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TITLEDESCRIPTION…..List D…..Recordings, audio & video(av3,5,6 only) SP$ConditionLoc.
14344..I Love You….2cd; audio; 18 songs; Westlife(3), M Carey, Spears, Madona, Spice Girls, etc$2g-vgav06+
A Dangerous Manvhs; Ralph Fiennes/Siddig el Fadil; 104m; color; Lawrence of Arabia in peace conference turmoil$2very goodav03+
A Few Good Menvhs; Tom Cruise, J Nickolson, Demi Moore; 138m; classic; follow order or ?; Air Force+legal$2very good av03+
A View to Kill (James Bond)vhs; Rog Moore, Tanya Roberts; 131m; 1985; minor sound/video problems$2goodav06+
A World without Thievesdvd; Andy Lau; 2007, 100 min.; China; crime erupts with thieves on an “orient express”$3near mint-av03+
Adventures of Tom and Huckvhs; 1980; color; animation; 105 minutes; Nippon Animation; Huckelberry Finn shs$2vfav06+
Adventures of Nero Wolfecd; otr; pi: Wolfe+Goodwin; 27 episodes; new(11/2021); 1940-51 series$5near mint-av06
Adventures of the Wilderness Familyvhs; 100m; color; exc family movie; 1993; close captioned; Rob Logan/Susan D Shaw$3vg-fav06+
After the Harvestdvd; Sam Shepard; 94m; 1996; color; farmer & family obsessed with land ownership$3vg-fav06+
Alfred Hitchcock: a Legacy of Suspensedvd set; 4 dvds; 20 movies(18 from 1926-39)+ 2 Alfred Hitchcock Presents tv programs; b&w; 29 hrs; Laughton, M O’Hara, P Lorre, M Redgrave, Darren McGavin, Diana Dorsvfav06+
Alfred Hitchcock Presentsdvd set; season 3; 5 dvds; b&w; subtitles; 39 episodes; one owner$3near mint-av06+
America vs. Japan: Bloody War in the Pacific 6 dvd set; b&w; over 17 hours; full screen; interactive menus; chapter selection; Pearl Harbor to Japan surrender; 2010; playable worldwide; Timeless Media; exc set, plenty of detail$10near mint-av03+
Angkor-Cambodia Expressvhs; Vestron; Cambodia; 96m, 1985; Chris George, N Kwan, W Strode, R Walker$7audio: fair-gd; video: vgav06+
Assassin in Bluedvd; Sher Fenn, Casper van Dien; 85 minutes; 2006; crime thriller$2near mint-av03+
Betrayal/Black Brigadedvd; Amanda Blake(Gunsmoke)/S Boyd/R Prior; PMB421; 164m; b & w; crime(1), racial conflict at war(1)2fineav05+
Bewitched: complete 5th Seasondvd set; 2 discs; part 1 with episodes 1 thru 15; Sony; 1997(?); Elizabeth Montgomery$3vf-nmav06+
Bewitched: complete 5th Seasondvd set; 2 discs; part 2 with episodes 16-30; Sony; 1997(?); Elizabeth Montgomery$3vf-nmav06+
Beyond Bordersdvd; Angelina Jolie, Clive Owen; 2003, 126m; Africa/Cambodia/Balkans$3vf-nmav06+
Big Combodvd; Cornell Wilde/Conte/Donlevy/Jean Wallace; b&w; 1954/2005; 84m; gd hb polp$4nmav06+
Big Sleepdvd; 2 versions(114m/116minutes); 1946; H Bogart, L Bacall; 2005; subtitles; b&w; copy 2$4vf-nmav06+
Breakfast at Tiffanyisdvd; A Hepburn, G Peppard; Paramount; 1961; 114m; subtitles$2fineav03+
Butterfly Sworddvd; Michelle Yeoh, D Yen; 88m, color, 1993/2004; English subtitles$3vf-nmav06+
Channel Zero..Dream Doordvd; season 4; 4 1/4 hrs; 2 dvds; 6 episodes; horror; extreme violence in few scenes$6mint-av06+
Charlotte’s Webvhs, 1972, color, animation, a classic, 94m; based on E.B. book$3vfav06+
China Crydvd; 1990, 103minutes; communist China; 1940’s into 1950’s; imprisonment, faith$1goodav03+
