Asian Fiction Books

Asian Fiction Books - Consist of 95% fiction books and 95% of which have a physical setting in the Far East, Orient , Asia. Included are mystery, detective, adventure, war, romance, etc… just about everything except fantasy, sf and sports.


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LIST V- Exotic Locale
list Z2-v…add-ons
Afshar, TesaaPearl in the SandMoody Pub, tpb, 2010; Rehab the harlot who became an ancester of Christ; loc.: shv5tbrnm-ok-sh14
Alvar, MiaIn the CountryKnopf, hc, fe, dj; 2015; 9 shs; Filipinos in international settings; 347pptbrnear mint to mintok-sh14
Anthony, EvelynTamarind SeedDell 8491, 1974; Barbados; romance, suspense, intrigue4very good+; slight scrape front cover, slght wrinkles spine/strip area 547
Arce, JulissaSomeone Like MeLittle Brown, hc, fe, dj, 2018; Mexico/USA; undocumented immigranttbrmint-; back cover bar code overstickeded ok-sh14
Alvar, Mia(fem)In the CountryVintage, tpb, 2016; 9 shs; Philippines/USA; 345pp; copy 2$4very good-; scrape back cover, edge wear547
Aw, TashFive Star BillionaireRandom, tpb, 2013; Chinatbrfine…for ex-library; library sticker fcok-sh14
Badani, SejalTrail of Broken WingsLake Union, tpb, pbo, 2015tbrnm..except fc dents top fc left sideok-sh14
Bae, Kenneth/Tabb, MarkNot ForgottenT Nelson, hc, fe, dj, 2016; N. Korea; nftbrnmok-sh14
Blackwood, GrantWall of NightJove, mmpb, 2002; China; Briggs Tanner series; 569pp; international intrigue/action$4mint-554
Bonnie, FredThanh Ho DeliversBlack Belt Pr, hc, fe, dj, 2000; 444pp; USA/Vietnam; family sends her alone on boat as refugee into rape, resettlement camp(Malaysia), foster home; she starts pizza business in Alabama with MANY problems; exc book; wmb$5mint-…for ex-lib; only signs are 1 stamp fep & 1 signout card envelope bepok-sh10
Boyer, Thanh Puong/Smith, Lisa W.The Ground KisserWinged Pubs, tpb, 2019; nf; escape from soon-to-be-communist Vietnam; 1975; loc.: shv54nm-?
Burdett, JohnBangkok HauntsVintage, tpb, 2007; Thailand; police Detective Sonchai J.; fpntbrvf; sl twist at spsok-sh14
Burke, JasonOn the Road to KandaharPenguin(UK), tpb, 2007; nf; Afghanistan; travels thru conflict in Islamic worldtbrvf-nm; 1 stamp fep ok-sh14
Burnham, Gracia with Dean MerrillIn the Presence of My EnemiesTyndale, hc, fe, dj, 2003; nf; photos; Philippines; man/wife kidnappingtbrnm-ok-sh14
Butler, Robert OlenA Good Scent from a Strange MountainGrove, tpb, 2011; 17 shs(2 new); 13 concerning RVN & VN refugees in USA; winner of Pulitzer Price2g-vg except medium amount of underlining; sticker ifc; edw; r.c.563
Caldwell, BoDistant land of my FatherChronicle Bks, hc, fe, dj, 2001; Shanghai, China; before & after communist takeovertbrmint-ok-sh14
Chang, Lan SamanthaInheritance Norton, hc, fe, 2004, dj; China; 1931+7 decades of family trials; loc.: shv5tbrnear mintok-sh14
Charles, RobertOne Must SurviveThorpe/Linford(UK), tpb, 1998, lpe; Burma; 11 airplane-sabotaged people try to survive jungle trek with killer among them8very fine for ex-library547
Chung, CatherineForgotten CountryRiverhead, hc, dj, 2012, fe; Korea/USA, a lost sister; location: shv5tbrvery fine to near mint; no back end page/ex-libraryok-sh14
Clavell, JamesTai-PanDell, mmpb, 1986(4th ed); Hong Kong/China; the making of a 19th century British overlord in Hong Kong; 722pptbrnm-ok-sh6
Cleary, JonSeason of DoubtPop Lib 75-1296; mmpb, nd, 1968; fpn; Turkeytbrnm-..except 1/8 x 3/4″ scrape bottom edge bc(top surface only)ok-sh6
Collins, Larry/Lapierre, DominqueFreedom at MidnightAvon, mmpb, 1976; historical “novel”of separation of India/Pakistan; 1947; 596pp; photos, indexed; nice mosaic w.a.r. cover$4very fine to near mint; 3″ crease top front cover (not affecting art)547
Cornett, Alan GGone Native:…an NCO’s Story…(Vietnam)Ballantine, mmpb, pbo; Vietnam; life of long range(LURP) army vet(as medic), chiefly in Vietnam; fragged his ex-officer+ married RVN woman$3vf-nm; sl edw554
Cotterill, ColinCurse of the Pogo StickSoho Crime, hc, dj(vf-nm), fe, 2008; Dr Siri investigates series; Laos$5mint-LL551
Cotterill, ColinThe Merry Misogynist Quercus(UK), hc, fe(UK), dj, 2009; Laos; Dr. Siri investigation seriestbrMint-ok-sh14
Cotterill, ColinSlash and Burn Soho, hc, fe, 2011; Laos; Dr Seri mystery series Mint-?
