBR5
Boulle, PierreEars of the JungleVanguard, hc, fe, dj(vg-), 1972(3rd ptg); t/f French(uncredited);Vietman; fem Viet Cong intelligence officer outwits USAF efforts to bomb Ho Chi Minh supply lines$7 nm except minor color fading on edges of boards(under dust jacket); owners name interior under dust jacket flapMBR5
Boulle, PierreS.O.P.H.I.A.Bantam, f2193, aka Sacrilege in Malaya;1959; Malaya rubber plantation life/hardships for trainee just prior to WW2; mammoth corporate company(SOPHIA) dehumanizes white supervisors/managers$6 vg-488
Boyer, Thanh Puong/Smith, Lisa W.The Ground KisserWinged Pubs, tpb, 2019; nf; escape from soon-to-be-communist Vietnam; 1975; loc.: shv5?nm-?
Brabazon, JamesThe Break LineBerkley, mmpb, 2019; lp$10; Africa(Sierra Leone); Brit. Intelligence troubleshooter; action4nm-488
Burdett, JohnBangkok HauntsVintage, tpb, 2007; Thailand; police Detective Sonchai J.; fpntbrvery fine; slight twist at spine areaok-sh14
Burke, JasonOn the Road to KandaharPenguin(UK), tpb, 2007; nf; Afghanistan; travels thru conflict in Islamic world5very fine+; 1 stamp front end page, slight edge wear 563
Burnham, Gracia with Dean MerrillIn the Presence of My EnemiesTyndale, hc, fe, dj, 2003; nf; photos; Philippines; man/wife kidnappingtbrnm-ok-sh14
Butler, Robert OlenA Good Scent from a Strange MountainGrove, tpb, 2011; 17 shs(2 new); 13 concerning RVN & VN refugees in USA; winner of Pulitzer Price2g-vg except medium amount of underlining; sticker inner front cover, edge wear, reading copy 563
Butler, Robert OlenOn Distant GroundH Holt, tpb, 1993, re; Vietnam; under court martial for helping enemy, officer returns to RVN to look for child he may have fathered4very fine to near mint; edge wear MBR5
Caldwell, BoDistant land of my FatherChronicle Bks, hc, fe, dj, 2001; Shanghai, China; before((Jap takeover) & after communist takeover; wmb; fpn(young girl)5mint563
Chang, IrisChinese in AmericaViking, hc, fe, dj, 2003, nf, 403pp +75pp footnotes; indexed, photostbrmint-ok-sh14
Chang, Lan SamanthaInheritance Norton, hc, fe, 2004, dj; China; 1931+7 decades of family trials; loc.: shv5tbrnear mintok-sh14
Charles, RobertOne Must SurviveThorpe/Linford(UK), tpb, 1998, lpe; Burma; 11 airplane-sabotaged people try to survive jungle trek with killer among them8very fine for ex-library547
Chaudhuri, AmitOdysseus AbroadKnopf, hc, fe, dj, 2015; Indian immigrant experence in UKtbrmint-ok-sh14
Chung, CatherineForgotten CountryRiverhead, hc, dj, 2012, fe; Korea/USA, a lost sister; location: shv5tbrvery fine to near mint; no back end page/ex-libraryok-sh14
Clark, AlexisEnemies in LoveNew Press, hc, fe, dj, 2018; “a German pow, a black nurse, & an unlikely romancetbrnm-m except dj has piece out bottom right corner(repaired)ok-sh14
Clavell, JamesTai-PanDell, mmpb, 1986(4th ed); Hong Kong/China; the making of a 19th century British overlord in Hong Kong; 722pptbrnm-ok-sh6
Cleary, JonSeason of DoubtPop Lib 75-1296; mmpb, nd, 1968; fpn; Lebannon; USA Embassy employee tries to foil gunrunning scheme by friend; lovely 4 image art fc6vf-nm..close nm-554
Clements, CalvinHell Ship to Kuma/Barge GirlStark Hse, tpb, 2021; reprints 2 hb adventure Gold Medal 1953-54 pbo’s; settings: Indonesia area + NY state8mint-MBR5
Colchic, Thomas(ed.)A Hammock beneath the MongoesDutton, hc, fe, 1991; 26 shs; 434pp; stories from Latin Americatbrmint-ok-sh14
Collins, Larry/Lapierre, DominqueFreedom at MidnightAvon, mmpb, 1976; historical “novel”of separation of India/Pakistan; 1947; 596pp; photos, indexed; nice mosaic w.a.r. cover$4 very fine to near mint; 3 inches crease top front cover (not affecting art)547
Conrad, JosephAlmayer’s FollyModern Lib., tpb, 2002; Malaya; classic of expat USA self-exiled man to a river trading post, married to Malay Moslem, with USA/Malay daughter, and his sinking into the morass of self-disgust and self-destruction– in conflict with Rajah & Muslim forces and his in-love daughter$4 good+; vg+ except a few instances of underlining(a sentence or paragraph or margin note)MBR5
Cornett, Alan GGone Native:…an NCO’s Story…(Vietnam)Ballantine, mmpb, pbo; Vietnam; life of long range(LURP) army vet(as medic), chiefly in Vietnam; fragged his ex-officer+ married RVN woman$5 very fine to near mint; slight edge wear554
Coonts, Stephen/DeFelice, JimDeep Back: PaybackSt Martins, mmpb, 2005; Peru; C Dean/NSA team; action/adventure; pbo; 469pp$4 vf-nm..close nm-488
Cotterill, ColinCurse of the Pogo StickSoho Crime, hc, dj(vf-nm), fe, 2008; Dr Siri investigates series; Laos$5 mint-LL551
Cotterill, ColinThe Merry Misogynist Quercus(UK), hc, fe(UK), dj, 2009; Laos; Dr. Siri investigation seriestbrMint-ok-sh14
Cotterill, ColinSlash and Burn Soho, hc, fe, 2011; Laos; Dr Seri mystery series?Mint-?