Cinnamon Bearmp3; cd; variety sampler of otr Xmas shows; Great Gildersleeve, Sherlock Holmes, Our Miss Brooks, Six-Shooter, etc.(over 80 shows)$2fineav06+
Cliffhangervhs; S Stallone, J Lithgow; 113m, color; 1993; highjacking, mtn climb thrills; good film$3fineav06+
Conspiracydvd; Val Kilmar/Jenn Esposito; subtitles; 90 minutes; semi-Rambo type; action3very fineav05+
Crouching Tiger..Hidden Dragondvd; 120m; martial arts, China; Chow Yun Fat, M Yeoh; 2001; special features; won 4 Academy awards3very fineav06+
Darjeeling Limiteddvd; 2007; 91m; 3 strange brothers visit India to bond; color, captioned; strange; scenic3vfav06+
Dear Americavhs; Scholastic; 1999; 30 minutes; Russian Jewish immigrant in 1903 acclimates to NYC1vgav06+
Death on the Oregon Trailvhs; Rod Taylor; 94m; 1995; 2 Oregon Trail episoded from 1977(Universal St.)1.5vg-f; name on box+labelav06+
Dementia 13 (+ 4 more)dvd set; p/o 5 movie Roger Corman Horror Collection; 75m, b & w; suspense/terror$4nmav06+
Detonatordvd; Pierce Brosnan, Pat Stewart; 98m, color, subtitles; adventure(A MacLean)3.5vfav06+
Diamonds are Forevervhs; James Bond #6; Sean Connery, Jill St John; 121 minutes; 1971; vs. Blofeld2.5fineav06+
Disaster Collectors Set(4 films)dvd set(2);Echo Bridge, 2009, 362min; a/c crash, avalanche, earthquake, forest fire; A Sabato Jr, Michael Paretbvliv/rm
Drop Deadmp3; cd, otr; lead-in: Lights Out; Arch Obler; sf/horror/western/etc.; 7 episodes2very fineav06+
Equalizer, Best ofdvd; Edward Woodward; 4 tv series episodes; 225 minutes; color; 20153.5nmav06+
Fallen Angels…volume 1vhs; Polygram; 1993, 3 episodes; noir/p.i/h.b.; screening copy; T Cruise, Busey, L Dern, Gallagher, Rickman; 90min.; copy 2tbvliv/rm
Fantastic 40’s( cd set of 2)audio from 1940’s; remastered; 40 songs; Mills Bro, Crosby, Como, NK Cole, Astaire, Andrew Sisters, J Dorsey, H Williams, V Monroe, F Laine, Vera Lynn, E Fitzgerald, etc.5nmav03+
Fear on Fourmp3; cd; 28 episodes; suspense/crime/etc; OTR2vfav06+
Final Destination 2dvd; color; 2002; 91m; horror; Infini; many options; graphic violence/R-rated; exc sp. Effects2.5vf-nmav06+
First Blooddvd; S Stallone, R Crenna, Brian Dennehy; 1982; color; 96m; classic home-from-the-war vet vs an aggressive get-out-of-our-town sherrif; alternate ending also included4vg-nmav06+
Frontier Adventure Pack(8 films)dvd set(2); color; 14+ hrs; Echo Bridge; 2014; Pathfinder/Pocahontas/Big Bear/Follow River, etc3.5vfav06+
Gold Fingervhs; MGM; Sean Connery, Frobe, S Eaton; 1964; James Bond series; int’l adventure2.5vg-fav06+
Golden Compassdvd; 113 minutes; family movie; Nicole Kidman, D Craig; Scholastic; 2007; fantasytbvliv/rm
Hard Rainvhs, 1998; 98m; Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, R Quaid; thriller2.5vfav06+
Haunting Hourmp3; cd; 41 episodes; otr; supernatural$2.50fineav06+
Have a Happy Funeraldvd; Gianni Garko; color; Italian “spagetti” western; 97m, color; 1985/1996$3.50mint-av06+
Hawaiidvd; Julie Andrews; M von Sydow; color, 1966; 161 minutes; based on Mitchener’s bk; 1800’s missionary to save heathens3.5nm-mav06+
Hayward Sanitariummp3; cd; 10 episodes2fineav06+
Holiday Celerbation, with Mickey ....& Pals(Walt Disney); dvd; Classic Cartoon Favorites, vol. 8; 7 color cartoons; Donald, Pluto, chipmunks; 55m3vfav06+
Inner Sanctumcassette; “Corridor of Doom”(B Karloff)freevgav06+