Croke, Vicki CElephant CompanyRandom, tpb, 2014; Burma; work & war elephants with loving foreign master; WW 2 & thereafter; referenced, index5very good to fine; slight crease corner front cover; edw 563
Curry, Dayna/Mercer, HeatherPrisoners of Hope..captivity & freedom in Afghanistan; Waterbrook, hc, fe, dj, 2002; missionaries vs the Taliban; tbroverall very fine except medium/water stain edge some ppok-sh11
Cussler, CliveValhalla RisingPenguin(UK), 2002; S Pacific Islands; Dirk Pitt series4very good+; slight spine roll, edge wear 547
Dakin, BrettAnother Quiet AmericanAsia Bks(Thai), tpb, 2003, nf; stories of life in communist Laos; young male graduates from Univ. & relocated to Laos as tourism adviser 1997-19985vf-nm; edw; over-stickered on bc barcode563
Disher, GaryThe Divine WindScholastic Pr(Aust.), hc, fe, dj, 2002; Australia, WW 2tbrmint-ok-sh14
Easton, KelleyHiroshima DreamsDutton, hc, fe, 2007, fpn; USA’ a Japanese girl’s gift of 2nd sight as they are moved into an internment camp at start of WW 2; juvenile2very fine to near mint for ex-libraryLL551
Efken, MeredithLucky BabyHoward/S&S, tpb, 2010; 2004 onward; Chinatbrvery good-ok-sh14
Eng, Tan Twan(male)Garden of Evening MistsWeinsteinBks; tpb, 2012; Malaya 1951; Chinese-Jap interplay during K War; tbrvery good to fine; bump top edge front cover, minor edgewearok-sh14
Falla, JonathanBlue PoppiesDelta/Dell, tpb, 2003; Tibet, 1950; communist army advances with lovers in its path2very fine+ for ex-library; label on spsLL551
Fisher, AlanYangtzeCorgi(UK), mmpb, 1989, China, 1937; gritty shs of foreign expats fleeing advancing Jap forces with Nationalist & Jap viewpoints4vg- ex sticker pull on bc barcode; Bangkok store stamp fep; edw554
Forbes, ColinDeadlockPan(UK), 1988; Tweed vs. terrorist with mega-bomb; Europe3good to very good; wrinkles top front cover, small tear spine area547
Forbes, LeslieBombay IceBantam, tpb, 1999; India; murder mysterytbrfine to very fine; slight crease front cover ok-sh7
Ford, JamieSongs of Willow FrostBallantine, hc, fe, dj; 1920’s-30’s Seattle; Chinese orphan searches for mother; copy 23very fine to near mint; 1″ rub/abrasion on dust jacket, ex-library563
Ford, JamieSongs of Willow FrostBallantine, hc, fe, dj, 2013; Seattle; 1920-30’s; Chinese 12 year old orphan boys search for his mother; copy 1tbrmint-ok-sh14
Furnivall, KateRussian ConcubineBerkley, tpb, pbo, 2007; China, 1928; romance; Russian woman/Chinese Communist mantbrvery fine; spine area edge wearok-sh14
Gage, Eleni NOther WatersSt Martins, tpb, 2012; pbo; USA/Indiatbrvf; advance reader’s edition; edge wear to 1 edge sps; name ifcok-sh14
Garrison, PaulBuried at SeaMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2002; fitness trainer’s survival at sea on a thief’s yacht; exc int’l ocean setting3vf-nm..for ex-library563
Gash, JonathanJade WomanSt Martins, hc, fe,dj(fine), nd, @1989; H Kong; antique dealer Lovejoy$3nm-547
Gowda, Shilpi SomayaSecret DaughterMorrow, tpb; India/USA; a childless mother, an unable to have children, and a given-away child1fair+; large sticker out of image area; cr; edw, etc; r.c.563
Grogan, David ESapphire PavilionCamel Pr, tpb, 2017; Vietnam; Steve Stilwell series # 2tbrf-vf; sl corner cr fc; gift inscription fep by Groganok-sh6
Grogan, David ESiegel DispositionsWorldwide, mmpb, 2017; estate lawyer S Stilwell series #1; Va & Germany; good book4nm-; sl edw554
Grogan, David EThe Hidden KeyWorldwide, mmpb, 2021; Italy/India/Bahrain; lawyer Steve Stilwell seriestbrnm-ok-sh6
Hallinan, TimothyA Nail through the HeartMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2007; Thailand; Poke Rafferty series5mint-563