Croke, Vicki CElephant CompanyRandom, tpb, 2014; Burma; work & war elephants with loving foreign master; WW 2 & thereafter; referenced, index5very good to fine; slight crease corner front cover, edge wear 563
Curry, Dayna/Mercer, HeatherPrisoners of Hope..captivity & freedom in Afghanistan; Waterbrook, hc, fe, dj, 2002; missionaries vs the Taliban; tbroverall very fine except medium/water stain edge some ppok-sh11
Cussler, CliveValhalla RisingPenguin(UK), 2002; S Pacific Islands; Dirk Pitt series4very good+; slight spine roll, edge wear 547
Cussler, Clive/Dirgo, CraigSacred StoneBerkley, mmpb, 2008; 500pp; lp$104vf-nm…close nm-488
Cussler, Clive/Scott, JustinThe Sea Hunters IIBerkley, mmpb, 2004; 403pp; nf; 13 true sunken ship shs4near mint-; slight edge wear 488
Cussler, Clive/Scott, JustinThe WreckerBerkley, mmpb, 2010; lp$104vf-nm; bump back top edge back cover 488
Dakin, BrettAnother Quiet AmericanAsia Bks(Thai), tpb, 2003, nf; stories of life in communist Laos; young male graduates from Univ. & relocated to Laos as tourism adviser 1997-19985vf-nm; edge wear, over-stickered on back cover barcode563
Davidson, DavidThe Hour of TruthBantam #754, mmpb, 1950; tropics(Puerto Pacifico, Hispanic); his wife sent him to learn love8near mint.except faint scuff center front cover and 5 dings left front cover edge of spine area….very fine488
Day, A Grove(ed.)The Spell of HawaiiMutual Pub(Hawaii, mmpb, 338pp; nd; scarce ptg(florall/fem fc); 24 mostly nf shs/excerpts/arl on what became our 50th state10very fine to near mint with slight edge wear…except faint ring-shaped mark on front cover554
Dennis, CharlesStoned Cold SoldierFutura(UK), mmpb, 1974; Vietnam; irreverent, scurrilous satire5very fine- ; slight scuffs, edge wear, store stamp front end page 488
Dewey, Thomas E(ex-NY governor)Journey to the Far PacificD/D..Bk-of-Month Club, hc, dj, 1952; nf; photoes; ex-NY state governor reports on 10 Asian countries(17+) in terms of political stability/communist penetration/etc4vf-nm in fair-gd dust jacket(pieces out bottom sps and 2 edgesMBR5
Disher, GaryThe Divine WindScholastic Pr(Aust.), hc, fe, dj, 2002; Australia, WW 2tbrmint-ok-sh14
Dumas, FiroozehFunny in FarsiRandom, tpb, 2004; growing up Iranian in Americatbrfine+; semi-crease fc, edwok-sh6
Dunlop, NicThe Lost ExecutionerWalker, hc, fe, dj, 2006; ethnic cleaning in Cambodia 1975-9; nftbrmint-ok-sh14
Easton, KelleyHiroshima DreamsDutton, hc, fe, 2007, fpn; USA; a Japanese girl’s gift of 2nd sight as they are moved into an internment camp at start of WW 2; juvenile2very fine to near mint for ex-libraryLL551
Efken, MeredithLucky BabyHoward/S&S, tpb, 2010; 2004 onward; Chinatbrvery good-ok-sh14
Eng, Tan Twan(male)Garden of Evening MistsWeinsteinBks; tpb, 2012; Malaya 1951; Chinese-Jap interplay during K War; tbrvery good to fine; bump top edge front cover, minor edgewearok-sh14
Eng, Tan Twan(male)Gift of RainHatchette(USA), tpb, 2020; Malayatbrmint-ok-sh5
Erdman, PaulThe Swiss AccountTor, mmpb, 1993; Switzerland; espionage; Swiss collaboration with Nazi; historical fiction4near mint- 566
Fahy, WarrenFragmentDell, mmpb, 2010; 501pp; South Pacific?mint-?
Falla, JonathanBlue PoppiesDelta/Dell, tpb, 2003; Tibet, 1950; communist army advances with lovers in its path3very fine+ for ex-library; label on spine areaLL551
Fauconnier, HenriSoul of Malaya…aka Malaise(French)Archipelago Pr, tpb, fe, 2003; Malaya; t/f Frenchtbrvf-nm..close nm ok-sh6
Fisher, AlanYangtzeCorgi(UK), mmpb, 1989, China, 1937; gritty shs of foreign expats fleeing advancing Jap forces with Nationalist & Jap viewpoints6vg- ex sticker pull on back cover barcode; Bangkok store stamp front end page, edge wear 554
Forbes, ColinDeadlockPan(UK), 1988; Tweed vs. terrorist with mega-bomb; Europe4good to very good; wrinkles top front cover, small tear spine area547
Forbes, ColinDouble JeopardyPan(UK), 1983(2nd)tbrgood-; repaired tears top/bottom sps; ws bottom right edge most pp; solid; solid generally nice looking bookok-sh6
Forbes, ColinStone LeopardPan(UK), 1976tbrgood; ws bottom left corner about 1/2 of pages; edw; solid generally nice looking bookok-sh6
Forbes, ColinStockholm SyndicatePan(UK), tbrfine-vf..except ws bottom left corner most pages; solid generally nice looking bookok-sh6
Forbes, ColinTramp in ArmorF G Medal M1555, 1971; 4 UK soldiers & their tank 1939 behind German lines; Belgium/France; well-done; internal: 554?)5very fine to near mint488
Forbes, LeslieBombay IceBantam, tpb, 1999; India; murder mystery?fine to very fine; slight crease front cover ?
Ford, JamieSongs of Willow FrostBallantine, hc, fe, dj; 1920’s-30’s Seattle; Chinese orphan searches for mother; copy 24very fine to near mint; 1 inch rub/abrasion on dust jacket, ex-library563
Ford, JamieSongs of Willow FrostBallantine, hc, fe, dj, 2013; Seattle; 1920-30’s; Chinese 12 year old orphan boys search for his mother; copy 1tbrmint-ok-sh14
Freeling, NicolasThe Lovely LadiesHarper, hc, bce, dj, nd(1971@); polp(Insp. Van der Valk; Holland/Ireland5mint- in near mint dust jacketMBR3
Furnivall, KateRussian ConcubineBerkley, tpb, pbo, 2007; China, 1928; romance; Russian woman/Chinese Communist mantbrvery fine; spine area edge wearok-sh14
Gage, Eleni NOther WatersSt Martins, tpb, 2012; pbo; USA/Indiatbrvf; advance reader’s edition; edge wear to 1 edge sps; name ifcok-sh14
Garrison, PaulBuried at SeaMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2002; fitness trainer’s survival at sea on a thief’s yacht; exc int’l ocean setting4very fine to near mint for ex-library 563
Gash, JonathanJade WomanSt Martins, hc, fe, dj(fine), nd, @1989; H Kong; antique dealer Lovejoy$4 nm-547
Gery, R.V.(Reginald Vivian)..maleHigh Adventure #189..”the Dutchman”Adventure Hse, tpb, 2023; 1939-42 5 pulp nvlts from Short Stories) featuring Cappie de Vries policeman in Dutch East Indies(Indonesia); 111pp; good seriestbrmintok-sh6
Gibbins, DavidPyramidDell, mmpb, pbo, 2015; adventure; Egypt; archelogical setting; lp$10$4 nm554
Gorse, R. LeslieWith Gall and HoneyAvon v-2052, mmpb, nd(@1961); fpn; Israel; love shs$4 very good-; hairline wrinkles lower right corner front cover, wear bottom/top of spine area, minor ink marks front end page 488
Gowda, Shilpi SomayaSecret DaughterMorrow, tpb; India/USA; a childless mother, an unable to have children, and a given-away child1fair+; large sticker out of image area; cr; edw, etc; r.c.563