Jeff Reagan, Investigatormp3; cd; OTR, Mutual Brd System; narrator introduces; 17 episodes4very fineav05+
Jewel of the Nilevhs; Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner; 1985; int’l adventure; exc film; closed caption3.5f-vfav06+
John Steele, Adventurermp3; cd; OTR, Mutual Brd System; narrator introduces; 17 episodes3very fineav05+
Knights of the Round Tablevhs; MGM/UA; R Taylor/Ava Gardner/M Ferrer; 116min, 1953tbvliv/rm
Lady & the Tramp IIvhs; Walt Disney; color; animation; 70 minutes; nd; sequel to Lady & the Tramp$2vfav06+
Land that Time Forgot/People that....Time Forgot; dvd; 2 movies; 3 hrs; adventure; color; 1975-7; Pat Wayne, D McClure; based on ER Burroughs’ novels$3vfav06+
Last Action Herodvd; A Schwarzenegger; 130m; 2003; action/fantasy; a child’s travel into the world of a cinema superhero$4vf-nmav06+
Last of the Mohicansvhs; D. Day-Lewis, Madeline Stowe; 114m, captioned; 1992; exc NY frontier savage shs$4vfav06+
Lethal Weaponvhs; Director’s Cut; M Gibson, D Glover; 117m, 1998; exc….violet-packeted; crime$4vfav06+
Little Shop of Horrorsdvd; horror/comedy; b & w; see listing under 5 movie pack…”Dementia 13″n/an/an/a
Live and Let Die(J Bond)vhs; United Artists 007 Collection; 121m; Roger Moore, Yaphet Kotto; Haiti like setting; 1973; copy 33very goodav03+
Live and Let Die(J Bond)vhs; U Artists; Roger Moore/Y Kotto; 1973; 121m; Haiti-like setting; adventure; copy 23very goodav03+
Live and Let Die(J Bond)vhs; MGM/UA; Roger Moore/Y Kotto; 1973(1994); Haiti-like setting; adventure; copy 13very goodav03+
Love Comes Softlydvd; 88m; 2002; family movie..going west; color; captioned; a widower & a widow3vg-fineav05+
Man Against Crimedvd; b & w; Ralph Bellamy; 3 tv episodes; 75m; tv-732; p.i.1vf-nmav06+
Man with the Golden Gun(J. Bond)vhs; Roger Moore, Chris Lee, Britt Ekland; 1974; 124 minutes; adventure3very goodav03
Man with the Golden Gun(J. Bond)vhs; 124 minutes; Rog Moore, Chris Lee; Thailand/etc; 1974; color3vg-fav05+
Mantovani14 instrumental pieces; Delta; 1990; #15134; “golden instrumental”3vg-f?
Molle Mystery Playhouse(theater)mp3; cd; 54 episodes; exc; often taken from famous mystery author stories3fineav06+
Niagaravhs; Marilyn Monroe, J Cotton; color; 1953; 89m; wonderful Niagara Falls scenery; murder mystery4vfav06+
North to Alaskavhs; John Wayne, Granger, E Kovacs, Fabian, Capucine; 1960, 120 minutes3very good av03+
Not Without My Daughterdvd; Sally Field; Trapped in Iran with her daughter; 1990; 116m3very goodav05+
Ol’ Dirty Kung Fudvd; Simon Yuen, Cliff Lok; 1978/2003; dubbed; Xenon; martial arts(Chinese)2.5very goodav06+
Original Sindvd; Bandaras/A Joilie; Cuba; steamy noirish infatuation with wrong woman; C Woolrich-novel loosely based; 2001; 118m3very fineav06+
Other Side of Heaven..Walt Disneydvd; 113m, 1993; 19 year old missionary to S Pacific island, Tonga; adventure/scenery3vfav06+
Pinocchio & Emperor of the Nightvhs; 91m, color; animated; 1991; quality comparable to Walt Disney’s videos2.5vfav06+
People that Time Forgot/Land…..That Time Forgot; dvd; see listing of this 2 movie disk under Land that Time Forgotn/an/an/a
Peppermintdvd; 102minutes; sub-titled; 2018; Jennifer Garner; widow with murdered family remakes herself as an avenger outside the law4mint-?