Harrison, KathrynThe Binding Chair 4th Estate(UK), tpb, 2001; China; location: shv5tbrnear mintok-sh14
Hardy, RonaldKampongD/D, hc, fe, dj, 1957; gritty, realistic story of U.N. medical team in Indonesia fighting cholera & yaws epidemic$10nm book in vf dj..except spine part of dj has a major sticker pull(1.75 x 1″)zll561
Hart, ElsaJade Dragon Mountain Minotaur, tpb; 2015; late 1700’s China; loc.: shv5tbrvery fine to near mintok-sh14
Hayes, Terry(male)I Am PilgrimAtria, hc, fe, dj, 2014; exc thriller as a dedicated, legendary CIA agent pursues a world threatening terrorist thru Afghan/S Arabia/USA; exc writing$5mint-563
Higgins, Jack(Patterson, Harry)Khufra RunBerkley, mmpb, 2002; Ibiza; a flyer with crime(treasure) on his mind; fpn4fine; sl edw, sl wr sps547
Hoffman, CorinneWhite MasaiAmistad, tpb, 2007; t/f German; nf; fpn; white woman travelling to Kenya falls in love with black native, marries, and off it goes; color photostbrgood+; edw, hic, gwok-sh14
Hughart, HughBridge of BirdsBallantine, mmpb, 1985; China; superior fantasy; copy 25nm-547
Hughart, HughStory of the StoneD/Day, hc, dj, nd, bce, @1988; oriental fantasy; exc series5mint-LL551
Hui, WeiShanghai BabyPktBks, tpb, 2001; t/f Chinese; Chinatbrsl bump bottom sps o/w mint-ok-sh7
Ike, Chukwuemeka; VincentToads for SupperFontana(UK), 1971; Nigeria; undergrad student & girl trouble3very fine-; 2 x 2″ piece out corner blank front end page547
Innes, HammondAngry MountainFontana(UK), 1987(26th ptg); Czech-Italy; industrial salesman caught up in smuggling, etc from communist Czech; exc description of volcano eruption danger3very good-; general wear547
Innes, HammondSolomons SealFontana(UK); 1984(4th); SW Pacific/New Guinea; auction house employee wades into priceless stamp, murder, etc; fpn$2fair+; major spine roll, few bent pages, solid interior; reading copy 547
Innes, HammondStrode VenturerFontana(UK), 1971(7th); Maldives Is., adventure; fpn$4very fine; edge wear547
Irving, ClivePromise the EarthBallantine, mmpb, 1983; death of Palestine/birth of Israel; 432pp$4vg-f; mi im fc; edw547
Jefferies, DinahTea Planter’s Wife Crown, hc, fe, dj, 2015; Ceylon 1913 setting; 19 year old fem to husband’s tea plantationtbrvf-nm for ex-libraryok-sh14
Jen, GishLove WifeVintage, tpb, 2005; China/USAtbrvery fine to near mintok-sh14
Jen, GishWho’s IrishVintage, tpb, 1999; 8 shs(2 new); children of immigrants to USA observe parent’s effort to assimilatetbrvg-f; bookplate ifc; edw/mi wrok-sh14
Jennings, JohnPepper TreePktBks Cardinal C-22; 1952(3rd); Spice Is.(Indonesia); historical fiction; 1800’s; a villaneous sea captain vs. 2 lovers4very good; bump spine area, slight crease front cover547
Jepson, DuncanAll the Flowers in ShanghaiMorrow, tpb, 2012, pbo; a young Chinese woman inChina in 1930’stbrnm-m; sl edwok-sh14
Jha, Raj KamalThe Blue BedspreadHarcourt, tpb, 2001; Indiatbrvery fine+, small sticker front end pageok-sh14
Johnson, Jean DyeGod Planted Five SeedsHarper & Row, hc, fe, dj(vg, cdjf), 1966; Bolivia; photoes; nftbrvfok-sh14
Kadohata, CynthiaKira-KiraAladin, tpb, 2006, fpn; Jap family with sister’s in medical crisis; juvenile; USA; shv53very fine; slight general wear547
Kalla, DanielRising Run, Falling ShadowForge, mmpb, 2014; Chinatbrmint-ok-sh6
Kim, Nancy JooyounLast Story of Mina LeePark Row, hc, fe, dj, 2020; a daughter’s search for the life of her single mother, an illegal immigrant USAtbrnm-ok-sh14
Kim, SukiWithout Us, Thers is no Us Broadway, tpb, 2011; “undercover amont the sons of N Korea’s elite; nf; location: shv5tbrvery fine to near mint; slight sticker pull mark front end page ok-sh14
King, StephenEverything’s EventualPktBks, mmpb, 2003; 14 “dark” tales; 583pp4mint- except 1″ gouge corner of bc and crease corner bc546