Grange, Jean-ChristopheFlight of the StorksHarvill Pr(UK), tpb, t/f French; Africatbrvf-nmok-sh14
Grogan, David ESapphire PavilionCamel Pr, tpb, 2017; Steve Stilwell series # 2; C-130 crash 30 years ago; Steve’s friend in Vietnam prison on drug setup; fem fatale; well-done with well-done local color; autographed10very fine-; slight corner crease front cover, edge wear, gift inscription front edge wear by Grogan563
Grogan, David ESiegel DispositionsWorldwide, mmpb, 2017; estate lawyer S Stilwell series #1; Va & Germany; good book4near mint-; slight edge wear554
Grogan, David EThe Hidden KeyWorldwide, mmpb, 2021; Italy/India/Bahrain; lawyer Steve Stilwell series; good bk/series5nm-554
Hallinan, TimothyA Nail through the HeartMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2007; Thailand; Poke Rafferty series5mint-563
Harrison, KathrynThe Binding Chair 4th Estate(UK), tpb, 2001; China; location: shv5tbrnear mintok-sh14
Hardy, RonaldKampongD/D, hc, fe, dj, 1957; gritty, realistic story of U.N. medical team in Indonesia fighting cholera & yaws epidemic$10 near mint book in very fine dust jacket, except spine part of dust jacket has a major sticker pull(1.75 x 1 inches)561
Hart, ElsaCity of InkMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2018; China; 1711tbrmint-ok-sh6
Hart, ElsaJade Dragon Mountain Minotaur, tpb; 2015; late 1700’s China; loc.: shv5tbrvery fine to near mintok-sh14
Hayes, JosephMissing…Presumed DeadSignet, mmpb, 1977; sex/intrigue/int’l terror; man on the run after faking his death finds death waits for him in Ireland4good-; medium spine roll, crease right corner front cover 554
Henson, MarkRed CellS & S, hc, fe, dj, 2012; USA/China; CIA extraction of mainland informertbrmint-ok-sh6
Hayes, Terry(male)I Am PilgrimAtria, hc, fe, dj, 2014; exc thriller as a dedicated, legendary CIA agent pursues a world threatening terrorist thru Afghan/S Arabia/USA; exc writing$5 mint-563
Haynes, GaryState of HonorWorldwide, mmpb, 2018; Pakistan-Afghan-France; kidnap-rescue mission for Sec. of State by sole survivor of her security detail; 458 pp; exc book$5 near mint554
Hellman, Libby FischerA Bitter VeilWorldwide, mmpb, 2016; Irantbrmint-ok-sh
Higgins, Jack(Patterson, Harry)East of DesolationHarper(UK), mmpb, 2006; bush pilot hired to find crashed plane in Newfoundland finds plane and murder$4 very good to fine; 2 slight crease top right corner front cover, slight crease spine area 554
Higgins, Jack(Patterson, Harry)Khufra RunBerkley, mmpb, 2002; Ibiza; a flyer with crime(treasure) on his mind; fpn4fine; slight edge wear, slight wrinkles spine are 547
Higgins, Jack(Patterson, Harry)Midnight Never ComesG Medal M3190; 19754 fine to very fine; slight rubs front cover, edge wear 488/554
Higgins, Jack(Patterson, Harry)Testament of Caspar SchultzG Medal 1-3963-8; nd, @19624fine; 1/8 inch dust(?)shadow top front cover edge, edge wear, few dings, generally appears vf554
Hilton, JamesLost HorizonPktBks #6100(50th ptg); 1962; millions sold over decades: kidnapped plane/passengers flown into a hidden valley Tibet-like paradise(Shangri-la)2fair; reading copy, major spine roll, enamel wear at spine area interior is fine554
Hoffman, CorinneWhite MasaiAmistad, tpb, 2007; t/f German; nf; fpn; white woman travelling to Kenya falls in love with black native, marries, and off it goes; color photos4good-very good; edge wear, hinge crease, general wear ok-sh14
Horowitz, AnthonySnakeheadPenguin, hc, fe, dj, 2007; international(Asia, etc.) adventure; Alex Rider series?mint-?
Hughart, HughBridge of BirdsBallantine, mmpb, 1985; China; superior fantasy; copy 26nm-547
Hughart, HughStory of the StoneD/Day, hc, dj, nd, bce, @1988; oriental fantasy; exc series6mint-LL551
Hui, WeiShanghai BabyPktBks, tpb, 2001; t/f Chinese; China?sl bump bottom sps o/w mint-?
Hunter, Jack DPotsdam BluffTor, hc, fe, dj(vf+ ex many barely visible scratches), 1991; exc 6 image fc art; exc shs of extraction team inserted into Germany late 1945 & Truman/Stalin faceoff; superb detail; historical & action novel5vf-nm; previous owner’s name inside front boardMBR5
Ike, Chukwuemeka; VincentToads for SupperFontana(UK), 1971; Nigeria; undergrad student & girl trouble3very fine-; 2 x 2 inches piece out corner blank front end page547
Innes, HammondAngry MountainFontana(UK), 1987(26th ptg); Czech-Italy; industrial salesman caught up in smuggling, etc from communist Czech; exc description of volcano eruption danger5very good-; general wear547
Innes, HammondAngry MountainAvon v2387, 1971(2ns); Czech-Italy; see above description; lovely fc art6vf; small survace chip out bottom spine554
Innes, HammondBlue IceAvon v2404′ 1971(2nd)tbrvery fine to near mintok-sh6
Innes, HammondCampbell’s KingdomAvon v2389, 1971tbrvery fine to near mintok-sh6
Innes, HammondDoomed OasisAvon v2364, 1970tbrvg+; tiny pieces out bottom edge front cover +top/bottom spine area otherwise very fineok-sh6
Innes, HammondFire in the SnowAvon v2360, 1970; aka Lonely Skiertbrvf except soiling back cover edge 1/2 x 2 inches & tiny po bottom back cover edgeok-sh6
Innes, HammondKiller MineAvon v2402, 1971(2nd)tbrvery fine+ except slight twist to upper spineok-sh6
Innes, HammondLand God Gave to CainAvon v2371, 1970, Labrador; fpn; mysterious electronic message compels man on against-all-odds trek to save 2 lives; good book4good+-; crease front cover right lower corner; tear top spine area, interior very fine 568
Innes, HammondMedusaTor, mmpb, 1989; 1926 onward; Mediterran Sea(Menorca); fpn; expatriate & assassination5vg-fine; edge wear, bump top spine. Small tear top edge front cover, few tiny wrinkles interiro is near mint 488
Innes, HammondSolomons SealFontana(UK); 1984(4th); SW Pacific/New Guinea; auction house employee wades into priceless stamp, murder, etc; fpn$2 fair+; major spine roll, few bent pages, solid interior; reading copy 547
Innes, HammondStrode VenturerFontana(UK), 1971(7th); Maldives Is., adventure; fpn$5 very fine; edge wear547
Innes, HammondStrode VenturerAvon; 14266; 1973; Maldives Island; adventure; nice fc art$5 very fine+; small surface chip out of top of spine554
Innes, HammondWreck of the MarydeareAvon v2359, 1970tbrvery fine- ; near mint- except some small rubs front coverok-sh6
Irving, ClivePromise the EarthBallantine, mmpb, 1983; death of Palestine/birth of Israel; 432pp$4 very good to fine; minor ink marks front cover, edge wear547
Jackman, StuartA Game of SoldiersAtheneum, hc, fe, dj, 1982; Egypt; murder, military mutiny at UK forces outpost; relief column attacks$8 mint-MBR5