Peter Troy(Investigates)mp3 cd; 5 episodes; detective; OTR2very fineav05+
Reservoir Dogsvhs, 1991, 100m; R-rated(language, violence); Keitel, Penn, Roth, Madsen, Tierney; h-b heist crime3vfav06+
Restless Gundvd; John Payne; western; retired gunfighter/drifter; 8 episodes; 200 minutes; b & w4vfav05+
Rocky Jordanmp3; cd; OTR, detective; 42 episodes3vf-nmav05+
Rules of the Road..a Interactive Driver’s Ed Course; Vat19; 2 dvd’s; 192minutes; 2008; exc home learner’s course for teens/adults; English+Spanish sub-titles; 9 printable behind-the-wheel packets + 8 interactive DMV practice written; DMV tests, graphic animation.20mint-av03+
Scooby-Doo & the Ghoul Schoolvhs; color; 83m; animation; Warner Bros.; 2001; humorous scary shs$1.50vfav06+
Sealed Bookmp3 cd; otr; horror/crime; 26 episodes; suspense/crime/horror2very fineav06+
She Gods of Shark Reefdvd; 62m; color; Pacific Is. Adventure/crime; see listing under “Dementia 13”..5 packn/an/an/a
She Wore a Yellow Ribbonvhs; John Wayne(his best ?); 103m; 1986 VidAmerica re-release; color; probably 1 of 10 best ever western movies3.5vgav06+
Spy who Loved Me(J Bond)vhs; CBS/Fox; Rober Moore, Barbara Bach, Jurgens; 1977; 125minutes3very good av03+
Suspense…..OTRcassette tape; “Sure Thing”; otr; +Inner Sanctum: “Chinese Tile”1.5vgav06+
Swamp Womendvd; 71m; color; women’s prison escape into swamp; see listed as p/o “Dementia 13”n/an/an/a
Tales from the Morguemp3; cd; otr; morgue attendent as narrator; 13 episodes2very fineav06
Tales of Foreign Servicemp3; cd; otr; 17 episodes2very fine to near mintav06
The Borrowersvhs; John Goodman, color, 1997, 91m, captioned; exc movie of household little people3vf-nmav06+
The Clientvhs; Susan Sarandon, Tommy L Jones; 1994; 121m; from J Grisham’s book2.5vf-nmav06+
The Fugitivevhs; Harrison Ford/TL Jones; 131m, 1994; gd version of famous tv series(D Janssen)3.5vf-nmav06+
The Keymp3; cd; OTR; 32 episodes; crime/detective/espionage…every door has a key3vf-nmav05+
The Strain..complete first seasondvd set; 3 discs; horror; subtitles; 2014; 13 episodes; 598 minutes; Corey Stoll; well-done; effective6very fineav03+
The Terrordvd; Jack Nickolson, B. Karloff; 80m; b&w; see listing under “Dementia 13”; 5 movie pk.n/an/an/a
Thunderball(James Bond)vhs; 1965, 130; Sean Connery, Claudine Augur; Nassau setting3vg-fav06+
The Train Robbersvhs; John Wayne, Ann-Margaret, Rod Taylor, B Johnson; 92m; color; 1972; gold in Mexico2.5very good av03+
The True Gloryvhs; nf; b & w; 1942-1945 prosecution of war in Europe; 85m; 19861vgav06+
The Tuareg..a People without Goddvd; Int’l Mission Bd; color; nf; 18 minutes; nd; 6 languages; a desert Muslim people1vfav06+
The Warriordvd; 133min.; Korea-China conflict year 1375; Sony, 2006; martial arts; Zhang/Jungtbvliv/rm
Thomas Crown Affairvhs; 103 minutes; Rob Redford, Rene Russo; color; 1999; crime2.5vgav05+
To the One I Lovecd, audio; 16 love songs(R Stewart, S Twain, J Cocker, B Manilow, S Wonder)2vg; plastic case has crackav06+
Tomorrow Never Dies(James Bondvhs; 2hrs; color; captioned; Pierce Brosnan, Jon Pryce, Michelle Yeoh; 1997; copy 22.5fineav06+
Toon Factorydvd; 2006; 120m; 16 episodes(14 or 15 in color); Daffy, Bugs, E Fudd, Popeye, Tweety, etc3vfav06+
Trappedvhs; Char. Theron, Courtney Love, K Bacon; Columbia, thriller; 106m, 2003; 2very good av03+
Uncle Remus Stories: Legends of ....the Old Plantation; cd 1 of 2; Joel Chandler; mp3; otr; 35 reading episodes; Karoo cd2.5vfav06+
Uncle Remus Stories: Legends of ....the Old Plantation; cd 2 of 2; Joel Chandler; mp3; otr; 35 more reading episodes; Karoo 2.5vfav06+
Visayan Hitsong Collection(Phil.)cd, audio; Filipino language; 18 songs(Fuentes, Sedila, Corrales, etc.), 20098near mint-av05+
Warlordsdvd; Jet Li; subtitles; 113 minutes; 2010; Blu-Ray; 1; Chinese historical action$4new- unopenedav05+
Warlords….the Generals(3)…MacArthur..Patton..Rommel; dvd; documentary; World War 2; 90 minutes; 2006; HBO3very fine to near mintav03+
White Dragondvd; Sony; C Cheung, F Ng; Chinese; 2005, 93min, sub-titles; martial artstbvliv/rm
Wind in the Willowsvhs; color; 51m; animated; children’s classic; Mr. Toad/Mole/Rat/Badger adventure2VFav06+
Winnie the Poohdvd; W Disney; color; 63 minutes; 2011$2.50very fine to nmav06+
World War 1; war to end all warsdvd set(3); b&w; 7.5 hrs; Mill Creek; 2008$2.50vfav06+
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollarcd; otr; insurance investigator; one 5 part shs(Indestructible Mike; June 4–June8, 1956)1nm-av06+