Kinkead, GwenChinatown…portrait of a closed societyHarper, hc, fe, dj, 1992; nf; USA/Chinatowns, chiefly NYC; exc portrayal of this isolated sector of US legal/illegal immigrants/kids5mint-LL551
Koerner, Brendan INow the Hell Will StartPenguin, hc, fe, dj, 2008; Burma/India; W War 2; black soldier murders white officer & the manhunt that follows/Army’s treatment of blacks5mint-LL551
Kutscher, VolkerBabylon BerlinPicador, tpb, 2018; t/f German; 1929 Germany; Gereon Rath series #1; polptbrnm-0k-sh6
Kutsukake, LynneTranslation of LoveD/Day, hc, fe, dj, 2016; USA Jap internment camp/post WW2 Japan; family reunification foestbrmint- for ex-libraryok-sh14
Kwok, JeanSearching for SylvieMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2019tbrnm-mok-sh3
Lahiri, JhumpaInterpreter of MaladiesH Miflin, tpb, 1999; Indiatbrg-vg; medium corner crease fc lower rightok-sh14
L’Amour, LouisNight Over the SolomonsBantam, mmpb, 1986, 6 pulp magazine 1940’s shs; 3 American mercenaries; Indonesia, Tibet, S Pacific$5nm-m554
Lagercrantz, DavidGirl Who Lived TwiceVintage/Black Lizard, mmpb; 2020; lp$10; Sweden; t/f Swedish; Lisbeth Salander series; mystery$4vf-nm; mint- except some small dents top right corner fc caused by price sticker installation554
Lagercrantz, DavidGirl Who Takes an Eye for an EyeVintage/Black Lizard, tpb, 2019; lp$10; Sweden; t/f Swedish; Lisbeth Salander series$4mint-….ex some small dents top right corner fc caused by price sticker installation & sl scrapes bc554
Lagercrantz, DavidGirl Who Takes an Eye for an EyeKnopf, hc, fe, dj, 2017; Sweden; t/f Swedish; Lisabeth Salander series5nm563
Lauren, JillianSome Girls My Life in a Harem; Plume, tpb, 2012; nf; Borneo/Brunei; 18 year old to Indonesian haremtbrnear mint-ok-sh14
Leader, Charles(Robert Charles)A Wreath for Miss WongLinford, UK, 1996, tpb, lpe,Eurasian pi: David Chan series; H Kong$9very fine for ex-library; sticker on spine/ strip area547
Leader, Charles(Robert Charles)Strangler’s MoonStrangler’s Moon; Linford, UK; tpb, lpe; 1998; non-series; India/Kashmir; loc: box 547$10very fine to near mint for ex-library547
LeBox, AnnetteCircle of CranesDial, hc, fe, dj, 2012; NY/China; for young readerstbrnm-m; overstickered on barcode on bcok-sh14
Lee, Mira TEverything Here is Beautiful Viking, hc, fe, dj, 2018; USA/Equador/Switzerland; 2 sisterstbrmint; overstickered back cover barcodeok-sh14
Leimbach, MartiThe Man from SaigonD/Day, hc, fe, dj, 2010; Vietman in 1967; fem correspondent and Viet & dangertbrnm-ok-sh14
Lim, JanetSold for SilverMonsoon Bks(Singapore), 2008; nf; tpb; autobiography of a Chinese girl sold into slavery in Southeast Asia by her family, her struggles, her semi-internment and rape attempts by Japs; 1923-45tbrvf+; faint few wr fc/bcLL551
Limon, MartinPing Pong HeartSoho Crime, hc, dj, fe; Korea; Sueno & Bascom polp, military police; exc series; fpntbrvf-nm for ex-libok-sh6
Limon, MartinThe LineSoho Crime, hc, dj, fe, Korea; Sueno & Bascom polp, military police; exc series; fpntbrnm …for ex-libok-sh6
Lockerbie, JeannieOn Duty in BangladeshZondervan, mmpb, 1973; autographed by author; Bangladesh’s bloody birth as seen by Christian missionaries; 1971; nf; photoes;2good+; scuffs, spine area wear; ink marks front end page547
Lord, WalterLonely VigilPktBks, mmpb, nf: Phillipines 1943; WW 2; intelligence observers of Jap fleet; photos, maps, index; location: shv; tbrvery fineshv
Lord, WalterLonely VigilPktBks, mmpb, 1978; WW2 Solomon Is.; civilian forward observers of Jap movements; historical fiction; 60+ maps/photos; location: 516$5fine to very fine; minor scrapes front cover, minor wrinkles spine/strip area, slight corner crease back cover516