Jaswal, Balli KaurUnlikely Adventures of the Shergill SistersMorrow, tpb, 2019; Indiatbrmint-ok-sh14
Jefferies, DinahTea Planter’s Wife Crown, hc, fe, dj, 2015; Ceylon 1913 setting; 19 year old fem to husband’s tea plantationtbrvf-nm for ex-libraryok-sh14
Jen, GishLove WifeVintage, tpb, 2005; China/USAtbrvery fine to near mintok-sh14
Jen, GishWho’s IrishVintage, tpb, 1999; 8 shs(2 new); children of immigrants to USA observe parent’s effort to assimilatetbrvg-f; bookplate ifc; edw/mi wrok-sh14
Jennings, JohnPepper TreePktBks Cardinal C-22; 1952(3rd); Spice Is.(Indonesia); historical fiction; 1800’s; a villaneous sea captain vs. 2 lovers5very good; bump spine area, slight crease front cover547
Jepson, DuncanAll the Flowers in ShanghaiMorrow, tpb, 2012, pbo; a young Chinese woman in China in 1930’stbrnm-m; sl edwok-sh14
Jha, Raj KamalThe Blue BedspreadHarcourt, tpb, 2001; Indiatbrvery fine+, small sticker front end pageok-sh14
Johnson, Jean DyeGod Planted Five SeedsHarper & Row, hc, fe, dj(vg, cdjf), 1966; Bolivia; photoes; nftbrvfok-sh14
Kadohata, CynthiaKira-KiraAladin, tpb, 2006, fpn; Jap family with sister’s in medical crisis; juvenile; USA; shv53very fine; slight general wear547
Kalla, DanielRising Run, Falling ShadowForge, mmpb, 2014; Chinatbrmint-ok-sh6
Kim, Nancy JooyounLast Story of Mina LeePark Row, hc, fe, dj, 2020; a daughter’s search for the life of her single mother, an illegal immigrant USAtbrnm-ok-sh14
Kim, PattiA Cab Called ReliableSt Martins, hc, fe, dj, 1997; a girl matures in an alien environment(USA)tbrmint-ok-sh14
Kim, SukiWithout Us, Thers is no Us Broadway, tpb, 2011; “undercover amont the sons of N Korea’s elite; nf; location: shv5tbrvery fine to near mint; slight sticker pull mark front end page ok-sh14
King, StephenEverything’s EventualPktBks, mmpb, 2003; 14 “dark” tales; 583pp5mint- except 1 inch gouge corner of back cover and crease corner back cover546
Kinkead, GwenChinatown…portrait of a closed societyHarper, hc, fe, dj, 1992; nf; USA/Chinatowns, chiefly NYC; exc portrayal of this isolated sector of US legal/illegal immigrants/kids5mint-LL551
Kipling, RudyardFamous Tales of IndiaBallantine #s681, mmpb, 1962; India; 16 shs; 6pp forward; nice fc arttbrvf-nm; mi im title pageok -sh6
Koerner, Brendan INow the Hell Will StartPenguin, hc, fe, dj, 2008; Burma/India; W War 2; black soldier murders white officer & the manhunt that follows/Army’s treatment of blacks5mint-LL551
Kutscher, VolkerBabylon BerlinPicador, tpb, 2018; t/f German; 1929 Germany; Gereon Rath series #1; polp5nm-..except edge wear to bottom edge front coverok-sh6
Kutsukake, LynneTranslation of LoveD/Day, hc, fe, dj, 2016; USA Jap internment camp/post WW2 Japan; family reunification foestbrmint- for ex-libraryok-sh14
Kwok, JeanSearching for SylvieMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2019tbrnm-mok-sh3
Lancet, BarryTokyo KillS & S, hc, fe, dj, 2014; part-time antique dealer Jim Brodie #2 as p.i. vs Tokyo Chinese/Jap mafia; Japan5nm..except scratches on barcode bottom of back portion of dust jacketMBR5
Lahiri, JhumpaInterpreter of MaladiesH Miflin, tpb, 1999; Indiatbrg-vg; medium corner crease fc lower rightok-sh14
L’Amour, LouisNight Over the SolomonsBantam, mmpb, 1986, 6 pulp magazine 1940’s shs; 3 American mercenaries; Indonesia, Tibet, S Pacific$5 nm-m554
Lagercrantz, DavidGirl Who Lived TwiceVintage/Black Lizard, mmpb; 2020; lp$10; Sweden; t/f Swedish; Lisbeth Salander series; mystery$4 vf-nm; mint- except some small dents top right corner fc caused by price sticker installation554
Lagercrantz, DavidGirl Who Takes an Eye for an EyeVintage/Black Lizard, tpb, 2019; lp$10; Sweden; t/f Swedish; Lisbeth Salander series$4 mint-….except some small dents top right corner front cover caused by price sticker installation & slight scrapes back cover554
Lagercrantz, DavidGirl Who Takes an Eye for an EyeKnopf, hc, fe, dj, 2017; Sweden; t/f Swedish; Lisabeth Salander series5near mint563
Lam, Nora/Harrell, Irene BChina Cry…the Nora Lam StoryWorld Bks, tpb, 1980; persecution of Christian missionary inCommunist China…1949 onward3very good; slight crease front cover, wrinkles spine area, edge wear MBR5
Lauren, JillianSome Girls My Life in a Harem; Plume, tpb, 2012; nf; Borneo/Brunei; 18 year old to Indonesian haremtbrnear mint-ok-sh14
Leader, Charles(Robert Charles)A Wreath for Miss WongLinford, UK, 1996, tpb, lpe,Eurasian pi: David Chan series; H Kong$9 very fine for ex-library; sticker on spine/ strip area547
Leader, Charles(Robert Charles)Strangler’s MoonStrangler’s Moon; Linford, UK; tpb, lpe; 1998; non-series; India/Kashmir; loc: box 547$10 very fine to near mint for ex-library547
LeBox, AnnetteCircle of CranesDial, hc, fe, dj, 2012; NY/China; for young readerstbrnm-m; overstickered on barcode on bcok-sh14
Lee, Mira TEverything Here is Beautiful Viking, hc, fe, dj, 2018; USA/Equador/Switzerland; 2 sisterstbrmint; overstickered back cover barcodeok-sh14
Leimbach, MartiThe Man from SaigonD/Day, hc, fe, dj, 2010; Vietman in 1967; fem correspondent and Viet & danger5nm-ok-sh14
Lim, JanetSold for SilverMonsoon Bks(Singapore), 2008; nf; tpb; autobiography of a Chinese girl sold into slavery in Southeast Asia by her family, her struggles, her semi-internment and rape attempts by Japs; 1923-45tbrvery fine+; faint few wrinkles front cover and back cover LL551
Lim, CatherineThe BondmaidOverlook Pr., hc, fe(USA), dj, 1997; Singaporetbrmint-; in near mint dust jacketok-sh6
Limon, MartinPing Pong HeartSoho Crime, hc, dj, fe; Korea; Sueno & Bascom polp, military police; exc series; fpntbrvery fine to near mint for ex-libraryok-sh6
Limon, MartinThe LineSoho Crime, hc, dj, fe, Korea; Sueno & Bascom polp, military police; exc series; fpn; class 6/px blackmarket& DMZ strife; copy 14near mint for ex-library563
Limon, MartinThe LineSoho Crime, hc, dj, fe; Korea; Sueno & Bascom polp, military police; exc series; fpn; copy 26mint-MBR5
Lin, JeanneLotus PalaceHarlequin, mmpb, 2013; China; historical romancetbrmint-ok-sh6
Lockerbie, JeannieOn Duty in BangladeshZondervan, mmpb, 1973; autographed by author; Bangladesh’s bloody birth as seen by Christian missionaries; 1971; nf; photoes;4good+; scuffs, spine area wear; ink marks front end page547
Lord, WalterLonely VigilPktBks, mmpb, nf: Phillipines 1943; WW 2; intelligence observers of Jap fleet; photos, maps, index; location: shv; ?very fine?
