Vintage Comic Books, Paperback and Hardcover Fiction Books, Scarce Magazines

Collectable Paper Items Spread Over 9 Decades. Private Collection, Reasonable Prices…Most Collected Authors and Artists.  Over 5,000 Mysteries. Almost 4,000 comics. Over 1100 Exotic Locale books. Over 1800 scans.  Most fiction genres represented.

The Website is intended as a collector-to-collector base to pass on to fellow enthusiasts over 14,900 Paper items + Recordings we have accumulated since the early 1950’s.  We have done our best to organize and describe the listed items in some detail not often seen elsewhere, to my knowledge, on the web for listings as numerous as seen here.

Because of inability of search engines to direct anything except absolute minimal amount of potential buyers to our site “TOPNOTCHFICTION” is now forced to use Ebay and one more vintage collector group online sites to attract buyers. The vast majority of items listed on our self-constructed site are still available at any given time, but posting of “SOLD” will be delayed.. and all prices are being evaluated in terms of current internet prices, so many prices on our site will be changed.

Simply enquire of any item/items you are interested in and we will respond asap as to current availability and price. Thank you.

Many genres (mystery, sf/fantasy/horror, war, adventure, romance, western, etc.) are included as well as fanzines, clipped comic strips, portfolios, old time radio & lp recordings, art books, etc.


To get a small idea of what type of items we offer  look at the scans on this page to see representative examples of what you will be seeing in our 17 lists above menu bar. The Photo Gallery sections will give you a further view of the variety. 


As we noted, this is a personal website so it is by persons of very limited expertise in computers. Setting up a site with shopping cart, thousands of bar-coded items, processing credit cards was beyond our means. We are  a member of PayPal and Xoom and credit cards can be processed through there as well as other methods of payment being available.


This is a “living” website as items listed fall into 2 categories: (a. ones read, priced, and immediately available to ship and (b. those listed to be read and quoted upon a potential customer expressing a desire for the item to be quoted. Also we occasionally buy similar items and add them to our lists as well as mark items that are sold.


To best utilize searching on these lists I strongly suggest you print a copy of “Abbreviations, general” to assist in understanding details of listings. We ask your patience because of the many abbreviations created over years to provide maximum information in a limited space when working with Excel files.

List Z2-N is "in work" now (8/5/2023) due to a computer mis-sort on columns(description, price, condition, and location) for most line items. Problem will be fixed A.S.A.P.

We would appreciate notification by email of any substantial errors/problems you experience viewing the website. Thank you