Ludlum, RobertRhinemann ExchangeBantam, mmpb, 1989; Argentina/Spain/Germany; 1943; adventure, WW2; agent in Portugal to Argentina for exchange with Nazi’s; death and deceit; copy 1$4near mint547
Ludlum, RobertRhinemann ExchangeBantam, mmpb, 1989; Argentina/Spain/Germany; 1943; adventure, WW2; agent in Portugal to Argentina for exchange with Nazi’s; death and deceit; copy 2$4near mint554
Lustbader, EricAngel EyesFawcett Crest, mmpb, 1993; Japan/USA drugs, Yakusa, arms dealers, intelligence brokers..murder; 531pp$4f-vf; scrapes on sps; mi cr corner bc554
Lustbader, EricFloating CityPktBks, mmpb, 1995; Vietnam/SEAsia; Nicholas Linnear/Croaker; 482pp; drug trade, Yakuza$3vf-; sl repair fc right corner; edw554
Lynch, KatieConfucius JaneForge, hc, fe, dj, 2015tbrnm for ex-libraryok-sh14
MacInnes, HelenWhile We Still LiveF. Crest, mmpb, 1972; English girl’s visit to Poland turns to a nightmare of mistaken identity; nice R Lesser fc art$4fine to very fine; bump back edge of spine area547
Magson, AdrianRetributionWorldwide, mmpb; Kosovotbrmint-shv5
Maher, SanamA Woman Like HerMelville Hse, hc,dj, 2020; 1st USA ed; r/f India fe; the “honor” murder of a fem media star by Muslim brother; Pakistantbrmint-ok-sh11
Malladi, AmulyaSong of the Cukoo BirdBallantine, tpb, 2006, pbo; India, 1940’s to present; a woman who marches to another drummertbrvf-nm except repaired sps tear 1/2″ok-sh14
Malmont, PaulChinatown Death Cloud Peril S & S, 2006, hc, fe, dj; lovely pulp dj art; location: copy 2; shv55near mint-; slight scrape out of image areaLL550
March, Nev(female)Murder in Old BombayMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2020; 1892; Br officer investigates death of 2 womentbrmint-ok-sh14
Marquand, John PStopover TokyoBantam a1690, mmpb, 1957; 5 publishers issued this title; Mr Moto seriestbrfair+; Magic tape top+bottom of sps; general wear; r.c.ok-sh6
Massey, SujataThe Bride’s KimonoAvon, mmpb, 2002; Japan; Rei Shimura series; mystery; copy 24nm-; sl wr sps o/w mint-LL550
Massey, SujataThe Floating GirlAvon, mmpb, 2001; Japan; Rei Shimura series; mysterytbrnm-ok-sh6
Massey, SujataThe Flower MasterHarper, mmpb, 2000; Japan; Rei Shimura series; mysterytbrnmok-sh6
Massey, SujataThe Salaryman’s WifeHarper, mmpb, 2003; Japan; Rei Shimura series; mystery; copy 24nm-; sl wr sps o/w mint-554
Masters, JohnTo the Coral StrandDell 8942; 1968; India; a fanatical Indian-loving Brit expat vs Indianization of whole of India at the time of Brit departure2fair; covers are poor+, interior is very fine 547
Mbue, ImboloBehold the DreamsRandom, tpb, 2017; USA/Cameroontbrvf-nmok-sh14
McVeigh, JenniferLeopard at the DoorPutnam, tpb, 2017; Kenya in 1950’stbrnmok-sh7
Melville, JamesSayonara, Sweet AmaryllisSt Martins, hc, fe, dj(vf), 1984; Japan; polp; SuperIntd Otani5mint-563
Merritt, DonHatch’s ConspiracyBantam, pbo, 1987; Laos/Polynesia/USA; a deserter living on island has wife kidnapped because of his past4f-vf; slight edge wear547
Min, AncheeLast EmpressH Miflin, hc, fe, dj, 2006; Chinatbrnm…except ex-libok-sh14
Minney, R.J.Fanny and the Regent of SiamWorld; hc, bce, @1962; Thailand; photos; sequel to The King and I; based on real shstbrbook is vf+ except foxing to 1 edge(page edges); dj is poor(insect nibbled, edge tears/po, etcok-sh14
Moore, Chris GA Haunting Smile W. Lotus(Thai), tpb, fe; 1993; aba; ghost story+ Army’s suppression of riots; sexual whirlpool; location; 42425near mint-424
Moore, RobinCombat Pay Manor Bks, 1976, pbo; 26 shs(only title one is Vietnam & it’s authenic); light general wear; location 4654very good465