Lord, WalterLonely VigilPktBks, mmpb, 1978; WW2 Solomon Is.; civilian forward observers of Jap movements; historical fiction; 60+ maps/photos; location: 516$5 fine to very fine; minor scrapes front cover, minor wrinkles spine/strip area, slight corner crease back cover516
Loh, VyvyaneBreaking the TongueNorton, tpb, pbo, 2004; Malaya communist insurrection/fall of Singaporetbrgood-; water stain top of page war page otherwise near mint; reading copyok-sh14
Ludlum, RobertRhinemann ExchangeBantam, mmpb, 1989; Argentina/Spain/Germany; 1943; adventure, WW2; agent in Portugal to Argentina for exchange with Nazi’s; death and deceit; copy 1$5 near mint547
Ludlum, RobertRhinemann ExchangeBantam, mmpb, 1989; Argentina/Spain/Germany; 1943; adventure, WW2; agent in Portugal to Argentina for exchange with Nazi’s; death and deceit; copy 2$5 near mint554
Ludlum, RobertRhinemann Exchange; Argentina/Spain/GermanyDell #5079, mmpb, 1975; see description above$5 fine-vf; owner’s name inside front cover488
Ludlum, RobertScorpio IllusionBantam, mmpb, 1994; international, 664pp; a female terrorist seeking revenge against USA$4 nm- except slight nick page edge(77-92 pp)–neatly repaired Magic Tape488
Lustbader, EricAngel EyesFawcett Crest, mmpb, 1993; Japan/USA drugs, Yakusa, arms dealers, intelligence brokers..murder; 531pp$4 fine to very fine; scrapes on spine area, minor crease corner back cover 554
Lustbader, EricFloating CityPktBks, mmpb, 1995; Vietnam/SEAsia; Nicholas Linnear/Croaker; 482pp; drug trade, Yakuza$4 very fine-; slight repair front cover right corner, edge wear 554
Lynch, KatieConfucius JaneForge, hc, fe, dj, 2015tbrnm for ex-libraryok-sh14
MacInnes, HelenWhile We Still LiveF. Crest, mmpb, 1972; English girl’s visit to Poland turns to a nightmare of mistaken identity; nice R Lesser fc art$5 fine to very fine; bump back edge of spine area547
MacLean, Alistair/MacNeill, AlastairBlack ShrikeF.G Medal #m2340, mmmpb, 1970; South Pacific; one of early and best novels$4 good to very good; slight spine lean, wrinkles spine area, crease back cover corner 554
MacLean, Alistair/MacNeill, AlastairDead HaltHarper, mmpb, 1995; UNACO agents vs. international drug/arms pedlers; by MacNeill$2 fair+; major spine roll, crease back cover, edge wear, reading copy 554
MacLean, Alistair/MacNeill, AlastairNight WatchF Crest, mmpb, 1991; UNACO agents art thieves; by MacNeill$4 good+; scratches/scuffs to front cover, edge wear554
Magson, AdrianDark AssetWorldwide, mmpb, 2020; fpn; Somaliatbrmint-; 1 character ink marks front end pageok-sh6
Magson, AdrianRetributionWorldwide, mmpb; Kosovotbrmint-ok-sh5
Maher, SanamA Woman Like HerMelville Hse, hc,dj, 2020; 1st USA ed; r/f India fe; the “honor” murder of a fem media star by Muslim brother; Pakistantbrmint-ok-sh11
Malladi, AmulyaSong of the Cukoo BirdBallantine, tpb, 2006, pbo; India, 1940’s to present; a woman who marches to another drummertbrvf-nm except repaired spine area tear 1/2 inchok-sh14
Malmont, PaulChinatown Death Cloud Peril S & S, 2006, hc, fe, dj; lovely pulp dj art; pulp fiction homage; copy 26near mint-; slight scrape out of image areaLL550
Malmont, PaulChinatown Death Cloud PerilS & S, 2006, hc, fe, dj; lovely pulp dj art;pulp fiction homage; copy 36near mint-MBR4
Mann, PaulJackal ClubAmazon, tpb, 2016; India; George Sansi seriestbrok-sh6
March, Nev(female)Murder in Old BombayMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2020; 1892; Br officer investigates death of 2 womentbrmint-ok-sh14
Marquand, John PMr. Moto is so SorryPopLib, mmpb, 1977; Orient Express-type settingtbrg-vg; 2 creases back cover, several hairline wavy wrinkles bottom right hand corner front coverok-sh6
Marquand, John PStopover TokyoBantam a1690, mmpb; 5 publishers issued this title in 1957; Mr Moto(secondary character) series; hard-boiled counter-espionage shs; good book2fair-; Magic tape top+bottom of spine area, browning inner front cover and inner back cover, general wear; reading copy554
Massey, SujataThe Bride’s KimonoAvon, mmpb, 2002; Japan; Rei Shimura series; mystery; copy 25nm-; slight wrinkles spine area LL550
Massey, SujataThe Floating GirlAvon, mmpb, 2001; Japan; Rei Shimura series; mystery; murder in the manga comic arena5vf-nm…close nm-554
Massey, SujataThe Flower MasterHarper, mmpb, 2000; Japan; Rei Shimura series; mysterytbrnmok-sh6
Massey, SujataThe Salaryman’s WifeHarper, mmpb, 2003; Japan; Rei Shimura series; mystery; copy 25near mint-; slight wrinkles spine area 554
Masters, JohnTo the Coral StrandDell 8942; 1968; India; a fanatical Indian-loving Brit expat vs Indianization of whole of India at the time of Brit departure2fair; covers are poor+, interior is very fine 547
Mbue, ImboloBehold the DreamsRandom, tpb, 2017; USA/Cameroontbrvf-nmok-sh14
McVeigh, JenniferLeopard at the DoorPutnam, tpb, 2017; Kenya in 1950’stbrnmok-sh7
Melville, JamesSayonara, Sweet AmaryllisSt Martins, hc, fe, dj(vf), 1984; Japan; polp; SuperIntd Otani5mint-563
Merritt, DonHatch’s ConspiracyBantam, pbo, 1987; Laos/Polynesia/USA; a deserter living on island has wife kidnapped because of his past4f-vf; slight edge wear547
Miller, WadeMad BaxterG Medal k1355; 1963(2nd ptg of pbo); Sardiniatbrvfjoy-s
Min, AncheeLast EmpressH Miflin, hc, fe, dj, 2006; Chinatbrnear mint except ex-libraryok-sh14
Minney, R.J.Fanny and the Regent of SiamWorld; hc, bce, @1962; Thailand; photos; sequel to The King and I; based on real shstbrbook is vf+ except foxing to 1 edge(page edges); dust jacket is poor(insect nibbled, edge tears/piece out, etcok-sh14
Moore, Chris GA Haunting SmileW. Lotus(Thai), tpb, fe; 1993; aba; ghost story+ Army’s suppression of riots; sexual whirlpool; location; 424; non-Calvino series25near mint-424
Moore, RobinCombat PayManor Bks, 1976, pbo; 26 shs(only title one is Vietnam & it’s authenic); light general wear; location 4654very good465
Mortenson,G/Relin,OThree Cups of TeaPenguin, tpb, 2006; nf; Pakistan; 1993; building schools(55); location: Ashtbrvery fine minusol-sh14
Mourad, Kenize(fem)Regards from the Dead PrincessArcade/L Brown, hc, 1st USA edition, dj, 2001; Turkey; t/f French; roughly fall of Ottoman Empire-W War 2; nice art dj; 562pptbrnm-ok-sh14
Mukherjee, BharatiJasmineGrove Pr.; mmpb, 1989; India/USA; widowed at 17; married in Iowa, adopter of Viet childtbrvery fine; corner crease front cover;…except medium amount of pink highlighting in text ok-sh6
Mukherjee, BharatiTree Bride Hyperion, tpb, 2004; pbo; India/USA; searcing for her roots; heritage/identity search; loc: shv5tbrmint-ok-sh14
Mynton, HenryThe Pachinko WomanMorrow, hc, fe, 1999, dj; Japan; exc bk; agents battle for/against reunification of Korea; double agents, hit man, torture, FBI abroad; panchinko parlor extortionists5nmLL551
Nemat, MarinaPrisoner of Tehran …….a MemoirS & S(Free Pr), hc, fe, dj, 2007; fpn; Iran; based on woman’s true shs; imprisonment at age 16 by Khomeini’s thugs, persecution, torture, murder, etc5mint-LL551
Newton, H.E.Hell’s BonfireDigit(UK), 1963; novel based on fact: Malaya 1944; pbo; prisoners of Japanese; ?crease corner front cover otherwise very fine to near mint?