Mortenson,G/Relin,OThree Cups of TeaPenguin, tpb, 2006; nf; Pakistan; 1993; building schools(55); location: Ashtbrvery fine minussh14
Mourad, Kenize(fem)Regards from the Dead PrincessArcade/L Brown, hc, 1st USA edition, dj, 2001; Turkey; t/f French; roughly fall of Ottoman Empire-W War 2; nice art dj; 562pptbrnm-ok-sh14
Mukherjee, BharatiJasminemmpb, 1989; India/USA; widowed at 17; married in Iowa, adopter of Viet childtbrvery fine; corner crease front cover, medium pink highlighting in text ok-sh14
Mukherjee, BharatiTree Bride Hyperion, tpb, 2004; pbo; India/USA; searcing for her roots; heritage/identity search; loc: shv5tbrmint-ok-sh14
Mynton, HenryThe Pachinko WomanMorrow, hc, fe, 1999, dj; Japan; exc bk; agents battle for/against reunification of Korea; double agents, hit man, torture, FBI abroad; panchinko parlor extortionists5nmLL551
Nemat, MarinaPrisoner of Tehran …….a MemoirS & S(Free Pr), hc, fe, dj, 2007; fpn; Iran; based on woman’s true shs; imprisonment at age 16 by Khomeini’s thugs, persecution, torture, murder, etc5mint-LL551
Newton, H.E.Hell’s Bonfire Digit(UK), 1963; novel based on fact: Malaya 1944; pbo; prisoners of Japanese; 10crease corner front cover otherwise very fine to near mint?
Nicholson, ChristopherThe Elephant KeeperHarper, tpb, 2010; 1776; England; fpn; arrival of 2 baby elephants and a stable boy caretaker; location: shv5tbrnear mint-ok-sh14
Niemann, MichaelNo Right WayWorldwide, mmpb; 2020; Syrian refugee in Turkey + UN refugee fraud investigatortbrnm-mint except 4 words on fepok-sh6
Norton, RayGarden of Fate G & Dunlop, hc, nd, re; many b w illos. JC Coll; 349pp; Morroco; 424 5fair424
Nozaka, AkiyukiPornographersBantam, N4720, 1969; porno salesman whose speciality is the orgy4very good-395
Obregon, NicolasSins as ScarletMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2018; pi: Kosuke Iwata; Japan/USA/Mexicotbrmint-; back cover bar code overstickeded ok-sh2
Pai, Hsiao-HungScattered SandVerso, hc, fe, dj, 2012; China’s rural migrants(contemporary)tbrmint for ex-library, but large sticker fep and also bepok-sh14
Park, TonyIvory St Martins, hc, dj, 2015(1st USA), Africa; illegal actions to generate $ to reopen hotel; good book; location: shv5$4very fine to near mint; basically near mint- ;ex-library(1 stamp only)LL551
Park, TonyIvorySt Martins, hc, fe(USA), dj, 2015; ; near Mozambique; Australian author3very fine to near mint; ex-library, slight sticker removal mark on spine areaLL551
Pella, JudithToward the Sunrisetpb, 2003; 1942;& 3 daughters all have men exiled or imprisoned in 3 countriestbrvery good to fine; edgwear, minor marks inside front coverok-sh14
Preston, Doug/Child, LincolnWheel of DarknessVision, mmpb, 2008; the Atlantic Ocean, ship, Tibetan artifact, murder; thriller4nm-554
Profijt, JuttaMorgue Drawer for Rent Amazon; tpb, 2012; W Germany, tr/from German; well-done crime/morgue humor; 3rd in series; box 547$9mint-547
Prose, FrancineMy New American LifeHarper, hc, fe, dj, 2011; alien Albanian women in NYC & unpleasant arrival of relativestbrmint- for ex-libraryok-sh14
Raheem, ZaraMarriage ClockMorrow, tpb, pbo, 2019; Indiatbrnm-..except major bump fc lower edge which extends into edge most pp(sl warp), so o/a fair-gd; r.c.ok-sh14
Ratner, VaddeyIn the Shadow of the BanyanS & Schuster, hc, fe, dj, 2012; Cambodia; a child’s voyage over the genocide of her people; good book$4near mint-; ex-library; minor highlighting 4 pages547
Ray, ArnabSultan of DelhiHatchette(India), tpb, 2016; exc book of impoverish ones rise to crime lord$5near mint-LL551
Reference…see list B for non-fiction itemsItems # 2–7, 10, 53, 111, 132, 133, 309, 321variousn/an/a
Rizzuto, Rahna ReikoShadow ChildGrand Central, tpb, ARC, 2018; Jap-American sisters; Hawaii/NYCtbrnear mint-ok-sh14
Roberts, AmandaThreads of Silk RedEmpress Pr., tpb, 2016, pbo; China; mid-1800’s; loc.: shv5tbrnear mintok-sh14
Rogneby, JennyLeona..the Die is CastOther Pr(Australia), tpb, 2015, 1st USA ed.; t/f Swedish; Sweden; Leona Leonard(Violent Crimes Div.), polp; naked 7 year old girl robs a banktbrnm for ex-library..except bc metallic sticker removal surface damageok-sh14
Rowland, Laura JohBlack LotusSt Martins, mmpb, 2002; Japan; shogun investigator Ichiro; 17th century; murder4nm-m; sl edw547
Rowland, Laura JohBunduriHarper, mmpb, 2001; 17th century Japan; S Ichiro, shogun investigator; murder4near mint547
Rowland, Laura JohCloud PavilionMinotaur, tpb, 2009; Japan, 17th century; 5nm547
Rowland, Laura JohConcubine’s TattooSt Martins, mmpb, 2000; 17th century Japan; Sano Ichiro, Shogun investigator4vf-nm547
Rowland, Laura JohSamurai’s WifeSt Martins, mmpb, 2001; 17th century Japan; Sano Ichiro series4vf-nm547
Rowland, Laura JohShinjuHarper, mmpb, 1996; Japan; Shogun’s investigator Ichiro series #1; 17th century4vf-nm547
Rowland, Laura JohSnow EmpressSt Martins, mmpb, 2008; Japan; Shogun investigator Ichiro; murder4vf-nm; sl edw547
Rowland, Laura JohWay of the TraitorHarper, mmpb, 1998; Japan; year 1690; Shogun’s investigator Ichiro; on death of a foreigner; copy 1$4very fine; tiny piece out corner front cover, slight edge wear547
Rowland, Laura JohWay of the TraitorHarper, mmpb, 2001; Japan; 1690; Shogun’s investigator; Ichiro; murder; copy 2$4near mint547
Rubin, JonathanBarking Deer Avon 68437, mmpb; 1982; Vietnam; Special Forces team fighting Central Highlands, Montagnards & Viet Congtbrvery good to fine except clipped edge fep; edgewear
Sandberg, BerentBrass Diamonds Signet, 1981, mmpb, Cambodia; fpn; retrieval of diamonds from under the noses of the Khmer Rouge; exc aerial writing; interior=nm; location: 5544very good-; 3/4″ piece of Magic tape top left upper corner fc554
Schwartz, John BurnhamThe Commoner Vintage, tpb, 2009; 1959 Japan; non-aristocrat marries Crown Prince; edw, corner cr bc; location: shv5tbrf-vf; edw; sm cr bc lower left cornerok-sh14
Shamsie, KamilaHome FireRiverhead, hc, fe, dj, 2017; UK/USA/Pakistan; Muslim family relocates5mint-563
Shinn, SharonGateway Viking, hc, dj, fe, 2009; China; Chinese-American girl transported to another world; fantasy; teenstbrvery fine to near mint; ex-libraryok-sh14
Sigurdardottier, YrsaSilence of the SeaMinotaur, hc, fe, dj, 2014; t/f Icelandic; Icelandtbrvf for ex-libraryok-sh14
Smith, Alexander McCallMorality for Beautiful Girls(reference); see under..Smith..No.1 Ladies Det. Agencyn/an/a
Smith, Alexander McCallNo. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency/Tears for the Giraffe/Morality for Beautiful GirlsPantheon, hc, fe(omnibus), laminated dj, 1st USA hc ed.; re 3 1998-2001 novels; nd; 689pp; Botswana; fem pi: Precious Ramotswe; best seller; Scotland author 6mintLL551
Smith, Alexander McCallTears of the Giraffe(reference); see under..Smith..No.1 Ladies Det. Agencyn/an/a
Stuart, A. M(fem.)Revenge in RubiesBerkley, tpb, 2020, pbo; Singapore; Harriet Gordon #2tbrmint-ok-sh6
Stuart, A. M(fem.)Singapore Sapphire Berkley, tpb, 2019, pbo; mystery; exc oriental conveying sense of 1910 tropics & British policing there; jewel smuggling leads to multiple murders; intermix of ex-jailed fem & policeman with native mistress ; exc Rostant fc art5very fine to near mint; minor edgewearLL551
Sullivan, MarkRogueSt Martins, mmpb, 2013; 494pp; lp$10; Argentina/Cyprus/Turkey; exc Bourne-like man-on-the-run deceived CIA man/team type4vf-nm; ; few ex-dogeared pp o/w nm?