Newton, MichaelKorea KillBantam, mmpb, 1990; Korean-American ex-CIA returns to Korea on a mission of revenge; above average8near mint-488
Ng, CelesteEverything I Never Told YouPenguin, tpb, 2015; a Chinese-Am. Family in 1970’s in Ohio & death strikestbrvf-nm; edw ok-sh6
Nicholson, ChristopherThe Elephant KeeperHarper, tpb, 2010; 1776; England; fpn; arrival of 2 baby elephants and a stable boy caretaker; location: shv5tbrnear mint-ok-sh14
Niemann, MichaelNo Right WayWorldwide, mmpb; 2020; Syrian refugee in Turkey + UN refugee fraud investigator; authenic & excellent5nm-mint except 4 words on fep554
Norton, RayGarden of FateG & Dunlop, hc, nd, re; many b w illos. JC Coll; 349pp; Morroco; 424 5fair424
Nozaka, AkiyukiPornographersBantam, N4720, 1969; porno salesman whose speciality is the orgy4very good-395
Obregon, NicolasSins as ScarletMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2018; pi: Kosuke Iwata; Japan/USA/Mexicotbrmint-; back cover bar code overstickeded ok-sh2
Olden, MarcGiriBantam, mmpb, 1984; NY/Vietnam/France; brutal; killer on loose; Det. Sgt Decker in pursuit4interior very good to fine, but major foxing spotting inner front cover, inner back cover, front end page and back end page, covers and spine are good to very good otherwise good488
Pai, Hsiao-HungScattered SandVerso, hc, fe, dj, 2012; China’s rural migrants(contemporary)tbrmint for ex-library, but large sticker front end page and back end pageok-sh14
Park, Linda SueA Single ShardRandom/Yearling Newbury; hc, 2003; autographed; juvenile/teen; 12th century Koreatbrnm-; “perma-bound” binding; printer-laminated dust jacketok-sh9
Park, Linda SueWhen My Name was KeokoRandom/Yearling Newbury; hc, 2004; autographed; juvenile/teen; early 1940’s Korea under World War 2 occupation by Japantbrappears nm- but bump edge of few pages, so Fine-ok-sh9
Park, TonyIvorySt Martins, hc, dj, 2015(1st USA), Africa; illegal actions to generate $ to reopen hotel; good book; location: shv5$4 very fine to near mint; basically near mint- ;ex-library(1 stamp only)LL551
Park, TonyIvorySt Martins, hc, fe(USA), dj, 2015; ; near Mozambique; Australian author3very fine to near mint; ex-library, slight sticker removal mark on spine areaLL551
Pella, JudithToward the Sunrisetpb, 2003; 1942;& 3 daughters all have men exiled or imprisoned in 3 countriestbrvery good to fine; edgwear, minor marks inside front coverok-sh14
Pomfret, JohnChinese LessonsHolt, tpb, 2006; “5 classmates & story of New Chinatbrvf+; mi im fcok-sh6
Preston, Doug/Child, LincolnWheel of DarknessVision, mmpb, 2008; the Atlantic Ocean, ship, Tibetan artifact, murder; thriller4nm-554
Profijt, JuttaMorgue Drawer for Rent Amazon; tpb, 2012; W Germany, tr/from German; well-done crime/morgue humor; 3rd in series; box 547$9 mint-547
Prose, FrancineMy New American LifeHarper, hc, fe, dj, 2011; alien Albanian women in NYC & unpleasant arrival of relativestbrmint- for ex-libraryok-sh14
Pruit, Ida/T’ai-t’ai, Ning LaoA Daughter of HanStanford U. Pr; tpb, 1967; “autobiography of Chinese working woman”; nftbrfine+ minor general wearok-sh14
Raheem, ZaraMarriage ClockMorrow, tpb, pbo, 2019; India; a battle with family to find husband of “left-behind” daughter$2 nm-..except major bump front cover lower edge which extends into edge most pages(slight warpage), so ootherwise fair-good; reading copy563
Rashid, SalmanA Time of Madness..memoir of PartitionAleph(India), tpb, 2017; India/Pakistan; 1947; Muslim/Hindo/Sikh brutality/murder/hatred during creation of Pakistantbrmint-ok-sh14
Ratner, VaddeyIn the Shadow of the BanyanS & Schuster, hc, fe, dj, 2012; Cambodia; a child’s voyage over the genocide of her people; good book$4 near mint-; ex-library; minor highlighting 4 pages547
Ray, ArnabSultan of DelhiHatchette(India), tpb, 2016; exc book of impoverish ones rise to crime lord$5 near mint-LL551
Reference…see list B for non-fiction itemsItems # 2–7, 10, 53, 111, 132, 133, 309, 321variousn/an/a
Rohmer, SaxDaughter of Fu ManchuPyramid r-1032, mmpb; 1964; Nayland Smith vs Fu Manchu; R Maguire fc$5 g-vg488
Ricciardi, DavidWarning LightBerkley, mmpb, 2019; Iran/France/AbuDabi; damaged aircraft lands in Iran near nuclear area, arrest, flees Iranian forces; outstanding bk. 1 in series5nm554
Rizzuto, Rahna ReikoShadow ChildGrand Central, tpb, ARC, 2018; Jap-American sisters; Hawaii/NYCtbrnear mint-ok-sh14
Roberts, AmandaThreads of Silk RedEmpress Pr., tpb, 2016, pbo; China; mid-1800’s; loc.: shv5tbrnear mintok-sh14
Roberts, Gregory DavidShantaramSt Martins, tpb, 2004, India & Afghanistan, 933pp; Austrailan fugitive embraces India in all its aspects, surviving as a local,a facilitator, a barefoot dr. & a criminal; many flashes of brilliance4vf-nm…for ex-library; laminated plastic protective covers with 4 stickers underneath; only 2 stamps inside563
Rogneby, JennyLeona..the Die is CastOther Pr(Australia), tpb, 2015, 1st USA ed.; t/f Swedish; Sweden; Leona Leonard(Violent Crimes Div.), polp; naked 7 year old girl robs a banktbrnm for ex-library..except bc metallic sticker removal surface damageok-sh14
Roslund, Anders/HellstromBorgeThree SecondsSilver Oak(pub), hc, fe(USA), 2011; t/f Swedish; 489pp; wmbtbrmint-ok-sh6