Sunee, KimTrail of CrumbsGrand Central, tpb, 2009; nf; a memoir; Korea/USA/Europetbrnmok-sh14
Tan, Cheryl Lu-LienSarong Party GirlsMorrow, hc, fe, dj, 2016; Singapore; party-set in pursuit of Caucasian husbands; location; shv5tbrnear mint; back cover barcode overstickeredok-sh14
Tatchell, JoPoet of Bahgdada.k.a. Nabeel’s Song; D/Day, tpb, 2008; nf; 1979 Iraq; a poet & his family’s rebellion against Saddam Hussein’s regime5vf-nmLL551
Tharoor, ShashiRiotArcade, hc, fe, dj, 2001; India American fem social worker caught up in race riots/romance & death5nm563
Theroux, PaulA Dead HandH Miflin, hc, fe, dj, 2010; Indiatbrvf-nm for ex-library; except for 2 pull marks on outter boards(hidden by dj)ok-sh14
Theroux, PaulKowloon TongH Miflin, hc, fe, dj, 1997; H Kong; long-term Brits vs Chinese wishing to obtain their business1fine to very finefor ex-library; no back end page; label on spine/strip areaLL551
Thomas, WillLimehouse TextS & Schuster, tpb, 2006; Victorian era pi: Cyrus Barker in London’s Chinatown vs killer in struggle for rare document5mint-LL551
Tooze, RuthCambodia: Land of ContrastsViking, hc, fe, dj +, 3rd ptg; nf, b & w photos, 144pp; exc concise US AID worker’s down-to-earth pre-Vietnam war descriptions; scarce5vg-f for ex-lib but with lib stickers; bullet-proof library binding with high strength fc(not cheap laminated) in addition to dj ?
Ung, LoungFirst They Killed My FatherHarper, tpb, 2012, nf; Cambodia; a daughter remembers the time of the “Killing Fields”; copy 15mint-LL551
Ung, LoungFirst They Killed My FatherHarper Perennial, tpb, 2006; nf; Cambodia; a daughter remembers the time of the “killing fields”; copy 25mint-563
Vargas, Jose AntonioDear America, Notes of an Undocumented..…Citizen; Morrow, 2019; nf; Filipino illegal overstayer with fake passport/visa to USA becomes a homosexual activist reporter favoring illegals as he becomes semi-homeless3near mint-; ballpoint underlining 11 pages519
Voice of the Martyrs(organization)Hearts of Firetpb, nd(2003/2015 re; 8 women’s shs of religious persecution in 8 countries; nf; 3 communist/5 non-communist countriestbrgood; appears very fine but some back pages slight warpage at top moisture exposureok-sh14
White, JennyThe Sultan’s SealNorton; hc, dj, fe, 19th century Turkey; lovely dj; loc.: shv5tbrmint-ok-sh14
Wilson, F. PaulBlack WindTor, mmpb, 1989; 1926 onward; Japan/Pacifictbrvg-; sps is only good with small repaired tear & creasesok-sh6
Yan, Ling LingA Mother’s Love..a story of the Yan familyScandinavia Pub(Denmark), hc, fe, dj + embossed dj, wmb, 2012, 539pp, many photoes; story of a courageous widow & her 7 children during the communist regime; nf; well-done5mint-LL551
Yee, LisaGood Luck, Ivy(Ivy Ling)American Girl Pub, tpb, 1976; color art+ photos, quality paper; #10 in Julie series; age 8 & up; 86pptbrfine to very fine; slight crease front cover shv5
Yeh, Chun-ChanMountain VillagePutnam, hc, fe, dj(fair-gd), 1947; 1920’s China..the changeless East; location: shv5tbrvery fineok-sh14
Zama, Farahad(male)Marriage Bureas for Rich PeoplePutnam, hc, fe, dj, 2009; India; male retiree starts marriage bureau; copy 2; excellent book$5nm; barcode on bc is overstickeredLL551
LIST Z2; List V.xls