Roth, HollyShocking Secret..aka Content AssignmentDell 850, nd, @1954; fem bondage fc; Germanytbrgood to very good; faint indentation impressions front cover & back coverjoy-s
Rowland, Laura JohBlack LotusSt Martins, mmpb, 2002; Japan; shogun investigator Ichiro; 17th century; murder5near mint to mint; slight edge wear547
Rowland, Laura JohBunduriHarper, mmpb, 2001; 17th century Japan; S Ichiro, shogun investigator; murder5near mint547
Rowland, Laura JohBonduriVillard, hc, fe, dj, 1996; 1689 feudal Japan5mint-563
Rowland, Laura JohCloud PavilionMinotaur, tpb, 2009; Japan, 17th century; 5nm547
Rowland, Laura JohConcubine’s TattooSt Martins, mmpb, 2000; 17th century Japan; Sano Ichiro, Shogun investigator4very fine to near mint 547
Rowland, Laura JohSamurai’s WifeSt Martins, mmpb, 2001; 17th century Japan; Sano Ichiro series4very fine to near mint 547
Rowland, Laura JohShinjuHarper, mmpb, 1996; Japan; Shogun’s investigator Ichiro series #1; 17th century4very fine to near mint 547
Rowland, Laura JohSnow EmpressSt Martins, mmpb, 2008; Japan; Shogun investigator Ichiro; murder4very fine to near mint; slight edge wear547
Rowland, Laura JohWay of the TraitorHarper, mmpb, 1998; Japan; year 1690; Shogun’s investigator Ichiro; on death of a foreigner; copy 1$4 very fine; tiny piece out corner front cover, slight edge wear547
Rowland, Laura JohWay of the TraitorHarper, mmpb, 2001; Japan; 1690; Shogun’s investigator; Ichiro; murder; copy 2$5 near mint547
Rubin, JonathanBarking Deer Avon 68437, mmpb; 1982; Vietnam; Special Forces team fighting Central Highlands, Montagnards & Viet Cong?very good to fine except clipped edge fep; edgewear?
Sandberg, BerentBrass Diamonds Signet, 1981, mmpb, Cambodia; fpn; retrieval of diamonds from under the noses of the Khmer Rouge; exc aerial writing; interior=nm; location: 5544very good-; 3/4 inches piece of Magic tape top left upper corner front cover554
Sasson, JeanLove in a Torn LandWiley, hc, fe, dj, 2007; Iraqtbrnm except ex-library stamps on 2 pages(title page & back end page)ok-sh14
Schwartz, John BurnhamThe Commoner Vintage, tpb, 2009; 1959 Japan; non-aristocrat marries Crown Prince; edw, corner cr bc; location: shv5tbrf-vf; edw; sm cr bc lower left cornerok-sh14
Scott, PaulStaying On Heinemann(UK), 1977(3rd); novel; a Brit & family growing old in British-departed India5vf-nm..except discoloration spot front end page and back end page size 3.5 x 1 inches; inner flap dw corner price-clippedMBR5
Shamsie, KamilaHome FireRiverhead, hc, fe, dj, 2017; UK/USA/Pakistan; Muslim family relocates5mint-563
Shapiro, LionelTorch for a Dark JourneyBantam 932, 1951; France; the Cold War(1949); intrigue; in the hotel: a reporter refugees, a millionaire, a Hungarian plotter & his mistress; literate thriller5very fine+; except heavy wear(enamel chips at spine) edge spine area & bottom 1/4 inch of spinejoy-s
Shinn, SharonGateway Viking, hc, dj, fe, 2009; China; Chinese-American girl transported to another world; fantasy; teenstbrvery fine to near mint; ex-libraryok-sh14
Sidor, S.A. (male0Fury from the TombAngry Robot(UK), mmpb, 2018, pbo, fpn; exc pulp adventure/horror dealing with the undead mummies from an Egyptian tomb brought to USA; 441pp5fine to very fine; edge wear488
Sigurdardottier, YrsaSilence of the SeaMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2014; t/f Icelandic; Icelandtbrvery fine for ex-libraryok-sh14
Smith, Alexander McCallMorality for Beautiful Girls(reference); see under..Smith..No.1 Ladies Det. Agencyn/an/a
Smith, Alexander McCallNo. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency/Tears for the Giraffe/Morality for Beautiful GirlsPantheon, hc, fe(omnibus), laminated dj, 1st USA hc ed.; re 3 1998-2001 novels; nd; 689pp; Botswana; fem pi: Precious Ramotswe; best seller; Scotland author 6mintLL551
Smith, Alexander McCallTears of the Giraffe(reference); see under..Smith..No.1 Ladies Det. Agencyn/an/a
Smith, WilburThose in PerilSt Martin’s; hc, fe, dj, 2011; Somalia; rich fem owner & in-country security mgr vs coastal Somali pirates; good/exciting/authenic5very fine+MBR5
Spence, Jonathan DDeath of Woman WangPenguin, tpb, 1979; novelized old China historicaltbrvery good; scrape botton right corner front cover/ quarter size gouge bottom back cover, back cover good onlyok-sh14
Stack, Megan KWomen’s WorkD/Day, hc, fe, dj, 2019; China/India; nf; expatriate and her fem employeestbrmint-ok-sh6
Stanton, KenCold Blue Death..the Aquanauts #1MacFadden, mmpb, 1970; action; pbo$12 very fine..except tiny tear top spine area and small #1 ink mark top front cover554
Stanton, KenOperation Sea Monster..the Aquanauts #10Manor, mmpb, 1974; pbo; action5fine to very fine; minor ink marks front end page 554
Stanton, KenTen Seconds to Zero..the Aquanauts #2MacFadden, mmpb, 1970, pbo, action12vf..except small #2 ink marks top front cover, minor ink marks front end page554
Stanton, KenWhirlwind Beneath the Sea..the Aquanauts #6MacFadden, mmpb, 1972, pbo, action/adventure12vf+; minor minor ink marks front end page554
Staples, Suzanne FisherShabanuDell Laurel Leaf..Yearling, 2000, mmpb; Pakistan; young adultstbrvg-fine; tiny dings to front cover, small corner crease back coverok-sh9
Steel, DanielleSilent HonorDell, mmpb, 2018, 405pp?very fine to near mint?
Stuart, A. M(fem.)Revenge in RubiesBerkley, tpb, 2020, pbo; Singapore; Harriet Gordon #2tbrmint-ok-sh6
Stuart, A. M(fem.)Singapore Sapphire Berkley, tpb, 2019, pbo; mystery; exc oriental conveying sense of 1910 tropics & British policing there; jewel smuggling leads to multiple murders; intermix of ex-jailed fem & policeman with native mistress ; exc Rostant fc art5very fine to near mint; minor edgewearLL551
Sudbanthad, PitchayaBangkok Wakes to RainRiverhead, hc, fe, dj, 2018; Thailandtbrmint-ok-sh6
Sullivan, MarkRogueSt Martins, mmpb, 2013; 494pp; lp$10; Argentina/Cyprus/Turkey; exc Bourne-like man-on-the-run deceived CIA man/team type?vf-nm; ; few ex-dog-eared pages otherwise near mint?
Sunee, KimTrail of CrumbsGrand Central, tpb, 2009; nf; a memoir; Korea/USA/Europetbrnear mintok-sh14
Taing, Vek Huong/Sharon FisherOrdeal in CambodiaHere’s Life Pub(Cal.), nf, 1 family’s survival–escape from Khmer Rougetbrgood to very good; ink marks inside front cover, edge wear ok-sh14
Tan, Cheryl Lu-LienSarong Party GirlsMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2016; Singapore; party-set in pursuit of Caucasian husbands; location; shv5tbrnear mint; back cover barcode overstickeredok-sh14
Tangen, GeirRequiemMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2016; Norway; polp; an apparent maniac continually advance-notifies a newspaperman before his random murders$5 mint-MBR5
Tatchell, JoPoet of Bahgdada.k.a. Nabeel’s Song; D/Day, tpb, 2008; nf; 1979 Iraq; a poet & his family’s rebellion against Saddam Hussein’s regime5vf-nmLL551
Tharoor, ShashiRiotArcade, hc, fe, dj, 2001; India American fem social worker caught up in race riots/romance & death5nm563
Theroux, PaulA Dead HandH Miflin, hc, fe, dj, 2010; Indiatbrvf-nm for ex-library; except for 2 pull marks on outter boards(hidden by dust jacket)ok-sh14
Theroux, PaulKowloon TongH Miflin, hc, fe, dj, 1997; H Kong; long-term Brits vs Chinese wishing to obtain their business2fine to very finefor ex-library; no back end page; label on spine/strip areaLL551
Thomas, WillLimehouse TextS & Schuster, tpb, 2006; Victorian era pi: Cyrus Barker in London’s Chinatown vs killer in struggle for rare document5mint-LL551
Thompson, ThomasSerpentineD/Day, hc, dj, nd(1979@), bce; 563pp; India/Thailand/etc; a well-done novelization of a true story; Charles Sobhraj, psychotic Indian conman, moves from country to country enticing women, robbing & poisoning tourists, and eluding justice5nm+MBR5
Tooze, RuthCambodia: Land of ContrastsViking, hc, fe, dj +, 3rd ptg; nf, b & w photos, 144pp; exc concise US AID worker’s down-to-earth pre-Vietnam war descriptions; scarce?vg-f for ex-lib but with lib stickers; bullet-proof library binding with high strength fc(not cheap laminated) in addition to dj ?
Ung, LoungFirst They Killed My FatherHarper, tpb, 2012, nf; Cambodia; a daughter remembers the time of the “Killing Fields”; copy 15mint-LL551
Ung, LoungFirst They Killed My FatherHarper Perennial, tpb, 2006; nf; Cambodia; a daughter remembers the time of the “killing fields”; copy 25mint-563
Unknown(govmt of Korea sponsoredKorea Reborn..A Grateful NationRember My Service Prod., hc, fe, dj, 2013, nf; a tribute to Korean War veterans; many photoes of war, old Korea, new Korea; color; 9 x 11″; wmb; 158pp; distributed free to war vets6liv room
Vargas, Jose AntonioDear America, Notes of an Undocumented..…Citizen; Morrow, 2019; nf; Filipino illegal overstayer with fake passport/visa to USA becomes a homosexual activist reporter favoring illegals as he becomes semi-homeless3near mint-; ballpoint underlining 11 pages519
Various(4 authors)China Tapestry(Bateman/Downs/Miller/Pe....terson; Barbour, tpb, 2002; pbo; 349pp; 4 romantic novellas5nmMBR5
Voice of the Martyrs(organization)Hearts of Firetpb, nd(2003/2015 re; 8 women’s shs of religious persecution in 8 countries; nf; 3 communist/5 non-communist countriestbrgood; appears very fine but some back pages slight warpage at top moisture exposureok-sh14
Wager, WalterTime of ReckoningPlayboy Pr., mmpb, 1981(3rd); 3 year old survivor of 3rd Reich extermination camp returns to Germany for revenge4fine+; slight edge wear554
West, Morris(East, Morris)LazarusSt Martins, mmpb, 1991; Vatican/Europe; kill the Pope4nm-554
White, JennyThe Sultan’s SealNorton; hc, dj, fe, 19th century Turkey; lovely dj; loc.: shv5tbrmint-ok-sh14
Wilson, F. PaulBlack WindTor, mmpb, 1989; 1926 onward; Japan/Pacifictbrvery good-; spine is only good with small repaired tear & creasesok-sh6
Winward, WalterMusic of a Distant DrumNEL(Hodder), mmpb, 1989; Malaya; a family’s struggles thru the Communist terrorist “emergency” years; good book, some events based on real life; scarce this ed.8good to very good; very good except heavy spine rubs; small piece clear tape bottom of spine488
Yan, Ling LingA Mother’s Love..a story of the Yan familyScandinavia Pub(Denmark), hc, fe, dj + embossed dj, wmb, 2012, 539pp, many photoes; story of a courageous widow & her 7 children during the communist regime; nf; well-done5mint-LL551
Yap, Chan LingNew BeginningsM Cavendish(Singapore), tpb, 2014; Chinese male immigrant & his trials including bringing his daughter to his work location: Malaya10mint-MBR5
Yee, LisaGood Luck, Ivy(Ivy Ling)American Girl Pub, tpb, 1976; color art+ photos, quality paper; #10 in Julie series; age 8 & up; 86pptbrfine to very fine; slight crease front cover ok-sh5
Yeh, Chun-ChanMountain VillagePutnam, hc, fe, dj(fair-gd), 1947; 1920’s China..the changeless East; location: shv55very fine to near mintMBR5
Zama, Farahad(male)Marriage Bureas for Rich PeoplePutnam, hc, fe, dj, 2009; India; male retiree starts marriage bureau; copy 2; excellent bookn/a gone; Keeper n/a
Zoya/Follain, J/Cristofari, RitaZoya’s Story..Afghan Woman’s Struggle for FreedomMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2002; Afghanistan; Taliban and Mujahideen scum & women’s rights$5 mint-MBR5
LIST Z2; List V.xls